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Languages: English

Seller: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc

- Ability to show a prompt to update the app when a new version is available
- "Under the hood" improvements
- Bug fixes

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Take WWE with you wherever you go - any time, day or night - with the official WWE app for your iPhone or iPad.

When Monday Night Raw, Wednesday Night Main Event and Friday Night SmackDown are on, the WWE app will take you there live! Just tap the app on your smartphone or tablet for exclusive in-app access to WWE's second-screen companion experience enhanced with content designed exclusively for and synchronized to WWE's weekly broadcasts of Raw, Main Event and SmackDown.

At anytime, you can unlock breaking news, a colossal library of WWE videos - current and classic - as well as thousands of photos capturing the action of WWE. Plus, with a slide, swipe or tap of a finger, discover exclusive content found ONLY in the WWE app!

The WWE app provides instant access to your favorite WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. Save and store Superstar profiles for a quick look at extensive career milestones, biographies and social media feeds from their Facebook and Twitter accounts - all directly inside the app.

You can now watch new and vintage WWE videos like never before. Want to play a clip on your TV from last night’s Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown, or maybe that unforgettable main event match from WrestleMania years ago?

And, you can purchase WWE pay-per-views like WrestleMania and SummerSlam and sync your WWE.com pay-per-view purchases for viewing inside the app!

The WWE app is your tool to have your voice heard and participate in live WWE programming. Watch Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown on TV, and bring along your smartphone or tablet for exclusive in-app access to WWE's second-screen companion experience. Sync and enhance your WWE viewing with content designed exclusively for and activated during WWE's weekly broadcasts, including Raw and SmackDown.

Disagree with something the Raw General Manager decreed? Think your favorite Superstar deserves a WWE Championship opportunity? Tag up with other members of the WWE Universe to build a virtual community of WWE fans in your area to keep the conversation going after the bell.

Meet up with those same WWE Universe members at the next WWE Live Event near you - for which you can find complete details within the WWE app. Access our full schedule of events around the globe, find out which Superstars will be in action, set reminders and even order tickets!

Want to outfit yourself like your favorite Superstar? Enjoy the brand-new WWE Shop experience right from your device with easy access to all the official merchandise WWE Shop has to offer.

Customer Reviews

  • WW E app so far.

    by Edgar tx

    As a blind user I rely a lot on using my voice over feature on my iPhone to move around the app. So far it has been pretty consistent, yet I wish the app would have the title histories as they do on the website. Also, hey easier interactive face so that I could move around without having trouble looking at the superstars videos. I wonder how the WW eat net work will work for me when it comes out.


    by Ashleymarie1920

    Every time I go on the app on my iPad it crashes.. It works perfectly fine on my iPhone though..

  • Wwe

    by Better home game

    I absolutely love this app!

  • by Kimmy123<3

    I love

  • Bad News

    by Noritava2011

    Now When I Am Watching videos it exits out by itself.it turns black then goes to home.i download it again but it still does that

  • Make a wwe game

    by ChicagoPunk

    Can u guys make a wwe game where u can play as the superstars and divas?Please!?!?

  • Wwe

    by Poipofytfb

    I love WWE and 1 day I'm going to be WWE champion believe in that!

  • I am amazed

    by عَبدالله أل كلثمي

    It's the greatest app i had ever seen thx wwe

  • Why

    by Mateenrock

    Why can't u downlowed in a tablet

  • Thanks Michael Cole!

    by Graal fanatic

    Without him I would never of have figured out how to download this app.

  • WWE

    by wilbert diaz

    #1 ALWAYS


    by Ms lovely 2001 z

    I love the wwe app and all but I would like if they had some of the shows like total divas and sometimes when on the app it says error and then I have to delete than redownload it so besides than I love thee wwe and of course the attorney .#THE BELLAS LOVE TOU GUYS YOU CAN LOOK BUT YOU CANT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wwe app

    by Shakespearegreenrose 

    This app is the bomb! It has a bunch of cool stories and interviews. I like the wwe iq. Can you dig THAT sucka!?

