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Seller: G Schol Holding BV

Video Tube - The most entertaining way to watch YouTube!

- Improved video qualities

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Watch YouTube like you are used to! Access all videos with this best YouTube client available for iOS! Browse through popular, featured and trending videos, search easily for any video you want and view your them directly on your device, in full screen, or in a convenient overview screen with comments and related videos. Login to your YouTube account and watch videos in your channels, post comments to videos or watch your playlists.

Why you should use Video Tube to watch your videos:
• Created by App Professionals for your best experience!
• Superfast and logical interface!
• Very easy video search
• Login to your YouTube account
• Browse YouTube channels
• Subscribe to YouTube channels
• Browse and manage YouTube Playlists
• Post comments to videos
• Watch your history and favourites videos
• Manage and view videos in the 'watch later' list
• Watch your purchased videos
• Watch your uploaded videos

More Features:
• 100 Million+ Videos Available
• Search and find videos and channels more easily than any other app available
• Everything is possible! Read comments, browse related videos and more - all while watching

Video Tube is a universal application and is suitable for all iPhone, iPod and iPad devices!

Video Tube is being used by tens of millions of users worldwide and is the best and the number one third-party YouTube client available!!

Customer Reviews

  • Video tube

    by 10359fred

    This is a good app

  • Just downloaded it

    by Asdjkkgfyb

    Just downloaded it today & it works great, but the video kept stopping to load.

  • Video problems

    by Cheeza637

    Quite a few of the videos are split screened instead of showing the video fully across the screen it split down the middle and two separate videos play side by Side. Please fix this

  • Good app

    by Natalie360

    It's a good app but after I updated the videos weren't working,is it just me? If not can you please fix? Thank you and otherwise good app

  • Great

    by DJ Nick Michaels

    Best version yet!

  • What?????

    by OoooooooreviewoooooOobv

    The app was fine until the update! Now I can't listen to music on it and it keeps crashing!!!! Fix this problem software engineers!!!!

  • How to upload videos

    by Gunter0209

    I cant upload videos for some reason it's no button or anything what do i do

  • Start up issue

    by Omahann

    Still crashing. This is the second day I'm unable to launch the app. But its a great app for video watchibg

  • Songs

    by Warbringer67

    It works great for songs and video's from what ever you need I think it's a great app for your phone

  • The music

    by Thorth:)

    The music is awesome

  • Cool

    by Zaid Majeed

    Ju$t cool

  • Master

    by Quinton jones


  • Great app. 5 Star

    by Mike the Vet

    Great app. The best thing on the Internet! 5 Star rating

  • I watch

    by Bondwoman


  • its very well

    by punkke

    cool app

  • Great App!!

    by Bbannggoo

    Works fine. I like this App.

  • Excelente

    by Fort18

    Excelente App me encanta

  • I love it

    by HOSMUSA

    I love it

  • Awesome

    by NoLifeMan

    Really good but needs some tweeking

  • Goog

    by I like double penatration porn


  • After update

    by llaves973

    Really laggy now ,I hate how when you leave the app the video disappears & you have to search again ,I liked the older versions better this is crappy

  • 2 star

    by Gamerkiddz

    Used to use this app all the time. Now ever since the update it will no longer play videos thus making it useless. Very frustrating.

  • I love

    by Tykit

    This app

  • Decent

    by Red- band_fanbøy

    Very smooth but I have problems finding my history

  • Re: VideoTube

    by BobBecraft63

    I used to miss all the TV shows back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Now I can see them again and again on video tube. Thanks guys!

  • Love it

    by Pretty for life


  • Best app ever

    by Cyr6

    Love this app!! Can't imagine life without it!

  • We'll worth gettin

    by Ch3ryClaw

    Wish it would automatically go to full screen when turned sideways, but all in all a very fine app! :)

  • Wonderful

    by Fablee23

    I love this app it might be slow sometimes but I love it :)

  • Easy and fast

    by CarNat

    Best app for videos

  • Best App!!!

    by Ms. OLM

    I only used a few times and I really like it because it is convenient and especially when I'm at work.

  • Utube

    by myne2


  • Video tube

    by Faith nguyen

    This app is really cool and awesome, you guys should really make this app more awesome.

  • This app is awesome

    by Ada Cuadrado

    This app is where i go when I need something to make me smile or laugh. It's what i use to help me with boredom. Please get this app it is amazing!

  • Super great!!!!!

    by Wandyviris

    I love this app is the best. Super easy to use!!

  • K

    by Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaæææ

    New update can't watch anything

  • This software is mi favorate #1

    by Agnes milagros

    I love it!!!

  • :D

    by Jejdjdkdowxhjeoqppdnk


  • What a great app

    by T. Rasch

    It has it all, videos, sports and my favorite, music. All music old and new. You can do so much, just manage history and favorites if you want to save yours.

  • Mr happy place IV

    by Honest app rater guy

    Purdy dayum good!!!

  • Great app!

    by jkinder

    Great app!

  • Thumbs up! simple to use

    by .. Hard on

    great app!

  • Video tube

    by Monasean

    Works like a charm. Never a problem!

  • Videos

    by J-ESTATEing

    Great app!!

  • 4 stars

    by beccaXXlovesXXcookies

    This would get five stars but it doesn't have a delete all history and it has a bug where the calibration is all messed up and you have to restart the app

  • Perfect

    by MikeGeller

    Use it every day!

  • Nice

    by Jimmyman2012

    Good app I love it

  • Video tube

    by Mayb_just_Mayb

    This is awesome because you can watch anything you would like

  • No so good

    by Jk342216

    It keep crashing. I can't even watch my movie please fix it

  • Still the best!

    by Cool Apps Rock

    Lightning fast. Full features.

