Capital One for iPad Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Capital One
  • Updated: Sep, 18 2013
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Size: 12.67 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Capital One Services, LLC

• Correct sorting for January transactions

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Take our iPad® app for a test drive and let us know what you think. Easily manage your Capital One® credit card, Capital One® Bank and Capital One® 360 accounts. View balances and recent activity, schedule and pay your bill(s), move money, find ATMs, and more. Simply use your existing Capital One Online Banking sign-in information to get started.

Capital One Credit Card Customers:
• Pay your bill, schedule upcoming payments, and set up funding accounts you can use to pay your bill
• Redeem your rewards or erase previous travel purchases with Purchase Eraser℠

Capital One 360 Customers:
• Make mobile check deposits with CheckMate℠
• Send Person2Person payments

Capital One Bank Customers:
• Pay bills from your Capital One Bank checking account
• Transfer funds between your Capital One Bank accounts

Your security is important to us. We use industry standard practices to protect and maintain the privacy and security of your information online and within our apps.

For support call 1-877-383-4802 or tweet @AskCapitalOne.

© 2014 Capital One and Capital One’s family of companies, including Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., and Capital One, N.A., Members FDIC

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Klebel19

    Could benefit from being a bit more robust as far as details and features but does its basic functions well.

  • Good app

    by saveme79

    I really like the app for ipad. I was wondering, can you make it so that you can setup recurring payments and be able to edit transfers and payments, etc. like you would be able to on the computer? That would be awesome! Thanks!


    by Twhlady123

    I have been trying to get on for a week. Have a couple of bill I'd like to set up or paying. Whatever the problem is, PLEASE fix it!

  • It's ok

    by Harmstrong11

    I liked it until I realized two deposits I've made in the past two weeks are there but not available. I did verify my account with the two deposits. Also the app keeps crashing when I'm trying to snap a pic of a check for deposit!! Please fix!

  • Loving this new look!

    by cranae

    Great design, functional and clean. It took me seconds to pay my bill. Nice job!

  • A great improvement

    by Woodpeople

    Previously, there was no iPad specific version of CapitalOne Mobile Banking. The iPhone version was almost unusable on iPad due to many glitches. But this version, WOW. Someone put some work into this. A huge improvement. Granted, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the full site, but it has what I need.

  • Add password paste

    by Joey Viner

    Needs option to paste password during login rather than having to type it in with their keypad

  • Help

    by Msgramma

    Need version higher than 1.1to use sure swipe, any one can get me some info on this?

  • It's the cats!

    by ...Therese...

    I had no problem signing in and reviewing my account. The app is sleek and without unnecessary frills. Nice clean app!

  • Almost perfect

    by Bkk32

    Please ad the option to log in using a traceable pattern like the iPhone app.

  • Review

    by saxsation

    The app is just ok but has potential. Seems to waste a lot of screen space. Also the mug video at the beginning interferes with airplay which is extremely annoying. Prefer to be able to log in without typing a password. That should be the customers decision not the company. Also money market accounts should be able to deposit checks via mobile as well!

  • Great start

    by reedxe

    I use this app for a few times had no problem, except when I was signed in and closed the app and opened it again it crushed on me but I had no problem to restart it. This app will only get better. Thank you for creating the Cap.One app for iPad.

  • Needs some options added

    by DRCinDC

    Want to be able to view statements. Why no mobile deposits??? Only for that weird 360 account. Please correct this.

  • Nice

    by RKH1

    Finally. I like what I see so far

  • Much better than running iPhone version on iPad

    by Bootleg chasiu

    No problems with the app crashing although the graphic was a bit choppy upon loading. Otherwise, graphics are clean and I appreciate the additional info available about account transactions, transfers and interest ytd.

  • Solid app

    by Me20025

    Very clean, easy-to-use application. I love that I can quickly check my balances and deposit checks. I have not had problems with crashing that many others reported. I'm still running OS6...not sure if that's related. My one complaint, that I've always had with the iPhone version too: Only the account nickname is listed in the bill pay section. However, I need a combo of the actual account name and nickname to identify the payee. Therefore, I will never use mobile bill pay portion of the app and will stick with the website.

  • Great App

    by Engy1

    Very glad that Capital One has an iPad app now and it is a very nice one. Happy! Did not have any problems with app crashing while entering password like others are saying.

  • Finally!!

    by Jffstr

    Welcome to the big boy world of banks, capital one.

  • It's OK

    by TKresila

    Good not great. Gets the job done. Although strangely it stopped the show playing on my Apple TV and displayed the apps background..... Ummmm.... That's not how that should work..

