Capital One Mobile Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Capital One
  • Updated: Dec, 13 2010
  • Version: 4.5.52
  • Size: 10.42 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Capital One Services, LLC

• A Streamlined Credit Card payment experience
• Activate a new or a replacement credit card within Account Services
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

For support call 1-877-383-4802 or tweet @askcapitalone.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
102 Ratings
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3437 Ratings


Manage your Capital One® credit cards, Capital One 360℠, and your Capital One® Bank accounts—securely and conveniently with our iPhone® app. View balances and recent activity, pay your bill(s) and schedule payments, move money, find branches/ATMs, and more. Simply use your existing Capital One Online Banking sign-in information to get started.

Capital One Credit Card Customers:
• Log in using SureSwipe pattern sign in -- no more password typos
• Pay your bill, schedule upcoming payments, and set up funding accounts you can use to pay your bill
• Redeem your rewards or erase previous travel purchases with Purchase Eraser℠

Capital One 360 Customers:
• Make mobile check deposits with CheckMate℠
• Send Person2Person payments
• Activate your debit card and checkbooks

Capital One Bank Customers:
• Pay bills from your Capital One Bank checking account
• Transfer funds between your Capital One Bank accounts

Your security is important to us. We use industry standard practices to protect and maintain the privacy and security of your information online and within our apps.

For support call 1-877-383-4802 or tweet @askcapitalone.

© 2014 Capital One and Capital One's family of companies, including Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., and Capital One, N.A., Members FDIC
iPhone is trademark of Apple inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Disable Logout Notification

    by AverageJake

    Please add an option to disable the logout notification that pops up if I close the app with out logging out. Just log me out, you don't need to alert me.

  • SureSwipe !

    by Ismaelito1820

    Best bank app love the SureSwipe make easy to logging in.

  • Alf

    by Alfredgarciberme

    We need something to check business cheking Acc

  • Always down!!!!

    by Ataylor13281

    Most of the time this app doesn't work, which is really annoying when you're trying to pay bills or make a purchase! Get it together Capital one!

  • "Loading".....Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!

    by Cynthia Gartman

    Same dissatisfaction as nofatnoflavor posted a couple weeks ago. I never had trouble with ING account when it was the ING app! Come on Capital One- you buy out the bank, you need to "get your app together" and keep your "new" customers happy!! FIX THIS APP!!!!! I can't access my bank account OR my credit card account to make a payment!!

  • Home menu doesnt work.

    by Anonymous8889

    Home menu if you will, does not open. The menu slides over and then immediately back so i am stuck at the current balance screen. The app is essentially useless now. Please fix asap. Im using an iphone 5 with the latest iOS if that even matters.

  • Annoying

    by Harry potter467

    This app works occasionally. What pisses me off the most is Friday mornings when i get paid is when it doesnt work so i cant see what i got paid. The site seems to ALWAYS be down or under construction. This isn't flappy bird, you are handling peoples MONEY!!

  • Could be better.

    by Lucky3993

    Wish the mobile check deposit feature was available for banking customers. Please add this or I will be forced to find a new bank because the new city I live in doesn't have Capital One!

  • Works great!

    by 8Mila8

    Works great for reviewing my account and paying the credit card bill!!! Not sure why so many people don't like it... Awesome for me!


    by Angelloz

    When it actually works I think it's great, nothing wrong. But most of the time it's not working or is getting maintained.. Shut the app down for awhile and get your security straight so people can use the app as it's intended for.

  • Why Are People Complaining?

    by themattman7

    I'm not sure why people are complaining about the app. It works perfectly for me. Never had any issues. Now, granted, I only use the Capital One 360 portion of the app, but I've never had an issue with it. My ONE annoyance though is that I can't schedule a transfer. It is super simple feature that, for whatever reason, is not in the app. So, I then have to get my laptop, sign in there, and schedule the transfer. So annoying!!

