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- Design enhancements based on key findings from usability testing
- Bug fixes

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The official Redbox app takes your rental experience to a whole new level.

Find a box near wherever you’re at, then look inside to see what’s for rent. Find a movie in DVD or Blu-ray, or game you want? Click “Reserve” and check out, and we’ll save you a copy to pick up later that day.

Search by name, release date, genre, and watch trailers.

See a list of the closest Redbox locations, and get driving directions to any box in the country.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by App junky 2

    The only thing that I would like to see change is a wish list to store movies till I want to rent them.

  • Awesome

    by C0lombianita0213

    This app really is help me out sometimes i been waiting for a movie and Before going to the kiosk i will search it and reserve the movie because if i wait until i get to the kiosk it could easily be out of stock so i rather do it through this app. GOOD APP

  • Thankful

    by VRLock

    This app has saved me so many trips to the box, I want a title and I type it in bam it's either there or not... Sure beats driving to the box with false hope, great app!! Thanks...

  • Very efficient

    by Jessandjoey

    Love the app! My only suggestion would be a wish list so I can make a list of what I want to see or get next time. Once new ones are added I forget about things I had wanted to see.

  • Awesome

    by AnthonyMannnnn

    I love redbox! It's great.

  • Works for me

    by DonaldM

    I don't see why everyone is having so many problems... I'm able to pick a movie then see which Kiosks have it, in order of proximity to my current location. I can pick a kiosk and see which movies it has. It seems like it does what it is supposed to do. The only issue I've had on my 4S is that if I switch out of the app then switch back to it I lose whatever I was doing and have to start over. Also, it doesn't ever remember me. 1 star off for these. But, I have a 5S now so maybe these will no longer be an issue...

  • Flawless App

    by njkiv

    App worked perfectly as advertised. Able to locate the movies, reserve them and pickup with only a CC swipe at the kiosk.

  • Average app, broken notifications

    by Silarlen

    Badge notifications show 2x the amount of actual notifications. App is ok otherwise.

  • Average app, broken notifications

    by Silarlen

    Badge notifications show 2x the amount of actual notifications. App is ok otherwise.

  • Great App!

    by Nfaithbygrace

    I use it all the time. I can look for movies anywhere at any time. It keeps me updated on new releases & those to come. Very useful. Never had a problem with it. Quick, easy, & very informative.

  • Works great

    by Car guy 10

    I was skeptical about downloading the app based on prior reviews. I dl it and made my account, found the movie I was looking for at a location near me, and picked up the movie I wanted. This red box app works perfectly for me. When you arrive at the location all you have to do is swipe your card so that it knows what movie to spit out and that is it.

  • Favorites(Locations) Useless

    by jhs_md

    1. Good for finding out what movies are coming out 2. Setup "favorite locations", only having to type ZIP code every time 3. Would be good to have IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes review points for movies

  • Works great

    by erick morales

    Easy to use app best rental service anywhere.

  • Good app.

    by Kitn367

    I love the convenience and integration but could use "Wish List" functionality and more ways to search, like adding SciFi to genres and search by actor.

  • Let us build a movie que!

    by TrekBetty

    It would be great if we could store a movie que (like on Net%#@!). This way, I wouldn't have to browse all the time, or browse by a specific kiosk. I like looking at movies all at once and building my own list to choose from. Otherwise, I think the app works adequately.

  • Needs updating!!

    by RACH3L*

    Will not show new releases. Will not let me reserve online. Loved it now hate it.

  • Why Did You Change the App???

    by Oceanblu675

    Since the last update I am finding this app to be useless. The only users that think this is better are those that did not use Redbox much in the first place. Specifically once you select a kiosk location you can no longer view other locations that have that movie. There should be an option for you to de-select a kiosk so you can see all locations that have the movie you are looking for. That should be very simple to fix...right?

  • Update needed, why all the log in?

    by Wal55455

    Why do I have to log in again of it is saved on my phone? Redbox, please change.

  • Needs improvement

    by App Stinks !!!!

    Can really use a movie watch list!

  • Alerts! Please rid your app of them.

    by UhhhRonny

    I HATE the "red circle" alerts when there are messages. I see I'm not alone. I seriously routinely delete and then reinstall this app when I want to rent. Extremely annoying.

  • Why did u change it??

    by Mattsko

    App used to work fine, but a recent update changed it so that when u select a movie, u can only see if the currently selected kiosk has it. Previously u could select a movie and it would tell u which nearby kiosks had it. Went from convenient and easy to use to not user friendly at all. Also, the reserve feature has never worked for me. The kiosk always tells me my they don't have my reservation.

