Star Walk™ - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Vito Technology Inc.

1) It is likely that ISON is not going to be the comet of the century. Nevertheless, we decided not to remove it from the app.

2) You can now turn on Picture caching in the Star Walk Settings. When caching is ON it will download the content only once and store it on your device. However when caching is OFF it will save you some space on your device.

3) Minor adjustments in texts and tables in Info to make them more readable.

4) Chinese localization improved.

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***Over 8 million users! Winner of Apple Design Award 2010***

Star Walk is the most beautiful stargazing app you’ve ever seen on a mobile device. It will become your go-to interactive astro guide to the night sky, following your every movement in real-time and allowing you to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies with extensive information about stars and constellations that you find.

Get started quickly

• Launch the app and point your iPhone at the night sky, you'll see the stars, planets, satellites, and constellations in their proper place from your location. As you move your device, the star map updates in real time. The Moon is the easiest first target.

• Tap Augmented Reality icon in the upper right corner to add the image from your camera to your sky view.

• Use Night Mode to go easy on your eyes and preserve night vision when exploring the Universe.

Go deeper and beyond

• Every object you tap has an (i) next to its name, tap it to access information.

• A scale on right is the Time Machine, slide it to explore the map of the night sky of tomorrow or years ago.

• A calendar of celestial events will make sure you never miss anything interesting.

• TelRad will help you find the exact position of an object when stargazing with a telescope.

Share your experience

• Project to a big screen with no picture quality loss. Star Walk is your personal planetarium.

• Explore stunning space pictures in Picture of the Day.

• There is an entire stargazing twitter community within Star Walk - don't miss out!

Duran Duran's keyboard Nick Rhodes mentions Star Walk as his favorite app:

"With the Star Walk app, if you hold your iPod up towards the sky, you can see all the stars and constellations. It even tells you the names of all the planets. Then, if you point it towards the ground, it shows you what all the stars are in the other hemisphere. It’s brilliant, and if you’re ever somewhere with a clear sky and no light pollution, it’s a revelation. It’s beautifully designed and makes clever use of the available technology. I’m fascinated by astronomy, but even if you’re not, give this a go."


Customer Reviews

  • Yay

    by Pcoxoxoxoxoxforxtg


  • Great for Astronomy

    by Texoma Lakerat

    I take this wonder App with me from phone to phone. Thank you to the hard working creators who make this star gazing App worthy of the classroom.

  • consistently amazing

    by preciousmouse

    the seemless integration of data and images has always been a pleasure to rely upon. This continues to be an amazing app, the very first purchased 3 years ago and still my favorite.

  • Fantastic!

    by Uncle Moustache

    Can't say enough good things about this app. Such incredible power and info! While it may seem pricey as apps go, it really amazes me to have such a tool for only $3. Other reviewers have said it's difficult to use. I disagree. Once through the tutorial video and a read through the FAQs is all you need. I mostly wanted it for the calendar of astronomical events, which is also wonderful. It gives you everything that's going on and allows you to add items to a calendar of your own. Stop reading about it and get it already! It's fantastic! Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to the app to see if I can spot the International Space Station, which should be visible in the next few minutes.

  • Best App Ever

    by G---Man

    This is by far the best app ever for me!

  • Great app


    Love it. Works great.

  • Best App for iOS

    by Lodgefather

    I use this app all the time. Nothing like watching a meteor shower while laying in bed.

  • Best astronomy/sky app out!!!

    by Sackary123

    This app has everything and then some!! Point it anywhere and it will show you everything in the sky where your phone is then tell you about it. Amazing app to show off to your friends and family!!

  • Best app I've ever used

    by Turboheroach

    Star Walk has had the greatest impact on me since the development of the smart phone. Absolutely love it!

  • Essential!

    by Josunae

    Fantastic, in depth app that has come in handy on many stargazing adventures. The only reason for 4 vs 5 stars is an intuitiveness challenge. Much of the time I see great things, but the menu system isn't clear, and I'm not sure how to find what I'm searching for. But when I do... Wow!

