Ferrari Collection Catalogs App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Serbian, Spanish

Seller: Aleksandar Vacic



Wonderful and rich hi-res photo catalog of the famous Prancing Horse.

All the current models are here along with few mega-classics, in full high resolution glory, perfect to use as wallpaper. You can save to Photos, copy to clipboard or email hi-res photo to anyone. Or you can start the slideshow.

You can also mark certain photos as favorites and new item named Favs will automatically show up in the model scroller.

• Blazingly fast performance, even with 100s of images shown at the same time
• Extensive use of gestures for navigation (tap, double tap, pinch etc)
• Three ways of content navigation
• Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
• Beautiful slideshow
• Requires iOS 6
• All available iOS 6 sharing options: Twitter, Facebook, copy, save, etc


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