Heads Up! Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Updated: May, 02 2013
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 64.75 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Warner Bros. Entertainment

It's the deck you've been waiting for -- your own! Now with the "Build Your Own Deck," you can do exactly that. Create decks to play with friends, where you've created all the cards! You can even pick the deck cover art, and create and save as many as you like!

We also added two brand-new free decks, "Perfect Pairs" and "Happy Holidays"! Just in time for the holiday season, we've got the deck that you and your family will love.

Plus, two additional decks, "Hip Hop" and "Video Game Land"!

And we've been fixing bugs to make sure your game play is even more fun!

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It's the game The New York Times called a "Sensation," and Cosmopolitan said "will be the best dollar you've spent." Heads Up! is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show, and you can play with your friends!

From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly accents -- guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends' clues before the timer runs out!

Play one of the many exciting categories, or create a category all your own!

- Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time.
- Draw a new card simply by tilting your phone.
- Keep videos of your hilarious game play for your own amusement, or share them right to Facebook.
- Diverse categories let you challenge your smartypants friends and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!

With 18 themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun will never stop!

Decks include:
- Celebrities
- Movies
- Animals
- Accents
- Characters
- And lots more!

Game-nighters, your app is here.

Customer Reviews

  • In love with this game

    by Cuz 789&10

    I just saw this one television and bought it, it's so hilarious I sent a couple of videos to Ellen! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

  • One of the best games out there!

    by MilaSky

    Awesome way to break the ice or/and get the party going!! Love!

  • Hysterical!!!!

    by capecodpj

    Soooo much fun!!! Totally recommend!!! Your gut will hurt from laughing so much.

  • How do I turn off the video feature?

    by GoddessAcct

    This is a fun app that will keep you and your group busy for hours! My only complaint is that I'd like to turn off the video feature. It's kind of creepy that it's taking video while you're playing...

  • Please update decks

    by Kendra6142

    I love this game. It is entirely addicting. But please update the decks with new words/phrases because after awhile they start to repeat. But this game is the best. I just hate repeating words!!

  • Family Fun!

    by Huge Fan of HS Story

    No way was I expecting both my teenage daughter and teenage son to be playing this all night. This is a fantastic app!

  • Fun game !!

    by 

    Amazing game especially when playing with friends

  • Great Fun!!

    by Arohk

    This game is a lot of fun. Great for parties. I wish it would keep score for two teams and maybe go to seven points for the winner. We just tracked scores on a piece of paper. Still an awesom fun game!!

  • Very entertaining!

    by SupAlana

    This app is definitely something to do when you are upset, or just want a good laugh. Some of the cards might be confusing, especially for kids (I'm 11)

  • Great game but . . .

    by Lakiki514

    This game is totally awesome !! Love it love it love it!! But 99 cents for a new deck? That's a bit much considering how much the game is. It'd be better if it was a set of decks for that much. Plus more scoring features for the game would be cool. Like team names and how much they scored etc.My review will change of those things are fixed.

  • Best buck spent!!

    by Mluna909

    Find the app very entertaining. As with any other app in-app-purchases are an option. Sometimes the flip up or down stalls the app but it's rare. Hope there is a fix update for that.

  • Addicting and Hilarious!

    by Bunsididly

    Best party game to play with a group of friends! Flawless app.

  • Fun!

    by Jjjjjssssaaaarrrraaaahhh

    Definitely recommend.

  • Best game ever

    by Zeemee171921

    I play this game all the time with my friends like on the bus and it's super fun! And plus I love Ellen!

  • Heads up

    by bobbis ipad

    Great game!!!!!!!!

  • Almost perfect but..

    by Michgargom

    I LOVE this game! I will give it 5 stars when other languages, like spanish become available.

  • Hilarious

    by seanibay

    it's such a great way to get everyone in the same room having a blast

  • Totally worth one buck

    by Jesus Freak98



    by Mma96

    Way worth the .99 cents, such a fun game to play in a group!

  • No audio recording?

    by Katiebaby6

    When play back the video recorded, there is no audio?

  • Good game but a little disappointed

    by Lyddd

    I've had the game for a few months now, and recently it won't even give me the option to save the videos anymore. I'm not quite sure why but a little help would be appreciated.