  • Amazing!

    by RyleeFrazier

    My science teacher recommended this app a few months ago because he wanted us to track some visible planets during our Universe Lesson. Ever since then and even weeks after the lesson ended, I often find myself in my backyard looking up at the sky with this app. But what could make this app even better, was if you could save your favorite planets and stars, so if you think you saw it on night and wanted to make sure, you could go to a folder and look instead of spinning around for a while looking for it.

  • Awesome App

    by Slackerboy

    Not much more to say! Great for kids and for grown ups too!

  • Awesome utility

    by Ph1loSopher

    Love all the features. Good for techies and laypersons

  • Star walk review

    by Zombie chum

    Love it, it is so fun and educational, spend hours thinking of how small we are and lucky we are, Lets go to another planet and kill them! Humans Rock!

  • StarGazing

    by stargazer0294

    Great App definitely worth purchasing!

  • Love it!!

    by Ever388

    If you're a space nerd you'll love it

  • If you like space this is THE app

    by oOcyclonOo

    Seriously… It's worth it

  • Have had the app for years

    by Nugget Lover

    Absolutely love it. So great when tripping in the hills to find stars / constellations and to verify if what I am seeing is real or just my visuals. Much Love✌️

  • Star walk

    by Jasonannika

    Incredible, entertaining and educational.

  • T

    by Tshopper5


  • Crashing

    by Benny Honah

    Once I try to move my phone around and have the camera on so it shows real time, it crashes. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  • Compass no longer works

    by Captainod

    I enjoyed this when I first got it - latest update has removed compass feature - a less than average app now.

  • Review

    by Mistea19

    Best star app

  • Star Walk

    by Ho_Ho

    I have had this app since shortly after it came out. I originally had it on my iPod touch, I now have it on my 4th gen. iPad, love it. It has continued to be made better by the developers. Great way to keep up on the night sky so I'm not lost when I get out at night myself.

  • Awesome! Brilliant!

    by Zsurfrider

    The only thing that this app doesn't do is send you to the moon! An awesome app!

  • The best stargazing app!

    by Jsm768

    Simply the best

  • Used to be great. Now....?

    by DonLaForet

    Skylive was terrific. Then a couple weeks ago it stopped being live and sensitive to position and aim. I can shift it manually but it has lost the magic. And my allegiance.

  • Must have

    by JCBethesda

    A must for casual observers of the universe. It may convert you from a casual observer to a student. Just tap an object and learn.

  • Like the app

    by Gwr188

    Great app to use To help identify the planets and other objects . Use it with my telescope . Would be great it if you can update the information on the planets and moons to reflect Newly discovered information on them

  • Sandy G

    by Nobadgers

    What I enjoy most, as an amateur, are the pictures and seeing the satellites. The satellites are so interesting and much information is provided. The pictures are beautiful, and there are many categories to page through.

  • Whoa.

    by Someone who matters

    This is why I bought an iphone.

  • Dis joint is Crunk yo!

    by Dudeman090909

    Dude I be havin this app for a minute and a half now. It's like magic Dog. Bounce it on yo kin's +!++!€$

  • Meteor Showers gone missing?

    by Chee7ah

    I am a longtime user of Star Walk. This is by far my favorite and most used app. It's been wonderful to see it grow and add useful features with most updates. Perhaps not the best stargazing app you can find anymore, but still extremely accessible. However, with the last update pushed through, meteor showers seem to have disappeared from the calendar. This is a major bummer! The showers can still be found by in a manual sense, by advancing the date scale to the shower's active time and locating the point of origin in the night sky, but this is hardly easy compared to how it used to be. Please, please fix this! It's my favorite bit of the program! Also, I have a minor dislike for the new icon and font appearance (iOS 7 stylizing), but I realize that progress is forward and the amount of iOS 6 (and prior) users out there are dwindling, and certainly won't be catered to. Still, I miss the depth and color palate. I can't really wrap my head around why

  • So awesome

    by Theditoor

    See the stars!

