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Seller: William Sidell

Private Photo Vault v6.1
+ Photo Editor now supports landscape on iPad
+ Bugfixes

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The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Over 3,000,000 people trust Private Photo Vault to keep their photos hidden.

Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Italy, Finland, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, Germany and many more countries.

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"Wow, I have been wanting a way to hide some of my photos for a while, this is a perfect solution."

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"Exactly what I'm looking for, can organize albums and even 'hide' others that I feel I need to."

• Password Protected App Entry
      • Pin Lock
      • Pattern/Dot Lock
• Password Protected Photo Albums
      (Keep people out of your private albums)
• Break-in Report: Photo + GPS
• Decoy Password

• Create Albums right in the App
• Import/Export from Photo App
• iTunes Syncing
• Wireless Photo Transfer
• Email Photos
• Text Message Photos

• Image Gallery
• Slideshow
• Intuitive Interface just like Photo App

• Import/Export from Photo App
• Watch Videos

Customer Reviews

  • Best thing ever

    by Joyous Cyn

    I love that you can't scroll when looking at the photos so nosy friends can't just go at it willy-nilly. I also love the import feature, the secret password thy opens a dummy file. Best app!!

  • LOVE THE DICK ....

    by Giiirlski

    's I can hide on my phone. Finally an app so my boyfriend doesn't find out :)


    by Lenzie O'Dell

    I have found so many apps that limit your pictures .. but this one doesn't! it has filters & you can edit them. OMG I loveeee this app. & it's password safe of coarse. what I like about that is everytime you close it or if it's open for to long it will make you out your password in again (: love it #parentsafe lol

  • Great app!

    by Peaceinme

    This app. is awesome!

  • Recomendable

    by Garrobo123

    La esta muy bueno y seguro

  • Works!!!

    by Edwa4h

    This is a great app, does what I need it to do

  • Fits the bill perfectly.

    by Crisis-xv8

    I have to use my personal phone overseas for work. My job requires a lot of picture. This app allows me to easily keep personal pictures out of sight and protect when showing clients photos. I even feel safe letting them view photos on their own.

  • Awesome!

    by Not telling uz 

    Best photo lock hands down!

  • Great app

    by twturner

    Great app for private picture storage

  • Dariush

    by Dariush R

    Very good

  • Yup yup

    by This guy dev

    Works like a charm. Besides having a 5s and using finger print, my girl would have to go through this app if she can even find it

  • Good app

    by Phan Ngọc Hữu Nhân

    No problem so far.

  • Pretty good

    by presser_kun

    It does what it says it does on the tin, which is something these days. I'd give it four stars, but the nag-to-rate dialog takes one away. If you need to hide pictures, this one's pretty good.

  • Very useful ap

    by Benadar123

    Works well

  • Great app

    by Ain't trying to hide nothin'

    Love it but would like to be able to create more albums...

  • Great

    by Thorcyclone

    Great app!!!

  • Secrets

    by MGM_Lover

    Best app ever

  • Photo Vault

    by MDHyo

    Love this app for keeping private photos.

  • Must Get!

    by AllyR123

    I love this app! I don't have to worry about people seeing things I don't want them to see!

  • by @astar4524

    It's a really good app. It works great! Love it!! ❤️❤️

  • The Best!!

    by sundarisam

    This is a user-friendly way to keep people out of your business. I especially love the fact that you can set a password for each album, thereby adding yet another layer of protection against nosey folks. You won't regret getting this app, I promise.

  • No more embarrassing moments

    by Kalei9

    I use my camera on my phone often, for work and personal pictures. I like that I can now protect my personal photos, so when my boss is looking at my pictures of a work incident, she will no longer come across a picture of my bf's butt. Lol! True story. (In fairness, It was a picture of the bruise on his buttock that he sustained when he fell as he was attempting to break into our house because he had just locked his keys in the house.)

  • Good app

    by Dun fungus

    Good app

  • Good app

    by Goober68

    Keeps things private. Good app.

  • Awesome App

    by Soldiertoy2013

    I love this app. Everyone has naughty pics that want to keep and hidden from view. This app allows you to do that. A*W*E*S*O*M*E

  • Photo Vault

    by Chuvic

    Great app keeps photos secured

  • i think it's great!!

    by bononono

    i bought a dress for my sweet 16 but didnt want anyone to see it. Also i didnt want to delete the image so i put it in the vault and was able to safely remove the pic from my general library

  • Great but...

    by Mettbdidndlsjejaof

    I found that this app does wonders except it could use four improvements. 1- there should be an option that every time I take a photo it should automatically transfer to the safe because I don't want to have to upload it every time I take a pic. This isn't for everyone so just make it a setting. 2- have a camera on the app to have pix directly there. 3- I wish it would allow you to edit a pic on the app. 4- the layout is confusing and needs to be more organized.