  • Failed app

    by Victimzzzzzzzz

    Won't take my credit card that I use online and at the box! Support is no help at all. Redbox does nothing

  • Quit SPAM-texting me!

    by Dave100442

    Seriously? Customers download and use your app and you spam-text them adds? Your texts cost me real money, I did not ask for them, you did not ask if you could send them, and you don't make it easy to find out how to turn it off. Except to delete the app, which is about what I'm about to do. Not cool.

  • Search and find gone

    by Faith1021

    This app used to allow you to search for a movie and then locate it in various kiosks. Now I have to search a particular kiosk. Not very efficient and may not use the app much now!

  • Search and find gone

    by Faith1021

    This app used to allow you to search for a movie and then locate it in various kiosks. Now I have to search a particular kiosk. Not very efficient and may not use the app much now!

  • Almost useless.

    by msala035

    You can find movie you are looking for. Other than that. There is no used for this app. It cant stream movies, save them in the bookmark or anything else

  • Horrible

    by Whietail34

    Get readyfor nerous excuses, error messages and the app just "forgetting" your acct. i tried reinstalling and creating new acct and it "has a problem, please try again" over and over. JUST GET NETFLIX!!

  • Loading kiosks which never load?!

    by Jenny Mackey

    I loved the old version - it was quick and I was able to reserve a movie in 2.2 seconds. Now, I can't even pull up a kiosk in my "location". Seriously? I'm not running around the city in hopes in finding the movie I want at different Redboxes. That's what locating the kiosks function is for. Until it gets fixed, I won't be using Redbox.

  • Grrrr!!

    by Skny Cat

    It has NEVER accepted my password, EVER. And, if I choose 'forgot password', it NEVER sends the reset to my email. I do receive email from Redbox, just not when I request it! The app is essentially useless if it doesn't recognize the user.

  • Now it's garbage previous version better

    by Mete111

    WHY DO I HAVE TO PICK A LOCATION AFTER PICKING THE MOVIE I WANT WATCH? Now it seems you have to hold the movie and them pick a location. Where as before you picked the movie and then you could find the movie based on the proximity of you location. It's freaking stupid. If the movie isn't at that location guess what you have to start all over again. Dumb app. Now I guess I'll start renting through Netflix.

  • From Good to Bad

    by flyer2020

    This app used to work well: search for a movie and it would tell you which kiosk the movie was located. Now, you can only search individual kiosks, which is very time consuming and a bit like prospecting for gold. At first I thought I was missing something. That there was no way they would remove that feature, but then I came here to look at other reviews and everyone else having the same issue. Hard to believe the people at Redbox aren’t on top of this, or at least giving an explanation as to why that search functionality can no longer be supported.

  • Too bad...

    by Boss.G.Rider

    This used to be a good app until the kiosk search feature quit working which pretty much made it useless for hold for pick up!

  • Useless

    by Appreviewer2033

    Like others have said this app is a piece of junk. Reserved a movie and when I went 2 go pick it machine said I didn't have any reservation. Had 2 call redbox in the freezing cold 2 be told "ya don't use the iphone app use the website sometimes it doesn't work"

  • Horrible App Design

    by jifke

    Deleted! Could have driven to every redbox around town by the time i set it up and tried to figure it out.

  • Piece of #^#€#!!

    by Daniro Avis

    It never works on my iphone 5c. It does not even open the app. Even after re-downloading it. Terrible.

  • .....

    by big_a$$_nads

    The movies load fine. But don't try to locate a kiosk or have the app locate you. My wife has a galaxy 3 and it works fine. Need to fix on ios!

  • Can't choose another kiosk after first selection

    by WhitePython01

    I want to rent a game and I added it to my cart. I have no way to switch the kiosk from which I'll pick it up, and if I remove the game from my cart and add it back the previously chosen kiosk is still automatically chosen. So, for that game, this app will never let me choose another kiosk. Now I have to go on the site to rent it.

  • Don't waste your time...

    by Vitor Muniz

    To become a bad app they need to improve a lot.

  • Terrible

    by GR, Indiana

    No search function. Makes you choose one kiosk and doesn't allow you to look for videos across all kiosks in your area. This app is just a waste of time.

  • Nice, but ....

    by User101

    I really like the app, but it loses three stars because they send you annoying messages and put badges on the app that can't be turned off. (I tried. I looked all through settings, and finally searched the web to found out you are stuck with the annoying messages.)

  • No multitasking and constantly asks for login

    by Stevemeister86

    Asking for login constantly, no multitasking, and external-to-the app Redbox location mapping make this app truly irritating to use.

  • Staff Picks & Messages Downgrade Experience

    by BigBusiness

    I'm going to remove this app if they continue with staff picks and useless messages. #spam

  • App doesn't work like it used to

    by Sunniekt

    I just tried to reserve a movie at a certain kiosk, and instead of giving me the screen to reserve the movie, I kept getting directions on how to get to the kiosk. This is the first time I've used the app since updating it a few weeks ago, and now I'm sorry I did. It is not as user friendly as it used to be. Please fix!