  • Fix bugs

    by Jb718890

    Constantly not working please fix bugs that are constantly happening. Besides that the app is wonderful and very easy to use.

  • 360 portion fine, but credit cards? Ugh.

    by Courtney0123

    I've been using this app since it updated from being ING Direct and banking on here is easy. I wish there was the option to do online bill pay, but no biggie. However I recently got a Capital One credit card, so I've been utilizing that section of the app... When it lets me. I would say that it works only 35% of the time as I normally stare at a loading screen only for it to tell me it cannot connect at this time. Not sure if the credit server isn't connected to the app as well as 360 is, but I'd like to see some improvement in the future so I'm not constantly signing into a desktop to make a payment that should take me no longer than 20 seconds. Apps like this are supposed to be convenient and that is hardly the case here.

  • Last 4 digits of account numbers


    Great app but I think the last 4 digit of account numbers for 360 customers show be visible underneath the account name. It's more convenient and prevents errors.

  • A bit clunky to use

    by La Fina

    My biggest issue with this app is that it won't tell me my statement balance, only my current balance. When I pay my bill, I only want to pay the total of the statement, not the statement plus what I've charged since then. Please make this app more flexible in that regard.

  • Works fine for paying credit card bill

    by mcobbery

    Maybe the app had issues before, or maybe for banking users, but it seems to work great for me for my credit card. I easily logged in to my credit card account, made a payment, and set up auto payments. Super easy.

  • Love this app!

    by Shkedi

    I use this app all the time and love it. It's so easy to pay my bill and redeem rewards with this app, I was able to buy 5 Christmas gifts with it in under 5 minutes. Extremely intuitive and user friendly, and faster than their website. If you have a capital one account, there's no reason not to use it.

  • Figurgfsrhj

    by Dghuyfcbhuewwdg

    I don't understand the bad reviews. This app works great for me. Never had any problems at all.

  • Great App

    by jessrichards12

    Great app for my cards and banking - however.. Please let me see my auto loan/checking/credit accounts on one page so I don't have to toggle between Capital One and Capital one 360 & the mobile web to make payments etc.. When accessing it online (computer/mobile web) I see all accounts on one site but not on the app.

  • Needs Notifications

    by mps2995

    There should be notifications for when there are transactions within your account like the Chase app has. This way you don't have to login every time you want to make sure money had gone in or out of your account.

  • User

    by Adam Davey

    This app has caused me to make late payments on my credit cards multiple times. I approve a payment through it, a confirmation box pops up, but the payment does not go through and there is no notification. Do not use this to make payments on your account.

  • Crashing

    by BroadwayFan224

    New version keeps crashing when trying to e-deposit. Old version worked great but this one is unacceptable!

  • Credit Cards Only?

    by Danchrism

    The app no longer allows me to access my Capital One Banking info. I do not have a credit card with Capital One, so I don't have login credentials for Capital One's Credit support.

  • Disappointed but hopeful

    by Linnee22

    I really loved this app as I really did most of my banking on here but as of the new year I have no idea how it just stopped working. I've called the bank quite a few times something I never had to do with my mobile app before but there still hasn't been a resolution yet. Disappointed but hopeful.

  • Horrible App

    by cmp2993

    Has connection issues most of the time and it's not on my end because everything else on my phone works fine. When you do manage to get logged in the app has very limited functionality. You can't change any alert settings which is stupid. Very bad app!

  • No longer working out

    by LidZBarnes

    This app use to work great on my phone but lately it takes forever to do anything on it, and sometimes just outright refuses to work. At least I don't have to worry about people stealing my credit info off my phone because chances are it won't work.

  • Ok when it works

    by JessiBeck22

    This app is pretty good when it actually works. It takes forever to load and it tells me the system is down about 60% of the time so I can't log on.

