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Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Create beautiful movies on the go with YouTube Capture 2.0. Start recording in a snap, then edit and share videos of any length right from your phone.

* Capture the moment: Start recording instantly
* Stitch together an unlimited number of clips as you build your story
* Trim and rearrange clips right from your phone
* Add a soundtrack from your music collection or YouTube’s audio library
* Touch up videos with color correction and stabilization
* Upload to YouTube and share on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter - all in one step

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Bdwcnkddbtfc

    This app is a great way to keep organized.

  • The best

    by The don pdl

    This is the best app ever!!!

  • Ddhvfvt

    by Dhhgwefff

    Good app get and have fun

  • Good app

    by Theminecraftandcodplayer

    Good app. But takes a while to upload. Btw sub to Theminecraftandcodplayer thx.

  • Need music

    by TheAisainBoi

    This app need music I know there is but I want to put it in a certain clip when I out music it does the whole thing soo plz change it

  • To much data

    by Link0316

    I used this app to upload 1 video and it took up 11.4 GB of space

  • Great app!

    by ExitSign250

    This app is great for any style of video. A lot of features you can do. Only one thing,when I delete a video it's still there on YouTubeCapture. And sometimes when I record a video it doesn't let me record even though I have enough space in storage. But other than that great app!

  • The best

    by :D 3PIC GUY

    It makes it easier to record and everything

  • It's cool

    by Sickassfu

    I Like it

  • Awesome

    by Caption62


  • Awesome

    by Hdmsr

    I use this app to recod clash of clans gameplay and its great! Subscribe to me "CoCTips4"

  • Meh

    by Youngmusicforthewin

    Sokay. Could be more complex and seems to be very simple.

  • If only

    by Tsuki56

    If only this app wouldn't pause an upload every two minutes you're away from the app It takes like, 30+ minutes to upload anything and it's really frustrating that I can't leave the app the whole time it's uploading :/

  • LOVE IT!!!!

    by himynameis blank

    You should get this app I love it so much it is so amazing and it is really helpful when you don't know how to upload a video!!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Ally762544

    It's good but I wish u could make a video with pictures and have a better selection of songs and be able to search any song u want to use for ur Video

  • Nice

    by OverWorldMaster

    This is a very good app when it comes to do videos and other stuff!!!! It very easy to use!!! :)

  • Loving it

    by jeannie loves apple

    I'm having fun with this app. It allows me to string together clips to make longer clips especially when using the Vine app. I'd love to see an update where I can add transitions.

  • Fantastic only 1 problem

    by Sara!! POW BOOM SPLASH

    This app works great for me! I only have one issue. It crashes not too often, but every once and a while. Other than that, it's perfect for me! And for those of you who are complaining about the time of uploading, go to settings, then it should all be there! Hope this helped :)

  • Some Problems

    by dylan_breadford

    Overall the app is really good. I don't have to go onto my computer every time I upload a Video but the downside is if you multitask to another app while you uploading a video it will quit the app and get rid of all of our hard work, I want to be able to let it upload while I'm on another app, not make me watch the whole thing upload for 5 minutes.

  • Ok

    by Aukma

    Nothing is perfect so 4 stars then I thought of improvements and new aspects, so I rate 3

  • Don't buy it

    by I love the Bronx zoo

    I hate it:-(). You can't delete videos. Plus there's a certain amount of space to create videos.

  • Rage Mode

    by Tvdomo

    It never uploads the whole video. Plus, it crashes on me every time I try to play the video again. I still try to use it, so it's still possible, but that's the only reason it doesn't get one star. Google, please fix this or else I will give it one star and go all rage mode.


    by Missautumnme

    This app is great but every single time I upload a video it shakes!!!

  • Ray

    by RayBubba7

    Pause every few minutes then reset itself owners don't care when u need help don't get worse app ever boo


    by Runduoi

    Hello capture makers I hope u see this comment and make sure you fix this app. First of all they take to long to load. 2nd this app ALWAYS pauses my videos then messes up everything am recalculates to 0 again . IT'S REALLY FRUSTRATING FIX IT !!!!

