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Stabilization and minor bug fixes.

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YouTube your way. Get the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPad. Instantly become the DJ, learn Kung Fu and easily share with friends. Catch up on your favorite videos and playlists from around the world on the couch, in the kitchen or on the go.

* Watch a video while searching for the next one
* Subscribe to your favorite channels for easy access from the guide
* Sign-in to access your “watch later” list
* Search for playlists and use the “play all” button for endless entertainment
* Share videos via Google+, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Cool, but

    by ichigo puff

    It works very nicely, the one thing I hate is when i tap the like button, i refresh the page and it says that i did not like it. Fix this, please.

  • Needs quality changing over 3G or LTE

    by Frank Fulminante

    It's annoying cause I'm mostly out on my phone

  • It's good but...

    by NeverTopMe

    The app all of a sudden deleted the live part and now it is gone and I really wanted to watch the live Gta thing but I CANT!!! FIX NOW THEN I WILL GIVE YOU FIVE STARS

  • قلب زوجتي

    by مخاوي البر

    الحمد لله رب العالمين

  • Video quality not working in wifi

    by nemo0802

    I love this app and please fix the video quality. I can see better.

  • Problem with comments

    by EnforcedCrowd

    They are messed up. Random symbols and numbers where apostrophe's are supposed to be An example being "it's". Some comments only show up as what looks like coding And stuff like that

  • good

    by bcg-e2430a

    برنامج ابداع

  • I love it but....

    by Yvonnel756

    I wish I could listen to my music while I'm using different apps. Once I exit it the music stops :(

  • 100%

    by Anya!

    I've been using this app for a couple of months and everything has been running smoothly. I haven't had problems with quality nor loading time.

  • Needs fix

    by Athlete_tyler

    Every time I watch a video, the video keeps buffering to where it's happening every 10 secs...literally. No matter what I do it always buffers over and over again, and it's getting annoying. So can you please fix this problem?

  • Ugh

    by GlassVoss

    I can't hear anything. Please fix

  • Resolution change/UPDATE

    by im EPIK

    I love the app but when I'm watching a video the auto resolution makes me not be able to even see or hear the video very well⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: The new update has made it perfect now I can Say what resolution I want!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE UPDATE: I still LOVE the app (don't understand what everyone is saying) but to make it perfect-perfect is if you had full channel customization.and/or add annotations. That would make it good.. I'm going on and on but maybe if the back button was there (not a huge concern) but still

  • Time

    by Runway Friends

    Everything is great but can you add the time when the video is enlarged? It'll be helpful.

  • Meh

    by The_baus

    This app isn't bad, but needs some work. First, almost every video I watch randomly changes quality from crisp and clear to crappy and something from 2007. Second, there is some MAJOR lag when watching videos, and I constantly have to reload the video only for it to lag again . Please fix these problems, google. Use some of that billion dollars you get to fix this .

  • It's blurry and it crashes!

    by Chocolate mud cherry

    When I'm watching any kind of video , the video looks perfect but after a while it starts getting blurry and I can't see the video but then it because good again so if you could fix tht, that could be cool . PLEASE FIX THE BLURRY NESS IT IS SO ANNOYING I GIVE YOU THREE STARS BECAUSE OF THE BLURRY NESS FIX IT PLZ I LIKE YOU tube but plz fix . ALSO IT CRASHES PLZ FIX I WILL GIVE FIVE STARS IF YOU FIX ( thanks for fixing a little of it I'm going to give you a star until the problem is fixed)

  • Awesome

    by Ps3 and xbox = psbox363


  • How to fix random video quality change

    by Gamingninja64

    Tap the top right hand corner of the video then tap settings and select the video quality you want because it's set on Auto by default and you may need to reselect your video quality since it maybe set to p240(Auto) or what ever video quality you picked

  • Good, but more options

    by Scott Thresher

    App is good and basically all that I think they need to add in my opinion is the ability to make video quality on cell HD. I just switched to T-Mobile and this is now very important to me. Please fix this

  • Awesome

    by plasmawolf.

    the most useful app in the appstore.

  • Works great

    by Novazee

    Although I wish there were more features and options, it is working flawlessly as it was intended to. But sometime the video won't play and you just have to reset/reboot the iPad/iPhone to have it working again. But I don't think it is the app issue, it could just be the ISO issue.


    by Harper Apple Family

    Plese fix crash

  • UGH

    by I just wanna hug you.

    I was watching one of my videos when it turned out to be 144p! That's really blurry if you don't know. And I went to quality to make it 720p like I had made it, but it wouldn't let me change the quality to HD!!!! And google+ takes away subs.

