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Use YouTube as music player:
- Play on background
- Find lyrics to videos
- Set a sleep timer
- Make Playlists
- Enjoy Dynamic TOP 100 Playlists = changes every day.
- View history of watched videos and make favorites list
- Login with YouTube and play & edit your playlists
- Publish on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, email or SMS.
- Display media info on lock screen
- Search Playlists and Channels and copy them immediately to be yours.
- Skip songs with headphones or iPod controls
Need to say more?

- Double Tap on video to zoom in and out, one tap to dismiss controls.
- Scroll player controls to the left to see sleep timer, rotation lock and more.

Thank you for all the reviews, good and bad. We read them all.

Customer Reviews

  • Caching Problems

    by Drewdrew125

    The videos don't cache.. I have a brand new iPhone and it's always worked before but this is the only time it's never cached the songs.. Help?

  • I need help

    by JDM 4567

    I can't seem to get my videos to get chached. Can someone help me fix this.

  • Help PLEASE?!?

    by Sang sniff

    This is an amazing app for music. In my opinion the best, but my phone was reset a few days ago and I had to re- download the app. When I listened to a song all the way it doesn't say cached anymore. I've tried re-installing the app, and everything but nothing seems to be working. PLEASE fix the app

  • No Catcher

    by Alex RG4L

    No puedo descarcar los videos & no sale la opcion de ' Catcher' ¿que Hago?

  • Good app won't catch

    by Yuck yucky yuck!!

    Had the app redownloaded now my music won't catch please fix!!! Thanks

  • Cached

    by G dog25

    I used to love this app but them then I wanted to try another one and deleted this one(big mistake). Then I re-downloaded it and now it won't cache anymore!! I really like this app but this needs to be fixed.

  • AlitaP.

    by AlitaP.

    Please I need help! I don't know how to make that option but I can't catch the videos and is a bug! I tried waiting and finding the way to make that option but it still don't catch them! Please help me!

  • No cache

    by Papa bear78

    I'm sad because it won't cache

  • Help

    by Hot chocolate 81893

    Never had a problem with this app until today, but now when I'm not on the app itself the music stops, someone pleaseeeee help

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by Angel1942

    The app is really useful. It would have gotten 5 stars, but my app frequently freezes or crashes.

  • Itubbeeeee

    by Brihere

    I love this app I just got it today and there is no problem I love it it's really awesome

  • Cached

    by GingeCast2004

    A lot of people think theirs a bug and none of their videos are getting cached anymore but really it's because they run out of storage to download another video and then they have to reinstall the app, the only thing left for you to do is this: Create an option that you can turn cached videos on or off, then you can stop getting your storage taken up if you know you'll only watch the video once. And you can turn it back on again & listen to your favorite songs that you will listen to (or watch) all the time. One more thing I think you should add is this: Actually deleting a video that's cached so then it won't be cached anymore and you can regain storage. I do hope you do take at least 1 of these ideas into action. your Ituber, Adam

  • Love it but...

    by Epic gir 255

    Could you guys please fix the bug? It won't let me catch anything!!! And it's frustrating. I love this app but it doesn't let me use it the way it was made.

  • Cache

    by freshhxkidd24

    I hate how I re downloaded the app & it doesn't cache the videos anymore ._. can someone help

  • Not caching any more

    by Room1990

    I downloaded the app a while ago, and it used to cache the songs. But after I switch to my new iPhone, it does not cache any more!!!! It used to be the best app ever. Please fix it :(

  • Itube

    by Kkjhgrr

    I downloaded this app and everything worked great. Then I accidentally deleted it. So I downloaded it again and now it won't cach any of my videos anymore.. In other words I can't listen to any of my music unless I have Internet. Please help. I gave it 1 star cause I'm having this problem with it.

  • It pretty cool...

    by Keke7717

    My sound on itube won't work at all right now but other than that it's a great app! I love how I can make my own playlist it cool! I just WISH MY SOUND WOULD WORK! I have this terrible sound problem and it's not working makes me sick!

  • Awesome

    by JamZim1999

    I have an iPod touch fourth generation and this app works perfectly! I have no problems with freezing, crashing, or caching. For people with those problems; Let the orange fill the buffer bar at the top of the video. Once that is done, the video has been cached. You need to add the video to a playlist to listen to/view it again. If you don't, you need to find it in your history. Also, if you clear the history, the cache is cleared. Hope I helped!

  • Whyyy .......... Isint .... This ...... Workinggggggggg .23422

    by 3895926167194

    This app is getting me annoyed It dosent wanna cache my songs anymore it's getting me frustrated .. I need help ASAP !!!!? Anyone ????!! Please ????

