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* Minor enhancements, fixes
* New Alert available, so you can receive confirmation when Mobile Check Deposits are processing

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Bank conveniently and securely with Bank of America® Mobile Banking, optimized for your iPad®.

Mobile Check Deposit: Use our app to snap photos of checks and deposit them right away1
BankAmeriDeals®: Choose deals and get cash back right into your account2
Email & Mobile Transfers: Securely send money using a mobile number or email address3
Notifications: Set up and manage account alerts
Check balances, pay bills, transfer money, and locate ATMs, banking centers4

1Deposits subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. See terms in app for limits/availability, other restrictions.
2Earned cash back credited to an eligible Bank of America account the month following redemption. Restrictions apply; see Terms.
3Must enroll in program. No fee to send/receive money. Bank of America checking/savings account required to send money. Can transfer only to U.S.-based bank accounts. Dollar/frequency limits apply. See Online Banking Service Agreement for details.
4Must enroll in Bill Pay or add external transfer accounts via Online Banking.

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Bank of America and related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Bank of America Corporation
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Customer Reviews

  • BOA needs better app developers

    by IVC Vision

    The app works pretty well except for the check deposit. With the iPhone app the application crashes when you take a picture. With the iPad app the application says the image is too small. BOA Mobile application support department said that there are no known issues with either app. They need to do a better job beta-test their applications before they release them! If you use the app for check deposits don't waste your time. If you want to just check your balances I haven't had any issues. Hey BOA, Get on the ball and fix these applications!

  • App not working

    by Chakk

    Boa app used to work but now every time I open the app I get an error message. Something about "error outages." It's been giving me this message for the past 3 days now. Today is 2/9/14 and I'm using the new iPad mini with retina.

  • Check deposit crash

    by Almo3

    Crashes while attempting to take picture for check deposit

  • Great app

    by Chesterfield zxxv

    A real time saver. I've had no issues whatsoever with the app.

  • Please add in APP calculator!!! :0D

    by MattsGurl86

    BofA has always had a very user friendly APP & updates for the better often! :0) I've had it for several years now & was just using it thinking how convenient it would be if there was a calculator in the APP that I could bring up while checking transactions ;0) Then I wouldn't have to switch between BofA & a calculator.

  • App Crashing Fix

    by Parkerforet

    I see some comments about the app crashing. I had the same issue after the latest iOS7 update but I rebooted my device and the issue went away. Try it.

  • Crashing

    by Parkerforet

    I see some comments about the app crashing. I had the same issue after the latest iOS7 update but I rebooted my device and the issue went away. Try it.

  • Good app, would be perfect with one addition

    by Cate082184

    Good app to quickly check balances and recent transactions, however, I would really like the ability to check off cleared transactions against my check book register, the way you can do on the regular Bank of America website.

  • The STATUS no longer displays on the app

    by GwenT57

    Please put the status indicator back just like it displays on the website. This is very helpful when reconciling my checking account. I now have to use my PC instead of my iPad.

  • Great app

    by dd6367

    Makes deposits so much easier than driving to an ATM


    by Dgxgdhvhvgxgvh

    I can't get passed step one(picture of front and back of check). It lets me take the pictures of the check,but then immediately after I the picture of back of the check the app crashes and signs me out of my account.

  • BoA is tops

    by Chirhone

    I've been with BoA, formally MBNA, a long time. Their IT guys and security is top notch. This latest rev of the iPad app is really slick. Seems like every change they make is always better. I've been using shop safe for a decade now and that is where online credit accounting is at. Looking forward till they have it on the pad, which I'm sure they will. Do not release it until it's ready!

  • Good but needs shop safe

    by Cadillacsmith

    Still can not believe that shop safe is not available on the iPad mobile banking!!!! Come on get with it!

  • Language preference

    by Kcampos16

    How can I change the language on the app? Or is that even an option? It's on English at the moment, but I'd like to change it to Spanish...

  • Tile vs List view

    by iDevice.RAC

    It used to save the last view you were on when you exit the app; now it ALWAYS defaults to Tile but I prefer List. Is there a way for you guys to get back that functionality?

  • Good except for 2 issues

    by kintama1000

    First you can't transfer funds to outside banks. Second. Bill pay. Often not available. Also often when try to set up a new account it waits until you enter all of the fields and when you try to complete the set up it says not able to complete try again later.......

  • basic, but dependable

    by the antonios

    The app is average. I have had no problems accessing my accounts at various times; the app has never crashed on me. Basic account access. Would be really great if shopsafe can be accessed via the app. At this time, shopsafe cannot be used through app, nor via ipad, which is disappointing.

  • You need this

    by Eeeck

    Pay bills, move money between accounts, deposit checks with a photo - it's all good!

