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Stay connected and share life as it happens with Google+ for iPhone and iPad. Join a Hangout, post a photo, or see what friends are sharing while you’re on the go.

- iPad-optimized layout brings your stream to life
- Share photos directly to Events for all your friends to enjoy
- Turn on Auto Backup to save photos and videos privately on Google+
- Check out the What’s Hot stream to see trending topics
- View the Nearby stream to see what people near your location are saying
- See vibrant, high-resolution images on Retina display devices

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!!

    by Damian Morales

    This is a great app! Great social media!! One problem, when I first open the app, it makes my phone reset it self!! Don't know why? One it resets the phone, if I open the app again, it's all fine. Only on the first time if the day that I open the app it makes my phone reset!! Anybody else has this problem?? Other than that it's an awesome app!! Thank you!!

  • Awesome app

    by Bailey Webb 123

    I love this app it is really cool

  • G+ > FB

    by Justin Mangual

    Honestly, this is better and more professional than Facebook.

  • Great

    by Nerline77

    I love it.

  • Great for picture sharing

    by WASSAAB

    I don't use the social aspect of the site, but this is great as a picture sharing reservoir. The auto upload from the phone is great. Plus the enhancements are fun, sometimes dramatically improving the image.

  • Perfect for us

    by Sanchez1975

    My wife and I use Google Plus for communication with our family of which many members are spread all over the world. The Hangouts make it perfect for us to get in touch, and give our daughter some face time with her cousins all at once. The app brings all the functionality to our phones and truly allows us to connect whenever, and wherever. The format is great. It takes away all the BS that you traditionally find on FB, and places the elements you really want to see up front. If you're on Plus, I recommend you get this app to supplement and expand you're experience.

  • Very handy

    by Alowd

    Nice application for sharing photos & videos.

  • 5 Stat and Prestige!

    by K_Solo510

    I keep Google+ on a more professional level compared to Facebook. I love Google+ layout and easy to use format.

  • Google Plus

    by Gapowerpromo

    I love the format it's a breath of fresh air from Facebook!

  • Good App.

    by NameIzMac

    Works well. Nicely designed interface.

  • Awesome


    Google is an awesome app

  • A Google Great!

    by Rich1103

    I love how easy it is to customize my stream between public and private sources. Great job.

  • Google+++

    by PatCat24

    Fantastic way to keep up with it pals on google+ when a computer is not convenient. I actually use it more than the computer.

  • A new discovery

    by Ramon Azueta

    Ok I use to be everything Facebook guy however over the weekend I had some extra time while waiting at sfo airport and spent it discovering google+. Ok My lost until now Google + is wonderful and worth checking It is a wonderful site Check it out

  • Awesome

    by NastyNatee

    Perfect app. Love the auto backup of photos.

  • Awesome

    by MegaVideoGamer1000

    Awesome app :)

  • Google+ is better

    by Raiderhogs

    Smooth design, not clunky and slow like Facebook, and growing in popularity.

  • Bill

    by Will & Grace

    It's a great way to catch up with family & friends . And news events.

  • Buenísimo!

    by Chuchiarg

    Muy buen informador

  • Awesome

    by Shaba Shams

    Super App.

  • I hate it

    by killer6965

    Every time I open this app, the share menu on the bottom is open and it doesn't go away, there's one pic for me to share but cannot select it and cannot close the menu bar no matter how many times I select the "x" to close. I'm deleting this crap, thanks google for a bad executed idea.

  • Ok

    by Niasiakyss

    I don't like how on my phone the photo share keeps popping up and when I hit the x it's still keeps popping up

  • Reeediculous!!!!

    by {ZeroHero}

    Too difficult to sign in it is frustrating the UNITED STATES should use googled verification codes many many many codes the Mint isn't as secure!

  • Good

    by Black_diamond22

    Great app highly recommended

  • Bad enough... Crash like no one.

    by dcmwai

    Crash always crash.

  • Great app

    by Samkam7

    Does everything you would expect from an app

  • Great but there's a bug

    by lighting girl 11

    I love the app but it keeps freezing and then I have to close it and re-open it and scroll till I get to the place I was

  • Freezing Problems!!!

    by H-Double

    Please fix this ASAP. every time that I try to use this App it Freezes. It just recently started doing this, it very frustrating!.... this is what I use to respond to messages.

  • Better than FB

    by Moaden

    The best social network

  • Buenazo

    by Me encanta mucho es fabuloso

    Me encanta mucho es buenazo. ^^

  • Review

    by Bighorn1525

    Enjoy the app greatly. Like the ability to pick areas of interests. Does Facebook one better.