  • Lock

    by Rgavina


  • Great App

    by Bhguitar

    Great app for locking up pictures.

  • Urgent

    by Viking killer

    Ive got one problem ive lost or forgotten my code and the email recovery doeant qork i sent ten messages and im still waiting for the email.

  • Amazing

    by Boogeybohry

    I had keepsafe for a really long time but it decided to take a

  • A beautiful app

    by Mints mints mints

    Perfects for my nudes


    by ReallySuperNaturalChick

    That's it. I think the title speaks for itself

  • Impressive!!!

    by Sodapoptop

    This is a really nice app. An impressive improvement over others I've had!

  • Awesome App

    by Bunnun

    Now Those Nosey People Can Stay Out Finally I Love This App

  • Excellent

    by Kay-annnnn

  • Mr

    by Jerrry113073

    Very good app for pic!!!

  • Ksa

    by ITS SP648742264


  • Best vault app!

    by Dan151sd

    Sometime happens you wanna have some really private photos on your iPad. And you don't want anyone to see them. Then this app is right here for you! You can store your pics inside and no one will ever take a look at them accidentally. Decoy password is the greatest feature of it. When some curious person, like your GF, for instance, wants you to open the app and show all the hidden pictures, decoy password allows you to enter the special code for cases like that. She will be surprised that all the photos you have there have nothing to do with your covert affairs)

  • by Fjfjbebehehdheeh

    Perfect for private pictures of girls

  • JB

    by J_Butterfly

    I have had this app a couple years now and it's great.

  • Does what it says

    by vbssd

    Perfect for what it promises. Get and feel comfortable with the safety of your pics.

  • Great app

    by Big red from Texas

    Very pleased with the app. Does just what I need it to do. Keep things private that I want private.

  • Bugged

    by Ladude13579074

    Can't do anything with photos because it crashes every time after entering pass code. Really annoying! Going elsewhere!

  • Good but there's a little loophole

    by Evan8895

    It has great security except... If let's say someone gets the code wrong a number of times it will ask if it wants you to send an email with this code to a backup email. If this email is your main email (as mine is). It will send it to your ipod or iPhone or whatever and they will be able to get the code and see all your precious photos. Just saying. But, I don't think anyone will go to that much trouble just to be nosy. I don't have a phony password set up either.

  • Perfect

    by Bonobo122


  • By this app

    by Niqqa980

    If you want a source for your private photos then you can trust photo vault:)

  • Yes!

    by Edmoondoo

    Great app to have to keep all your private material private and secure.

  • great

    by sup3rt@ny@20

    awesome for "those piks" ;)

  • Great app for storing photos

    by Myron Woodley

    I love this app

  • Photos lost!

    by Rondaleen

    I have 2 of these apps and the one on my ipad wants me to start compleatly over again, to set password etc. all my pod are lost.... Don't buy this app

  • Cool

    by Jskbsjsjsjs

    Cool app

  • Great

    by Ckoster15

    This app works great!

  • Great app

    by Deebee831

    Good app to have...

  • Very Useful

    by Junior Smit

    Great app for privacy and security. I hope this isn't an app that secretly has the ability to access photos and use them in other locations.

  • Great

    by Armedpenguin

    Great app

  • Amazing, must have app

    by XAG93

    Very good app to storage pics from camera roll. very simple, yet effective! Must have

  • Great

    by Mcastro2296


  • by Areania Robinson


  • Review

    by Habibiz72

    Great app. Very worth the price

  • Get this App

    by Tycks

    This app is so much better than private picture. I can put as many pictures as I want with editing power. All together a great app.

  • Great

    by Juniordc5

    Love this app

  • We All Know What We Use it For

    by Glloom

    Great for porn

  • Perfect

    by QuarterrChubb

    This app was exactly what I was looking for

  • Feeling secure

    by SoulsongzII

    Absolutely pleased with this app. It's no fuss and does exactly what you need it to do.

  • It's awesome

    by Someone-11223344556677889900

    I can have my pics private like if I want to keep a stupid pic of myself but I want no one else to see then they won't and u can delete a pic in photos and stays in the vault

  • Love this app :)

    by BELOVED2583

    This is the best photo keeper...I can keep my private pics separate from my family the password protection

  • Amazing App

    by Kraazeee

    App works really well and is hard to break in to

  • :)

    by LoupsGirl

    Cool app! So far, so good:)

  • Everything's gone!

    by <*>cirrus 588 509 695

    I just love how I got the "it's safe to delete the pictures" from my phone message and then 2 days later this app has NONE of my pictures, they're all gone!!!!! What a piece of S*it!!

