Procreate – Sketch, paint, create. Entertainment App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

• Fixed issue with strokes missing first segment.
• Small bug fixes and small improvements
• Included latest Pogo Connect SDK
• Fixed pressure data issues for Jot Touch

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Apple Design Award Winner 2013

Procreate is the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration App available for iPad. It’s packed with features artists love, from true-to-life sets of pencils, inks and brushes, through to advanced layer compositing, 64-bit performance and unique digital tools. And it isn’t just iPad friendly – it’s an iPad exclusive.

Creatives are embracing Procreate for it’s deadly combination of intuitive design, raw processing power and innate understanding of the artistic process allowing them to work with a world of familiar techniques alongside the limitless potential of the digital medium.

Procreate now includes game-changing GPU accelerated filters and adjustments, offering a whole new dimension of expression. Artists can now apply colour adjustments, gaussian blur, sharpen – and more – all in real time.

The list of technical features that have gone into Procreate 2 is impressive, and includes:

• Studio-grade features:
- 64-bit optimised for iPad Air & iPad Mini 2
- Ultra-High Definition 4K Canvas size
- up to 4096 x 4096px (16.7 MP) for iPad 3+
- up to 4096 x 2616px (10.7 MP) for iPad 2/Mini
- Create custom canvas sizes
- OpenGL painting engine – Silica
- 64-bit smudge sampling
- 64-bit color
- Deliciously responsive smudge tool
- Multi-threaded, utilises iPad’s multiple cores
- 250 levels of undo and redo
- Continuous auto-save—never lose work again
- Dropbox integration everywhere

• Beautiful interface designed for iOS 7:
- Charcoal, translucent and blurred interface keeps you focused on your artwork
- Advanced Multitouch functionally built exclusively for iPad®
- Rapidly adjust the brush size & opacity on the fly

• Next generation drawing tools:
- Packed with 120 beautifully made brushes
- Game changing dual texture system
- 30 customisable settings for every brush
- Create your own custom Procreate brushes
- Organise your brushes into your own custom sets
- Share your brushes

• Advanced layering system:
- Dynamic layers–up to 128 layers, depending on size of canvas.
- Lock layer transparency (Alpha lock)
- Copy and paste layers from/to clipboard
- Pinch layers together to merge
- Pinch layers apart to create a new layer
- Swipe a layer to the right to action
- Swipe a layer to the left to alpha lock
- Two finger tap to adjust layer opacity
- 18 Layer Blend modes

• Transform:
- Distort perspective & shear
- Non Uniform & Uniform transformation
- Magnetic smart guide system

• Multi-touch gestures:
- Two finger zoom & rotate canvas
- Three finger tap fullscreen
- 3 finger Z-motion – Instant clear layer
- Quick-pinch shortcut for fit-to-screen
- Three finger swipe (left/right) for undo/redo
- Tap and hold eyedropper shortcut
- Pinch layers together to merge
- Pinch layers apart to create a layer
- Fullscreen adjust layer opacity
- Change artwork orientation

• Redesigned Gallery:
- Drag & drop organising
- Create artwork groups and name them
- Export to Photos, iTunes, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, Weibo and email
- Export as layered native Procreate file, PSD, transparent PNG or JPEG

• Multi-touch selection tool:
- Hybrid Freehand & Polygon selection tool
- Add or inverse selection

• GPU accelerated filters:
- Gaussian Blur
- Sharpen
- Noise
- Hue, Saturation, brightness
- Color Balance
- Curves

• 1080p video capture:
- Record every stroke in realtime, without delay
- Export HD video files to anyone
- Video management options

Customer Reviews

  • Please fix crashes

    by Hurlangyi

    This app is the best drawing and painting app I've ever used, and it's worth the money it costs. However, lately it's been crashing and exiting every five seconds on my iPad mini, and I'm getting very frustrated on having to open the app again and wait for my drawings to load, only to have the app crash again. I will give this app five stars once more once this bug is fixed.