  • It works again.

    by Ashock316

    Works on my original iPad again ! Bring back Kelly Kelly !


    by random jerry

    This app is boss. My dad and grandpa are HUGE wwe fans and so are my brothers, so this app is great for any age wwe fan.

  • Cool

    by Z-doggggg

    It is so awesome

  • I


    Awesome I have a thousand favorites and I'm so glad I can listen to the groovy entrance songs!!! I


    by Jroc2424

    Great app!!

  • Wwe albania

    by Arian Gashi

    Albania wwe

  • Fun

    by Poo1245((84;!8

    Just awesome period

  • W0T!

    by Thumbs up !

    I can't play videos at all fix this issue please My device is iPhone 4s ios 7.0.4

  • ????

    by Fish games2


  • Crashes during commercials

    by 2010ipoduser

    I hope this app's performance over the last couple months is not an indication of how poorly the website will work. No healthcare.gov repeats here.

  • Crashes

    by Lauraspots

    Crashes every time during live feed during commercials.

  • Help me please.!

    by Mincraft Ninjaa

    Whenever I turn on my app, it loads perfectly. But if Its Raw or Smackdown that is on and I want to get on live stream, it tries to load, then freezes. It'll either turn black, or look like the background of the live stream. Please help.! Thank you.!:)

  • wwe

    by BrieQuito

    The wwe app is AWSOME

  • Video crashing

    by CMBryan

    Every time i try watching a video during commercial breaks the app crashes. When its raw and its live i only hear audio and the video doesn't show. When it smackdown it just crashes. Fix this problem WWE. Ever since ios7 its been crashing for me.

  • Worst app ever

    by Jfhudidj

    Always crashes immediately upon opening delete immediately

  • Crashing

    by yourhomie619

    I really like this app but I would have given this app 5 stars if it weren't for the crashing

  • Videos Crash on iPad

    by Mobley36

    Every time live video begins to play on my iPad the app crashes!

  • Spoiler alert

    by Lynds0811

    The app is great, but don't have notifications turned on unless you want a spoiler for every PPV. ( [They air two days late on the armed forces network :(]

  • Bad needs update

    by Sinchan2008

    The current update is not streaming the videos as compared to the earlier so the app becomes useless for watching videos

  • Needs an upgrade ❗️❗️❗️❗️

    by Neethudoha

    It always crashes , now I can't even open it .

  • Goodbye future ppv buys

    by Tomas garrant

    Thanks WWE for taking my money for the worst and most disappointing pay per view I've ever seen.

  • Great app

    by Peaf1

    Keeps me informed

  • Wwe

    by LaurenRox42

    I watch the royal rumble now !?

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Serena81

    This is a great app!!! Have had no issues since installing & am sooo excited for the wwe network which we will be purchasing. It's great to watch with my kids & show them the wrestling that I grew up on!!!

  • Awesome

    by Javakabigman

    This app is so awesome, I could watch during commercials and do polls it's awesome

  • yas

    by randyortonislyfe

    zee wwe app is lyfe , if i had to choose one app for my phone , uh - wwe app . cause yas .

  • 3Stars

    by LMukerz

    Everything Is Good But When I Tried To Order The Royal Rumble PPV But It Says Something Went WRONG PLEASE FIX

  • Best App EVER!!!!

    by Jessy14254

    I defiantly give it a 5 out of 5


    by Alexiswwerocks

    This app rocks it is my favorite app on my phone I am on it every second of the day WWE ROCKS!!

  • Can't play videos

    by Aayushjain1996

    Earlier I used to see videos on this app but now videos don't play

  • Yeah

    by Splity fundo

    Good job making this

  • Ok ish

    by 2010ipoduser

    I hope this app's performance over the last couple months is not an indication of how poorly the website will work. No healthcare.gov repeats here.

  • Second Screen

    by Nwolife

    Want to use the second screen experience. Once the second screen works I'll give it a five star rating.