  • Not that good

    by Cbot1124

    It will not let me upload the video and when I edit it does not save to my photos

  • Needs a few things but it will do...

    by KenGreenmanFTW

    Decent app, it gets the job done...but I want two new features added, 1. To be able to place music at a certain portion if a video and not the whole thing and...2. To be able to leave the app or put the phone into sleep mode and the video still upload! Please add these features and this will be perfect!

  • Good app

    by BipolarPoptarts

    Good app for catching weird moments and uploading stuff. I would get it.

  • Awesome

    by Gale bell

    Perfect for amateurs great for a professional

  • Great app

    by Brian Nissen

    I love it

  • Waiting

    by Theawesomemanwhoisgreat

    When I am trying to upload a video and I go to a game for like minute or two it stops and automatically starts over. So my wish is that is would still upload while your in a app.

  • Good!

    by DaRealCiCiCandyCane

    It's a good app, but it has some bugs that bother me. When you trim some clips, then it kicks you back to the homescreen. Good work by the way.

  • I am in capture limbo!!

    by SpringInVegas

    My videos get as far as queued stage and then it stops. I have yet to upload one video in the year I have had this app!

  • It's good but not great

    by Theraxer

    It's a cool idea don't get me wrong but for my I have to lay down and set up my iPad to record my lets play. And that's not pleasant. Otherwise good app!

  • It's good

    by Sdfoop

    This app is very helpful when I want to upload things from my ipad and stuff and it is high quality I really enjoy using this app.

  • I don't get it!

    by TexasLeggs

    Honestly, what is the point of this app? It takes a ridiculous time to upload and there are so many other quicker ways to accomplish the same thing. I have been well over an hour trying to upload a one minute video. I know one thing I will never use this app again. I just don't get it!

  • Awesome!!

    by  Cal surfer

    I came here cuz of the shaytards!!

  • Junk

    by BenTheBondsman

    Thought it was going to be really cool but it keeps pausing the upload. I've been trying to upload a vid for 3 days. I don't have time to sit here and stare at it.

  • Not for me

    by Tssssssssd

    I don't care for the create Chanel page that pops up and is blank the help page says there is a way around that but it is complicated. Apps should be simple. I will find another way to post videos somewhere else

  • Great app

    by IdanBenaim

    So why only 3 stars? User experience is lacking. 1. I wish the app offered automatic uploading, with predefined settings. Naming and editing can be done on the cloud. To go through the 4 screens for every video individually when uploading 20-30 videos is not fun, to say the least. 2. UX. That extra step that was recently added for people who want to edit their video - is a pain. If I want to edit my video, I should be able to do it in the cloud. Otherwise or allow to turn it off in settings.

  • Best app

    by Mathura Maniac

    This is a good app but could use a lot better quality when you update do a lot better quality please. Thanks.

  • Great but,..

    by Cat

    I love the app it's awesome but the video takes way to long to upload.

  • Awsome

    by Lovely guir

    I think that capture is awsome because you can put music in the background and make your videos better. I rate capture 5/5

  • Videos get messed up

    by 12345blankey12345

    I made a 22 min video and it only showed 4 mins of it....... WHY!!! Idk but they better fix it

  • Crash

    by Sag240

    I would give it 5 stars if it wouldn't crash. I tried to upload something and the app just suddenly crashed, and it won't open now. Please fix.

  • Helpful to my channel and the Boss Inc.

    by Christian Renslow

    Very nice! This will help make great Minecraft memos (vlogs)!