  • Almost perfect..

    by Elrise

    I really like to love this app. I just bought an Adonit Jot Touch Pro 4, but soon I found out that procreate doesn't support palm rejection, which really is useful for drawings. I switch to a lesser "prestigious" app which to my amazement, it supports adonit palm rejection! Maybe someday I'll come back to this app when the developer finally included this much needed function, please add palm rejection. Thanks

  • Great app but needs the ability to Crop at anytime!

    by Dtssssssssssss

    Often when working on projects you move things around sometimes you need to crop out the sides a little to give the piece a more vertical feel or totally fix the aspect ratio to make everything fit together better but why is it I can't find anyway to easily hit a button, crop, and continue painting. Do I need to create a new canvas and copy/past and even then it's hard to get the right crop. Other than that so far I like this app and things like being able to export photoshop files( if I remember)

  • Beats Sketchbook Pro, a couple things I do miss...

    by Jack the Giant Killer

    If there was some way to have a well of tools/colors I can keep on screen the way Sketchbook Pro does, I would be most happy. I often get annoyed having to go to a menu, then a submenu at times, just to get a brush I use all the time. I can work faster in Sketchbook, but I prefer the tools and layering options of ProCreate more.

  • One Request

    by Flutterspy496

    Don't get me wrong, this is probably the best art creating app you can buy on the App Store. Just one thing that would make my experience even better: the ability to import .PSDs from Dropbox. I realize you're able to export it in that format, but there are times when I want to take something that I've worked on elsewhere and do some work on the app, and without the ability to take in psd files, I can't preserve the layers importing into the app.

  • The BEST Art App

    by Stardust Gryphon

    I am extremely impressed with the quality of this app. The options are VERY massive and customizable, allowing more unique ways to create your drawing. It is very organized and appealing to look at, simple and easy to access. Even the color selection is customizable, able you to input a color you commonly use into the palette. The overall alterations you can do makes this more than worth the price, which is a bargain! The app is truly incredible. One of the best apps, in general, I have came across.

  • Wonderful!!

    by Endspire

    I’ve been using Procreate for almost a year now! The software is absolutely wonderful and the staff is responsive and helpful. Since I’ve first used it, it’s only gotten better with the consistent updates. Procreate has completely changed my sketching habits; I use my iPad to draw much more than my normal sketchbook and I barely draw on my laptop anymore. Procreate is just so powerful and intuitive to use and it’s worth every cent.

  • The best iPad art app I've ever used

    by Jessiyhfju

    I've tried a pretty large selection of the art apps available on the iPad - and I constantly find myself returning to this one time and time again. As a casual artist who just paints and doodles for fun, I highly recommend this app. It's worth every penny!

  • So glad I found this!

    by Anjimo

    I bought a pressure sensitive stylus. Never heard of Procreate until then. Bought to test out stylus, as I had all other compatible art apps. Long story short- was not amazed with stylus overall, and returned it. But am continuously excited by Procreate! Haven't used hardly any other art app since buying it. Best random purchase to test something else I ended up returning ever. :)

  • The very best digital art app that I've found for an IPad 3

    by Kelsey4623

    I absolutely love this Procreate! I have a simple cheap stylus, but the experience with this app is amazing! I love how there aren't any in-app purchases and you get everything upfront. There are so many brushes and my digital art has never looked better! I don't know what I would do without this app so I give Procreate five stars.

  • Excellent app

    by Sir Picasso

    It's great, it is definitely the best I've used so far. (Sketchbook, Art Kit, Paper, Bamboo Paper) the only drawback is that I can only have a limited number of swatches (I think, I could be missing it) as far as I know I only have 4 pages for swatches. Really hope I can get more in the next update! <3

  • Unbeatable

    by atomantic

    I started using Procreate when I realized it supported a high enough resolution for a 15x19 print. I was more than satisfied with the results and I'm finding that I keep going back to Procreate after all other iPad drawing apps leave me frustrated. The canvas rotation is brilliant. The app is fantastically designed and implemented. Kudos.

  • basically adobe photoshop for a lot less.

    by Skittjejay

    this app is absolutely amazing. i love digital art and i'm serious about having it as a career choice. procreate is the best app i have ever bought. it is made for artists. its fast, smart and extremely well thought out. i can honestly see no flaws with it. having layers is wonderful, i can scan artwork i've drawn and import it on procreate, then ink it and color it. having the option to make and share your own brushes is wonderful. i cannot express how much i love this app. if you love to make art, any kind of art, this app is a must have. you could pay hundreds of dollars for adobe photoshop, or you can simply download this perfect app.