  • Capital One 360 Part

    by LCPL12

    Always tells me there is a connectivity issue and to check my network but I can connect through the browser on my phone. Very inconvenient when I want to deposit checks since that can't be done through the website

  • Terrible App. Doesn't Work

    by MusicalHuman

    Can't ever connect anymore. I've tried via Wi-Fi and 4G both with the same results. I've also tried enabling/disabling airplane mode, as this can sometimes fix data issues, but to no avail. I've even tried a hard reset of the phone after killing all apps, but that doesn't work either. Clearly, this is a problem with the app. I agree with other reviewers in that this is UNACCEPTABLE. I'm gonna pay my card off next month and close my account, so I can delete this PoS app...

  • It used to work

    by Zack72178

    This app used to be a convenient way for me to pay my bill without having to login on desktop. Now it doesn't work anymore. Error messages at every step. Ridiculous.

  • System down

    by Vazquezm2510

    Their system has been down for weeks! They need to fix this soon!!! I can't access anything.

  • Hardly ever works

    by Nyctravel

    This app rarely works. Very frustrating!! It won't even let you log on.

  • Not that great

    by JJW423

    This app is mediocre at best... When it actually works. The load times are long and the system is often down, so you can't use the app at all. Many improvements need to be made. The Chase app is way better (if you have an account there).

  • Too Many Bugs

    by Genodys Taveras

    App is pretty useless if you're using it for Credit Card access (360 works fine). It lags, constant connection issues although I haven't been able to use it the last few 5 weeks.

  • Never works

    by Nicole22613

    80% of the time this app presents me with an error message that prevents me from using it. So frustrating!

  • Update asap!

    by Tedswify

    It crashes all the time and it takes forever to load... I wouldn't think capital one would have these type of issues ....

  • I would give it zero stars if I could

    by Tankaraooke

    This app is a big step backward. Not happy.

  • Please update

    by Bpmorri

    Currently I am only able to log in after having to open and close 10 or 15 times. Continually says error. I have uninstalled and re-installed app but still have issues logging in

  • Needs update!!!

    by D.Barot

    Like all other patrons of this app I get stuck on the loading screen. It says check back in a bit after all the time wasted loading then when you get in and try to pay your bill again check back in a bet. And finally when I got to my payment it signed me out... Fix this app, you're a known credit company.

  • Unacceptable

    by Sanyul

    I have the same issue as that reported by "sammich" on January 13. The app forces me into the credit card tab and declines my credentials (which are valid on the website). So bottom line it does not work on my iPhone. But it works fine on my iPad and my wife's iPhone. So I decided to call customer service hoping to fix this. The lady I spoke to insisted that this was the first time this was ever reported and denied any knowledge of this app being rated poorly. So it is clear to me that she was paid to lie about the app and wasted her and my time trying to blame this on my iOS version or iPhone model. I have been nervous from the first day cap1 took over INGdirect and expecting these undesirable business practices to replace the cool straight talk of INGdirect and here it is. This is a virtual bank. No bricks and mortar. I need mobile banking to work otherwise I am better off with Wells Fargo. I have been looking into other online bank reviews but surprisingly cap1 fares well compared to others... What happened with the benefits of competition and capitalism? Oh well.

  • Unacceptable

    by Sanyul

    I have the same issue as that reported by "sammich" on January 13. The app forces me into the credit card tab and declines my credentials (which are valid on the website). So bottom line it does not work on my iPhone. But it works fine on my iPad and my wife's iPhone. So I decided to call customer service hoping to fix this. The lady I spoke to insisted that this was the first time this was ever reported and denied any knowledge of this app being rated poorly. So it is clear to me that she was paid to lie about the app and wasted her and my time trying to blame this on my iOS version or iPhone model. I have been nervous from the first day cap1 took over INGdirect and expecting these undesirable business practices to replace the cool straight talk of INGdirect and here it is. This is a virtual bank. No bricks and mortar. I need mobile banking to work otherwise I am better off with Wells Fargo. I have been looking into other online bank reviews but surprisingly cap1 fares well compared to others... What happened with the benefits of competition and capitalism? Oh well.