  • by Kris Cable

    Great app! Wide variety of HQ/HD Videos...

  • Great app

    by Oljones

    Amazing and very simple

  • Awesome web browser

    by Azteclion

    Just awesome

  • Question

    by Digestedspy2421

    Do you need service on the app to listen to the music

  • A review

    by Radgeta

    Here is text for the review.

  • CrushyFluffy

    by fusrus

    I love the app, but some of the videos that are downloaded from far away stop and pause in the middle of the video.

  • Awesome

    by Austin 4463

    I like this won because I can add my faveris

  • Favorites

    by Mccargos

    For the most part it's good. However for the last few days not all of my favorites were shown.the load more button was also gone. I finally told app support via email this morning and they fixed it pretty fast.

  • Whhaaaassnnpoooo

    by Whhaaaanoo

    DONT DOWNLOAD! Crashes and restarts videos a lot! Please fix or I'm goin to keep complaining!!!

  • Best app

    by Mihaela1

    This app is so cool

  • Review


    very useful , practical and up to dated . Congrats .Marcos.

  • Pretty good app

    by Alex091797

    This is a great app but I don't like how sometimes it will kick me off n sometimes I have 2 login in 2 twice so plz fix this

  • Mmhhmmmmm

    by Kaityhut2345

    So far I'm lovin it! It hasn't blacked out on me or was slow. It's actually pretty fast. Hope you guys find this helpful.

  • Good app

    by KimBess

    It works well and is easy to use.

  • by Bemm2013

    I like this app a lot !!!

  • Love it

    by Schnukie

    Enjoy the videos...

  • Black screen....

    by Purple cat 1415

    I've had the app for 2 days and it had been running perfectly but suddenly I got a black screen that killed my phone :/ the app doesn't open normally anymore ( please fix!! ) Great app ^^ just fix the whole never ending black screen

  • A must have

    by Emzieb.

    Awesome app a must have works great plays videos without delay

  • Me gusta

    by FPELAYO

    Me gusta por que me da entretenimiento, acceso a cualquier video en la red...

  • Sometimes it doesn't work

    by BrittaMenzel

    I just downloaded this and in 15 min. It's already frozen twice. I had to shut down the app and re-open it.

  • My Review

    by davidpetitt

    It is amazing and it is good to use and I love the tv effect it has it is also easy to use and let's you choose the hd at the top unlike the new app keep um common like this (apps)

  • good app but.....

    by cry touch truthful

    This is a good app but I'm a piny!!

  • I like it

    by Dyablo2001

    Woooow i like good app

  • Awesome!

    by Glitter sports girl!

    Don't think twice

  • No sound

    by  Lhkkllle

    I liked it until the sound went out. Is that a problem on my end?

  • U tube

    by Vicki U.

    Unable to get audio. Phone is making other sounds. It IS turned on!

  • Video Tube

    by Roperp

    Very good app...

  • My favorite app

    by A real drummer.

    Well Done

  • I love it!!!

    by Karla in Dallas

    Hi how are you doing people of the world! This is a great app fast and easy very smooth like a hot Latino boy! Your going to enjoy every minute of it! Promise

  • Great app

    by Ikemob69

    Awesome sauce! I love music and videos... Great place for both

  • Needs changes

    by Ravenclaw177

    At first I was ecstatic to find this but it won't let me delete videos from playlists or load videos

  • Great app!

    by Queen of the Internet

    Very user friendly

  • We'll worth gettin

    by Ch3ryClaw

    Wish it would automatically go to full screen when turned sideways, but all in all a very fine app! :)

  • Video tube

    by memin3254

    This is good to watch in HD i gave it 5 stars

  • Great But Changes Are NEEDED

    by VaccaViaBlazerrr

    Great app, good job, but the thing is that, the app keeps crashing whenever I turn the 'Auto play next favorite' setting on. Fantastic quality. And SERIOUSLY: Let us have MANY more favorites, like 500+. That would make this app the best thing ever. Thank you anyway ;).

  • Slow

    by Dolly 9127

    Since the last update I have a hard time with loading videos. It's really slow now, to where before it was much better.

  • by Sweatpants_430


  • Unreliable

    by JTyler2124

    It was a great app before some of the recent updates. Recently it has been crashing all the time and now when I try to play a video it says "unable to play due to regulations." Get McTube instead, it is amazing.

  • Great app!

    by Jadybug25

    I would highly recommend this app to anyone!

  • I would give 5 stars if…

    by K+K is my name

    Whenever I watch videos some of them freeze up.

  • Loading

    by Lilztoocold

    It's loads up slow, don't know why it's been doing that lately I have perfect connection. Please fix cause I love the app!

  • Good

    by Gavin99fycyjb)6().(&,(

    This app is very good. Only one problem, my phone heats up when I use it. Have an iphone 5 for about a year and this is the only app it does it with.

  • Great App

    by cf555

    This app is fantastic, great way to view clips from you tube.

  • Videos of all kind

    by Pittsulamea

    Always keeps me entertained...enjoyable.

  • Awful

    by Whizonya

    No videos at all work for the iPod touch. Absolutely horrendous

  • Slow and not user friendly

    by Gracehmed

    Videos keep failing to play. Terrible.

  • Pretty good

    by Ricosinga

    I like it

  • Duff

    by Jftredsgjvvrkjidtkdry

    Guess ok

  • Latest review

    by Firecracker106

    This app is nice & simple to use. Good work.

  • boo

    by Lori Torres

    Boo this app is bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!

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