  • Goooooood!!!!

    by angry so

    Very very good

  • Excellent. But..

    by H.T.23

    My favorite art app, wicked fast and intuitive, the brushes and blending modes are excellent. But there's a few features I do wish it had: -the ability to fill an enclosed space with color (like paint bucket I think) -the ability to upload a reference picture and sort of 'pin' it on the screen while you're drawing, so it remains in one place whilst zooming and panning. I've occasionally tried to use a reference by creating a separate layer with the photo and resizing it occasionally in the background, but that doesn't work too well. (Artrage has this feature, and while I personally hate the app, it's a very handy feature.) However, all in all, I love Procreate. I haven't had any recent issues with crashing, either.

  • Crashes!!!

    by Drawart57

    Great app, many features but it crashes too much! AAAAAAGH

  • Perfect but add paint fill bucket

    by Sassycatgirl

    Please add paint fill bucket!

  • Love it except...

    by Lurvvy

    It keeps kicking me off mid draw. I love all of the features so it makes it frustrating to get booted. Usually it saves but sometimes I lose work. If that was fixed it would be the perfect art app!

  • App is good but

    by elyssia montgomery

    I love this app but i hate how it keeps crashing at the random of times. I start painting and then it slows down and eventually crashes. Thank god it still saves your work even if it crashes. Its my only problem with the app. Other than thats its outstanding and worth what i paid for it. you seriously need to fix them its driving me crazy! I cant even upload a picture without it crashing!

  • Best painting app for iPad

    by Saturnine Chaim

    Elegant, approachable, powerful. Absurdly affordable, and the development team is always improving it. I’m so happy software like this exists.

  • Crashing hinders work flow

    by Cobra133

    Been a long time procreate user. Usually my go-to app for digital studies and preliminary layout. In the last few months it's become nearly unusable... Constant crashing at random moments. Didn't used to crash at all.

  • This will hinder your work flow

    by Arbiter Pariah

    I have a fairly new iPad, and Procreate constantly lags and crashes on me. And by constant, I mean that it doesn't last 60 seconds. Also, if you're familiar with available art software, you will be hard pressed to call this intuitive. Some of the brushes look nice, but seeing as I can't get more than 2 stokes out of them before crashing, I'll never know. Buy Art Studio for iPad instead.

  • Still Glitching after update

    by KillerGirl(not really)

    No matter how many times I update it, it glitches before i even start on a piece of art. How am I supposed to use an app when it won't even stay open?

  • Eh

    by Cherrymochacola

    The app is fantastic, and outdoes any other program, but it keeps crashing whenever I work on certain pieces. It's incredibly annoying, please fix this!

  • Finally, an Art App that I Actually Use

    by Happy User 99999999

    Update: I bought a pressure sensitive stylus (Wacom Intuos Creative) and after 5 minutes with the iBook I learned enough to begin creating a set of brushes (sketching pencils so far) that make the experience even better that the stock brushes. Not my first art app, but the first one I actually use to supplement my art supplies. The simple interface and the iBook get you started making sketches and simple paintings within minutes. A bit of practice and you're customizing palettes and brushes, importing reference photos, inserting objects and working in layers, if you want to. For me it replaces the simple apps like Paper and the complex apps such as Sketchbook Pro. Just like a pencil or a paintbox, it's a tool that I don't get bored with and I don't outgrow.

  • Settled on Procreate after trying them all

    by roguewest

    I tried all the major painting type apps and Procreate had the best balance of all the tools for the best price. Couldn’t see having to buy each tool individually in other apps. I like the layers and how easy it is to adjust brush size and opacity.

  • Crashing

    by MikiParfait

    It crashed 9 times in 5 minutes. Getting annoying... Besides that, beautiful design, user-friendly.. Please fix the bugs!!!!

  • Needs undo button.

    by Scarlet The Weavile

    It doesn't even have an undo button!!! I demand that you add an undo and redo button NOW. >:U

  • Not a happy camper...

    by Carpe Futurum

    Can someone fix these issues that are swinging on my last nerve. 1) cannot import images from photos (or camera) with out the app crashing EVERY time I import a picture from my photos and, 2) resize smaller images into larger format, without having the app crash! Thanks, S

  • Love it but ...

    by Starlight'sDownfall

    I love the app but if anyone could answer this question for me, I paint on an ipad mini and the photos are beautiful but... The exported videos have Sh!t quality, it is pixilated and blurry, it's bad on my ipad but it's even worse on a computer, how do I fix this?

