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Seller: Plex Inc.

- Playing synced content on a Chromecast now works.
- Fixed an issue where videos played without audio.
- Try harder to Direct Play content coming from low-power NAS devices.
- Request Dolby Digital 5.1 when playing on external screen (e.g. AirPlay or HDMI).
- Make sure we send a "stopped" signal when exiting the video.
- Eliminated a few reported crashes.

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*** The Chromecast feature currently requires a premium Plex Pass subscription, but will be free for all after the preview period! Enjoy! ***

Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device. With Plex, you can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from your home computer running Plex Media Server (available for free at

Plex makes your media beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, and other related information.
Plex automatically converts your media on-the-fly to play on any device.
Easily share your media with friends and family.
Browse, fling and control your media on any Plex-enabled device. Plex Pass subscribers can also send content to a Chromecast.
Sync media to your phone or tablet for offline viewing (requires a premium Plex Pass subscription)
Sync media to your favorite cloud provider including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, so you can stream media even when your server is offline (requires a premium Plex Pass subscription)
Access a wide range of online channels such as TED, Revision3, and TWiT.
Queue online videos from sites like Vimeo and YouTube and watch them later on any device.

With Plex, your media universe is constantly expanding. Getting up and running is easy, so start now!

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A PLEX MEDIA SERVER (AVAILABLE FOR FREE AT INSTALLED AND RUNNING TO STREAM LOCAL MEDIA. VERSION OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED. DRM-protected content (such as video from the iTunes store), ISO disc images, and VIDEO_TS folders are not supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Simply the best

    by aboost91

    There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how amazing the Plex service is. It is basically like your own personal Netflix. Best money I've ever spent. Best App I've ever downloaded. Such simple interface, it basically does everything for you decoding wise. Even my PS3 can use the Plex media server 10/5 stars!!!

  • Update

    by The Core Affect

    Thanks for the update. I can now watch movies using the iTunes channel.

  • Locks-up often

    by Sctpdx

    When watching plex via chromecast if I switch to any other app the Plex APP locks up - then there's no way to control what you're watching. Could lead to embarrassment! Must start another app via chromecast, such as Netflix- then going back to Plex it will work - for a while without this freezing...I LoVE the Plex service bit some bugs to work out...glad it was half-price.

  • Great app with easy to use interface

    by TimSchmidt

    The Plex I used years ago was nice but suffered from metadata issues. The issues were my fault due to naming conventions on files. This newer version and more mature metadata community has made this the best app I've found. I used to use AirVideo but that was bare bones (great playback though).

  • Great media solution

    by Nivek St. Charles

    Like Plex in general, this app just works. I've tried many apps for accessing my server based movies, TV and music, and none works as well or as easily as Plex.

  • So Nice

    by Onaccounta

    Had to download a couple of times after doing library maintainance but well worth it. Undeniably the best app for the average digital collector to enjoy multiple bodies of work from one location. Would pay more than 4.99 for this well put offering.

  • good

    by Cooroot149

    please fix Arabic , Persian subtitle unicode ...

  • Great, but with bugs...

    by MJJAE

    Love the overall functionality of this app. However, if my server goes to sleep I lose the plex connection and I have yet to get plex set up so I can access while I'm on the road. I would still highly recommend this app.

  • Good

    by Twasdf

    MUCH improved. They have been squashing bugs like a professional exterminator. I like the new interface. Some remaining bugs/crashes seem like they are apple because I see similar things across the board. 7.1 better fix this.

  • Favorite remote viewer

    by Clear1048

    It is hard to justify rating just the app, because what you are getting yourself into is so much more. The app is well worth it once you have the server/client setup on your computer. Plex (et al) has changed everything for me - I use it in my family room as an HTPC instead of Windows Media Center, and upstairs in my bedroom on a Roku 2. Once the home setup is complete, the iPhone app setup is done for you. Super easy with great quality and ease of use. You just have to get through that initial server library setup...

  • Great app, even better than desktop version

    by taroliw

    I've been using Plex on iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Samsung TV for some time now. Being able to view my media regardless of my location, with transcoding adjusted to match my available bandwidth, and down sampling even 1080p content so it plays flawlessly on my iPhone makes this a killer app for me. These days, PLEX (and increasingly my iPhone) is the only way I watch TV anymore.