  • Clumsy App Relative to the Field

    by Fejimush

    The other critical reviewers do a good job of summing up the major issues. Capitol One has managed to dismantle all the goodness that ING had earned.


    by ineedanickname!

    15 minutes I watched the loader swirl round and round with a full signal. This app does not work!

  • Totally unreliable

    by exyalie

    Works fine if you are content with watching the spinning wheel where it says "Loading" - otherwise, good luck with getting this app to work!

  • Got worse

    by Seaweed1082

    They took away the bump money feature. Was a 5 star app.

  • Barely works

    by Phantomdata

    Constantly have to quit or reinstall the app because it freezes on the loading screen. Dunno how you screw up a WebKit embed so bad; but they managed it.

  • Broken

    by JonLong

    This app works some of the time, but often has the problems that many people mention. It's extremely frustrating to use. I was actually considering signing up for a 360 account and the only thing that stopped me was the quality of this app. Who wants an online bank account with unreliable access?!

  • Glitchy

    by Grang076

    I can barely ever use it. It crashes all the time. Using a brand new phone.

  • Worthless

    by acoustic.tide

    There is no access whatsoever to auto loans, hence this app is completely worthless to me. Unless this is ever fixed/added, I have no use for this. Great job Capital One, really.

  • C'mon!!

    by Leocreo

    Why can't I log into the ING side!??

  • Meh

    by J Michael Evans

    It's an ok app. I suppose it does what it's designed to do. My issue is with the sure swipe. It's a nice feature but pointless as it stands. What's the point of it if you still have to answer a security question? I might as well just enter my password and call it a day. Lame. App is also painfully slow!!

  • Shameful

    by lonestarwolf

    Planned on using the app after moving my auto loan to Cap One 360. Despite their claims, my loan details are not accessible. When clicking on Other Products the app freezes and is non responsive. The functionality is so limited that it is basically worthless. The poor development skills of those responsible for this app make me doubt I selected the right company to do business with.

  • Not working

    by HippieM

    I used to love this app audits so easy to make payments but recently the app won't open or load at all. Trying to log on is a nightmare! Please fix! Thanks!

  • Connection Problems

    by DJwhowe

    Had to download this app since Capital One 360 is rolling up into it. Whether I am on Wifi or LTE, it just keeps saying network problem. Fix this POS.

  • Slow, Never Connects

    by ProfessorDoc

    This app is ridiculously slow, and after locating my credit card account, was never able to connect. Way to go Capital One.

  • Would be nice if it actually worked.

    by Joe786opo

    90% of the time it just shows a red alert indicating something has gone wrong. Spend some of the money I pay you to fix this excuse for a app.

  • meh…when it works

    by nofatnoflavor

    It's "ok", when it works. It takes forever to load, and then you're greeted with another spinning "loading" icon for as long as a minute. Then, one of three things happens: 1. It errors out to a dialog that's basically a lie wherein the app developers thought it would be good to blame the carrier or the local wifi by delivering: "Oops, there's a problem connecting. Check your network or try again in a bit.". Well, whenever I get this, there's _never_ a problem with the network, and trying in "a bit" almost always yields the same result. Pretty infuriating. Especially when you're a 360 customer, wherein there are virtually no brick-and-mortar locations and your only access is via the 'net or a mobile device. 2. The spinning continues and offers you a chance to enter your PIN and log in. Again, the "loading" notice hangs, whereupon your either returned to the original screen, or you're greeted with the "Oops…" message. 3. It works. Lucky you! I'll stick with this for a while since I'm still with the bank for both a 360 account and a CC account. But really, Capitol One. Get your act together and develop an app that's at least as reliable as a Windows NT client was.

  • Last Update Broke It

    by Starwynd

    This app worked fine for me when it came to basic function and paying my bill, but since the last update it repeatedly claims there's no network connection (there is) and will flicker between the login screen and the connection failure message. Right now I can't even log in so the app is essentially useless.