  • Inspired me to draw again!

    by Gemini Maverick

    This freaking app is amazing. I haven't drew since I graduated college 6 years ago, as a graphic artist. I purchased this app in the hopes of designing a watercolor album cover for my Music album LP (my other profession), and it is absolutely a joy to use. The brushes and the smudge tools have become my best friends. It's so realistic the way the colors and brushes mimic real drawing tools. And there is something to be said when you start a drawing with the pencil tool, then paint over it, then use the ink tool to highlight certain edges, ITS AMAZING!!!

  • My favorite painting app on the iPad

    by richlll

    Excellent paint program, even on my iPad 2. Powerful brushes, and a good jump start manual. I can't wait to see what the future will bring in updates from this company.

  • Good but...

    by Girl-hime

    It'd be great if it stop crashing ALL the time, which is frustrating, it does have potential, though. And is there even a cropping feature?

  • Constantly Crashing

    by Altosax27

    This app has great potential but it continues to crash whenever I try to use it. Besides that fact, the attention to detail is great and I'm excited to see where it goes.

  • Shows off what iPad can do

    by PatriotInvasion

    I'm a casual artist who was just looking for a decent doodling app and wound up with one of the very best apps ever created for the iPad. After seeing what it's truly capable of, I've been inspired to work on art a lot more. The level of polish this app displays from the UI to even the gorgeous eBook user manual, is incredibly impressive. We'll worth the asking price.

  • Keeps force closing

    by Asdfghjklswwehiijnskki

    I cannot make two strokes sometimes without the app freezing and closing,

  • Fix the crashes and make a shape tool.

    by Bsbsbshejej

    This version that changed to iOS7 really turned the app around. It's buggy and I want the crashes to stop. So please, just fix that and we all can get back to doing what we love to do. Drawing! Thanks p.s Consider a shape tool. Circle, triangle, square etc. please.

  • App is good but

    by elyssia montgomery

    I love this app but i hate how it keeps crashing at the random of times. I start painting and then it slows down and eventually crashes. Thank god it still saves your work even if it crashes. Its my only problem with the app. Other than thats its outstanding and worth what i paid for it.

  • It's awesome.

    by kr0-0gs

    I've tried a variety of drawing software on ios and this is easily the most responsive, best designed and most comfortable to use.

  • Stroke issues

    by ZeroDank20

    I love this program, but recently I'm having an issue with the beginnings of strokes disappearing. I have to pause briefly at the start of the stroke for it to register the whole thing. I think this was supposed to be addressed in the last update, but not for me. I'm using a Pogo Connect pen. Thanks.

  • Best app for artists but.......

    by Defrank1988

    This is the best drawing app ever but.........I can't even finish my drawing because it just keeps crashing. Please fix this issue. It started happening after I updated to this version too. 5 stars will be given once the fix is in place.

  • Amazing professional design

    by Steel Noodle

    Very fast, lean, and powerful. I love it.

  • Good for fingers

    by tracode

    I only used this app for less than a week and I like the design, it response well with fingers. I will continue to monitor this as I start to use this more frequently, I would say this could possible wow the tablet industry with such features. Hope the developer continues to keep up his work providing more new features.

  • Wow

    by Heartofali0n

    Add palm rejection and a stabilizer feature and this will officially be the best drawing app in the App Store.

  • I'm frustrated

    by Feferisixx

    I wast to finish one piece that's it but in the middle it crashes. ;-; why. And the brushes are lagging. Please fix it I beg you. I'm fed up the the glitches in this app. People saying it the best but I have failed to see that yet. This app frustrates and disappoints me. Fix it!

  • Amazing

    by Tori May

    This is the best app ever!! I use it everyday all the time. The blending and the brushes are amazing!! But lately the app keeps crashing on me. :( I do one stroke and the app closes. Please fix!!! Other than that-- amazing app.