  • What's to say? It's great!!!

    by Fios1715

    Plex keeps getting better at server and ios client side. Seems like they finally fixed the bugs in the app! Well done!

  • Plex Completes Me

    by Jon shanahan

    In 2010 after just a few days of using Plex I happily gave them more of my money for a PlexPass because the service is so good. The faster it improves the better and they're always working on it! One of my biggest fears is that they will get acquired and I will lose this service! Keep the iOS greatness coming!

  • Great

    by Bruno Figueiredo

    Some times it closes, but its a wonderfull aplication. Keep the updates!


    by jcwhitt

    This update fixed the iOS audio bug. Now, all my files are playing audio ! Good job, Plex Team. I haven't been this enthusiastic about an app in a long time. STRONG WORK!!!

  • You guys rock

    by Kitsyuk

    Thank you so much fixing thing in this app so fast. We use it every day. Keep it up!

  • Awesome update!

    by Damian Li

    Haven't written a review yet, always have enjoyed it but it's been pretty buggy in some past versions and the most frustrating part was when you switch apps then switch back the app would always reload and revert back to the main screen. Anyhow, noticed that's much better and the app is much faster, responsive, and functional. Great work guys!

  • Ok

    by bryan121

    I hate having art in the player controls instead of a easy access volume slider. Too picky about file names. Hopefully chromecast will work well

  • Great app!

    by WHATIN

    Over a month an not a single complaint. Love it!

  • So easy and beautiful ui

    by Nycegye

    Can't get much better than this app and love all the various features!

  • Terrible since the big update

    by BorntoVenture

    I've been using Plex for a long time and unfortunately have to say that the iOS app is now complete trash. The app now crashes almost every time you go back into the app from another app, it crashes every single time when reconnecting to a Chromecast, and the few times it doesn't crash right away it will kick you back out to the home screen when the app opens. This combined with their tech support not being of any use and simply closing the tickets stating "thanks for contacting, we'll be adding more support in future versions." has prompted me to cancel my PlexPass and move to a different software for my home theater.

  • Chromecast money grab

    by swiftytd

    You charge for the app and then withhold the Chromecast feature to only Plexpass members for a "preview" period that has now been months? Quit holding people for ransom trying to generate revenue for Plexpass subscriptions!

  • Very nice . But :(-

    by Ameen Almizjaji

    Very nice but why not support arabic subtitle ? If support i will gif 5 star ;)

  • Chromecast?

    by Spooby123

    Nice job! Not only did I pay for this app, but I was dumb enough to pay for a subscription because the description said I could use this on chrome cast. Anyone know where the option to use this app with chrome cast is?

  • Still waiting for chrome cast

    by Mark Eastwood

    Still waiting for the preview state as I do not like subscription fees.

  • Really? For chromecast user?

    by Ignorp

    Another plex-pass hidden fee after paid $4.99 for application. Otherwise I cannot watch video through my Chromecast.

  • Doesn't work

    by aaronvro

    I can't even get my tv shows to play. And it doesn't work with chromecast. Waste of money

  • Awesome!

    by fknoll

    Works flawless Great app!!!

  • Great app

    by KenAwesome

    Amazing app for iPad and iPhone. The setup for plex is easy and something I can look into replacing my iTunes with.

  • Rip Off

    by Albert Pena

    Like the ones before me, bought this for $4.99 to get chromecast. They blocked the feature until you pay them to subscribe. According to the site, they'll have this feature open to everyone. Be forewarned!

  • Love it!

    by Frosty der Snowmensch

    This with the Plex server on my Mac and a Chromecast on the viddy and I have a gorgeous front end for my media. Streaming is smooth snd picture is beautiful with just a middle-of-the-road wireless router. Dig it big time.

  • Used to be awesome, doesn't work now

    by JettyBetty

    Plex used to be my go-to media app for accessing movies on devices around the house, but ever since the last update I haven't been able to use it. None of the devices on my network recognize my server and the app constantly crashes.

  • Great app - but no Live TV

    by wvladik

    Plex is great but without Live TV it will never be media center it strives to be.

  • Most Robust Media Hosting Service

    by Michael017

    I have been using Plex since late 2009 and have never had a negative experience. The whole system just works as it should. I purchased Plex pass around the time of release and I have to say it's been one of my best entertainment related purchases to date. This is the service that just keeps getting better and better. Big media distribution companies should take note!