  • Status boxes?

    by Pinnermom6789

    It would be nice to have status boxes on the account activity page like you do on the website.

  • I personally love it

    by أبو أمير

    It's great app, which facilitates all transactions, and the features of online banking....I love the check deposit feature....and it's secure

  • Deposit not working

    by DallasGeek

    Can't deposit checks anymore...

  • Horrible, third rate, a joke, stay away

    by BrentBBI

    I tried to deposit a check, wasted an hour and a half, photo of check function repeatedly did not work, it kept cutting out half the check even though the photo had the full check within the full corners. Then when that was finished and I sent to deposit, it kept loading and loading and then disconnected without the check being desposited. Will never use this again. Bank of America lays of workers and closes branches so customers can waste time with this fourth rate technology. Bank should fire management for devising incompetent systems such as this, not workers it replaces. Many other bad reviews are correct. Don't waste your time with this one.

  • Does not work

    by Shantau

    Doesn't work. Keeps foreclosing

  • Check deposit has disappeared

    by Htlcrtk

    I should know better than to update a working app. For some reason I cannot fathom, check deposits are gone. I can still deposit from my iPod (if the quality were better) but the iPad check deposit button is gone. What a huge inconvenience. I expect better Bank of America.

  • Check deposit stopped working

    by Giovongio

    I never had an issue depositing checks until this latest update. Now I get an error that essentially reads, "endorsement not found. Please sign and retake photo." Kinda frustrating as I don't go by any kiosks or banks in my daily travels.

  • Error outage

    by Ibondarev

    Its not working!!!!!!

  • Disaster

    by 2357543

    The deposit feature used to work fine. Now I have to retake check photos over and over because it doesn't recognize something. Or it flat out crashes. Fix it, Knuckleheads!

  • Sheila get to work

    by SquirrelM


  • Mobile deposit feature is a joke

    by ackaze

    Spent 30 mins trying to take two "perfect" pictures to deposit a check. Out of all the pictures taken on a iPhone 5 and a new iPad Mini there are no pictures good enough for the deposit to go through.

  • Can't access account payees setup from Web on ipad app

    by PT-cruiser

    Doesn't automatically pull in account payees set up via Web over years from the ipad app. Big loss of functionality and any long standing customer would expect this. FIX IT.

  • Awful, do not download

    by South FL, USA

    Will not work on my iPad air. The program opens and when I sign in, it automatically crashes. Waste of time, would be nice of they fixed it, could really use it.

  • Not working

    by Elsie618

    Transactions don't show up for the credit card and It keeps crashing as I try to review the bank transactions.

  • Doesn't show when my credit card payment is due

    by JoE5005

    I've looked everywhere. I have no idea when my payment is due if I only used the this app. You would think it would be a pretty standard thing, but nope.

  • Unusable now

    by Kittywalk

    Force quits every time I snap a picture of a check on iPad Mini, now I have to cash each check instead of using the bank.

  • Please try again

    by Kaahnn

    Bill pay is useless, unless you have a copy of your bills with you , you can't make payments based on what you paid last month like you can in the browser version. Calendar should show past months history. All that real estate for information and yet the phone version is better. Game over please play again. Please stop sending development offshore.

  • Still crashes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    by gorilla2k

    Crashes during check deposit. I guess I will stick with the iPhone version.

  • Check deposit? Forget it!

    by Relle_goddess

    The app crashes every single time I try to take a picture of a check. Absolutely frustrating!

  • Beware...

    by noahlink

    Great app for checking your bank activity on the run. However I have had issues you should be aware of... Sometimes a bill payment does not go through and you are not aware unless you check your account regularly. The payee charges you late fees and interest if it is a credit card payment and Bank of America will not reimburse you for this error in their app. Their records will show that there was no confirmation number or activity and will not give you credit. This messed my bill payments up for a couple of months before I figured out it was the app that was in error not me. I called Bank of America about this and asked them if they were having this kind of reported trouble and they told me to make sure I was using the latest version of the app... Implying that there was a known problem. Bottom line... Beware!!!

  • Will you fix these problems already!!!!

    by Eve67

    I am so fed up with the same deposit crash every week! How long will this problem continue?

  • Garbage! A huge waste of time.

    by ScrabL65656565656565656565656

    I took perfectly clear pictures of the front and back of the check, every single character extremely readable, nice and clear, in focus, all four corners showing, and over and over this stupid app rejected my deposit!! What a stinking waste! This app is garbage!!

  • Are you guys kidding with this?

    by Isthisthingonnow

    Can't log on. Tried for two weeks. End of story. Don't load this app folks, just stick with the one for your phone.

  • Cannot use for what I wanted

    by RandomCharacter

    The main reason I installed this app on my iPad was to be able to use ShopSafe, but it is not available.