  • :( not caching

    by Botwin423

    None of my songs will cache the idea is great but it would have 5 stars if it would cache my songs :(

  • Fix it

    by Jazzy holiday

    Omg it does not work no matter what I do I need my music dude it's like my drug fix it before I lose it

  • Please read and help Itube.

    by Person with a problem

    I've had this app for awhile an then the other day as I was going to listen to songs I realized NONE of my music was cached so I deleted the app and re downloaded it thinking that would help. it didn't I still can't cache anything. this what used to be a five star app is now useless.

  • Not catching

    by Love frog 101

    I have had this app for awhile but know its not catching please fix it

  • No Caching

    by ChocolateStarfish569

    When I first seen itube and the ability to cach I was happy because I would be really bored with the music I have in my library. So I downloaded it and had played a video waited for the orange bar to fill up wait for a few seconds even minutes and it wouldn't cach!!! Put caching back in the next update!!!!!

  • Not cached

    by Djelijah

    My music is not being cached and Im starting to think it a bug or a glitch and I just re downloaded it right know and it not being cached so I was wondering can you fix this please

  • Won't cache

    by Livy_B7

    So I have the app on my iPad and I tried to download it on my iPad mini and it won't cache. I've tried to re-download the app but it still won't. Please fix because I have long rides to basketball games and such.

  • Why won't songs play?!?

    by Afrankfort

    I just downloaded this today and when I add songs to my playlist I can't play them off of wifi. Why is that? This seems like a really good app when it actually works. How do I get it to where I can play the songs in my playlist when I am not connected to wifi?

  • by MoreNuts

    This app is not letting me cache any songs. But I'm going to keep the app just to see if it starts to cache any of the songs again.

  • No cache

    by Redneck1995

    Okay a friend who has this app and his caches had tried to help me, we deleted the app, tried everything that normally works, we restarted my iPad, and still nothing, no cache... Another thing that ticks me off I clicked on app support and it tried bringing me to twitter, which I can't get on at school for one, and secondly twitter shouldn't be used for that because not everyone has a twitter, you should have an email that I can send an email to for support. Fix and I will rate 5 stars

  • This app doesn't work

    by Eldedu

    Didn't downloaded the videos

  • It ain't working for me

    by Kdwog

    Ok I downloaded the app for my iPad and I have it on my iPod and it works fine but when I got it on my iPad it didn't cache them for me and I have to have wifi to listen on my iPod I don't have to have wifi to listen to it y can't I listen to my music on my iPad without wifi plz help me

  • Please Help

    by Kat0323

    I downloaded this app two days ago. I would like to use it to listen to music without wifi because I go on long car rides a lot. The problem is that my videos will NOT cache. I watched the videos I wanted and let the orange thing load. None of them cached. I have and iPod touch 4th generation and an iPhone 3rd generation. This has been a huge inconvenience. Please help! Thank you for reading...

  • Sad

    by Hala❤️

    It's not catching

  • Needs to be fixed

    by hhj0666

    For some strange reason it doesn't catch the song anymore ?

  • Youre kidding..

    by Airy air

    So i kept searching songs and it kept saying the link is broken and to exit the app and open it again so i deleted it and redownloaded it and now it doesnt say cached... Why doesnt it save songs anymore!!?! ;(

  • Download PLAYTUBE BlUE

    by Robjr66

    Download PLAYTUBE blue if you can't cached the songs in here is the same thing.

  • No Cache

    by Talofalava3456788

    I used this app all the time..but then something happened and i deleted it and re-downloaded it doesnt cache!!..please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :(

    by Lover

    Nothing is caching.

  • Songs won't chached

    by J_n_1112

    My songs won't cached Ie tried over and over. Put the song listened waited for the orange bar to load waited a couple more seconds favorited it and then went back to history and nothing says cached in red. I erased and re downloaded the app as well and it's still not working :(

  • Bring cache back

    by A cool skater

    I liked this app a lot until the cache option was removed please fix this.

  • Ehhhhh

    by Church658

    I like it but I don't because it doesn't cache. I have an iPhone 4S with IOS7

  • there's no cache!!!! .-.

    by Piratetelly

    I give 5 stars if u fix this problem -.- ..

  • I don't understand


    I have no idea how to listen to music without wifi someone please please help me

  • Pls fix

    by Grantward27

    Songs won't cache

  • Issues with cache

    by Godyesh

    I have many friends with this app...they all said it was great. I downloaded it...& it will not cache anything...even after I've played the song or video many times with wifi. Must have changed the app, as it sounds like I'm not the only one having this issue. Not sure if they are going to fix it or if this is how it's going to be.....would be nice if they would let people know though.....

  • This is gay

    by Gbling32

    I want to listen to my music offline like I use two now this app is trash

  • Fix the App

    by Gracie500

    When I first downloaded it, it worked perfectly. All the songs were caching but now it doesn't. Not even when I play the song 3 times in a row. /: I really like the app but it's main purpose for me was so that i could listen to music without wifi.