  • Poor application

    by PippoNYC

    The app can be greatly improved. For example, what about the ability of setting up a default location? Or what about making the location function working. The graphics and menus are also quite not intuitive and ugly.

  • Redbox

    by pinkynap

    The update ruined this app, I can no longer type in a movie and find a kiosk that has it. I'll be deleting this app because it's useless!

  • Bad app

    by Tommy in Tampa

    I love Redbox, but I hate this app. I have location services enabled, but 99% of the time it won't work on this app, so I cannot locate and reserve movies. Which kinda defeats the purpose.

  • Dissatisfied

    by Debdar13

    The app never updates new releases. Every Tuesday I hope in vain that it will work this time. Hasn't yet. Fix this problem please

  • Refresh

    by Zerofade73

    This app stinks, doesn't consistently refresh. Pull down the screen to refresh and nothing. After two years and multiple updates u think this wouldn't be an issue!

  • Coming soon?

    by RaidenX-07

    Today new released movies came out and it not on the app to reserve. It still on the "coming soon" screen so I can't order it by the time it on the "reserve" screen it be too late and sold out please fix that it been like that for two months now

  • Does not update

    by iamtwonice007

    Today is January 14. The app will not update to show today's new movies.

  • Doesn't work

    by Erays64

    App continuously loads then crashes

  • Used to be great

    by kwbarrett_jr

    The last 2 or 3 times I've tried to use the app it's been out of date and didn't show the latest movies. It seems to be a week behind the web site. I ended up having to use the mobile web site to rent new releases because they didn't show in the app. What's the point of the app if it's less convenient than your web site? Fix this!!

  • This App Is Not Very Good.

    by mrbuff01

    The old version worked a lot better. Keep the older version!!! This version takes a long time to use and get stuck as you try to look it up at a location. I'm starting to hate the updates for this app.

  • Good app terrible messages

    by And187187

    If I could turn off messages I would rate higher, I uninstall to avoid the messages install when I want to rent something and take it right back off after use.

  • No option for wish list

    by TDC0430

    Just standard look up options. Cant even save a wish list reminder for upcoming releases.

  • Horrible

    by Ddddd36742

    Frequently broken machines, unhelpful customer service, poorly designed mobile app.

  • Deleted this app

    by Idood563

    Codes are usually available less than 24 hours notice and when they are available to use they're often "invalid." Way too many notifications on lousy useless "staff picks." Deleted this worthless app.

  • Can't find a location.

    by D^237

    Too slow to find a kiosk. Why not allow you to always see your favorite location before searching for 20 locations I won't go to? If there is an alternative I would drop redbox because of the app.

  • Garbage

    by Dave122281

    I'm not much for writing reviews, but to help people avoid an utterly awful app I sometimes put my two cents in, especially for an app that many consumers will download. This app is broken in the most crucial way. At first glance, it seems quite handy, but once you get to trying to add a credit card or check out after holding movies, it's all downhill. That's the only thing I found holding this app back from being an awesome time saver, but it is such a glaring flaw that it makes the app worthless when you can accomplish the same things on Redbox's website. Steer clear of this stinker until they fix the payment options consumers!

  • Fix or we drop!

    by Robert Schwartz

    Not updating! No new movies!

  • Stop the messages!

    by NLalic

    This app would be perfectly fine if it weren't for the spam feature. There is no setting to turn off in app messages and their notifications. This app keeps spamming my phone throughout the day. To get rid of the messages in the app you have to delete them individually. Annoying. Thinking about uninstalling and using maps to find my redboxes.

  • Notifications.

    by Meadows919

    I am so tired of receiving multiple notifications a day. They are never promo codes. They are always staff picks or recommendations. It's really annoying.

  • Fail

    by O.C.Hardcore4Life

    Horrible movie selection. The "so called" new releases came out last summer, are you serious??? You guys really need to get your new releases sooner or you too will end up just another casualty of the economy.

  • 0 out of 5 stars!


    I downloaded the app and it doesn't appear on my phone. It will not even open. Such an innovative company that can't get an App right.

  • Credit card won't save

    by Gizmo 17

    I haven't been able to save my credit card in forever. I can save it on line at home just fine, but the app says it can't save it (tried 2 cards and have tried numerous times hoping it's been fixed). The kiosk location works fine for me but I can't reserve without a CC! I want to be able to reserve when I'm out and about, not just from a computer. Fix this please!

  • Love RedBox...notsomuch the app!

    by Woozabelle

    Love RedBox! I like that you can easily play trailers and see what kiosks are close. But on the app I want to be able to save favorites and just see that list. I want to be able to pick several kiosks to browse at once...I'm willing to go to one of many to get the movie I want. And I would like to be able to see movie reviews on the app. At this point, I think why have the app?...I'll just go to the website that has full capability.

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