Altman Z-Score Scanner Finance App Review (iOS, $399.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Business Compass LLC

Updated internal benchmarks, no changes to user interface.



Insights beyond the traditional Z-Score!

1. Estimate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE)
2. Rank firms within and across industry
3. Predict 1-10 years of Probability of Default (PD)
3.1. Existing bond/loan
3.2. New Bond/loan


Analyze any of 3740 (3079 US and 661 Non-US) publicly traded industrial companies trading in US Exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC BB & Pinksheet) and 2700+ Canada listed companies by entering ticker symbol.

Scan for companies based on filter criteria.

This App has been developed and enhanced in collaboration with Dr. Edward I. Altman, Max L. Heine Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business, New York University to deliver following 4 benefits:

1. Make informed corporate lending decisions
2. Manage accounts receivable more effectively
3. Select corporate equity and debt securities
4. Identify and manage corporate defaults and turnarounds

Key Features:

1. Analyze Z, Z' and Z" scores for Public US Manufacturing, Private US Manufacturing, US Public & Private Non-Manufacturing and Public/Private Foreign industrial firms

2. Generate Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE)
a. Based on industry category
b. Credit Rating Agency latter and alphanumeric grades

3. Understand percentile ranking within and across manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors

4. Generate probability of default (PD) over 1-10 years of time horizon into future for existing loans/bonds and/or all customers as well as for new bond/loan issues

5. For BRE in default (D), generate statistical probability of default

6. Analyze trends over 3 year period

7. Analyze a score: Generate Bond Rating Equivalent, Probability of Default by entering a score and selecting public/private, manufacturing/non-manufacturing, US/non-US and the industry

8. Upload data file to web site, access and process the file from the app - useful in client presentations and travel - assistant can upload file remotely for analysis and presentation from App

9. Analyze companies using ticker symbol from 3472 publicly traded industrial companies (2854 US and 618 non-US) traded on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC BB and Pinksheet and 2700+ Canada listed companies

10. 3 years of company history

11. Analyze Dow 30 industrial companies excluding financials in the click of a button

12. Share result via e-mail as pdf attachment as well as print result

11. Calculator is available with data input so that user can perform arithmetic calculations right from inside the App

13. Scan for companies based on filter criteria

14. Compare two or more companies by entering ticker symbols separated by comma

Refresh Frequency:

1. Benchmarks and Percentiles will be updated at least once a year.
2. Company data will be refreshed on a quarterly basis


1. Term of the license is 1 year. After 1 year from the first use, license will expire. 2012 version will be available in October 2012.


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