  • Needs Help!!

    by BellaofGrace

    There's always an error message or 'try again later' message. None of the other banking apps does this. It's faulty. It works when if wants too.

  • Needs and update

    by TakeItBackNow

    Previous versions of this app deserve 5 stars, but the latest update is very buggy. I haven't been able to log in via the app since updating. Please fix fast!

  • Crap

    by Dcmin

    Would give a zero if I could. App constantly freezes. Mobile check deposit freezes and I cannot even use that function. What's the point of capitalone 360 if I can use mobile with it.

  • Ok, but wish there was mobile deposit

    by jnine83

    App is functional for basic needs but wish there was a mobile deposit functionality for Capital One Bank customers (only available for 360 customers).

  • Latest update allows me to access credit card only

    by Banannery

    The home button is apparently just a stress reliever now. Awesome.

  • App crashes

    by Vegasrock

    App crashes everyone I take a picture of a deposit check. Frustrating!

  • Deposit and transfers don't work

    by lmd06e

    I'm a 360 customer, check deposits and interbank ach transfers are not working on my 5s. I get the "network connection" error or just a crash. I miss my ING app.

  • Update malfunctions.

    by QueenAnnePaige

    I am so annoyed with this app. Ever since the update it will not let me access my account. It keeps saying "connection error" and I have deleted and re-added it. I am seriously frustrated. Please fix this right away.

  • Don't believe the 5 stars

    by Creeves87

    While I believe the Captial One will resolve all issues related to this app quickly, as of right now, this is a below par app. The interface isn't great and I don't have near as much access to information as in previous apps. The people who put in 5 stars are clearly being paid to put it on there. This isn't a 5 star app. I have no doubt that it will be. Their Sharebuilder app is wonderful so I have faith that they will update it soon and all will be well.

  • Please fix

    by lissa28

    Crashes every time it go to deposit a check. Very frustrating. I can't deposit any checks.

  • Could be better

    by Palo alto iPhone addict

    Should be better

  • Could be better

    by Palo alto iPhone addict

    Should be better

  • 360 depositing broken

    by BuzzJive

    It's unfortunate when an important app like the breaks. Check depositing with a 360 account is broken now and has been for the last couple updates. It used to work great, but now insists I need a 360 savings or checking account, which I have both of and can access fine in the app. Fix it please!

  • App crashes when depositing

    by Volksmann

    This app was fine until today. Now whenever I try to deposit a check I get as far as the camera coming up to take a picture of the front, press the button and app crashes

  • Where is mobile check deposit?

    by Babs7117

    I downloaded this app so I could take pictures of checks I had that needed to be deposited. Yet apparently that feature is only available to 360 customers and not regular banking customers? What a crock. Even small local banks have this feature now.

  • Good app but...

    by DJTransformer

    It won't let me take pictures of my checks. I've re-installed this app twice. Both times it worked once. I take a picture of the check, put in the amount and select the account, and then I get an error

  • Garbage

    by Iphonerdude

    This app worked fine the first day I downloaded it. Now for 3 weeks it says "There's a problem connecting, please try your request in a bit." Fix this please!

  • Can't pay bill

    by Pipi.

    I can no longer pay my bill through the app which used to be such a convenient feature. It gives me an error message auto call in :( Very, very annoying and inconvenient!

  • Not Happy

    by CoCo Cream Delicious

    Not Happy is deleting app... unable to gain access to accounts... One side bar for credit which keeps reporting error message when trying to log in... This is the best New Years and Birthday gift... Thanks Capital... Going back to calling the hotline... Ugh!

  • Overdue Payment!!!

    by Toohoop666

    I never use this card anymore, except for term life. This should have been caught a while ago (at least a year now), but it wasn't this program doesn't show current amount due until it's already past the due date!

  • Credit limit

    by Darkjoker13

    Would love to be able to see my credit card limit.