  • Great for Storing Photos

    by dqeryofdhorggi

    I had about 1700+ photos on my phone taking up almost 3GB of memory. I couldn't back up my phone to iCloud because there was not enough storage, and I didn't want to delete any photos. Google+ was perfect. I backed up all my photos to Google+ and was able to delete any off my phone and they were still backed up into the app. It also has an auto backup where any photos you take will automatically be backed up into Google+. I was able to delete my photos from iCloud thanks to them being backed up to Google+, and allowing me to back up the rest of my data to iCloud.

  • Great App

    by Cecil Miles

    This is one of my most important tools in building my network and promoting my blog. I hope the information I am sharing is found useful and interesting. Google plus allows me to keep those who have taken interest current on new posts and I follow them to keep up on their interests.

  • I like it

    by Miguel151169

    Quick and easy to use. I still need my friends to join Google+.

  • Better than facebook.

    by Dangerainbow

    I like that u can use that for yo education and informations.

  • Family awesome App

    by Search4Truth

    All I have to say is for families this is an awesome social media app which I totally prefer or Facebook !

  • Crashes every time in open it

    by everetthiller

    Finally decided to give it another shot. Crashes whenever I open it. The web version design is too busy. Feel like I'm drinking from the firehose. Also had to get rid of all the default feeds. Feels like the feed equivalent of bloat ware.

  • Mr

    by DJT911

    Great App

  • 非常非常好非常非常好

    by Kingwall


  • Awesome+

    by Javyously

    Great intuitive social media app, I love using hangouts and using it to back up my photos.

  • 为什么不能像安卓版本那样可以复制文本?更新太慢!

    by Tom-qq


  • Good

    by CarnageCaesar

    It's The Google

  • Great app

    by DCHokie829

    It's a great app No problems so far

  • easy to share with limited audience

    by Blaw1234

    i like that I can pick and choose multiple groups or individuals when sharing a post. . . i dont think can be done on facebook.

  • Easy to use

    by EldJayDee3

    An enjoyable app that is easy to utilize. Ease of use is what make his app beneficial for adding to my device.



    It won't let me post or repost anything and just gives me some stupid error FIX THIS COME ON GOOGLE NOW YOUR JUST BEING STRAIGHT UP PATHETIC

  • ???

    by I love u John cena

    I don't like how the pictures on the bottom open when u open the app. Also I don't like how my pictures that I post stay at the top and the others are always are on the bottom. But I like everything else

  • better than nothing.

    by PhilB@B

    it allows for auto photo backup. which is good. however, I hate the UI. it's so inconsistent to anything else. ugh.

  • Good App

    by Djones3541

    I love the google plus it's nice way to stay in touch and follow nice people.

  • Continual pop ups asking for reviews

    by badqat

    Isn't something that makes for a fond review. One star because of this incessant pop up.

  • Things I love about G+

    by DeeMisetz

    The UI is great. It's smooth and fluid, with many easy to use features. Do I care that all my friends are not on it? No! It's a plus! My friends and acquaintances destroyed FB. When IG became better known, they soon destroyed that too. Hopefully they never come over. FB can just keep stealing G+ ideas for those ppl I left behind on FB.

  • Photo backup flaky

    by David Everingham

    The auto photo backup has been problematic lately

  • Great app!

    by Corey Hardman

    Love the clean look.

  • Fun!!

    by Derrick Hanna

    And simple to use!

  • Nicely done

    by gmplr831

    I enjoy using google plus. Even with it being on iOS it works quite well. I am very happy with the interface and have had zero problems with it. I hope that Google will continue to promote it. Thank you.

  • Smile :)

    by Coyotetooth

    Love google plus wish more people I knew used it!

  • Why u no use?

    by Me27328

    Best social networking site. It is faster and has more features than the others. Why does no one use this?

  • Great app

    by Iraklid94

    Great app...!

  • Good but can't get all features

    by Yostdude

    I really like the app except that i can't get emoji gifs like everyone else

  • I like it!

    by HeatherKay1383

    I like google plus because it's easy to control what you want to share and who you want to share it with. Uploading pictures is a breeze and I like the news feed. 5 stars from me!!

  • Love app but freezes a lot.

    by nodyes

    I joined Google+ to back up my mobile photos in a cloud separate from my hard drive. I'm a family history buff and we back up everything "just in case". As I explored the social functions of the Google+ communities I find a lot to enjoy but the app keeps freezing. I see a post, click comments, it freezes. I click +1 on something, it freezes. I scroll my feed, it freezes. Usually I have to kill the app and try again. I'm thinking that other than photos I'll just do Google+ on my laptop.