  • Get the old Refreshing Button back!!!!! >:(

    by Payton Hucko

    Read the reviews. They say stuff about the Refreshing Button. U would use 2 slide ur finger 2 refresh, and now it's rly hard 4 u 2 refresh. Instead, u would burn ur fingers refreshing ur screen 4 new vids. We don't like tht. Pls fix this asap. - yoshiluver639

  • What's goin on??!

    by Pepitodelospalotes

    Dosent work !!!!!!!!!???? Im sick of this!!! Comon guys, fix all the bugs!!!!!

  • Please remake the app

    by Jared Steffen

    This needs to be optimized videos lag and buffer I have an iPhone 5s and 30mbps download wifi this shouldn't happen at all

  • Commercials

    by Tijuas1

    For real after every video it's a commercial??

  • Bad

    by Italal1

    Poor app

  • ugh

    by fatbul0us

    keeps crashing. please fix.

  • Apple HDMI adapter

    by Danie Bello

    When I use my Apple HDMI adapter to watch videos on my HDTV it does not go full screen, it's EXTREMELY annoying. It simply mirrors the iPad. Please provide a fix in an update, the wait for this feature has taken far too long.


    by Hahaha this is a bad

    It's great to watch videos on the go but. You need to fix so many bugs

  • Terrible

    by arden10j

    This app is really bad. I love the way everything is set up but the lag when watching a video is awful. It also changes the quality while you are watching a video. I hate this app.

  • Perfect Layout. Bad buffering rates

    by 113 804 595

    I get a solid 20+ Mbps and videos still buffer. I figure down converting the quality would fix the buffering issue on wifi, but it never down converts. LTE works fine, but faster-than-average wifi doesn't...

  • Sign in problems

    by dedsgf

    This is a very good app but when I try to sign into my account it crashes. Which makes it hard for me to watch my favorite you tubers.

  • Quality

    by Bullseyebob41

    Please fix the quality. I can't watch vids on here where it is almost better to watch the vidios on google Chrome.

  • Laggie

    by sydney.pearce

    U need to fix the lag in the videos I can't watch anything thanks alot

  • Listen to our reviews!!!

    by XxRYUX19xX

    This app is complete trash, I can't enjoy videos when it changes quality randomly! Please fix, for now I'm deleting this app until they fix it.

  • Not letting me sign in!!

    by Ellen. :)

    This app is driving me insane. It used to work great, until I updated it, and now whenever I try to sign into my account, it says, “Authentication Error.” I can't sign in!! Please fix!

  • Very buggy

    by Makster736748

    Whenever I try to view a video the sound cuts out half way through and doesn't come back on


    by Lol awesommee


  • Unable to view shared private video on app

    by Dietitanic

    Unable to see the shared private video, even though I am able to see it on desktop, just not on the app!! singed in with the correct email address! Please fix!

  • App is garbage

    by Jjskadhdnssns

    I have re-downloaded this app a dozen times, and it still immediately closes upon opening. It worked fine when I had an iPhone 4S. But it will not operate the moment I upgraded to the 5s. All updates are current and I have restarted my phone. Nothing I seem to do works. It's a shame such a dominant company like google can't seem to get their apps to work for the largest video viewing site on the web... piss poor execution.

  • Ew

    by MrSmastastic

    Seriously I spend more time waiting for a video to load then I do watching the video. Please fix. And instead of addressing this issue in the new update, they decided to update the keyboard for iOS 7 users. Thanks, Google, for making another buggy app.

  • Replay to other comments

    by Obaleeco

    Good app but guys u got to allow us to replay on other comments And for people who cant change the video quality - open full screen video- go to right upper corner -hit the (... )Button - and change the quality of ur video

  • I can't find the app!

    by Nikkie Twiggs

    This app is no where to be found on my iPad! The only way I can use it is by coming to the App Store and opening it from there. Otherwise I love the app when I can manage to find it and open it

  • Awesome

    by Crafted_iPod

    This app works great. Been using it for a while now. Never had a problem.

  • Worst app ever

    by Rjaypatel16

    It definitely needs done changes because this is only made for limited internet users We get unlimited internet give us the setting for changing the quality of the video instead of doing it randomly, that's freaking frustrating

  • Takes too long to buffer

    by KrazyKreitzer

    App constantly buffers and lags. Switches to lower resolution when I'm using a fast wireless connection.

  • playlists

    by Starkiller25

    i cant delete playlists, or remove videos in a playlist even though it says you can in the help section. Some playlists also are not appearing in the playlist section. Please fix this in an update.


    by Ayo_wassuuuup

    serious lag.