  • Won't play

    by Scott Miele

    Never got to use the app because it wouldn't leave the page where it says place on forehead. Very disappointed with the app.

  • So much fun!!!!!

    by AxelAxelAxel1234

    This game is so much fun to play with friends.I remember when I was playing with my friend we did a couple of actions and then for about 45 seconds we both cracked up

  • Great fun but a few suggestions.

    by Metro60

    As Ellen proves on her show, big fan, nothing is funnier than laughing at yourself in front of your friends. A few suggestion, a setting button to let you go for longer that 30 seconds, a few oldies settings for those of us hip impaired and maybe even make your own catagory. But do like this very much.

  • Nice group playing game

    by Vlatko256

    I like to play this game with my friends it is lots of fun,i even play this game with my friends on skype

  • Awesome!!!

    by Plant vs. zombie lover

    So much fun!!! This is one of the funniest games!

  • Awesomeness

    by Simpson fanatic

    Funniest game ever so fun to play with friends!

  • So much fun!!

    by Rangab1rd

    Can't believe it's only $1.00 !!! It's so much fun!!

  • Best Game Ever

    by Chizzeliest game ever

    I love playing it with my brother it's so much fun

  • Make a younger kids version

    by Jcndndndnd

    I would love a younger kids version with the deck being pictures (no words) for kids too young to read...and the pics should be simple like lion, flower, swing, bed, train, etc.

  • Doesn't work

    by Henry David

    App is stuck at "place in forehead". When you click "app support" there's no helpful information, no recognition of this glitch that many people are having. If you are having this issue I suggest you join in and give this app 1 star until the developers recognize this problem or at least acknowledge it somehow. Nothing speaks to people more than reputation and money, unfortunately.

  • So Much Fun!!!

    by Melissa6482

    My kids and I played this for the first time tonight and it was soooooo much fun!! Definitely a new family favorite for sure!!!

  • Great App

    by mrmrcarmine

    awesome app to play with friends and family..you can never be bored! my only wish is that we didn't have to pay for additional themes, otherwise you can never get bored with this game around

  • Crazy!!!

    by Kina&ellie

    Me and my friend are having a sleepover and we can't stop playing this app!! It's so FUN. and we keep laughing at all the weird icons haha. WE LOVE IT!!!!

  • Good but a suggestion!

    by Erica12345678910leo

    I think it is an amazing app! I played it with my family on Christmas and every time else! My parents even LOVE it so I suggest getting this app for a fun wacky game for holidays and just a plain day! Complaints: when you would like to place a correct or a pass you have to go back or forward or backwards to do that and makes a problem because it hits me and is very annoying to keep doing that so that is my suggestion to please try and fix that!:) and just have a button to press correct or pass!

  • Almost Perfect

    by Lou. Zer

    This game is a blast. I have fun plaything on the bus and everyone wants a turn. The only thing I don't like is the "Create-Your-Own-Deck" option is misleading. I bought that pack for 99¢, thinking I could make unlimited decks of my own, but once I bought it, I found I could only make one deck. So if you wanted to make another deck if your own, you would have to pay another 99¢! I'm disappointed.

  • Fun game!

    by Whhaaat

    I love this game so much! I had so much fun playing it with my friends. I didn't know about this app until yesterday when my friends and I got together and played, and I knew after that I just had to download it. 5 stars! Love this game!

  • Awesome!

    by TopherTino

    Watch out Cards Against Humanity!!!

  • best app on iTunes

    by alexmm82


  • Needs Improvements

    by Dawgpwnd

    Needs an option to disable video recording otherwise the battery gets drained. Also, instead of being greedy by having us buy a bunch of desks to make custom cards, it would be nice to have one purchase that allowed us to add more than 15 custom cards.

  • I have a question

    by Carla J. George

    Can i change the time more than 60 seconds ?? Because it ends so quickly :(

  • Worth It!

    by MolllllllyJ

    This app is worth your money! I've played with many different groups of people, and everyone always seems to enjoy it. It brings lots of laughs! I've even played it while waiting for food at restaraunts, it is a good time passer.

  • Awesome 5 star

    by Snoopy gamer


  • Great game

    by Kevin Cray

    Super fun game, but I need more categories!!! We have gone through all of them and even the paid ones! Give us more!

  • Heads Up

    by Damokes

    Lots of family fun! Kids loved it.

