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Seller: Bank of America

* Minor enhancements, fixes:
- Corrected issues with Bill Pay calendar
- Corrected issues encountered occasionally when entering ZIP codes while adding new bills to pay
- iOS7 fix for sign-in issue encountered by some users
* New Alert available, so you can receive confirmation when Mobile Check Deposits are processing

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Bank conveniently and securely with Bank of America® Mobile Banking,* optimized for your iPhone®.

Mobile Check Deposit: Use our app to snap photos of checks and deposit them right away1
BankAmeriDeals®: Choose deals and get cash back right into your account2
Email & Mobile Transfers: Securely send money using a mobile number or email address3
Notifications: Set up and manage account alerts
Check balances, pay bills, transfer money, and locate ATMs, banking centers4

*Must be enrolled in Online Banking.
1Deposits subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. See terms in app for limits/availability, other restrictions.
2Earned cash back credited to an eligible Bank of America account the month following redemption. Restrictions apply; see Terms.
3Must enroll in program. No fee to send/receive money. Bank of America checking/savings account required to send money. Can transfer only to U.S.-based consumer bank accounts. Dollar/frequency limits apply. See Online Banking Service Agreement for details.
4Must enroll in Bill Pay or add external transfer accounts via Online Banking.

Terms/Service Agreement:

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Bank of America and related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Bank of America Corporation
Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC
©2013 Bank of America Corporation

Customer Reviews

  • Nothing but the best

    by BOA's no 1 fan

    I absolutely love this app! It's fast, it's convenient, and there has never been something that I want to on the app that I haven't been able to do. It does it all! Thank you Bank of America! :)

  • Amazing !

    by mim5667454

    I use this app to check balances, make transfers and deposit checks by taking only a picture. It works perfectly. Great work BofA !

  • I really like the app, but

    by alex_couch

    The app is great for managing your accounts and keeping up to date with all your transactions and funds; the alerts are really helpful and keep you from doing anything totally stupid, and also from anything stupid happening to you (e.g. Fraud) by notifying you before it becomes a problem. BUT it's about time for an iOS 7 update don't you think? For such a large company, the interface is old and not as user friendly as you'd expect. Get on it BofA; I demand an update.

  • Please update the deposit camera

    by Brilliance2k

    The ease of doing a mobile deposit is amazing but the focus needs to be fixed. I end up using my chase and TD apps more than BOA because of the camera issues. I'm using the iphone 5s and with this app it looks like I'm using the camera on a blackberry curve.

  • Like it but :(

    by zinoza02

    The app works good, no problem except when i try to deposit a check, although the check is endorsed it wont let me deposit it because it cant see the endorsement, its so frustrating especially when i dont have time to go to an ATM, u guys need to fix it

  • What happened to transfers?

    by Scpba794

    I have had this ap on my phone for several years now and loved it. Now all of a sudden I can't immediately transfer money between accounts, I have to schedule the transfers. Please Fix This!

  • No issues until today

    by LeMastertheMoment

    I've used this app and a lot of its features and have to say its a pretty solid app. Today however was the first hiccup. Searched banking locations using City: Las Vegas and State: NV Search returned at least 8 results. I switched apps and came right back, hit Locations again and used the same search. This time I got an error saying there were no locations in that area. Tried again with same results. So I searched on ZIP 89158 and got the same error again. How can search on the same criteria and get results only once out of 4 tries? So if I hit it big in Vegas there's a 25% chance I'll find a Bank of America location to deposit my winnings using your iOS app. Good to know! :)

  • Cannot deposit!

    by Allybaby0989

    Closes app every time I take a picture of a check and I've asked others as well - same problem! Other than that it's a fine app.

  • Personal

    by Boomersmary

    I have starting and it hAs been updating for over 24 hours now. Not a good thing at all.

  • Security verification

    by Ms. L-Neek

    Why is it that every time I want to check my acct balance I have to verify my information? Why is it that u want people to enter their acct/ debit card info? Why so difficult and annoying all of a sudden? Makes me scared to use the app!!!

  • No problems here

    by Silver0164

    Works Great!

  • Convenient app

    by Joysenburg

    Great apps for banking. At first the deposit option keep on crashings, but a simple fix work like charms. Simply reboot your iPhone and bingo. It takes pictures every time, and all kind of pictures, just make sure that its a

  • Love it

    by Meetsang

    I use the app all the time. To deposit a check, bill pay and transfers. Great app, loving it!!

  • Love

    by WeDontSnapAlotTho

    This is the easiest and most convenient way to bank. especially since I don't live close to a bank anymore the check picture deposit tool is very reliable and easy. Deposited a personal check in 1 day.