  • Full screen video support please

    by DrakeAnubis

    Seriously, you can make the video 200% smaller on the fly (the much trumpeted "picture in picture" feature), but you can't make the video 20% larger so it fills the screen?

  • No Problems Here

    by Lawlryastogu

    I don't understand why other people are having so many problems but so I have had none at all. The video quality is perfect (when you use the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner of the video and change the quality of the video to 720p). When watching videos it never lags or goes blurry. It has NEVER crashed for me and I use it constantly. Also, the navigation and design of this version complements iOS 7 very well in my opinion. This is probably one of the best of all previous versions since this app was introduced.

  • Pretty Good!

    by ❤

    Nice.... Could make it 1080p though!

  • To much lag

    by Youtum

    I start watching a video and freezes for 3 minutes and exits out and starts the search al over again please fix or I will get another game.


    by Mickeym124

    I like the app, but when I'm half way done with a video it will get unwatchable because it gets really blurry, PLEASE FIX!!

  • Ok

    by Russell662299

    This app is ok, but the only thing is that the videos buffer a lot, and it is really annoying, I wish it wouldn't buffer so much.

  • Cuts out

    by Mizzneedles

    Everytime I am in the middle of watching something or I start a new video it keeps cutting out and going back to the main screen of my iPad ever since I updated it a few days ago, and when I click on it to reopen the app everything that I was watching has disappeared so now I have to try and find the video I was watching and figure out where I was up to. This is ridiculous why does it keep cutting you off like that it never use to do this a few months ago! Please fix

  • Okay!

    by Swagy1of1

    Screen would go blurry every now & then but works just fine now!


    by Mikescamaro

    Can you please fix the app it crashes on me all the times I go to watch videos it won't stop crashing!! PLEASE fix the app

  • Fix it

    by Summitkid

    I hate the fact that is takes literally 10 years for it to load. And it pauses every 3 seconds if you don't let it load. FIX. IT.

  • Poor app

    by againes15

    Blurry videos. Kinda of the point is to watch a video. Would be nice to auto watch watch later list.

  • Can't read Comments?

    by Michael Brotherton

    What is up with the font? It shows message board format. I can't even read the comments since it looks like a foreign language.

  • Just fix the dumb app

    by Jill joe bob

    Just fix the app and ill give 5 stars and ill do a million reviews! 1. Fix the quality. 2. Stability fix that it crashes a lot. 3. The sign in is annoying it kicks me out and makes me re-sign in that's annoying. 4. The video lagg and the timing one time I was 13 minutes into a video and it said it was only 3 minutes in. 5.the what to watch there are videos from a week ago and it's in the new what to watch thats annoying. When this dose not happen a lot ill give it 5 stars don't get it yet wait till its all fixed.

  • The blur

    by LynnLove94

    You've got to fix the blur! Everything else is great

  • Nice but....

    by Su14 y smith

    The app is fine but while watching a vid it would just go blurry and sometimes when i turn my phone it would stay like that and never turn back i would have to delete the app and download it again!! Ugh

  • Disappeared

    by Ylittle

    One day the app was on my iPad the next it was gone. I cant delete and re download without deleting all of my other apps and settings. Horrible!

  • Great

    by Googooman123

    It's good but let us reply to comments.

  • Stupid

    by Aboss24@

    Fix update when you update it won't load up

  • Eh

    by lisamcewen76

    I like it, but sometimes it doesn't work. And some of the updates are nice, but you should focus on what it needs, not what it doesn't need. You should make it so you can leave the app while listening to the audio. That would be better. Also, it needs annotations. Please do those things and then maybe I can give 5 stars.

  • This app is horrible. MC TUBE ALL THE WAY

    by Bluemrh

    Quality is terrible. No features like download. You tube just made the WHOLE you tube experience bad. I wish I could change quality. Save settings so I don't have to keep checking off top most watched videos. And now I can't even play the video in the background because of this update. I'm afraid to ever update again but can it get any worse? I do like how you can multi task in the app with bringing the video smaller. Download mc tube much better app that let's you download videos for future watch

  • The recommend

    by Goffygirl

    I get weird recommendation for some dumb. The recommendation is cool but they give me weird stuff

  • Good/Bad

    by Kay:Love

    Great to view videos on a mobile device but you can't exit the app & still listen! Please fix this!!!

  • Too small

    by The chairman!

    Why am I forced to watch it videos in such a a small box while in portrait mode. Stupid.

  • Criminal privacy breach

    by Galendulac

    To comment on videos, you must link to a Google+ account. When you do this however, the app automatically posts the video and comment to your page unless you remember to uncheck a little box Every. Single. Time. There is no option to turn this off. I have no idea if the app developers are getting a kickback for number of links posted or what, but this is extremely unethical.