  • No Idea!

    by Dxgbx

    I have no idea how you do it but this is awesome! I love it and will keep trying to navigate!

  • Excelente

    by Renancito1

    Lo mejor de Google pero deberían actualizar la aplicación con el traductor incorporado como en crome

  • Fits the need

    by MinMT

    Reasonable app that allows you to use +Google on the iPad. I wish you could set a specific circle as your default feed instead of just all, but in general it is straightforward and I have not experienced any glitches.

  • Love it

    by monks97ue

    See above

  • So far so good.

    by Mika Rose

    ...for now.

  • My newspaper



  • Good

    by YoloAppRater

    It's good but sometimes it crashes on me.

  • Just throws away a comment if you type it out and there's an error.

    by StarKruzr

    That behavior, specifically, is unforgivable on a service that prides itself on acting like a longhorn blogging platform.

  • How I think

    by Xfdxxbffd

    I love this app

  • Better then Facebook

    by eric james

    I use it way more then Facebook in fact I removed the face book app from my phone .and I only access it by my mobile browsers

  • Kill bill

    by Gale bell

    I can do this because I like how I have instant upload on my photos & its great meeting new people or catching up with old friends on google

  • Great app

    by LilianC

    an awesome app for keeping up with my iphone photos!!easy to share with my google connections.

  • Communities

    by Pepin24

    I've been using this app for about six months and love it for the communities that I can find on it that are specific to my interests. I have found several international groups for knitters, crocheters, tea lovers, and more. We support and encourage one another, share websites patterns and advice. It's a wonderful tool for interacting with like-minded people love it!

  • I love this app

    by SpyroTheDragon777

    It's so easy to use

  • djangojazz

    by Haha Gnorfsen

    Outstanding ! Better than FaceBook . This app is a 5 star for me !

  • Newest update

    by Emo music lover

    After I updated it most recently, it crashes seconds after starting up

  • Love it love it love it

    by Loudfur2004

    I am always using google+ over Facebook. The format is so great, and it's been made into an app without losing greatness! One comment I have though is that it could be faster.

  • Great

    by Thunderpud

    Wish more FB users would move here !

  • Loved it before, but...

    by Kryss C.

    This app was freaking AMAZING! Had no problems with it whatsoever....up until last week. The app constantly freezes & waiting for it to unfreeze or tapping my screen in other places doesn't work! I'm ALWAYS having to just leave the app altogether! Fix this please!! Would've been five stars...

  • by ℳℑℳℐ

  • Terrible Bug

    by Thomas_M_

    This app freezes randomly when I try to make a post. I have to shutdown the app completely to regain control of my iPod. This bug makes the app unusable and stressful.

  • Plus to google plus

    by Robby&Ermie

    I enjoy this app it's like Facebook for smart people

  • Another way to share multimedia files!

    by Lucamx07

    It's different from any other social network, I feel it, like more secure, nicer and smarter :)

  • Elegant UI

    by ZunoStudios

    Very elegant user interface especially when you take into account the amount of information and functionality of the app.

  • Best Social App Ever!

    by ThePhantomOfTheOperaFan

    This app is very unique. You can organize your family and friends. You can also follow a good company.

  • Google+

    by Ace12324

    I love it and it makes life a lil better

  • Great app

    by Buzzeorw1

    Great app

  • Must have app

    by Abtiff

    Nice n' better than fb

  • Fun to use

    by Anuj23

    Great app, sometimes doesn't refresh notifications well but otherwise good for google plus users

  • It the best I love it

    by Armijoorlando

    This is the best google ever thank u I love this u can see all of your friends I'm just having trouble uploading my photo on my profile still can't get it I love looking at all these beautiful profiles of all these wonderful people GOD BLESS us all thank u for creating this app

  • Crash

    by Lee Bradford

    Launching the app causes my phone to crash from time to time.

  • Terrible

    by 32194

    Recent update rendered it unusable. More crashes than my local stock car track. Won't even open. Crashes my OS into a hard reboot.

  • Great

    by amro.sharaf


  • It's Sui generis

    by ZXFlip

    I like using both Facebook and Google+, Google+ has the advantage of categorizing friends into circles which is immensely helpful.

  • Does what it says on the package.

    by JamesDiGriz

    One star for nagging users to review app.

  • 靠谱

    by Navis.A.C


  • Pretty good

    by Wallsceo

    I like some of the new stuff, but it is not as intuitive as I would like it go be.

  • Name

    by Thy Cao

    I can't change my name. Please fix it.

  • some bugs and annoyances

    by candidBit

    app sometimes causes iPhone 5 to restart, and also the photo thumbnails that pop up every time you open app after shooting photos is very annoying and would very much like to disable it.

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