ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: ZEDGE
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2012
  • Version: 2.0.6
  • Size: 3.94 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Zedge Holdings Inc

+ Improved app stability
+ Improved memory efficiency
+ Improved handling of low memory situations
+ Improved gridview performance
+ Minor bugfixes

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164 Ratings
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6223 Ratings


For years ZEDGE™ has been the most trusted and popular place to get free ringtones and wallpapers, with more than 50 million users worldwide. ZEDGE™ is synonymous for quality and diversity with its extensive catalogue of free ringtones and wallpapers shared by millions of users. ZEDGE™ now offers ringtones to iPhone users, the easy way. ToneSync makes it simple, downloading the ringtones straight to your iTunes library.

· Full iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and iOS 6 & 7 support
· Ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds and message tones
· Alert sounds for Facebook, E-mail, Tweets and Calendar reminders
· Massive catalog of high quality tones
· HD backgrounds for all iPhone, iPad & iPod retina screens
· Parallax wallpaper support
· Quality wallpapers optimized for each iPhone, iPad & iPod version
· Backgrounds made to fit the home screen and lock screen
· Multiple browse & search options
· iOS 7 style & user friendly interface
· Quick and responsive navigation

Want to know who’s calling before you pick up your phone? Find a special ringtone for your mom, your best friend or your boss and set it as a contact ringtone.

Wallpapers: Abstract, Anime, Auto & Vehicles, Bollywood, Comedy, Designs, Drawn / Cartoons, Entertainment, Games, Holiday / Occasions, Themes, Logos, Love, Music, Nature / Landscape, News & Politics, Other, People, Pets & Animals, Signs & Sayings, Spiritual, Sport, Technology.

Ringtones: Alternative, Blues, Bollywood, Children, Christian & Gospel, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Electronica, Entertainment, Games, Hip Hop, Holiday, Jazz, Latin, Message Tones, News & Politics, Other, Pets & Animals, Pop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Rock, Sayings, Sound Effects, World.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs fixin

    by Colin Tsab

    I got tonesync on my computer but it wouldn't let me scan code please fix

  • Used to be awesome

    by Ashley Moore

    Yes there are several different selections to chose from however I cannot preview the ringtones on the app anymore and send them to my email. I understand since I have an idevice I can't directly download but I still should be allowed to preview and send to my email like before

  • Great app

    by Erick Carrillo

    Very easy to use but the "ringtone" doesn't have the same quality once is downloaded and synced.

  • Villinova

    by Flap map rap snap

    Good but it doesn't have any college basketball wallpapers.

  • Great app but needs bug fixes

    by Anuseh

    Although I very much like this app but after this new upadate the app is not showing any wallpaper or anything since the last update . I just get a blank screen It's been long and should be fixed asap

  • Deserves 5 star

    by Unknown person 1846

    Best app ever!!!!

  • Genius

    by Rodri 94


  • Fan-tab-ulous!!

    by CJsMommy1

    I use this app for just about anything needing graphics, like wallpapers, other types of images, as well as sound. It's a one-stop-shop, and keeps me from having to clutter up my space with duplicate types of apps! I LOVE IT WITHOUT ONE BAD THING TO SAY ABOUT IT!

  • Awesome App

    by Devvyn Oler

    Love the app

  • Zedge the Ledge

    by PapDamac

    All the best wallpapers. Keep rockin zedge

  • Aweeesomeee

    by spellcaster12

    Love the hilarious pictres aha

  • Zedge

    by Ayush lunawat

    This app is good for ring tone , but it will be hang & some time crash white you will re- open tge app

  • Atlanta

    by mcintosh171

    Can you please make a touchdown atlanta alert tone

  • This is AMAZING!!!


    This app is hilarious I love it I always seem to find the right wallpapers. You can't go wrong with this app

  • It's okay...

    by Beta Wolf 56

    I believe that this app is okay because it will have lots if great pictures and tones! Yet the only problem is the amount if inappropriate wallpapers. If they didn't have those pictures, the rating would've been 5 stars... >:-(

  • a really good app

    by USA USA!!!olimpics

    This app is good for everything to you it is really good

  • Crash sometimes

    by Kayden Shober

    Well it's a good app and stuff but I will be scrolling threw and crash it's still good tho

  • Zedge

    by Pat61236

    Zedge is the most coolest wallpaper app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


    by 81Ruckus

    I like!

  • Wow!

    by David Valedofsky

    Me like muchos Fotos.

  • Wallpapers gets 1/4" cut off

    by LaidBackDanny

    Wallpapers in this app are nice but, when setting it as a wallpaper, it will get 1/4" inch cut off. The iphone always zoom in to the center of the image.

  • Fails

    by Nabhanzaman

    Failed to start on my iphone 5s ..screen keeps loading and rebooting

  • Cant Open

    by ReggiDs

    Downloaded the app, the tone sync for iphone and it will not open.