  • Love for Procreate!

    by It's Zo-Zo

    My only criticism of this app would be how it crashes when i import a photo drawing of mine on a layer. For me it's much too difficult to start completely on the app, so this glitch needs to be fixed but otherwise it's a great drawing tool for a beginner. :)

  • Awesome drawing app!

    by ShiverAbbey2001

    I love this app but I would have gave it 5 stars if it didn't crash so often. Please fix this problem!!! Thanks :)

  • Clueless

    by Sitata2020

    A limited 6layers to blending tools but don't waste your time...stick to photoshop

  • Great but need work

    by Shizu6616

    So I really do love the app for all it brushes and the ability to paint on it with ease. I run in to a few problems though. *No paint bucket, the most minor of problems. *No lasso selection ... this makes life so much easier * Ive yet to find a way to delete a layer, aside from clearing it and merging it down ... is there a way? * Ive had it for just a few day and its crashed more than any app, Ive installed in 8months. That's ridiculous. Really it crashed 5 times in 10 minutes.

  • Amazing!

    by Amriizzle

    I have been looking for an app like this for quite a while and I finally found it! I love it!

  • A good painting app

    by YuanqiWang

    It has so many good features and great functions!

  • CRASHES/WON'T OPEN(01/19/2014)

    by The.Big.Guy

    Even after the latest update (01/19/2014) it continues to crash!!! This crash started for me four updates ago, and I have even posted this on the procreate forum. Developers email quick fix attempts, but have done nothing solid to solve this problem. The crashes costed me jobs and money for projects I was in the middle of working on, and couldn't salvage or recreate in time, so at this point I just keep on my iPad hoping I won't lose all of my work. GOOD LUCK!

  • Best Art App on the market

    by DiamondAikens

    Great. Had to readjust my brush settings to the new update, which annoyed the crap out of me, but great!

  • Awesome App!

    by adrenaline soundwave

    I love this app! Tons of brush options and it's fun to create new ones! But I will say the app does freeze quite a bit, hence the 4-star rating.

  • Great app

    by U have to

    I love it! But it crashes each time i hear music on the itunes radio.

  • Great Overall!

    by TeGustaTre

    A great app overall but after the update I had to search a little for tools I usually use, just a tad bit confusing.

  • Almost Perfect

    by Nenyo

    This update made my Jot Touch work MUCH better. Now all they need are layer masks and a pen tool and this app will almost rival photoshop. It's already the best on iPad though.

  • Awesome App

    by 992759292875

    Smooth interface, NEVER any lag, and the most complete art app I know. Worth every cent

  • Awesome!

    by JennaDel

    Procreate has a lot of brushes and colors available. It has many different canvas sizes or you can customize your own. Procreate gives you the fun of actual painting without the huge cost or mess!

  • You will not be disappointed

    by Kaliformia1974

    This is the best drawing app ever!

  • Truly the best

    by Renretamid

    If you want to do quick sketches and doodles and make them look good. Use paper by 53. If you want a digital painting drawing and inking suite for artists look no further. The tools and interface are super thought out and offers an experience that begins to approach what you get on a cintiq with Photoshop.

  • Still Glitching after update

    by KillerGirl(not really)

    Even after I update it, it glitches on the iPad mini! Knocked down a star for unreliability!

  • Lovely App, but a couple improvements would help

    by Eshb1763

    Very user friendly and intuitive with many wonderful tools and brushes. It would be a perfect app if there was a straight line tool, a circle tool and square tool. This is the best drawing app though as far as quality and usefulness. Art studio has a few more useful tools, but only 5 layers max (huge problem) and Art Studio is slightly more pixelated. P.S. Thank you thank you thank you for updating!!

  • Was and still the Best

    by Mousa- the black cat

    This app. Is still the best drawing and sketching app. on the iPad. I will mention a hidden feature always interested me in Procreate which is the developers behind this app. and how much they care to listen to the community and their keen to polish their product by updates and new features.

  • So clean, so quick, so good.

    by tylerlovesapples

    Hands down the best drawing app on the App Store. It's incred.

  • STILL The Very Best !!!

    by ZenLizard

    Jot Touch 4 worked great with Procreate! Then it didn't. NOW, it does again

  • Jot touch

    by Dreamless2

    Great app but even after last update jot touch not working with app! Please try to solve that issue.

  • Highly recommended!

    by venusamaris

    This is an amazing app. It is easy for a first-time user, but also offers a great depth of tools and customizable options for serious digital painters, illustrators, and photographers. Excellent UI, great support. Try it!