  • Please get this app

    by wizardking:)

    I have had this app for several years and have been extremely satisfied during this period of time. The security and peace of mind that I get from using this app is incredible. I love that I can have 2 layers of passwords before anyone can see my data (keeps my pics safe and hidden). I enthusiastically recommend this app to all of my friends. The developer has always responded quickly to address bugs and iOS updates. I have had no issues with anything in particular. Photos load very quickly and the app does a great job playing videos. Things to note: 1) The app gives you the ability to import photos in high quality or original quality. If you want to preserve the original quality of your photos, make sure that you adjust the app to the original quality import setting. 2) You do need to delete the photos and videos from your camera roll after you have imported them into the app. I believe this is do to an App Store requirement. 3) Password protected folders have the lock icon on them and you can't customize the look of it. I definitely recommend upgrading to the full version. The breakin report and decoy password are so cool! The camera built into the app is useful for taking photos and having them be private from the start.

  • Perfect.

    by Readyforspring

    This is exactly what i was looking for i can put private pictures in this app and lock it so nobody can see them in my regular camera roll , love it

  • Great App

    by Hrselvr

    Works great!

  • Good one

    by Imalooknatcha 

    Good one

  • Master App

    by M.K HOLLA

    This app is the shizzy! Keeps all my pics secure...

  • Love it!

    by My Duong



    by the real ocopoos

    While looking at my iPhone backups on my laptop, I found HUNDREDS of photos this app took of my face, with my front camera, and secretly stored. I was able to view each photo - almost all of them were half-pics of my face, from the nose up. And judging from the rooms I was in, these photos went back about 6-8 months. Buyer beware - you are giving them access to activate your camera and you NEVER KNOW! I immediately deleted the app and restored my phone from the backup performed after removing it. In doing so, this also freed up the 1.8GB of "saved messages" on my iPhone that I could never get rid of. The photos were discovered when I used the ibackupbot software. All of the pics were stored under the media files, with a file name that included PHOTO VAULT TRESPASSERS. It was a very lengthy name but if you sort the names alphabetically you can view them all. I was shocked. Never again will I trust an app like this.

  • Bugged

    by Ladude13579074

    Can't do anything with photos because it crashes every time after entering pass code. Really annoying!

  • So far so good!

    by Lauryn0520

    Easy to use and effective. I like it so far

  • Ok by me

    by E620

    Been good for me. Wondering about storage usage though

  • Private album

    by mark.peterson1234

    So far so good

  • Great App

    by Sam TheD

    Works really well for me

  • Thanks!!

    by Vvaauulltteedd

    Amazing app!! Thanks a lot!!

  • No complaints

    by Ky grl

    Does exactly what it says.. So far so good!!

  • Its good but

    by Ace115zombies

    Its good and i loved it but my friend changed the passcode to it could there be a passcode reset if you knew the first one? Because i cannot figure what passcode my friend used

  • Doesn't import pictures

    by CandyPonita

    When I import it takes forever to load and when it does the pics aren't imported. Needs update badly.

  • Awesome

    by Mimi4447

    If you want to keep photos hidden from anyone this is the App for you

  • Perfect!

    by TheMrsHollins

    I'm really happy with this app. Does everything required.

  • Perfect App!

    by JC-IP4S

    Perfect app for protecting private photos.

  • Great app!

    by ThomGreatT

    It's a very useful app to have!

  • Hides what I need hidden

    by Flosswartoo


  • Great

    by Giobunnychil18e

    Easy to use and fast. Love this application

  • Good for storing photos secure

    by Grvhudfhjf

    Ive been using this app for photos only. So far, no problem is there. But as I came here following the push-me-rate message, Now I can see it has some problems in storing videos. So I rate it 4-star. Anyways, this is a great app to keep urs private!

  • This app is the greatest, except....

    by Slic_82

    Awesome features. It would be even better if you could make it so that you could loop videos. If you could do that for us we would be very grateful. And I'll even give you your fifth star back. Thx to you guys and your great app. :-)

  • Iraq man

    by Haydar Iraq

    Very nice program

  • Sam

    by Antoine Watts

    Its super protected. Love it!

  • Awesome app

    by Countryboybda99

    Love how you can lock photos and videos from underage kids, unwanted people from seeing anything that is not appropriate

  • Secure photo app

    by Yowassgood

    Love LOVE LOVE! Best app for securing your pictures!

  • Great app

    by Nghtmarexpally

    Just as described

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