  • Trash

    by Teufela

    Downloaded the app and also the application for my computer to get ringtones. Doesn't work, doesn't let me delete it from my computer, It says that is running and I can't delete it but I've tried everything to see if it's open on my computer and I can't see it. It's a waste of time if it doesn't work properly. Do not download, makes me so mad that it won't let me delete it from my computer and is always active and running but it doesn't work with my phone or the ringtones.

  • Does not work

    by :{NeffMau5}:

    It seems like a cool app but. Doesn't work for me.iTunes is stupid, it had me waiting for like 10 minuets and I expect it to be on settings but nope…on the video makes it seem so easy but it fooled me.

  • Heres your review

    by Bullettoss

    Constant harassment to rate this every time i open-even after telling it not to ask again. So here you go.... 1 star

  • Don't waist your time. Doesn't work!

    by forhim371

    App states custom ringtones but when you follow the step by step instructions you end up with nothing but a waist of your time.

  • Spam app

    by eljarochochido

    You do not tell people what to do you idiots! Sync with iTunes first? I think you want to get into my laptop

  • Not working for Mac users

    by SeeJay10

    There was an issue back in October where the new update wouldn't let Mac users open ToneSync. It's now the end of January/ beginning of February and this issue still hasn't been fixed.


    by SonicFan1998

    Consider the fact this stupid app won't just download to the device. I have to connect my iPhone to my laptop to iTunes to download ringtones. That's pretty pathetic.

  • Deserves 5 Stars

    by Atomic Meat Ball

    This app does exactly what you need it to do, and the wallpapers are high resolution and beautiful. And there are hundreds to choose from.

  • Good

    by acer1976


  • Crappy App for tones/music

    by Tak1181

    Won't sync tones to my iPhone. I've gone through the set up 4 times and still nothing syncs to my phone even when it's connected with the cord. The tones are in my iTunes but will not go to my phone. Not worth the time unless you just want wallpaper

  • Excellent

    by Jonathan Arg

    Wonderful app:) the best until the moment. Hope this gets better:)

  • Next update for app,if possible.

    by Goues

    I have signed up at Zedge on pc,but i cant do it on my app.it also dont give me the option of viewing my profile,aswell to see my uploads and team uploads.please if possible provide the above to the app.in general....this is a great app and worth a 5 star rating.

  • Zedge

    by Utah1968

    Super cool !!!

  • Awesome

    by Generallee420

    Very good app very funny

  • I live this app

    by Agestar Greenleaf

    It has very good and Awesome wallpaper that everyone will like.

  • Love this app

    by Schettleymona

    Awesome app all kinds of cool ringtones and wallpapers!

  • Ffkgv

    by Fnkdx

    Great app! Good selection

  • Amazing app!!

    by Rubye1D

    This app is amazing no need to say anything else :)

  • The Worst

    by Mohamad Hamze

    Scanned it and doesn't work and I tried To scan it again but the app on Mac won't open again

  • Great app!!!

    by Wowwowwubby

    I love this app! It's really so simple to set up!

  • Awesome

    by ♣️➕♠️➖♥️♣️Lou Lou

    It has everything I need for my iPhone

  • Nice selection

    by speakso

    This app has a great and varied selection of wallpapers - beautiful, interesting, and exciting ones. I don't dl ringtones, but the wallpapers are great!

  • Awesome graphics!!!!

    by The Beave 1973

    This app is the coolest I've seen in a while..

  • Boss

    by Football62 27

    I think this app is amazing because it has good backgrounds.

  • Very good!!

    by WLFSLV46

    So far I have had no probs with zedge!!!! All da wallpapers are cool and high deff!!! Best ap for wallpapers I have come across!!! :D

  • Good

    by Sammyisadog


  • Bbxbxbx

    by BennyBoyBl


  • Mrs.

    by Popcorn'sMommy

    Very good app with lots of options!

  • The sync feature it's awesome but Data base doesn't Improve much.

    by jcdiaztorres

    At first I liked it a lot, and the automatic sync with iTunes it's a real awesome feature to have. But I found myself with a limited data base. When you can't find what u looking for, it gets boring.

  • Cool

    by Such awesome destruction

    How do I find the my little pony wallpapers?

  • Tunes

    by BATTCOS

    Great app.

  • Nice App

    by MsBrooklyn88

    Can you please add some new Wallpapers I really like this app a lot it's one of my favorite.

  • Wallpaper /ringtones

    by cobblett20000

    The best ever love it

  • Worst app ever

    by Tonys_Baby

    Will not work connected to my new windows 8 computer. It's saying apple iphone software 5.0 and older. EVERYONE has the new 7.0.2 so why 5.0? That just bull. You should update your app. Now. Because I'm deleting it. It's useless.