  • Great Improvements

    by Nakiyoskye

    Just downloaded the new app. Very impressed with the ease of use & I love being able to see what my interest rate is on a YTD. I also love the touch of the steaming cup of coffee. Great Job Cap One!

  • Not ready for prime time

    by Tom Snyder

    Issues with paying bills, logging in and very slow lacking detailed information on transactions. Need some heavy updates.

  • Cannot connect!!!

    by Polosport

    I have not been able to log into my account on my iPad. It continues to say it is unavailable now please try again later. So far the iPad version of the app is not worth installing until this problem is fixed. The cup of coffee on the splash page looks good though. Maybe the developers should drink a cup while trying to figure out this issue.

  • Constantly crashes

    by Loladiana

    Can't deposit check without causing the program to crash. Very annoying.

  • Fails to show Electronic Payments

    by Dragon Dee

    The iPad version of this app fails to show electronic payments made from my checking account to my credit card. Capital One still accepted the payment, reduced my credit card balance, but the actual payment transaction is not shown anywhere on this app. Two reasons for giving this app only two stars. First, the iPhone version of this app does not have this problem so the iPad version should be readily fixable. Second, I informed Capital One about this problem three months ago through Facebook and they are "still looking into it." Not great customer service.

  • Not quite ready for prime time

    by Moms4Peas

    After being encouraged to download the app specifically for iPad, I was unable to get to the login screen without multiple attempts. Then it told me to check back later due to technical difficulties.

  • Useless

    by Hockey Teeth

    Garbage. Won't go past the splash screen. Frustrating. Must be sharing the obamacare server.

  • Stopped updating account

    by Burke031

    Credit card not showing any new transactions. Shows correct balance but no new charges. Useless.

  • Lacks Info transactions

    by CarlitoPogi

    The app only shows debits and credits pertaining to the account but NOT Payments toward it! It would also help if there was a balance sheet-type column showing what balance you have after each transaction (i.e: BOA app).

  • App

    by Bigdmckenzie

    Update won't download.

  • Update not working

    by Bootleg chasiu

    Apps shows a blank white page after logging in.

  • Can't pay my bill!

    by Mr Doode

    Trying load the pay my bill feature brings up a "looks like your request didn't go through" error. I'm supposed to check back later. I have been for over a month. They aren't called crapital one for nothing.

  • Does not work for me

    by Elwaydb7

    For three days straight I get "cannot connect to server". All other apps work fine except this one, have tried deleting, reinstalling with no luck.

  • Can't even sort transactions

    by Snwboardr82055

    It hasn't crashed on me but there are too many issues that need to be fixed. It doesn't even sort transactions properly. It sorts earliest to latest as Jan 2014, Nov 2013 then Dec 2013. It's as if they don't realize those four digits at the end of the date actually matter...

  • Please be careful

    by elise4251

    App has not updated recent activity since 12/31/13 and it is 1/11/14. You will get different numbers if you go online. My advice is do NOT trust the app for correct information.

  • It is working

    by Ericksonphil

    It is working...the transactions are just not in sequence...if you scroll down you will see transactions after Dec 31...


    by Guppyskipper

    Just installed this, and it crashes/closes right after entering username and password every time. In a word, USELESS!

  • Dfre

    by Chiliangmou


  • Poor

    by Kdg784

    Sorting by date does not work correctly.

  • Stopped working

    by 1Touchstone2

    Made the switch from the iPhone to the iPad app and liked it. Now, it doesn't display transactions that occurred after Jan 1. Credit remaining and credit extended are accurate, just no details. Switched back to the iPhone app and everything works on it.

  • Not Accurate

    by Imran1124

    Had the old app and saw this was available, it does not show up to date information. I made a payment on my CC and made other charges that are not reflecting at all. I logged into the old app and they show up.

  • Crashes every time I attempt 360 log in.

    by FaceOffFan

    No good to me if it's going to crash every time. Doesn't make me feel that it's built well and therefore makes me question it's security.

  • iPhone app works iPad app don't

    by Bachus23

    The ipad app does not load transactions on checking account. Takes a long time to load but then just shows a blank screen.

  • Can't even download it

    by Global Jetset Girl

    The iPhone app works fine (so far) but I can't download the iPad app. I keeps crashing.

  • Shuts Down After Opening

    by MAD Antoinette

    Unfortunately, I am not able to use it. I am thinking this app is designed for more recent iPads not older ones - too bad. Hopefully, they can resolve.

  • Can't Enter Password

    by Nickname no thanks

    Cannot get it started. Shuts down when I try to enter password. Same problem every time I try to start.