  • Too much fun!

    by iOSdad

    If there is a such thing as too much family fun, this app is it!

  • I love it!!!

    by Nickig013

    But some of the things that pop up are very hard... I mean how are we suppose to make someone guess chinchilla

  • Yess

    by Ericabarton

    This game is great. So much fun when you have a group of friends.


    by Marcoense

    It's so much fun. The game is family friendly and keeps everyone entertained. Thanks Ellen!

  • Wonderful!

    by Bighoop

    Wonderfully made family fun!

  • Great...

    by James Caruso

    I love the game, but just today it froze and wouldn't let me pick a deck. Some virus...?

  • Amazing !!

    by Valerieee_14

    This app is so fun to play with a group of friends!!

  • Heads up on heads up

    by Lmplmplmp

    Why is there no volume on the video playback? It would be significantly better if there was.

  • Crashes

    by Ben Andrews xxx

    Crashes when I try to access my photos from within the build your own deck add-on

  • AWESOME!!!

    by Gman-74

    The decks are so awesome especially the customized ones

  • Hockeyplayer2

    by Mainetrips

    It does not say you can make as many cards as you want it just says you can make as many decks as you want.

  • Instant belly laughs!!

    by SleepnSeattle

    Good time anywhere with anyone! Would love to try in public while waiting in line...like at the DMV.

  • Supper fun

    by Koala jr

    This game is perfect for everyone!!! I hope they make a one direction deck!!!

  • Nice

    by Latínboy

    But please please please Do a release for Spanish !!

  • I love this game!!!!

    by Swaggin Chick

    I played the board game slash headband game and the iPod game is way better! I recommend it to anyone!!!

  • Not he best

    by Flickmicdoodle

    This game can be fun for most people. The thing is it's mainly for adults so if your a child reading reviews you may not know a lot of the things they have on here! What I'm trying to say is if you're doing the pop star category they may bring someone from a long time ago and a lot of the times you have no clue they are! I wouldn't recommend it but you can give it a try one star from me!⭐️

  • So Much Fun!

    by trstrawberrygirl

    Love to watch Ellen play this with guests on her show. So I got it, and we played with friends while on vacation. Great game for travel because you don't need to bring any special equipment. (Now, if only I could play it with Ellen on her show, it would be perfect!) ;-)

  • For All Ages!!!

    by Cellistsrcool

    I downloaded this on my iPhone when it first came out and played it with family. Over this past holiday season, I downloaded it on my Grandma's iPad and played it with nearly 20 people. What a blast! Thanks, Ellen, for creating the best app on the App Store.

  • Glitchy

    by andreamjohnson11

    The game won't move on to the next card when flipped down. So this is fun for about ten seconds and then the whole thing has to be rebooted. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Great app


    This app is really amazing. Worth buying

  • Love it!

    by Lexie413

    This is such a fun app and it's a great game to play with friends:)!!

  • Great! 1 Suggestion!

    by Applebsutta

    I love this game and I only started playing it. I have recently started making my own card decks and are kinda running out of ideas. It would be awesome if you can see other people's personalized cards online and we can swap and use them.

  • Fun While it Lasts!

    by DylCox

    It's fun - until it crashes or freezes; which happens constantly in one sitting! Fix this!

  • Perfect at amusement parks

    by Garners baby

    My friends and family LOVE playing this while in long lines at Disneyland! Lots of laughs and memories made-- and the videos are the best part! We have at least 5 people ask what app we use. You're welcome, Ellen! ;)

  • Cool

    by Fairly awesome

    Lunch: "what do you eat in the middle of the day?" "Cookies?"

  • PLAY IT!

    by Was happenin hot stuff

    This is just the best game ever. Ellen and her crew did an amazing job creating such a wonder app for everyone to play. I recommend it for everyone young and old.

  • Do Not Open In Public Place!

    by Pulchritudia

    Do not download and open this app in a public place. As soon as you do, you'll regret it. Ellen will shout, "You are the proud new owner of...!" That's as far as I've gotten before I could close the app. No matter if the volume is off and on vibrate, she will shout. You will get stares! I've tried this twice, same result. Shame on me, lol. Never have I thrown a phone down to muffle it like I just did. You have been warned people! Lol.