  • Great app

    by Montizzl3

    Great for streaming and remote

  • Sound

    by Brazillian thunder

    Latest update broke sound when streaming. Having to use the webapp for now. Edit: uninstalling and installing the app fixed my issue.

  • No Audio!!

    by aarhin

    I love Plex and have been using it for quite some time. I'd normally give it 4 or 5 stars, but with this recent update, half of my videos have NO SOUND. It's really annoying.

  • I've all great app

    by Kitsyuk

    Me and my family use it daily. Love it

  • Best alternative to Zumocast for video streaming.

    by Bolisk

    Server setup is easy. Connecting server to MyPlex is a PITA. Zumocast was better and still is because there was zero port configuration ever. Plex mobile apps are a PITA to setup to stream the way you want. Took forever to figure out how to force transcode everything. . .as direct play and direct streaming remotely are pointless unless you have a fast upload rate from your house. . .and a fast download speed wherever you are remotely. For the most part, I'm extremely happy with plex for remote streaming. I would & will stick with xbmc for all media streaming inside my house though.

  • **no audio? Please read**

    by kethoma

    After the update I had no audio for many of my movies. To fix this I uninstalled plex, then reinstalled it. All my videos play perfectly again. I find this works with most apps. Just uninstall and reinstall. Also give your device a reboot once in a while.

  • Love It!!!

    by Pittsburghs TJ the DJ

    Bye bye Netflix! Thank you Plex!

  • So easy and beautiful interface!

    by Syd2000

    I installed Plex on my Mac and pointed it to a folder of videos. Now with this app and the Plex Roku channel, I get a professional looking interface to display my content. Works very well!

  • Plex is awesome

    by Sean Smith

    Love love love plex! I can't say enough about software and company. The app works great with there other software.

  • Awesome

    by AndyH28

    By far the best media streaming solution out there.

  • AirPlay audio doesn't work

    by James Ramirez

    No audio streams when AirPlaying to an Apple TV. It used to work so now this is extra frustrating. This app is now worthless to me.

  • Worthless

    by Mcmurphy510

    I wish I could give it zero stars. I only bought this to push media to my chrome cast, but you can only do that with a plex pass subscription. So I basically have to pay 4.99 for this and another 3.99 per month to get any use from it.

  • Not sure this update works

    by Parsoli

    I have published my own plex web server to the internet and now we cannot access it as you have to use IP instead of hostname. Great app when on LAN, but now WAN is broken.

  • Great

    by Fkneinstein

    This app is a great companion app for chromecast owners. I use it everyday. Before the latest update everything was stable but now the stream is going down, and the app freezes/crashes. I am confident the dev team will remedy the issues, so I still highly recommend this app.

  • Mobile media center crashes

    by Hectoid28

    Since the update a few days ago the mobile media center no longer works. Plex closes when trying to access camera roll from another device.

  • Missing Chromecast

    by Ckdigrhggj

    Chromecast only for plexpass payers, shouldn't advertise support if it's a pay per month feature with no date for release to non plexpass users. It's been 2 months, release it already!

  • Audio broken on this version.

    by Wrathbrow

    As others have mentioned, this push breaks the audio on some formats of encoded video. Hate to give a low rating to an otherwise wonderful system. If they can quickly push a bug fix for this, back to a full 5 stars for the product. See other posts below about selecting a different audio output format from the information button on a video as a work around.

  • Oops I lied

    by AnnieinWI

    So I'm a previous post I said plex could only stream mp4 and m4v's; I am a dirty liar! Sorry about that, plex can totally stream .mov videos too. But still chokes on avi and other formats which is a shame.

  • Works great

    by Gamegirl2000

    This seems to work all the time, no problems. Set up was very easy also.

  • Will not sync

    by Abooza69

    There are two servers that it occasionally would sync to but now after the update, I cannot get it to sync at all. There is no help on the website either. I don't think this app is worth the money I paid for it. I want it back.

  • No sound

    by Kitsyuk

    It work well before latest update and now I don't have any sound. Please fix it.