  • Yeah buddy!!!!

    by Shell61975

    I Love this app!!!!!!! All the wallpaper I save synced to my Facebook and its so easy to share them

  • Works very well :)

    by Copper614

    Great app

  • Review

    by Claudia Muscott

    Very awesome sick pictures and pretty. Much anything

  • Good app

    by Wolverine18299

    Good app.

  • Live papers

    by Jayden star kid

    It would better if they could put live papers on this app for the iPhone like the droid

  • No thanks

    by AnaMarrie

    This app is the worst wall papers app out if them all. All there are are sexist photos of women being exploited and I for one don't want that porn/crap on my phone for people too see. I don't even wanna see it. I guess i just search the internet now?

  • This app

    by Kara bowman

    Get this app it is great

  • Awesome:)

    by Keri5574

    This has awesome pics:)

  • Zeddddge

    by The app buyer personnn

    Works gr8

  • Great!

    by Jcruz567

    It has a lot of great wallpapers and ringtones. I had zedge back in 2002 and it has come a long way since

  • Great ⏪

    by Re-Wyne

    Search: Re-Wyne for my Ringtones

  • I love zedge

    by Suchfff

    I absolutely love zedge it has awesome songs and tones

  • I hate it

    by Skiski8

    It won't let you download the ringtones...completely worthless

  • I hate it

    by Skiski8

    It won't let you download the ringtones...completely worthless

  • Awesome

    by Nater1735

    Best thing on my iPhone

  • Great

    by EdGa.

    Great app

  • Love it

    by Kalfyra

    Great app I love it!

  • Love it!

    by Terrymobrian

    Love it!!! Nuff said.


    by Bears rule1000

    I LOVE ZEDGE!!! Great wallpapers and ringtones!!

  • Resolution Problems

    by Gregory Choong

    This app is not fully HD. If you pick a wallpaper and add it to your home screen. It's not full HD and it's blurry

  • Glitch

    by Tercio3785

    It keeps asking me to rate it even tho I already have and won't stop asking rather annoying

  • Cool

    by BigErks

    It's very nice to have. But it has a lot of inappropriate pictures.

  • Some one fix this please

    by Kgirl9996

    It won't let me save/download any wallpapers no matter how many times I try

  • Zedge App

    by RustyP7

    By far the best wallpaper & ringtone app I have come across. Download it, you'll be happy you did!

  • screw google images!

    by Fartdude6161

    I used to get my wallpapers off of Google but with this GET IT NOW!!!!!!

  • Justin

    by Justin deem69

    It's really a good app download it today

  • Tone sync

    by Doggonewild2day

    The tone sync is annoying I don't have a Mac so I can tone sync it's just annoying I have this same app on my phone and it dose not say tone sync so please TAKE OFF TONE SYNC!!!! Once you take off tone sync i will rate this 5 stars and I will right a good review >:(

  • Disappointed. Fix the problem?

    by Cami_Annie

    Wallpapers are great. But when it comes to ringtones I got screwed. I'm unable to download the tone sync app on my MacBook. Is someone gonna fix this problem?

  • Ringtones

    by RickG2011

    Zedge has all sorts of ringtones!

  • Very cool

    by GillsTheFish

    It makes it pretty easy. Should focus more on funny wall paper maybe? It also would make it easier if I didn't have to go on the computer to ringtones, but I can't have everything..

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by Jtw2020

    Download NOW!!

  • It really is you this time

    by Jdjdeknd

    Dearest Zedge..... You won't let me connect another device. You won't let me preview ringtones on the second device. Why do you want to isolate me? At least before I could use my ipad (easier for me to maneuver on) to preview and then I would go to my phone to download. Then I would sync my phone to itunes. Then I would sync my ipad to itunes. All that just to get the Alert tone on the device I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to connect because I already had a phone. Why no second device?!?

  • Can someone contact me

    by rannakae

    I went trough the steps multiple times on syncing this app on my phone to my iTunes. It said it was complete and it would allow me to download tones. However, when I would press the sync button, my iTunes and phone would start syncing but the tones never appeared. Uh am I doing something wrong????! Has anyone else had this issue as well?

  • Good

    by Tanki online

    Cool wallpapers but to many updates and crashes after the update says "fix minor issues"

  • Ringtone

    by Navy mans_wife

    Where does my ringtones go after I sync it with iTunes

  • Ehh

    by Sam2774

    It keeps knocking me out of the app

  • Love it

    by Badgurl1987

    Can't get enough

  • Good

    by King Bigg

    I love it.

  • Great app

    by Luke1545

    Good for any kind of wallpapers and tones

  • Great App

    by JJJJTP

    Works great with iTunes.

  • More New Wallpapers

    by Fix This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It Would Be Great If You Put More New Wallpapers Up More Often

  • Awsome

    by Fireace90


  • PERfect amazing get it


    Crazy cool

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