  • Awesome app, but crashes

    by Xmom1011x

    This app is so great. I love all the features, but it does crash a lot. Thankfully it always saves my work though

  • Simply the Best

    by Marvalie

    This is the definitive iPad art app. Intuitive interface, easy access to sizing and opacity adjustments. The possibilities with this app are endless; my professional art looks amazing. Unlimited zoom, custom tool options, easy color adjustment, responsive. I have an older iPad 3 and it's never crashed, lagged, or bugged. Easy to import, export, layer, and select. Knocked this out of the park, Savage. Thank you.

  • Needs some work

    by Dragember

    I bought this app to work with Wacom's intuous pressure sensitive pen with the iPad air. The palm rejection does not seem to work very well, which is my largest complaint. The paper instead continually spins while I attempt to draw, and I find it rather annoying to hover my hand above my device to get results.

  • Pretty sweet app!

    by Wigpeeler (UT)

    I originally got this app to do the artwork for my bands CD "my little villain-SKOC". The band was amazed that I was able to produce such pro quality artwork on an app only using my fingers. Procreate's file export choices it made it a breeze when it came time to have the CD art printed. The one thing I wish it had is a text layer with a bunch of cool fonts... But I guess I can always import an image and work around that. I ended up just hand writing the text for the cd and it came out pretty cool.

  • Excellent App!

    by BrickDaddy

    This is a great app and one of the best out there for painting on an iPad. Beautifully done interface. Nice brushes and layering. I do wish the app had typography capability and the ability to do AirPrinting. Those are my only complaints. Everything else is awesome. It is amongst the 3 best painting apps for iPad: Procreate. Artrage. (Does the best job of simulating actual oil paint and watercolor.) ArtStudio. Buy this Procreate. You will love it. It is a thing of beauty.

  • Mr

    by D_antonio1204

    After most recent update constantly crashes

  • Still glitches

    by KillerGirl(not really)

    It still glitches, but I love it! But please fix the Glitching though, I would love to get though a piece of artwork without it cutting out along with cutting off the music I was listening too


    by DavidnGabbana

    Good app but i can't even open it for longer than 2 minutes Cush it crashes and closes

  • Love it buuuutttttttt......

    by Angelina Bonino

    It keeps crashing. Every one to two minutes!!! Really frustrating! That's the only complaint I have about this app...please fix it!!

  • Crashing!!!

    by badoom badoom boom

    I loved this app until it started crashing. Please fix ASAP!!!!!

  • deleted all my works

    by FriendlyGopher

    i updated and it deleted everything i had on there. it's a decent app but this lost me seven months of progress and work. i don't recommend it to anyone.

  • Please fix!!!

    by ffffuuuuunnnnn:)

    I used to love this app. It was the best for painting and drawing on your iPad. Now, all it does is freeze and crash EVERY TIME I TRY TO DO ANYTHING. Paint, erase, you name it. Until this problem is fixed, I give procreate 1 star. I somewhat regret buying it.

  • Constantly crashing

    by Germanshepherd101

    I LOVE this app! I do all my artwork on here but after a few weeks it started to crash. I can't even get one paint stroke done! It is so annoying and just really frustrating and I'm blocked form working on anything!

  • LOVE it.... But

    by Shinobi-kitty

    I love the whole interface, but it does keep crashing and freezing up on me when I'm in the middle of drawing or starting to ink. Please fix this, I love this program but it needs to be fixed some

  • Constantly crashes

    by tehshody

    Great blending tools and I'm sure you can create amazing pictures but that's if it would STOP CRASHING!!! The app crashes so much to makes me not want to use it. They need to fix this on iOS7 and if they did already. Do it again.

  • Excellente

    by brutod

    This is by far the fastest drawing and painting app on the iPad. Wacom Creative Stylus is silkily smooth once paired under devices. Programmable buttons in the Creative Stylus are flawless. Excellent user experience. Simple yet elegant user interface that is very intuitive. Cons: when using the layers it crashes slot. Even when no apps are running. It auto saves your work so you do not lose anything. It is just a little annoying when it decides to barf for no reason. Tried turning off recording movies. Did not help. Sometimes it loses connection to the stylus and you have to reboot. Also so emits the app totally locks up. If it did not paint so well, I used something else. Despite the crashes, this one is the best.

  • Glitches

    by Mio E.