  • Incredibly stable

    by Ilyakuryakin

    Delivers excellent stream

  • CAUTION - 3.3.4 update kills m4v audio playback!

    by Ross Personal

    Whatever they did to this update of an otherwise excellent app has rendered all m4v files completely silent unless you manually go into the Info window and select the AAC stereo track instead of the default AC3 5.1 track every time you want to play an mv4 file. Extremely annoying! Do not install this update until this major new bug is remedied.

  • Really great software engineering

    by Kikinho

    Perfect example of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid!) I'm not a fan of rating applications but plex really does a great job of integrating a desktop web application and this iOS version. Plus, in a house with well named chromecasts and apple tvs , you will feel like a wizard

  • Wait for issues to be resolved

    by Aggrobatch

    Updated just cause was there and regret it. Pushing to other devices is now broke with ver that was released Jan 2. Cannot access other devices files without crash either.

  • Favorite remote viewer

    by Clear1048

    It is hard to justify rating just the app, because what you are getting yourself into is so much more. The app is well worth it once you have the server/client setup on your computer. Plex (et al) has changed everything for me - I use it in my family room as an HTPC instead of Windows Media Center, and upstairs in my bedroom on a Roku 2. Once the home setup is complete, the iPhone app setup is done for you. Super easy with great quality and ease of use. You just have to get through that initial server library setup...

  • Can't wait to see more

    by Heratiki

    I love seeing how Plex has matured and can't wait to see more as I continue to support them.

  • All my media in one app

    by Rockerbilly

    This app has replaced two other streaming apps as my go to for watching on my iPhone with plex server properly set up on the home computer your music, movies and tv shows are accessible any time anywhere

  • Best and keeps getting better

    by Retro-tread

    Tops every other app like it.

  • Works great!

    by Metoothers

    Perfect for what I need!

  • Crashes on airplay. Crashes on iPad. Crashes on iphone 5

    by Tuleshed

    Annoying. Been patient for months. Still has issues. Drink the Kool-Aid if you want. This app could be great but if it crashes this much...

  • Great app. Perfect with Chromecast

    by Kinsky21

    You need a membership, at least for now, with Chromecast, but it works great.

  • Awesome service

    by Rico9971

    Paired with plex media server, you can essentially run your own personal Netflix setup. Pretty easy to use, slick interface and solid metadata.

  • App works great!

    by d3votech

    Like always plex is awesome! I always enjoy looking forward to see the new features they add every update.

  • Not good

    by therealpatmac

    I used this app a year ago and it was amazing. Now it just errors on all of my movies.

  • Great App

    by moki b


  • The best

    by Therealpixeljunkie

    Nothing else does this.

  • Awesome app

    by JeromeMF

    Works perfectly. The new visuals are awesome. So good to watch my favorite tv shows and movies on my iPad. I recommend it.. Worth the price. Don't forget you need plex media server on a computer or NAS to enjoy the functionalities of this app.

  • Awesome app

    by Ipads are great

    Just started using plex to stream videos from my desktop to my roku. Really impressed with the streaming speed and versatility with file formats. Plus it auto organizes your movies into genres and shows cover art for the movies! Awesome!

  • Love it

    by thecolorchanges

    Look no further for your media streaming needs. Client is excellent on both iPhone/iPad.

  • Most used app

    by jazzues

    With all the new devices like chrome cast and roku now supporting plex is easier than ever to use. Prob my favorite program of the last decade.

  • Wonderful app - works like a charm

    by twillow1792

    I can watch all movies and shows on my Plex server from anywhere. Works great on WiFi and LTE, not so well over 3G but that's to be expected. All you have to do is register an account at and sign in with that account when you install Plex server on your home computer. Sign in with that account on this app and your entire movie, photo, music and TV library will be available to stream to your phone. I can't recommend Plex highly enough.

  • Overall pretty good

    by Paul Bulus

    The app is pretty impressive but isn't without faults. I've been dealing with random crashing and random AirPlay dropouts. I'd also love a way to create a queue of sorts. Maybe I'm missing something, but this seemingly obvious feature would be a great addition.

  • Overall pretty good

    by Paul Bulus

    The app is pretty impressive but isn't without faults. I've been dealing with random crashing and random AirPlay dropouts. I'd also love a way to create a queue of sorts. Maybe I'm missing something, but this seemingly obvious feature would be a great addition.