  • CrashCrash

    by MarcLewisV

    Keeps On Crashing !!! please fix it

  • The app freezes

    by Lildiva17

    Ever since I updated this app, it freeze and close on it own. Also sometime it does not play the videos. I'm really hoping that it will get fix

  • 4 Stars

    by WWEGUY0906

    Very good, except I can't ever find the thing you go to to watch during the commercials. Please help!!!

  • Great For My Fans

    by Triple Hhh Dog

    I'm John Cena And I Approve This Message

  • WWE app

    by Syndy Becker

    Love this when I can get on! It takes forever and when finally get on the tweets freeze up! I have a IPad is there anything I need to do? It is NOT WORKING at all now! PLEASE FIX!!!

  • WWE network

    by Geogc1999

    I hope they update app for the WWE network to have its own spot on homepage

  • Awesome!


    Its so good but daniel bryan joined the wyatts:-/

  • Great

    by Dayvonta

    That'll be cool if you can save photos from the app.

  • Great app, but..

    by mlb.jmaur

    It crashes too much and video quality could be better. Please fix soon!

  • Update

    by Aidan

    Update for wwe network section

  • O you didn't know

    by Gdhqjhz

    You better get this app cause stone coal told me

  • Hate it

    by UTEPjazz

    I can never participate in polls are watch anything live. I've alerted them several times and it still doesn't work. FAIL.

  • Wrestlin

    by 23stupid

    I'm a fan on wrestling my favorite player is John cen

  • WTSF

    by iCoN505

    I haven't been able to access it while raw is on!!!! Please fix it!!!!!

  • hi

    by A7SaS M79ooR..26

    good app

  • Ok

    by Sew-ddw-1

    Nothing really ever upsets me on the app until now. I can't watch any videos because that stupid 5 second ad of your own logo won't load. It will have a buffering thing on it while it's playing and when it stops it will just keep buffering. No other ad does this that I am aware of. Please tell me what to do.

  • Review

    by arosema88

    BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Drainage12

    Wwe app is Awsomer than the Miz .

  • Awesome

    by KennethAwesome

    Whole new way to watch WWE Shows

  • Wwe

    by Ant87 78

    This app Is amazing I am ewes biggest fan

  • Not working on iPhone 4s !!!

    by Falasteen Watanni

    I have reinstalled this app so many times and no luck it working ! Please update it and fix the problem ! I cant keep up with the wwe without this app and I am a huge fan ! Please do a update ! I have been without this app for 2 months now and I can't use it ! Someone update this app !!

  • Voting issues

    by Mista M

    Can't vote on the app for live shows. Please fix this!! Thanks.

  • What happened

    by Ace Deo

    I love this app but for the past month I haven't been able to use it. It keeps crashing on me :( I'm getting tired of trying to enter the app when it keeps kicking me out

  • Doesn't work

    by Angry candy crusher

    Can't look at anything and doesn't allow me to vote. Very disappointing!!!! Please fix.

  • Best app in the world!

    by justsum1

    Great app with great updates about the show!

  • Only 3 stars :( :(

    by toc363

    It's a great app, but it seems the iPad app crashes almost all the time. iPhone app keeps playing, but it would be nice if we could watch it on the iPad. Please check on this, iPad app crashes constantly,even after deleting and renown loading.

  • Fix the stupid app!

    by ziGeeK-

    The app never loads to vote! To watch videos! Nothing!! Fix this issue please!!

  • Fix your crap!

    by TomH79

    I really like and enjoy using this app. I have downloaded this for my smart phone and for my iPad. This keep freezing/kicks me off from iPad and my internet connection is running perfectly fine!

  • Awesome

    by Awesomeness 4 eve

    Needs more voting for matches

  • Crashes

    by Tullzombie

    Constantly crashes, especially during the videos that happen when Raw is on break

  • App force closes

    by swclancy

    Release an update. This app has force closed on me the last 2 weeks.

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