  • Simply brilliant.

    by Roget Lockard

    Granted: I'm a little easy to impress, since I'm old enough to remember back to the days when we weren't sure whether there was more than one galaxy. But still! You can spend 30 seconds or three hours with this program, and be richly entertained, or vastly informed. As for me, I choose both!

  • Awesome App!!

    by tophthegoph

    I have three or four astronomy apps and this is one of my favorites! Tons of cool features, as with all these apps I have to move my phone around to get the compass aligned correctly but once you get it, it's great! Worth the money

  • Awesome App!!

    by tophthegoph

    I have three or four astronomy apps and this is one of my favorites! Tons of cool features, as with all these apps I have to move my phone around to get the compass aligned correctly but once you get it, it's great! Worth the money

  • Love it

    by Tiphni

    Great for a starry night, laying out on the back porch! The music is a little sketchy but I enjoy the app!

  • Fun fascinating and kids love it

    by JacAustin

    This app is very cool on a night walk. You can even see space stations and satellites. It's easy to use and you can even point downward to see what stars are on the other side of the Earth. My son loves it.

  • Way to Awesome!!!

    by TheBenjMaster

    One of my favorite apps.

  • Star walk best app ever

    by Zelda3d

    Star walk use it ever day

  • Too confusing

    by M8857

    Too many useless notifications. Great info. Seems crowded with info that makes usage difficult. Solid sky orientation without all the prompts but difficult otherwise. Two Stars this time.

  • Very cool!

    by Cobbwebb1

    Beautiful images and very helpful identification!

  • Most used app on my phone

    by Jameedon

    I'm an astrophotographer and setting up my telescope requires you to pick stars from the computer and then center your scope on them. Since the stars change with the season I always have to find a new star to use and this is the app I goto every time to figure out names of the stars I'm using. Plus I use this app to determine when the moon isn't to bright so I know when I can set up my gear. And I like the calendar that tells you upcoming celestial events. No problems with freezing.

  • Amazing

    by ThDarkMagician86

    Love this app and the music in it. The music should became available to download.

  • If u like stars

    by Business card shredder

    The only app that puts so much together.

  • Love this app

    by Teacher-Mom

    I've loved this app since I first got it and felt it was perfect from the start. Somehow, with each update, the developers keep making it even more perfect.

  • Excellent!!!

    by guillo54

    Great way to explore the sky. It is wonderful and functional. It provides an amazing amount of very interesting and meaningful information. Great job!!!!

  • Great

    by Michele Moschetta


  • Loading tine

    by Bill12357

    Between the screen that shows Vito Technology and the one that says Star Walk this app takes longer to load then any I've seen. This is a big negative as you often loose the sky awaiting the load process to finish.

  • Great app!

    by Raw_ool_ito

    Easy to use and easy to learn controls. A great app for either armature or professional sky gazers.

  • Best star app ever

    by Andrew Grimaldi

    Subject says it all.

  • Very cool

    by Coolbro464

    I was very impressed with this app! Worth every single penny!! Awesome graphics and it has never crashed

  • Cool app

    by Haze Ezah

    blowS MY MIND!!

  • Every Night

    by a black dog

    This app is very nice . I use it every night watching the wife's tv with her . This app is Great on my iPhone 4S . This app woks in daylight every bit as well as at night . Two thumbs up . ~mark

  • Amazing!!!

    by MaZmAN23

    I use this app when I'm in the middle of the ocean and when I'm home it's flawless!

  • ❤️

    by Jen S

    LOVE this app!! ❤️

  • Simply the best

    by ostricide

    Easily the most impressive thing you can do with the iPhone/iPad.

  • Astronomical fun

    by Steve7677

    Most enjoyable app on my iPhone.

  • Love it!

    by dmac2912

    It is awesome to be able to tell your daughter what she's looking at in the night sky! Great App!

  • Student

    by rf15

    Just perfect!

  • Wow

    by Ken Quigley

    Love it - show it to everyone

  • I love it.

    by Chris Campbell

    It great

  • Perfect for amateur sky watchers

    by apple3.14159

    Best feature is the accelerometer-compass which allows you to match the sky with your target of interest.

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