    Ive loved this app and have had no problems for months, but recently it freezes, shuts down, doesn't respond to's gone down a steep hill..I hope it gets fixed soon, it's unusable

  • The Cintiq/Photoshop alternative I've been looking for!

    by Mumblyj0e

    So so many painting and design apps for the iPad have just horribly clunky interfaces that can't even get close to the functionality of desktop apps with keyboard shortcuts And a tablet. This one has a really we'll designed interface which makes everything really easy to get to. And the brushes in many ways at actually much better than a lot of what's available on the usual desktop apps.

  • It keeps crashing!

    by Bstgameever!!!

    I'm losing all my work; I'm thinking about downloading a new art app it gets so bad!

  • Lovely App, but a couple improvements would help

    by Eshb1763

    Very user friendly and intuitive with many wonderful tools and brushes. It would be a perfect app if there was a straight line tool, a circle tool and square tool. This is the best drawing app though as far as quality and usefulness. Art studio has a few more useful tools, but only 5 layers max (huge problem) and Art Studio is slightly more pixelated. P.S. Please fix latest bug, crashes after using copy and paste.

  • Love but..

    by Asdfghjklswwehiijnskki

    I love procreate and the new design is great, but the app crashes and freezes way more often than I can draw.

  • Good

    by B u t

    Please make it for iPhone and iPod!

  • Great app!

    by racem3

    I've bought several creative apps for painting and this one is the best out of them all. You can export as layered psd and for my work I appreciate that. The help support was extremely helpful as well when I had an issue!

  • Love this app

    by teacup17

    Never would have imagined an ipad could turn into such a great art tool! It's amazing with a pressure sensitive pen too. Would love to have a little more control over the rotation aspect of the transform tool, similar to photoshop. Someday? *fingers crossed* :) thanks for the awesome app!!

  • Crashes often and work is lost

    by Symantha Reagor

    Would be a good app if it didn't crash almost every time I use it and then I lose almost all work done on the current piece.

  • Innovating painting the way iPad innovates computing

    by ghostluvbed

    My paintbrushes just became obsolete. I use Procreate sans stylus - just my fingers and love the the ‘contact’ (such as it is) - without having to work with intermediator of a brush. This is the single best app I have ever used, hands down. A total revolution (to me). Before I just never ‘got’ digital art as a real medium for expression. insanely it’s $6 - Now that I’ve used the app for a few weeks - would have gladly paid hundreds. I’m a total Procreate addict. I’ll pass my iPad on the way to do something, then think - hrm - let me take a quick look at my latest piece, 4hrs later I’m lost / working away. The good: - Extremely easy to start working - Excellent brushes - Ability to add layers, turn the canvas, access controls - Awesome ability to zoom and control your lines Wish list: - Wish you could create larger canvases (for large format printing) - When you pick a color wish the menu would fade out instead of requiring double-tap - Wish there were an easy-start guide (instead of the large PDF) to quickly explain brushes - More layers supported - Playback movie didn’t ‘blink’ when u toggle through layers - More control over the blur / smudge tool - Wish for a bigger iPad (smile) If you’re a painter and haven’t tried this app - PLEASE give it a chance. This is what the iPad was designed for.

  • Where is the eyedropper tool?

    by Nicht Zu Rasch

    Update: Still the best, but laggy and crashy. This tablet isn't even a year old. Also, where's the eyedropper tool?

  • Crashes

    by Capps;)

    I love the brushes and the app is great, but the app crashes every time I try to add a new layer.

  • Beautiful

    by Bearman901

    This is a truly incredible app, it does everything to create beautiful high quality images. Well worth the price. I highly recommend it to any artist looking to tap into digital works. I have no cons to add to this review.

  • Still non stop crashing

    by NPI1

    Love the app but since the ios7 update this app keeps crashing. I have a ipad mini first generation, which is only about a year old. Please fix this!

  • The Best App for Art on iPad

    by Ryan Q

    Ten years ago, software that did what Procreate does would be hundreds of dollars. It’s easily worth ten times the asking price of $6. Put simply, I will not use mobile offerings from Autodesk or Adobe because of this software. Pro create puts the other guy’s tablet software to shame, and is a joy to use. The layers, the tools, the robust brushes and effects. Delete every other drawing app you have say for one to take quick notes. Savage Interactive have created the ultimate experience and they keep it up to date with the latest iOS and accessories. Read the feature list, check out others work, pay this developer, and start making.

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