  • Update will not work

    by Kels Lee

    I updated to the most current install but it deleted my app. When I tried to download in iTunes again my only option is to open the app and it won't.

  • Doesn't work.

    by David Weight

    They must not check their app comments. This app hasn't worked since I first downloaded it 3 months ago. This is how a bank loses customers.

  • The worst app !!!

    by Popat1947

    ITS NOT EVEN WORTH 1 STAR.. Sorry to say it but that's the truth. Please fix the app

  • Can't make a payment

    by Tigerwoo784

    The app doesn't allow me to make a credit card payment. I called customer service, and they stated it is a know problem. I haven't been able to make a payment through the app for several months.

  • 360 check deposit crashes app

    by Mmcolling

    I have attempted to deposit a check 6 times this morning and each time time taking the first photo crashes the app on my iPhone 4S. I have used this feature in previous versions without issue. For that reason I have to give this fewer stars.

  • Network error?

    by Trixie b

    Was working fine until this latest upgrade. Now I can't log in to Capital One 360 because of a supposed "network error" although I can get into the regular Cap One portion of the app. Totally frustrating!! Please fix the bug!!!!

  • This update is fundamentally broken on all levels

    by sammich

    • There is only one sidebar option and that is to login into credit card accounts. There is no more access to any banking accounts including Capital One 360, no find an ATM locator, no contact us screen. • And if i try to log into my credit card account I get a “Credit Card Access error” even though my credentials are valid when logging through the Capital One website. It’s unbelievable that this app version passed any kind of testing.

  • Mobile Check Deposit?

    by Alexi DeLarge

    It's ridiculous this app still doesn't have a basic feature like mobile check deposit for it's non-360 customers when pretty much every other bank app has this feature implemented, even small credit union banking apps have this for their customers. Get it together CapitalOne!!!

  • very good app for banking

    by Rajam1866

    Capital One app is good to view balance, detail transaction history, payment procedure etc., The new thing need to add is mobile check payment, one login for all accounts.

  • Insecure, pulls up the wrong account!

    by alrdye

    After downloading the mobile app (iPhone), I didn't remember my account number so I entered my email address and it said "Hello Michelle" (I am a guy) and asked me security questions I did not setup. So I went online and found my account number and tried logging in again with that. This time it said "Hello Sharon" and asked me different security questions. This is unbelievable and inexcusable. I will ***not*** be using Capitol One's mobile app!

  • Great app!

    by andrewaqu

    For the people that complain about this having a notification that you have been logged out... You have an iPhone, there's a setting to turn off those notifications, smh. Only use it for my CO credit cards and works just fine, love the lock pattern feature much easier!

  • Random banners are a no-no

    by Dillon Welch

    Please don't make updates that add random popups or banners without letting users opt in. I don't care if you log me out. Please don't give me notifications about it.

  • What's going on

    by dizzy559

    App hasn't been working right the past month. Fix it!

  • won't let me log on!!

    by shiv647

    keeps saying there's a network error & I should check my connection. I know it's not MY connection. grrrrrr please fix!!!!!!

  • Checkmate broken

    by Seth Burleigh

    Checkmate has not worked in 2 days. Makes it impossible to deposit money into an internet only account.

  • The best application amazing

    by RAP PURO

  • Worst bak

    by IM79usa

    Not the same as ING direct. Better stay away

  • What's going on

    by Shegick

    I've used this app for years now and for the last two weeks it keeps asking me security questions and then tells me request can't go through at this time. Please fix the bug.

  • Working fine

    by Gull2b

    This app does everything I need it for my card accounts. Sureswipe feature is very convenient. For those looking for the iPad app, there is a separate app for that now.

  • Still no mobile check deposit

    by jjwantingmore

    This is a standard feature for banking apps now. Why hasn't Capital One implemented it for non-360 customers?

  • A! Mazing!

    by James Giese5888

    So happy they finally made an app for me to manage my account without having to use Safari. This app is perfection!

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