  • Good

    by Raymond Flores

    now I can make my own videos except I don't know how to zoom in

  • Great video maker

    by Lizzy2646:3

    I wish in the future they will let you record on the iOS games like minecraft

  • Good app

    by Dagowelder

    Pretty good

  • Sweet app

    by John Burgoyne


  • Love it

    by Lola2017

    Works well and very useful

  • It's good and all but

    by Anonymous User014

    I wish that I didn't have to hold it down, if u could take it in to thought, it would help..... *wink* :3

  • Capture it

    by Vas-Shawn Scott

    So far I am into this app. It is serving a purpose. Try it out and go viral.

  • Why can't we make custom thumbnails

    by Pie201

    I got this app thinking I'd be able to do everything from video manager on my iPod, but for some reason we can't add custom thumbnails or anything!

  • Major lack

    by mjoinsd

    Excellent app overall. But it does not seem to upload while in background. This ties up my iPad unnecessarily when I could be reading a book or something.

  • Amazing

    by Thebluetiger14

    I love this app It has really helped me make my first you tube video thanks

  • Ok

    by Kur$h1e

    Other than all the bytes it takes up, very impressive app I love it! Other than the bytes it takes up on my iPod 4 gen so ya

  • Lol


    It was ok but I wish it had better editing settings

  • Eeh

    by Katieboo cutie

    It's a good app, I just think it could be managed. It is because after like, 5 vids it won't let me turn my mic on for making vids. Srry to say, but needs an update. Whenever I try to turn my mic on for it, it says "Error. Ur request is errored. Error code: ______

  • Awsome

    by Gordon in your face

    This is how I upload my videos but I wish you had more options like adding a picture to the video still

  • Fix

    by DanTNT16

    Every time I try to upload a video it keeps crashing and when it loads up does the exact same thing.

  • Delete?

    by BMW355

    I can't delete the videos I messed up on?!?!

  • Oh yes

    by Jeremiah$$$


  • Ok

    by Madi loves tacos

    It keeps saying that iOS 7paused your video so I have to stay on it to load?!?

  • Great app but still could use improvement

    by I_lov€_pokemon

    This app is great it's the reason I can upload videos but I get very frustrated with it. If you leave it alone for like 2 minutes you have to restart and also if you pause the upload you press play and it restarts your upload. Also the uploads take a long time. You also need to add more editing options. But for people who are wondering should I get this app I say yes it's great

  • How long does it take?

    by Beccabear1234

    Really? I tried to upload a 59 second video at 9 pm and 14 hours later still not done? What's up with that. If that's the speed I'm out !

  • MMM

    by King Denaro

    Ima do great things w this !

  • Awesome

    by 630379?:)3

    Works fine,and the output is good this is awesome so glad I got it!!!

  • I love it

    by Gtman123

    Nice app thanks. Works great check out my channel: rap lover

  • Boo

    by Badder than bad

    Boo it is terrible it crashes too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent app

    by PowerSellingMom

    This has been the easiest and simplest solution helping me make quick videos and upload them direct no hassle easy to manage love love love it!

  • Capture This

    by Lindo Velarde

    This is a helpful app for the computer challenged plus it allows me a place to vent taking my wife off the hook for my daily diatribes... Thank you "Capture"... Minor bug fixes needed... But who doesn't?

  • Capture

    by Edwin baroudy

    Capture est une tres belle application tres serviable et you tube aussi

  • Jeremy Lin

    by Thepersonwhosright

    Don't get this app it will screw you over

  • Love it

    by Alicia johannason

    I'm in love with making videos and with this I can make videos from my phone. It's easy to figure out and lots of fun.but to make it even better... Suggestions -be able to choose how long you want music to play -filters -Be able to type messages on the screen and choose how long you want it there -special effects -be able to create more than one video at a time -be able to save your creations into your camera roll

  • It's good but...

    by Izzystar93001

    It needs to upload faster while still having good quality. Also it shouldn't stop uploading when u exit the app it should keep uploading when ur gone. If u fix that then it might be worthy of 5 stars

  • :(

    by Paige horan 101

    It was a really good app... I used it and it did everything I needed it too. Now when i try to open it it crashes every 2 seconds... I hope they fix it so I can use the app without it crashing

  • The best app ever

    by Fnrehbvherfhre

    It is the bestest app ever

  • Hb

    by Jbreef

    Terrible app!

