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By the creators of FatBooth (Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps), BaldBooth, MixBooth, UglyBooth, BoothStache & BimboBooth.

What will you look like when you’re old? And what about your friends? Find out with AgingBooth, an easy to use and amazing face aging machine on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

AgingBooth is a funny (or scary!) way to instantly age face photos. Use AgingBooth on family, friends or colleagues photos and share them via email, MMS, FaceBook, Twitter.

Ready to face your future?

• More Effects: combine with another effect from your "Booth Collection"

• Works with photos taken with your built-in camera or from your photo library or your Facebook albums
• Allows to choose a face among many on the same photo
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
• Shake device to see before and after views
• Scroll results into the app gallery
• Save results to your photo library
• Share with your friends via MMS or email, FaceBook, Twitter...

AgingBooth is universal for your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

• AgingBooth is a funny application made for entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee resemblance to the real aging process.
• AgingBooth works best with people between the ages of 15 and 60.

© PiVi & Co 2010-2014

Photos credits : (© Yuri Arcurs/ © CURAphotography/ © Piotr Marcinski)

Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Chartab

    Nice app I feel sad when I see myself in this app :(

  • Love it

    by Kay2greystick

    It's so awesome I've got every one playing it and it works great. GET IT AND YOU'LL LOVE IT I SWEAR.

  • My grandkids enjoy it

    by Grandmaisnuts

    All it does is add wrinkles. Like I said, my grandkids like it.

  • Nice

    by Hadi99999


  • LOL okay..

    by Mckenna tacoz

    It's okay really funny tho!!!

  • Awsomely old

    by Bobblecamper

    I love it it you should totally get i tryd it on me my mom and freinds and relatives get it now or youll miss all the fun.

  • So funny

    by Sjdeckinger

    I ❤this app

  • Multi-face

    by Erinland156

    I love that it recognizes when there's more than 1 face, but I wish it let you do more than 1 in the same pic! (I don't want to age alone!) LOL

  • Really good

    by Unicorns165

    I really like this app and it is really fun and keeps me busy.... ALOT!! ;-)

  • interesting app hahaha

    by Rafi9582


  • This is a cool one and seems realistic

    by Funnymamainseattle

    This is a lot of fun! Looks so real!


    by Pinktacular

    So funny I did it on a lot of people.i even did it on my grandma it was quiet funny to see what she looked like in 2046

  • Awesome

    by Tomas Loureiro

    I love this app and I only got it yesterday!

  • Ok, but limited

    by Angry LLama

    Does a nice job aging but very little user input. Would like more control or options. Doesn't affect hair and years aren't really accurate

  • Best Both ever!!!

    by T.J.9

    I can't believe it actually works! I think it's the best game ever!!!

  • Works like a charm

    by AVA1979

    I am very happy.

  • Iphone5 user

    by Monyalbarran

    I love it i bought all booths today i guess the mixer is the only onei didnt find very useful it doesnt function very well as imagined

  • Cool

    by Gomlsauce

    I like the app

  • Perfect

    by Alan Jayvee


  • super funny

    by Zackary Santos

    my dad said he is an old man and I made him look old

  • Ms.

    by Irish E

    This app just ads wrinkles to the picture, tried to get a child's progression and it just made her a wrinkly child. Lol it's a joke!

  • Doesn't work

    by Nyk9

    I take the picture but then then app fails every time. Don't wast your money or time on this.

  • Uncontrollable?

    by maliolani

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to control how far into the future it ages you, making it pretty useless.

  • Horrible

    by Tmnxfiles

    Worst app I've ever downloaded. BIG WASTE OF MONEY! I tried this on a picture of my daughter who is just a baby and it progressed her to 2047 and she looks like she's 90 in it which she shouldn't. Don't waste your money on it.

  • Add Your Own Years

    by Mr Grandon

    Would be nice to be able to put in whatever number of years you desire

  • app only force closes

    by kiiro808

    please update app so as to not force close

  • Horrible

    by Landocruiser

    This app is horrible!!! Do not get

  • Inaccurate

    by Blueshadababy

    Does a good job of aging, but its ridiculously inaccurate. A teen aged to 45 looks 95, etc. No control over years added, just random.

  • Horrible

    by Awsome1392

    One of the most horrible apps I've ever used .it doesn't even make you old,just makes you gray .its a waste of time and money

  • Muito bommmm

    by Chicotripa

    De 20 anos há Oscar Niemeyer kkkkkkk

  • Great fun

    by mitchellriggs

    Perfect party app. Nicely done.


    by Bc229

    This app was so good that I put an aging booth in an aging booth so I can age a picture of a friend,relative,stranger while I age a picture of a friend,relative,stranger

  • Hilarious

    by Burskey

    I love it. If it costs anything,it is so wreath it

  • Amar

    by NashibKhan


  • Review

    by Col.CQ

    Fantastic!!!!!!! lots of fun, be careful, some people do not like to see themselves as old!!

  • Age booth app best....

    by Cheryl Kennedy

    This age booth app is amazing. It could be better but is ok for now. it's not really worth $1 but if you wanted this app to try it. it could be worth buying. I bought it and tried it and I like it..., thanks for reading

  • Fat Both

    by G-girl77

    Fat Both is for fun and it will make you say Hahahaha!! This is for kids and family.

  • OLD PEOPLE!!!!

    by Miss.piny flats

    In 30 years from now I will be 40 I don't want to look like that but anyway 5 stars

  • Funny

    by Lil'click

    This app is worth it to make anyone laugh!!!!

  • Dee

    by Dee2264


  • Pat

    by Patty poo!

    Five stars of fun!

  • Funniest app ever

    by 6thGradeTeacherwholovesEminem

    This is great! So realistic it's scary :)

  • Great

    by Jeeanne

    Excellent quality

  • Good

    by Seeraig


  • Funny

    by Physicality

    I love making people old!!!!!

  • Rad

    by Lukastt7


  • Love it!

    by Luvasite

    So fun to surprise my friends. Way better than other apps that make u look like monsters. This one gives u an idea of how u Will really look a good 30 years from now.

  • Funny business

    by Little miss Aimee

    This app is really funny!!!

  • Good

    by Lauryn R.

    It is pretty funny and really good at making you look old! I give it 5

  • Aging Both

    by Hula girlie

    All stars .Love it!

  • It ain't flawless but it's fun!

    by Gypsy MILF

    The older me resembles my mom, so I get a kick outta sending msgs to my brothers & having that picture pop up. I take it a step further & send "mother like" msgs along w/ the picture; it amuses me so much. My brothers could do without it!

  • Disappointing!

    by Kathy Jones

    I can't even get it open. I want my money back!

  • Funny and scary

    by Perry Thomas

    Who knew my friends could look so old!

  • The best ever thanx

    by Crezy hassan


  • Entertaining

    by Yupyup217

    Funny stuff.. Had me and my girlfriend laughing all night

  • Great!!!!

    by VegasNel

    Great program, a lot of fun!!!

  • Hilarious! Now I know I will look like my dad when I m 40!!!!!!!! LOL :)

    by tjhamm5


  • Lots of entertainment

    by Plata poem

    Fun but it gets a little creepy to see what you are going to look when time goes by like in 23 years but is a really fun and entertaining booth!!!!!!!!100% great

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