  • So many great uses

    by Ssteiner13

    Besides watching movies on it I love queuing up internet videos from any source. I like being able to access Plex on my Roku.

  • Excellent!!!

    by tkezell

    This is better than any solution I've found yet! This is TV as it was meant to be!!! Thanks!!!

  • Great app

    by Skills3126

    App works Well I would recommend it to anyone how wants to see there movies on the go.

  • Great. Love it.

    by Mebabymetoo


  • Used to be great.

    by Siliconjones

    The plex ecosystem is starting to suffer from the developer's manifest destiny. Immediately after starting this app my library disappears. Many people are seeing this. I have issues with artwork not loading on the PHT app. I feel if the developer would put more time into the current offerings instead of shoehorning plex into every conceivable platform we would all be better off.

  • It's Easy and fun to set up!

    by va_lopez

    I normally don't write reviews. However this app has been great if you own an Apple TV or a Chrome cast. All I can say is get Plex and keep up the good work to the guys at Plex.

  • Finally, real integration!


    I can use my Linux box, Roku, iPads, iPhone and Laptop together. I can watch my movies on my computer, take them to the kitchen with a click of a button. Beats iTunes home sharing, airplay, and local media period. I stream everything now. I'm in love!

  • Love it!

    by youtunes

    Great job!!

  • Still problems

    by Blah blah nickname

    Synced videos -- a feature I pay for, btw -- are consistently throwing error -12666.

  • Great when working

    by Brace1978

    Only finds my server about 10% of the time otherwise I have go into the server and remove it then add it back again and it will show up. No issues viewing locally on plex home theater or roku. Even going to myplex and viewing a movie from there works just fine but this constant removing and adding the server is a pain. Plex is great but it's just not ready for prime time yet as far as the IOS end is concerned.

  • Constantly crashes

    by fluke435

    I'm a lifetime subscriber to plex. I think they do great work and I've used their software for years. Unfortunately, ever since the update to 3.3, the app has been completely unusable. Utterly terrible. I can't believe they released this app publicly. Thirty seconds with the app and it's immediately obvious it's not ready for primetime. I am only able to play videos about 20% of the time. The rest of the time the app hangs for a while before crashing. It's astoundingly awful and unreliable. Please test your software before releasing it! I can't use plex anymore!

  • Awesome!

    by Phikap25

    Use this both in home and remotely. Never a problem over both wifi and cellular networks. Great, great alternative to many of the features of XBMC, less hassle and more stability.

  • No more media center remote

    by Zindorf

    Accidentally upgraded and lost the media center remote functionality. That was what I used the app for! Please bring it back!

  • Chromecast

    by Issacsim

    Purchased this app so I could stream to my Chromecast, after purchasing the app for $4.99, they try to make make you purchase a subscription for $29.99 so you could use this feature. I wish this was more clear before I wasted money on this app. Overall the cost of the plex app will be same as the cost of Chromecast.

  • 5stars

    by Newbie Reviewer


  • Chromecast integration is awful

    by BrianKrenz

    The interface is cumbersome. When it manages to play media successfully it's great. Chromecast integration is terrible. Playback just doesn't work half the time. You have to reconnect to Chromecast for every episode. I'm not overly impressed.

  • ZERO after sale support

    by Roadwaryur

    Be advised that plex expects that even after to drop $79 with them for a plex pass, the only support you can expect to receive is by combing thru reams of online support docs and no customer service beyond that. Despite my best efforts to get support, it simply isn't there.

  • Love this app

    by Charli Jimenez

    Again love this app

  • Excellent app... Use it to believe

    by Xlncc

    It's one if the most used app for me. Simple & fast interface, u will love it.

  • One stop shop for all your media

    by therrk

    I was a plex user back in the day when it required port mapping and lots of tweaking, even back then it felt like the future. With the new plex there's really no need to use iTunes ever again. Accessing your media library from ANYWHERE is fast, easy and reliable. This is the best software I have used on my iPhone.


    by TheREFan

    They require you to pay $5 for an app and then ANOTHER $4 a month minimum to keep using their app with chromecast. RIP OFF

  • Great features, still a bit buggy

    by tedjennings

    I mostly use this app to stream content to my Apple TV and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it when it works and when it does it's an incredibly awesome tool but I still see it crash too often to give it 5 stars.

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