  • Super silly fun

    by CrozierB

    I have only played this game for a couple of hours, but am hooked! Looking forward to becoming famous for my awesome accents and impressions.

  • Oh My gosh Ellen

    by Tiny_Ash_

    Best Game ever!! I have so much fun playing this game. And laughing, I think I might get a six pack faster by laughing than exercise ..

  • Heads Up

    by Redwingirl01

    Fun game that is easy to play as long as the people you play with know what the category is

  • Seriously?

    by Human Being.  

    In app purchases for a paid game...


    by Ooooooooo :)

    My two teenagers wanted to play this app and after they download the app we had soooooo much funnn!!! We played for hours and were laughing for hours. Thanks for creating this great app.

  • Greatest game ever

    by Smacktics

    I play this game everyday with my friends and about 20 of them have naught it too we all just love it and it's worth the money!!! Keep it coming!!!

  • Love this game

    by Ecd12333

    Such a great game produced by a great person... Ellen for life!!

  • Absolutely Amazing

    by Tyler Suggs

    I never write reviews, but this game is worth one. I love how easy and fun it is to play with your friends and family! Great game!!!

  • So much fun!!

    by Coco33cola

    Love this game!! Fun in big groups or even with just two players!

  • Excellent entertainment

    by DangerDan11

    Really fun

  • Great app!!!!!!!!

    by Troop2814

    Great app has so much included! You can even send the videos of your friends trying to Ellen!!!!!! Omg So much fun that will last for hours

  • Ummmm

    by Mandy <3 :)

    It is fun but like the word will be Harry potter and I can say cookie and it says I got it right. I would not recommend getting it.

  • So much fun!

    by Summertime_autty

    This game is so much fun! You can have a family friendly gamenight, or create a fun drinking game with this! I love it :)

  • Best Game Ever!

    by Dah33

    This game is smile, fun, and great for small and big groups. Absolutely hilarious! Go Ellen!

  • 5 STARS

    by jrobi03

    What a game! Who needs taboo or categories anymore?

  • Best 99 cents I've spent.

    by chaos hellbound

    This game is absolutely wonderful. Fun with friends of all ages, family of all ages and even kids. How ever, I do wish they had a "season pass" option to pay 10$ and get all future decks.

  • Super fun

    by K S

    Love this game can't stop playing!

  • Love

    by Pumpkin009

    Love this game defiantly worth $0.99 for. I play this with my family all the time and watching the videos always get a laughter on act it out


    by Kuzmaaaaaaaaaaas


  • Wonderful! But..

    by Moummy1

    I constantly have to flip my phone to get it to go through as correct or a pass one time I threw it across the room

  • The New Friend Magnet

    by nlarocca

    My friends and I played this game while stuck in a long line at Disneyland. Not only did it keep us easily and enjoyably entertained, but we attracted a huge crowd to play along with us as we moved along the line and made even more friends! I had at least four people ask me what the game was called because they said it was so much fun and so worth the 99 cents!

  • Please add back-up for custom decks.

    by Ry_TM

    This is one of my favorite games. It's so much fun to play with friends. The only problem I had was that I had spent a few hours making an awesome custom deck, but I had to reset my phone and when I reloaded the app my custom deck was blank again. please update the app so it will save the custom decks! Thanks! Love the app!

  • Disneyland

    by Ty!!!!!

    If you been to Disneyland you know you're going to stand in line for a LOOOOOOONG time if you don't have a fast pass for that ride. Me and my friends would play HEADS UP in line and it made that wait seem like 5 minutes! This app is the best so much fun get it if you're going to the happiest place on earth! Make you're trip will be even better

  • So relevant!! Love the video portion!

    by Ann Franklin

    Introduced on New Year's Day and love playing at family gatherings. I just can't quit you Heads Up.

  • Awesome!

    by dslack123

    Played this game with my family over the holidays...We couldn't put it down!

  • Best game you could ever have

    by Tmonster56

    This game is very good everyone who checks this game out should get it you should get it because for example if you are with friends and you are saying what should we do you can play heads I have to say this is the best game you could ever have go get it!

  • In app purchases

    by Dpontio97

    "Payment disabled" thing pops up when I try to buy new decks. Otherwise I LOVE this app

  • Great app

    by cookierox

    Really fun and it's like a board game on your phone

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