  • Supposed to work

    by Alex5582

    This app is supposed to be really good and cach the music so you can listen so thought wifi. Guess what it DOSNT. I wish it would hopefully they fix it!!!

  • CACHED!!!:(

    by Ghutssfgghyomnnbhhgrdv

    I download this app because a friend of mine was cached all the song she want, but on my iPhone or iPad I don't cache nothing, and I do exactly the same process that she's doing. Please help me or fix this app. Thanks you

  • Can't cache

    by Musiclover7776

    I used to love this app. I loved how you could cache songs and listen to them anywhere you went. I recently got a new iPod and now I can't cache my songs. I have tried listening to them over and over. Please fix it!!!! I dearly miss it.

  • Fix it!

    by Wow powwow 6790

    Fix this cache thing! Please fix it! You have more 1 star reviews than gives!

  • FIX

    by GagerZ00001

    So, I got this app and it won't download anything. Fix plzz

  • Won't cache

    by Randomguy122

    Had it on my iPod and it worked perfect. Got an iPhone and won't cache?

  • Gay~!!!

    by Franky5638492752

    Try -Mctube- it's so much better

  • OMG! I absolutely LOVE it! ❤️

    by YanitzaMarlenSanchez

    I really never write reviews, but with this app, I'd write a million reviews! I love how you can cache videos, and watch them without WiFi I have an iPhone, but sometimes I loose signal in some spots, and this app never stops the music if there isn't any wifi! Love it! Don't update it, leave it as it is. Thanks :)

  • Caching?

    by Z10098

    I need to be able to cache music please but otherwise this app is great

  • Bring back the cache

    by Bang fire

    Man I the songs won't cache anymore that was the whole reason for having this app cause you didn't need internet to listen to the music you wanted and now the best feature was taken off PUT IT BACK

  • Help

    by U all luv me

    So i downloaded iTUBE a month ago and you know when it says "cached" you can listen to it without wifi well.... I had to re-download it because it wasn't opening Well....... Now when i play any of my songs with wifi it doesn't say "cached" on it so now i cant play my music will someone please help me because i always go in really long car rides and its really annoying to have to listen to my mom and dad talk with no music turned on in the radio so can anybody please help me

  • Cached? Where'd it go?

    by Music Insane

    I want the caching back. That's the only reason I like it...Everybody else wants it back too!!

  • Won't cached

    by Looperr

    I had it before and worked fine but I got a new phone (iPhone5s) and it won't cache.

  • :,(

    by Shadowlilly

    I used to love this app until last week my videos still aren't catching they where for like a day and they just stopped :( I might still be the only one with this problem (yes I up dated it) Can you please fix this app I used to really like it

  • Why

    by Evskizzy

    No longer caches songs??!! That's the whole reason I downloaded it so I could go anywhere with it and now I'm sad

  • Aaahhhh!!!

    by Ahhhh!!! GOSH!!!

    I have the same complain as other people THE SONGS WON'T CATCHE!!! FIX THIS!!!! F**king app FIX IT!!!!!!

  • no cache makes me :(

    by IM NORMAL

    I download this app because I was able to cache things and then listen without wifi (since I have an iPod) now I can't cache one thing. Witch makes me quite sad :,( so I think u should update the app so we can cache it other than that it is an amazing app :D

  • Please fix this app!!!!!!!!!

    by Kaliedevivo12356

    Yeah we'll I love this app but I just got a new iPod and I used this app before and it would cached the music on my playlist time I bought it again and now it won't and I use to use this a lot I'm the car with out using wifi cuz I have a iPod touch and I lost all my music and this is how I listened to my music if you can fix the prob that would be great cuz then I can use it again thanks!

  • Glitch

    by Cat6402

    My songs aren't being cached please help me.

  • A great app, if it worked!

    by TobyMacistheman

    I've ha this app before, it used to work great... But once I re-installed it, it would no longer cache the songs. I'm really upset, I loved using this app. One of my favorite ways to save my favorite songs for offline use. I will rate this app 5 stars once you make it cache songs again! Thanks!

  • Eva2711

    by Eva2711

    'OMIGOD PLEASE HELP ME!' I just restarted my iPhone for a couple reasons....and I re-downloaded this app right away and when I tried to cached a song it wouldn't let me and I was completely devastated and heart-broken!!! With that being said is there anyway you can fix it because I am totally freaking out!!!??? SO DO ME A FAVOR AND HELP ME FIX IT!!!! - Eva2711 P.S I know I sound super dramatic and I'm usually not like that but it's my music and I JUST DON'T CARE!!!

  • It used to be a good app

    by RidleyFalcao

    Caching isn't working anymore...

  • What happened to cache?

    by mememmememememme

    The cache stopped working, can u pls fix it?

