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Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

NEW BEAUTIFUL CARDS - Express your feelings in a cute and lovable way with the newly added and improved digital cards.

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Download the cutest love app ever and show that special person how you feel about them.

Talking Tom and Talking Angela are at hand to help you express your feelings. Just like Cupid, your furry friends will help you share your feelings, whether it’s with a romantic digital card or a cute tune.

Choose from a selection of charming images and even add your own message to make it personal.

Is there someone you love who doesn’t know how you feel?
Or perhaps you want to show a friend how much they mean to you.
Talking Tom and Talking Angela can show you how.
Go on, share the love!

- 19 beautifully designed romantic cards to send to your loved ones and friends.
- 3 catchy songs you can listen to and buy.
- Charming animations of Tom and Angela expressing their love.

Customer Reviews

  • Ooooooohhhhhhhh

    by Tspnp

    I didn't play It yet but it sure does look cute

  • Nice app

    by MamaJuanaBoy

    It's a nice app to send pics to you're loved ones awesome!

  • Sooooooooooooo Cuuuuuteeeeee

    by Lililovelace

    If you feel blue If you feel like you need a break Listen to the songs Send it to your best friends and associates Theyllllll love it Rate it 10 on 10

  • Amazing

    by Care bear karrie

    This is a cute app I luv it

  • Hi

    by Oliver salinas

    This game,sorry to say this but it is a meh,I don't know why but it is cute but at the same time sucky!

  • Love it's

    by codog2010

    I love the photo that says " I Do" because Tom and Angela were getting married oh yeah also check out GraalOnlineClassic and GraalOnlineEra

  • Love letters

    by kylercogar23

    This is such a cute app I love the letters it's awesome

  • Perfect

    by ebonyI

    I love this app its totes cute

  • Love it!

    by Jennifer

    Super cute!

  • Greate Love

    by Baabuji

    Very nice app

  • Maybe....

    by Kay2greystick

    I think it is cute but is it appropriate for kids? Just my comment.....

  • Awesome

    by Hddjdm

    I wish the could just have sex and my children could not see it

  • Adorable!!

    by #foodisgood

    So cute! Now i can send it to people i care about! Plus it is cheaper, and cuter then getting them a card!

  • So cute

    by SoaringObject

    This is what I have to say : I love it

  • So cute

    by Zombie life nig

    This is the cutest game I have ever had

  • Plain awesome

    by Mmmmmmmeeeeeeee:) k

    This is rated from me 1231231231231231231231231322313223132213133223132323121223121232313122313121323456565656565655656565565656744747744747474747474747474747898989989898989889898900000000012112121212121212121212113434343434343434435656565655655657878787878787878909090909090909091111111111111111111010101010101010101010101010101010101010101011001011010101292929292292929299229929229922929292929922992292992929229922922929293383838383838338833838388383383883383838388338383883833838383838383838383838383838374474747474747474747474747474747474747474747474747474747656556565656565656655656565656565656566556655656566556656501011010011010100110101010101010101010101010101010101010101010102929292292929292929292929292929292992929292983383838383838338338383838383383838383838383838383837474747447474474744747474774656556565665565656565656565656 pure pure pure pure golden and I mean golden stars.

  • لوتا

    by زاخاا


  • Love to cute

    by Sddvvhywcjgbx

    I love it. But you Could add a lot more

  • Adorable in love

    by Julescadet


  • To cute

    by Dream7403

    These app are to cute love messing around with them

  • It's a boring game

    by WOST EVER

    This is a boring game (Tom and Angela both look like their fur is dirty) its nothing to do its just another cheap valentine game for kids this game needs more thing to do other than just watch two dirty looking cats Staring in your face

  • My opinion

    by little mix lover 2011

    Adorable but boring at the same time cause all you do is write cards. It's adorable cause they hug and kiss a little.


    by Katy $$$

    u can't even talk to Angela

  • Just in time for valentines day

    by Gabby Millard

    The was just in time for valentines day and I like how u can change the song and send the letter it's cool

  • Ok

    by ardbeglily

    It's ok...kinda boring if you are looking for a fun game though. I wouldn't recommend it for ages 10 and under

  • Good

    by Bigpimpen29

    I love this game

  • Tom and Angela

    by mmkub

    I love it it is a good app to have

  • Adorable

    by lakosie

    It is so cute!!!!!

  • Tom's love letters

    by KmanHawk

    This game is awesome!!!???

  • I love your game

    by Tasha Scalf

    I love it.

  • Too cute

    by Kelly Watson

    Love this cute simple app

  • Best

    by King Largo

    This is the best app ever the kids love it

  • Romantic

    by Cutiepie0119

    So cute and romantic. My cat and I love it!!! ;-)

  • Nice

    by Courtbugg1

    It is so fun it is awesome

  • Adorable

    by Jbcodi

    Me encanta

  • Boring

    by Sports girl I am a Tom boy

    This game is boring all you do is love letters I fell asleep playing this game

  • Tom your so smart !

    by Prius2013

    Wa Hat a cool app ! Just at the right time ?

  • Loveletters

    by Riah9999

    So fun

  • Soooo sweeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!! <3

    by got to get back to the game!

    I love it its so cute and sweet. Some of the texts are TRUE!!!!!!!

  • المحبه

    by توم لولو

    جيد جداً

  • Wonderful

    by Dudeess

    Talking Tom is a family icon

  • Cutie pies

    by Hello kitty is funny!

    These cats are so adorable they are so good for each other!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  • by

  • Game

    by MarcN87

    I think the game is boring because all that you do is just type on the cards and that is boring

  • Just try it and I love it

    by Puttingodfirst

    Love it very much

  • Makes me smile, love cats

    by MRhino

    Perfect app, so amusing......


    by Coolkat <3

    Dis app is AWESOME :D

  • Adorable love

    by RGuarino

    This game is so adorable! I would recommend this game for anyone who is looking love!

  • Jaidyn 2014

    by Just rockstar

    This game is ok I guess

  • Fun

    by Puddin11craft

    Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun

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