  • A Work in Progress

    by Mbluestein

    This used to be one of my favorite apps, however each time I try to deposit a check the app crashes. This MUST be fixed. If fixed it would be a 5-star app. Account transfers work seamlessly, please fix deposit function!

  • Good app

    by Tifflanee

    No complaints about the app for the most part, but it keeps crashing when I try to make mobile deposits. Maybe an update is needed.

  • Works almost perfect

    by Mike GonzaIes

    Everything runs smooth, however my notifications cannot be changed. It always tells me to try again later although I have tried on wifi and off.

  • Works great in NYC

    by  colekath

    Atm locator is much better than getting charged for not using a BoA ATM. Could improve interface, but it does what it needs to do.

  • Great App

    by Nivekevinivek

    Awesome app. One suggestion...Maybe iOS 7 Support

  • Love the check scanning...

    by AllenHayden

    the app allows me check all my accounts at a glance and has always worked just fine. but the coolest feature is the check deposit scanning, just love that !!! was in a hurry one day and really didn't have time to go to the branch. so I decided to try out the check scanning feature and within just moments the deposit was done. anything that can save me some time standing in line at a branch gets my vote :)

  • Rediculous

    by Melissa'sMVD

    App crashes repeatedly on iPhone 4S especially on check deposit. Inexcusable.

  • A waste of space on your iPhone.

    by wbc1997

    I'm a Bank of America customer and, frankly, this application isn't helpful to me at all. It is very poorly implemented and not well throught-through. The application is essentially a wrapper around the Bank Of America website. Why I wouldn't just use Safari is beyond me, because unlike Safari this application has little or no helpful support for navigation, etc. The pages shown to me when I'm using this application look like they were specially designed for the Mobile Banking app -- but unfortunately, they weren't designed well. How long should it take me to get information about my last ten transactions? With this application, it takes a long time -- I have to pinch and zoom the menu page so that I can easily click on information, and then pinch and zoom that page so I can click on my transaction log.

  • Deposit Not Working 4S/iOS 7

    by sallyfour

    I loved this app last year. Worked great. But since upgrading to iOS 7 on my 4S, I haven't been able to deposit a single check. The camera doesn't focus in the app and actually shrinks the image. So it's always blurry even in strong lighting, and thus the deposit is never accepted. Deposit is the #1 thing I want from a banking app and this app doesn't do it at all anymore. Seriously rethinking my relationship with BofA at this point.

  • App Crashes

    by big whinner

    Fix this app! The only real benefit is the mobile banking, i.e. check deposits from your phone, and this causes the app to crash everytime. Everytime. I have tried over 25 times in the past three days and it crashes the app EVERYTIME. I know just go to the bank and deposit the check, but that defeats the main purpose of this app. All other features are available online or via phone. The mobile check deposit has worked before, so did the "deal" expire? FIX THIS APP!

  • Re: Bofa app user1

    by karaokeoffkey

    Very detailed and knowledgable review. How long have you worked for bofa? I deleted this app because it wouldn't even load up anymore. No matter where I was, using 3G or wireless, it just would not open. Got stuck on the load screen, then would pop up an error message. So maybe that's MY PHONE's problem, but guess where I use the app. MY PHONE. Apps are supposed to work on smart phones right? Well it doesn't work. Bofa is trying to increase this app's rating with fake users is what I'm seeing.

  • Can't pay mortgage with the app

    by Terremoto55

    What's the point? Horrible company, horrible app.

  • Crashing during deposits

    by sarahmaccc

    I love this app usually but hasn't allowed me to make a deposit in a week as it crashes every time I take the picture.

  • No available credit? Seriously?

    by jaypeacemyth

    The only thing I got this app for was to easily find out how much available credit I had on my credit card... And that's not an option?! Why not? I would imaging this info more useful on a regular basis than the once-a-month need to pay the card's bill. Seriously.

  • Horrible banking app

    by jamone13

    It's just their mobile website in a wrapper and they never update it.

  • What?? Cannot pay my credit card when I already signed up??

    by Sam5cat

    My title says it all.. Wt heck have an App if you can't even login to Bill Pay?? Same with compact site, ridiculous!

  • Very disappointed

    by DebS944

    I've been using this app for quite some time now. Apparently the last update is very buggy. When I tried to deposit checks every time I take a picture the app crashes. I was able to deposit one check after multiple attempts but then the second one kept crashing when I took the photo of the back of the check. I give up! This used to be a real timesaver but I guess I'll have to go back to the old-fashioned way of banking and drive there myself. A step backwards for Bank of America.