  • Listening to music offline on itube?

    by Lifelesspersonality

    I totally love this app, it doesn't even take a lot of space on my phone, as that's what makes me love this app even more! But there's only one little problem: I'm not really sure if I didn't see it yet, but isn't it possible to listen to your music offline? I really really love this app, but with listening to your music while you're offline, that would be perfect! Thank you, again! I hope it's going to be in an update then!

  • Wow

    by Lopez spiderman

    This is stupid a couple days ago I could've cached videos but now I can't really stop being like this people download so they can listen to there music this bull just leave cached videos

  • Does not Cache

    by Obear1218

    Ever since yesterday everything was fine until it didn't cache which needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • S

    by Soskarifatsoskarifat

    Awesome application

  • Sadend

    by Sad llama face

    Won't cache. Can't use without being connected to wifi. Change it to the old version. I'm disappointed.

  • |-| /-\ \/\/ /-\ | |

    by Eli JahJah

    can't download anymore songs + why can I download two itube apps?

  • Caching removed??

    by Savage918

    Caching was the only reason I use this app and the update removed it? I can no longer use the app now.

  • Fix the app!!!!!!!!

    by Wyattttttt

    I've been using this app for over a year an now I hate it until the app get fixed I'm never using it fix it or get rid of the app completely

  • Well

    by Bianely

    Is a good app but the only problem is i cant cached songs anymore

  • :/

    by Pll lover forever

    What i noticed was that i put songs in my playlist. Then when i pressed to listen to that song, it would put me tk a different ine ;(((

  • Itube

    by Froilan Ramirez

    Before, when I first downloaded this app, I was able to download songs and cach them. Now since I've recently updated the app, I now need wifi to play music. I believe that the older version was better but I've deleted this app now

  • Aaahhhh!!!

    by Ahhhh!!! GOSH!!!

    I have the same complain as other people THE SONGS WON'T CATCHE!!! WHY??!?!?!? FIX THIS!!!!

  • Help?

    by Tamashinonai

    I got on the app today to add new songs. Then I went to play them without wifi, and they wouldn't play. I looked at the songs, and they didn't have the cached. So now I can't listen to my music on the go. Could you please fix this?

  • Um help fast !!

    by The baller 12346

    Well I got the app about 5 months ago and about 3 months ago it just all of a Sudden started cacheing . About 2 days ago it would play songs that weren't cached so I deleted and redownloaded the app and it does not cache. Now I can't listen to music unless I have wifi so please fix the app so it caches or somebody tell me how to fix it

  • Wont cache anymore.

    by WRX_powahhh

    Whatever the developer did to this app recently just ruined it. It no longer caches songs which officially makes this application completely useless. I'm giving it another week before I delete it.

  • Cached

    by Laurelpooh

    Why can i cache songs??

  • Help?

    by Katia1421

    How do I get my Cached ?

  • It doesn't catch

    by etenaj

    This app is a waste of time now that it does not catch I rather use a different app and all of my friends stopped using it because if this

  • Itube

    by Maria Zaldivar

    Love this app!

  • Add a little more

    by Reporter1234

    You should make it so you can also download the videos to your device

  • Problems!

    by 07Steelersfan43

    I have had itube for about a year now. When I first got it it was great. I could listen to music wherever I wanted. But now when I don't have wifi itube just skips half my playlist saying I can't listen to my music anymore because it's not allowed in my country(United States). So I can only listen to like 5 of my songs now. I don't know if its part if the caching problem but they need to get the old awesome 5 star worthy itube back

  • Please helppp

    by Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    I use to LOVE this app and I told all my friends but then one day I was with wifi an it wasn't letting me listen to the music the I tried deleting it and tried catching new music and it wouldn't let me:( please change it so the music will catche again

  • Please Thank You

    by PandaLover1335

    This Is A Very Great App And I Use It Everyday. The Only Thing I Don't Like Is That When You Exit Out The App, The Music Stops And Then Continues!!! Can You Please Update This App Quick Pleaseee! THANK YOU

  • Sonia

    by Febe2009

    I updated my phone and now the app it's not catching I don't understand why can some one help out plz

  • What's going on?

    by Lil'Red <3

    I recently deleted the app because it was taking up to much space but I redownloaded it yesterday and now IT WON'T CACHE how do I cache the videos or is there a problem with the app? Eaither way please fix right away, the app is great minus the fact it won't cache.

  • Cache !

    by Cache !

    I can't cache videos and I need cache to listen to music please bring it back

  • Noooooo



  • Good

    by Lion hot


  • Someone please help

    by Tyga , nicki minaj

    Can someone please tell me where the sleep timer is at? I've been trying to find it but still can't.

  • Caching videos

    by Minecraft191

    This app is pointless without the ability to cache videos.. If it isn't brought back I will delete the app for good

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