  • I gave you a 5 star

    by Bobbyjones161616

    This app is awsome also helps my channel grow more

  • Horrible

    by Crazyseb13

    Do not trust this apps with any family worthy or videos. It messes up with the previous editing and has a horrific motion calibrations. I lost over 8 minutes of long hours of editing through the uploading using this app and will never get those precious clips back. I tried giving this a shot many time but this was the last straw and is a huge disappointment. Not recommended. Save yourself from the trouble this app will give you.

  • Ideas

    by _Wolf2000_

    You should be able to record your screen, and you should be able to put a picture and only record your voice, and customize the sound

  • Fix please

    by 1998Devon

    Every time when I try to upload a video it pauses and I have to go unpause it. This happends like 15 times every time. Please fix

  • Awesome

    by Xxredxone29xX

    This app is great I you's it all the time the only thing is I wish there was a screen recorder so could post some gameplay like call of duty and Minecraft or or other games like slender riding and so and so.

  • Don't waste your time, it's not usable

    by Rickness

    This app has been out since 2012??!! There are way too many glitches, bugs, and crashes to be useable. Hardly even a beta app. I expected a lot more from Google. The video in editing mode plays back in slow motion and audio in regular speed. Trimming clips is very imprecise. You cant split a clip. Simply playing a clip in edit area would show no video until you played it in timeline view then go back to edit view. No method for adding simple credits or text. Uploading one of my 7 minute videos has taken all day. The app stops uploading if your phone locks. After it did upload, 3 times, there was a bad error in the video rendering making it unwatchable. On the 4th try now. Also, the app crashed a few times after starting the upload. We'll see. I wont be using it again until they send out some major bugfixes.

  • Best utube app ever

    by EmoGurl4Lyfe!

    Best app ever this is the best thing to upload with for me i can now post in 1080p thank to all the creator's!!!!!

  • Finally!!!

    by Alistang88

    I was waiting for that app

  • It's OK

    by Pumpkin Pancake

    I personally do like this app, but as far as that goes, every few minutes it will shut down the app and I would like for that to be fixed please

  • Video Detail

    by TacoSalad9541

    It would be really cool if you can add custom thumbnail with this app. Or annotations or closed captions. THAT WOULD MAKE IT BOSS!

  • Gilbert Z

    by Gilbert zamora


  • Good for taking videos

    by Kit Karamak

    Good app for taking vids but should offer screen capture

  • Uploading MOBILE? Even better!

    by Neon Studios2

    This is great! It's fast, simple, and when you scroll down, a little kitten pops up.

  • Can't here video

    by Big phill 777

    Love the app because it makes editing simple but when I go to listen to my videos i can't hear them. Music or no music.

  • The new update is fantastic!

    by Blaze600

    This app has sure come along way since it was first released! I would like how ever to have the ability to change monetization settings.

  • Annoying, but could be worse.

    by DanD33

    Doesn't like working in the background, but I guess the fact that it works is good enough.

  • Review

    by Dee'Moe

    OMG...this app is great I use it a lot I love works how I want it tu work and there is nothing Better thn this app I jst can't stop using's the greates app...seriously...I love it...thank yu guys

  • Great app

    by Benk101

    The only thing that should make this the best app on the App Store is if it had a screen recorder!!! That's all we are asking for please add this for the you tubers :)

  • Great

    by Dylan Pietropaolo

    This app is so great for making videos and is so much easier than using a camera

  • Amazing

    by Eloy1073

    This is one of the best apps that I have ever tried I can just upload like that in a second on my phone

  • Horrible!!!!!

    by Kaykay425

    The making the video part is good, but the uploading keeps starting over. Delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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