  • Crashes on mobile deposits

    by djsphr

    Very frustrating that the app crashes every time a deposit is attempted!!! Please fix!

  • Does not work for deposits

    by Lucinda89

    App shuts down right after you snap the picture. Not worth it still have to go to the bank. The account view is fine.

  • disabled paste for passwords

    by jimandamy

    I keep a long, randomly generated password and a recent update disabled paste so I'm unable to copy it from my password store (1Password). It is a huge pain now just to get into the app if you're using a secure password.

  • Crashing!!

    by Ytrebil11250726

    App worked great for years. Now when I try to make mobile deposits the app crashes every time I take a picture of the check. I deleted and re-installed the app but didn't help. Please fix!!!

  • Not a good app

    by Jimmy L76894.

    I don't like boa online banking

  • Slow and tedious

    by  Tkprice

    needs a major update. Very slow and little functionality.

  • Scanning needs bug fix

    by Jodirobi

    I have used this app for quite a while with no complaints. Tried for the first time to use it to make a deposit. It snaps the pic them the app closed. Tried again... Same issue. Went to App Store and updated the app thinking mAybe this would help since I am not the best at keeping my apps updated in a timely way. Tried again after the update twice and I closed on me both times. I give up. Guess I am headed to the bank now!

  • Can't make e-deposits now...

    by AnastasiaBeverhausen

    The last update made the app so buggy. It crashes on me just about every time I open it. It's stopped letting me do deposits now, the app crashes when I try to take a picture of the check for deposit. Please fix this.

  • Good app

    by AdamT1995

    As of now the app does what it is supposed to do. That being said there are a few things that could make it better. In turns of appeal it could use a fresh new look and icon for iOS 7. iOS 7 has been out for a while so I don't see why BoA hasn't updated yet. In terms of functionality it would be nice to have a quick view page like in the discover card app. That way I don't have to type in my password to see one account balance. Also a PIN number unlock would be more efficient and potentially just as secure as the password.

  • Great app

    by Aly28294729204443

    Does what it's made to do perfectly and flawlessly. Amazing bofa is the best.

  • BoA app

    by Vladimir V

    It's convenient. I've been using it over an year. Like it.

  • Works like a charm!

    by Lexvx

    Could not be happier with this app. 5/5

  • Used to work

    by Amaziiinggggg

    Mobile check deposits haven't worked recently. What gives?

  • CRASHES all the time...

    by wannaloveit

    can't take a pix of checks whether on iphone or ipad...trying over and over would be quicker to drive to the bank! Fix it BOA!

  • iOS7!!

    by Roger Rowe

    Great App!! It really needs a iOS7 update though!! It's to old!!!

  • Crashes when I need it most

    by juanitoboy_34

    What good is mobile banking without the ability to deposit checks from a smart phone? 9 out of 10 times, when I go to snap a pic of my check, the app crashes. I can't even remember the last time it just worked.

  • Zero star!!

    by Romuuu7()885:&86;4$$;??((6(45

    All right i ve been writting review telling you that the notification doesnt work at all. And its been years i dont see one single update!! What you guys doing. So thats it. Your app deserve no even a singld star!!! Good job

  • Check deposit is a junk

    by Eeshyang

    I would give 0 star if I could. The app is totally a junk. The check deposit tool is unusable. What a shame to BofA IT team.

  • Fix it!

    by Giovongio

    Maybe you could spend a few of our dollars to FIX THE FREAKING "DEPOSIT CHECK" INTERFACE! Or would you rather I put my money in another bank? In fact...

  • Great app

    by DlakeoflgiaialBac

    Works just fine

  • Very happy with this app

    by Jisaac100

    It meets my needs well and I love the mobile check deposit!

  • Needs a fix

    by thankbuds

    The app is crashing when you try to take a photo of your check to deposit it. Needs a fix. Please ASAP.

  • Great app

    by AmnOakland

    That's all.

  • Mobile deposit¿

    by Jonathan Hlinka

    This past week the app has been shutting down on me seconds after taking a picture of the check. I have tried flash on and off, bright lighting, all corners of the check are in the box, re-down loading the app. Not sure what the problem is...??

  • Works well, but...

    by Yettavr6

    I'm being picky here, but... The app works well. It just annoys me that it's been well over a year since iOS 7 launched and this app has not been updated to match the new OS or use the new keyboard. A company as big as BoA should have done this within the first several months.

  • Terrible app.

    by DTD81

    This app still hasn't been updated to fix the issue with not bring able to see transactions. What's the point if all you can do is see balance and pay bills. We need to see transactions and statements. Update this app please!!! It's been long enough

  • Great app

    by Sofinate_Panda

    I use it all the time. Mobile deposit is a great feature.