  • Bill pay needs improvement

    by Avalanchefan33

    There needs to be a way that we can adjust the date of an existing payment. The only choice should not be to cancel it. Also, may integrate a calculator into the app.

  • Big Bank=Crap App

    by #UpToHere

    I am very frustrated right now. Why can I only go back to 3 months worth of transactions in the iPad app? How does the search function work? Is it only done by transaction amount? How is it not done by keyword? I know the transaction I'm looking for was made in June, I just need to know the amount and exact date. I know the company it was made to but nothing comes up when I search for the name. This is ridiculous. Another thing that is ridiculous? I have to send "app feedback" or a tweet to have my question answered because I am at work and cannot call the customer service number. Why isn't there an email option? My email address has been verified many many times and I would gladly verify it again. I've had it up to here with BofA. #getaclue

  • Not reliable

    by Kewlworm

    It keeps crashing when I check my checking account. Can't use it whatsoever. Disappointed.

  • Poor App

    by RNGrimes

    I would like the ability to view current transactions. I can on all other cards except this one. You can only view transactions after the monthly statement is issued. Maddening!

  • Stopped working

    by Verity-ous

    Need to fix app. Doesn't update transaction. Will just bookmark in browser. Works same.

  • Not Good :(

    by leflac

    I have tried to scan checks with this app for a while but every time the app will freeze and close. I don't recommend it.

  • No transactions show for current statement

    by ELMUNK INC.

    This app used to work perfectly but it no longer is showing any transactions for the current statement period. Quicker to login to the full site.

  • Check deposits not working

    by CAQmd

    Both iPad and iPhone apps used to work 90% of the time for depositing checks. Now even large endorsement signatures on the back of the check aren't recognized and an error message appears as if check wasn't endorsed, asking to retake image. Please fix it!!

  • Deposit a check is a nightmare

    by Wcwlc

    Tried diff machine, lighting situation, keep on kicking me off the app when I try to deposit. Waste of time!

  • Deposit checks don't works

    by MateoR 182

    Is so annoying the fact "deposit checks" app don't works, I can't accept terms because of a "connection error" FIX IT PLEASE. I'm outside the US and I need to deposit a check.....

  • Useless "alerts"

    by justonemore

    The app's text alerts for low balance, deposits, etc. are so glacially slow as to be useless. They can take hours to arrive.

  • Love it

    by Qpqpqpqpeee

    Have not had same problems others are stating. Love this app!

  • App no longer working

    by Charmgyrl72

    All of a sudden my app isn't working. Literally it was working an hour ago and now I am getting this weird white box with symbols on it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. I seem to be having problems with a few apps with the latest iOS upgrade. Not a happy camper right now

  • Not work at all!!!

    by Ponymac

    Wow, they created an app that simply doesn't work at all!!! How wonderful is that! A series of errors messages pop up every time I restarted the app. Should not have any star at all!

  • How did I do it before?

    by Kimmander13

    I love this app! I can't remember how I ever survived before.

  • The best online banking app, by far.

    by rbyrd8100

    Best ui, best bill pay system for mobile, period.

  • Needs a bit more work

    by Seaesta129

    There is no "print" option on the iPad APP. Occasionally it is desirable to print a statement without going back to the website. I also have problems with crashes when reviewing pages of my statement.

  • Needs work

    by cangrande222

    Regular locks up on login.

  • Unable to Deposit Checks

    by NT24

    App crashes when I try to deposit checks.

  • Isn't working

    by Salon PF

    Won't let me open or delete on my iPad.

  • Great App

    by Creedence Not

    I love the ability to quickly and securely access all my accounts and transfer funds to my college-age children :)

  • Check deposit is aggravating!

    by Hawaiimo

    So tired of trying to deposit a check to save time and have it say there is no endorsement!! I have resorted to using a black sharpie marker and it still says it! It is very clear and very LARGE!

  • Can't deposit

    by Dmclb

    I have been unable to deposit any check with this app recently. I keep on getting a "Connection Error" message. same pb after Oct7 update. No bug fixes for me unfortunately

  • Check deposit

    by Sag 0000

    Check deposit is a nightmare...

  • Can pay my wife's card but not mine...

    by Airmann

    Not sure why they are treated differently, but I am able to pay my wife's card with an external checking account but my card does not recognize that same account when I try to pay it. I have been using that account to pay our cards online for years! Why BOA??? UPDATE: New update still did not fix this.

  • ShopSafe STILL Not Available

    by N/A 1234

    ** Shop Safe (feature) still NOT supported for BOA credit cards !!! ** This is a huge disappointment considering the fact that the BOA website (also) doesn't work with the iPad... * Need a roadmap of next features to have customers vote on...* + The ability to check balance for accounts is good. Helpful? Vote below?

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