  • Crashea

    by Ness1999

    When i press a video to play it, it crashes!!

  • Crashes.

    by HayleLee

    I like the way it looks and everything but when I watch a video it crashes not even 10 seconds into the video.

  • Not any good

    by NCheezy

    Honestly this app is really bad. It needs a serious update before I even consider giving it anything more than 1 star.

  • Likes playlist?

    by Chanelly664

    Great app, but you guys should also include the likes playlist too. Would be great if you could put that on.

  • Horrible update!

    by Heritics1

    After updating i cant even watch a single video... I would expect google to at least be able to make a decent app. what they should really do is listen to their users and base their updates on what the consumer wants not what the developers think is a good idea

  • Meh

    by Kayork1

    Had to restart the app because I couldn't click anything that was below the description box (i.e. I couldn't view the comments because they wouldn't open when I clicked on them.) It's also sometimes super slow to load. The new design is nice but comment system has a bug or something. When I tap to load more comments in freaks out and has the whole section completely white with no description box or anything.

  • It's acting up

    by Angel1197

    It's not letting u search anything

  • wweh

    by MeltedGumdrop

    When the app works, it works well. But lately, I've been having a lot of issues with severe lag, to the point where most videos won't even buffer past the first few seconds. Also the app has been randomly logging me out, and occasionally freezing. It's starting to become annoying.

  • App still not fixed?

    by Michael Brotherton

    What is up with the font? It shows message board format. I can't even read the comments since it looks like a foreign language.

  • Videos disappearing only after a hour watching them!

    by Eric Schalk

    1 out of 5

  • Many bug fixes.

    by Paaronoid

    Blurred video. Lags out playlists. Kicks me off internet. Can't reload video. Loads video slow. Can't go landscape automatically. Major lag issues. Drains a lot of battery. Too much battery lose.

  • Just awful

    by Ghgfddd

    I just want to watch one video. I play it and it constantly buffers and fuzzes up. Fix now

  • Full screen bug

    by Shade Scarfire

    A little bit ago, it the screen automatically turned to full screen. And now it doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix this!!!!!!!!

  • Okay

    by 2714love

    Not the best could be better but it is still okay. It would be better if they fixed the bugs. To many bugs in it

  • Haiii

    by love u bug

    Hai hai hai I like videos c:

  • Great App

    by Sgabbyv

    This is a great app! It's cool I can multitask by watching a video and search for one at the same time!

  • Great App

    by Sgabbyv

    This is a great app! It's cool I can multitask by watching a video and search for one at the same time!


    by B taggedfjdh

    RUNS smoothly I mean the best app ever

  • Okay

    by Prinklesdfdwhfet

    I like the app but it needs some fixes like the video will get blurred and the screen will turn direction on the full screen so you need a bug fix update

  • too many playback errors

    by Dezzyyy.05

    "playback error. tap to retry." i've been seeing this message too much lately & tapping doesn't help.

  • Cuts off

    by Mizzneedles

    Everytime I am in the middle of watching something or I start a new video it keeps cutting out and going back to the main screen of my iPad ever since I updated it a few days ago, and when I click on it to reopen the app everything that I was watching has disappeared so now I have to try and find the video I was watching and figure out where I was up to. This is ridiculous why does it keep cutting you off like that it never use to do this a few months ago! Please fix

  • It's ok, but can benefit from major improvements.

    by Skidoo23

    The app is ok, it's. It's nice to see 720p video on the iPhone. Now the bad. The app makes it annoying to close a video. I just want to tap close not swipe twice to close a video. I cannot reply to comments which makes no sense. There is no way to default the app to opening my subscriptions, it has to open to "what to watch" which is annoying again. And lastly the worst thing is there is the video player is just terrible. You cannot fine scrub and you can't move the scrubber and let go of it without it jumping. Please fix this app, for being a video app it doesn't do video very well.

  • PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!

    by Pizza pie stop

    The audio cuts out when it gets blurry and u switch to 360p quality

  • Crashes every single time

    by Dsky:)

    What's the point of having an app if nothing works and crashes all the time? The update made things worse. Please fix it.

  • SO SLOW!!

    by Solesaezekiel


  • Awful

    by Eoinbbb

    Even with a good connection the buffering speed Is shocking, what is going on?

  • Lag Freeze and more Lag

    by Ben11900037

    I am very frustrated with this app keeps lagging every time I try to switch to full screen or the other way around. The app is beautiful but need to fix it so that it won't start to lag or freeze when u try full screen or switch out if it.

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