  • Buggy, frustrating app

    by Tman98299

    I'm a long-time BoA customer and planned on relying on this app when I moved to a rural area, with the nearest BoA branch about 90 minutes away. Unfortunately, this app often fails when I attempt to deposit checks. It is extremely frustrating because 7 times out of 10 it will not "see" the very clear endorsement that I put on the back of the check. I called the BoA "help" desk and they were useless. If this goes on much longer I'll have to switch to a local bank.

  • Useless

    by Boy Dog

    This banking app used to work for CC payment then it changed with iOS7. It no longer accepts payments from other banks. So, it has become useless to pay credit cards. I can use my laptop to pay bills but not my iPhone. Not convenient at all

  • Can't access app

    by Romannies

    I have not been able to get on and see my account for days now. I share information with my fiancé and I can't even transfer her money for emergencies if something were to happen.

  • Crap App & Crap Customer Service

    by Maddog 51

    New update still does not work! App still will NOT open! What a joke! Do not update! Customer for over 30 years! Bank of A does NOT care at all! Wasted hours talking to them on the phone! IT people are clueless! Update your bank to one that actually cares! Don't hold your breath for a corrected update!!! Bank of America has known about this! They do not care about their customers!!! B of A has become a joke!!!

  • No worries

    by Tingaling124

    I've had this app on my iPad for a while now and I decided to put it on my phone too. Was very surprised when I went into the App Store to see so many negative reviews! I've never had a problem with this app. It's fast and easy to use. Some of the things people are complaining about are so trivial!

  • Should add credit card reward balance

    by Sr636

    Everything is good but need to be added some features such as reward.


    by ImaForceOfNature

    Keeps me up to date on the go! Updates instantly on all your banking needs- transactions, nearest bank and ATM!

  • Needs a freaking update

    by RiqueBoii

    Can you please act like you still care about the people that use this app and update it to iOS7 standards!

  • Notification alerts

    by x-X_Teddy-B_X-x

    Notification daily alerts to check available balance daily doesn't work for available balance it just stop working after awhile please fix the issue

  • Crashes!!!

    by badboyzzz

    Whenever i try to deposit my check via picture it crashes everytime! And signs me out. Pleasee fix it

  • Really?

    by Ballsuper

    The deposit feature didn't work 3 months ago. It does not work now. I called tec support and the guy said that it doesn't work on some phones. I have an iPhone 4S. He said I should go to the ATM. That was the tec support. ?! Don't advertise something if it doesn't work. That is called lying.

  • Very good

    by Alex ramirez el adorador


  • Can't pay mortgage with app

    by Hi-3456

    Cannot make a mortgage payment with this app. The other features of app were extremely limited and as a whole the app has little functionality. Chase and Ally banks offer a lot more functionality and features in the apps.


    by SexySinceBirth27

    Over all I love the app!!! But I can't use the set up for my mobile alerts I been trying for over a month now it just freezes my phone and log me out after a while it's just always says loading please fix this issue maybe it's due for a update!!! Thanks A Lot

  • Still not updated

    by George Clooney legit

    The app itself is pretty basic, but functional. However, there's still no update for iOS 7...this is a billion dollar company, come on.

  • Not good

    by Jollyyden

    I opened an acct with BOA but every time I try to deposit a check on mobile it goes unfocused! That feature don't work at all!! Fix it please!

  • Terrible Customer Service

    by buf@gte

    The app would quit when I tried to make a deposit. I called customer service and got someone in a foreign country (I thought it was Bank of America …..) who could not speak English very well. She obviously was reading a screen and, when I could understand her, gave me answers to problems I had not asked about. Never resolved the problem.

  • Horrible

    by Blade Vampire

    You never know when it's up to date. I've over drafter numerous times, expecting this app to show me updated information. I would expect what the account info I'm looking at is real time but it's not. Plus, I feel like it does not show your charges and current balance each step of the way is incorrect 99% of the time.

  • Deposit doesn't work!!!

    by Danalu0817

    Please fix

  • Awesome app

    by Bbbhhhhhhhjj

    I got everything I need in it. Some people are just crazy by nature and dislike it for no reason. Awesome

  • Useless

    by Hihdhdkxhsjjxjsihxh7373

    App offers no functionality. Unable to pay credit card bills w an acct other than BofA. Still have to go to the website to do this. Have told the developers multiple times to no avail. Also, app constantly crashes. Useless.

  • Fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Disgruntled Cusstomer

    Won't even open anymore on my iPhone 4. Pathetic.

  • Crashes

    by Lorhof123

    The app keeps crashing when taking pictures of my checks for deposits. Very frustrating.