  • Does the bare minimum

    by Magwood95

    Bill pay from the bank just doesn't work right. Transactions stall and don't go through all the time. But sometimes it says they don't go through and they DO?! Another example of paying max attention to credit card functions and skimping on the bank stuff. Also, would be nice to have one login for all my business with Capital One....

  • Crashes!!!

    by Ironwine72

    Crashed 3 times in a row when trying to log in.

  • Doesn't work

    by SoonerGirl01

    This app doesn't recognize user names and passwords. Doesn't work if you can't get in!!

  • Bad app

    by Easy shopper too

    Not ready for prime time, crashes on sign in. Needs proper testing for iPad 1.

  • Horrible App

    by Olderbutwiser?

    I use other mobile banking apps and this has got to be one of the worst. After I downloaded the app and tried to log on, nothing happened or I was kicked off the page. What is the point of developing an app that the customer can't use to access their accounts.

  • Can't use it crashes

    by Jjoels

    Crashes when trying to put in user name!


    by Janetcerutti

    For the most part, it returns me to my home screen before I can even put in my user name and/or password. When it works, it works well but that is rare.

  • Closes without prompting

    by Open to interpretation

    Immediately had problems

  • Terrible

    by etrtsr

    Closes when putting in user name.

  • A poor app.

    by System-error99

    I'm using a gen. 3 Ipad. The app has not crashed yet, but I've only been on the site for 10 minutes. My gripes: When I click to see more transactions it goes into the detail of a single transaction...?. Also, I'm not able to find and see my current or past statements. So, all I see are the last few transactions and how much I owe, which is not really helpful. I'm deleting this app and just going back to the regular website. One star.

  • Worst Update Ever!

    by GrannyWeatherwax

    Great, so we can no longer see scheduled payments? This is a horrible update and I'm sorry I got it!

  • Crashes!!

    by M3blue

    This app is really good at crashing!

  • Useless

    by Jsjdjeydufjwi

    Crashes every time I try to make a deposit.

  • Crashes all the time. Can't deposit checks.

    by LookNok24

    Couldn't deposit check. Crashes when take picture of the check. Pls fix!

  • App for Iphone works better than ipad

    by erestone

    I've been using the Iphone app on my Ipad - works fine. Installed the Ipad app for my Ipad today and just UNinstalled it. Crashed every time I tried to enter password (same complaint others had). AM staying w/the older version for Iphone, works fine on my Ipad.

  • Needs major fixing

    by mentormom

    Won't let me log in, says I have a network error. Probably not, everything else computer-related works flawlessly. I'm going to reinstall the iphone version...I had no problems with that one. Hope I can do recurring payments from the iPhone version.

  • doesnt transfer customer id from iphone app

    by substance21

    I *hate* having to always re-fetch my customer id from my 360 account. I have the iphone app installed and there are secure mechanisms for apps to share data between themselves. Not only does this app not do this, but there is no built in way to retrieve my customer id, thus rendering the app useless. Back to the awkward iphone app...

  • No mobile deposit??

    by Lightshining

    I like the app, but I cannot believe that Cap One does not have a mobile check deposit option. You've got to fix this Capital One!!!

  • Crashes

    by PegShields

    I've tried to make a payment twice and has crashed each time. Looks like a nice app, but it has to work too. I'll be using my mobile app in the meantime.

  • Crashes

    by Lexmar315

    I can't even log in. This app crashes and "kicks me out" when trying to enter my log in name and password.

  • Needs Some Fixing

    by GiGi Turtle

    Since downloading this app I have only been able to sign in one time. Every other time that I have tried to sign in, the app closes while trying to type in the password (which apparently I'm not the only one this is happening to). Until they can get this worked out I will continue using the iPhone app for the iPad since I haven't had any issues with that app in the year and a half that I have been using it.

  • Updates

    by Phil4843

    Do you ever test your updates before releasing them? The last update has more bugs than new features. This seems to be consistent with any updates you make. I am tired of dealing with them. It can't be that hard to do it right the first time.

  • Forces close

    by Redhtg

    Very frustrating that it forces close every time I try to enter my username and password. Can't give it 5 stars if I can't even get in it. This app needs a lot of work.Would give it 0 stars if I could.

  • Locks me out of 'Recent Transaction History'

    by amuenp

    On every device we own this app won't let us see 'Transaction history' a must, reason for me to use this app.

  • Great new app

    by Kelsey1234567899

    Great app!!! Way better and easier to read!

  • Would be great if it worked

    by Divaicy

    Won't open, it did once but that was it. Needs major fix.

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