  • So Far Outstanding Service

    by StabilityInAction

    Appreciate that this app is available. Hope it continues to serve its purpose for me without complications

  • App

    by It beginner

    This app is constantly having problems changing alert status, looking at deals, viewing things. It is always timing out and has to be reloaded. I have reinstalled with no luck. I have an iphone 5 fully updated i should not be having these issues sorry but this needs work!

  • No more notifications

    by eyebanger

    I am upset that the notifications no longer appear.

  • Very useful but I cant deposit

    by J3rRo0o

    Such a good app! Very easy to understand and get around. Would recommend the app itself. However, i cant deposit using my Iphone! Picture is never sharp enough. Its not the phone but the camera from the app itself wont take good pics. Very frustrating. Other than that, good app.

  • Amazing!

    by Kmw3

    Best mobile banking app. I have never had a problem depositing checks through the app. And scheduling bill payments is so easy and works every time. Love it!

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Userdisappointed

    Doesn't allow me to make deposits. As soon as I take a picture it crashes and doesn't work. Really disappointing. It would be really cool if this works thoigh

  • App is a mobile bofa

    by Bofa app user1

    First off I'm surprised at all the negative feedback... Not cause some people don't like the app but why they don't like it. First off mobile check deposit has been around on the app since April 2012 so those of u who r writing a review in 2014 about how there is no mobile deposit check again. Bill pay with nick names have been around since also may 2012... They came with the same update as mobile deposits. Another thing is the quality of the check deposits... That's based off YOUR phone.... So if u dropped it or your cameras scratched... Yes it will affect the picture and what the bank can see because your phone is messed up. Also if u r a shakey hand camera picture user it'll be unclear as well. The location feature... It does pull up maps so u can find the closest branch or ATM.., that's always been there since the app rolled out. Alerts are based off YOUR wireless carrier as well as when the merchant processes your transaction and the app like the website does log u off automatic if u have been idle for a while. The app is great... U got bill pay, mobile deposits, transfers between u or other people, open Accts online, Merrill lynch viewing, bankamerideals.,, only thing it doesn't offer is cash out or coin deposits. ;-) chase doesn't even offer special cash back deals on their app. Or bill pay. So quit your whinning.

  • IOS 7

    by MikoshF


  • Used to work great, not so on 5S

    by Fallinharmony

    This app has ways been great - been using it for 3 years. Easy Bill Pay, easy Money Transfers, and easy to check your Balance. However, since I have upgraded to the 5S last fall, all Alert/Notification functionality has gone. I used to receive a weekly balance alert, alerts for deposited or removed checks, and others for low balance thresholds that were faster than waiting for the email. These alerts are no longer pushed to my Notifications Center and they no longer appear as badges on the app icon. I now have to open, log in, and manually check the alerts I've missed. I hope this problem can be fixed soon.

  • So convenient, money easy

    by RafaelxRafael

    I really like how easy this app makes it to check my account balance. At the same time it is really ugly compared to the rest of my apps. Seriously revolting. There's also an ATM located that's fairly accurate and a handy transfer button.

  • Crashes every time when deposit

    by magicwhy

    The app crashes every time when I try to deposit a check. FIX IT!

  • App Crash Fix

    by Parkerforet

    I see some comments about the app crashing. I had the same issue after the latest iOS7 update but I rebooted my device and the issue went away. Try it.

  • Ummm..

    by jgirl022

    It's 2014, Why isn't the app iOS capable yet? Come on guys.

  • Check deposit function crashing

    by Frustrated Mayor

    Starting 2 weeks ago, the check deposit function crashes the app every time I use it. A fix would be great. Otherwise, love the app.

  • Mobile deposit crash

    by Saturnsc1

    I wanted this app for the mobile deposit feature but it crashes right after snapping a picture, so it is useless. The rest of app seems ok but the mobile deposit feature needs attention.

  • Crashes all the time!

    by Annoyed617

    I barely get passed logging in before it crashes, freezes and logs me out. I've been trying for days to deposit checks and it's just not working. What's the point of mobile access for banking if the mobile app doesn't even work. Please fix!!

  • No iOS 7 UI Support

    by JNique6

    iOS 7 update well needed!!

  • Started crashing!

    by Mobile banking lover

    I love not having to find an ATM for my deposits. But the app will now crash any time I try to take a photo of my check. Please fix!!!

  • Perfect

    by Cr01300

    This app has made my life easier in so many ways. All from my phone I have deposited checks, paid bills, and transferred money to people. Every single time in the past two years I have attempted anything in this app is has worked flawlessly. Thank you BoA.

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