Tom Loves Angela Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

- We fixed a crash that happened on some devices, when you started chatting with Angela.

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iOS 7 users must allow microphone access or Talking Tom will not be able to hear you and talk back.

Chat with Angela, she actually answers. First intelligent talking character!

Talking Tom has climbed all the way up to a rooftop to get a glimpse of Angela. He is trying to woo Angela by repeating your words to her, singing a song, having a chat with her and by giving her gifts.

But Ginger is there too, trying to mess things up for poor old Tom.

NEW: First Talking Friends app where a character answers back intelligently. You can actually have a conversation with Angela (ENGLISH ONLY). Hours and hours of intelligent and sometimes hilarious chatting.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
- Talk to Tom and he will repeat your words to Angela.
- Poke Tom or Angela and see how they react.
- Swipe Tom and he will blow a kiss.
- Shake the device to make an earthquake.
- Blow into the microphone to make wind.
- Press the Letter button to enter chat mode, then have a conversation with Angela.
- Press the Song button to hear Tom and Angela sing a song.
- Press the Flower Pot button to see Ginger throw a pot on Tom's head.
- Press the Gift button to see Tom give Angela various gifts.
- Record and share funny videos.

*** HOW TO CHAT ***
- Press the Letter button to enter chat mode.
- Use the keyboard to type or use dictation (ENGLISH ONLY).
- Tom will give your message to Angela.
- Angela will then answer with text and voice in English.
- You can talk to Angela about a variety of subjects: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets etc.
- If you want Angela to tell you a joke, just type: tell me a joke.

LEGAL NOTICE: We are collecting anonymized data log files containing details on the usage of the app. More details:

Customer Reviews

  • I love this game

    by Gregg r

    I just love it

  • Awesome

    by Dogs V.S Cats

    This is the best game ever! I love how you get to take good care if him

  • Funny Hilarious


    This game is fun and hilarious!!

  • Funny Hilarious


    This game is fun and hilarious!!

  • Love this app

    by Draculara 12

    Amazing app definitely worth 99 cents I am crazy for all your apps :) great job

  • Title

    by Swagking9065

    It is a very good game

  • It's cute it's fun it's awesome

    by Lemonadelover

    What the title says ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • I love this game

    by Noelygamesterstarr

    well this game is unique in a way that you can text any thing you want while playing the game

  • Cool

    by Poney girl888

    I <3 app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Read this!!!

    by Katiesay159

    Hey,ok Angela Is a little dirty on this one,but there are 2 apps u should try,Talking Angela,she is not dirty she is very very nice,and News wih Tom and Ben!!

  • Eh

    by FrozenIce210

    Angela is talking about some other thing but people are saying she is saying inappropriate things but that is not true. Just make it MUCH better

  • Tom loves Angela

    by Princess popularity

    I love this game but Angela is always changing the subject !! I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!! If u r smart u will listen to me

  • Game is FUN!

    by Banhis


  • Awesome

    by Buccs40oz

    It is amazing

  • Great games

    by Bunnyclark

    This is a great game you must buy it it's really cool xxxxxx

  • Great <3

    by Gi Gi :-)

    I love this game it's awesome !!

  • Awesome

    by Raggamuffin cats

    Hey,this game is so fun!!!!! I have been wondering if you guys are going to make them get married? That would be so cool!

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Fro mo co slow

    I think it is soo cute, plus she doesn't talk about bad things. XD

  • Review


    The review thing really bothered me, so I did this to shut it up

  • Funny

    by Plow we

    It's funny and cute u need to get this game

  • Hi

    by Cat kittens:)

    I don't know why it won't dounload

  • Tom and Angela

    by Miarose0203

    Hate it. It's sooooooo inappropriate!! DO NOT GET THIS STUPID GAME!!!!! :):(

  • Tom <3 Angela

    by Destiny (this is a $#!t)

    I think the app not your best. She should respond according to what your saying and be more approppiate for little kids. She keeps talking about partying and alcohol and dating and bragging about how she was so popular at school. Anyway I rated 2 stars because its fun to play it when you're bored.

  • Crape

    by Bilbo baggins101

    I hate this app it's a Ton of crap

  • Not even worth a star.

    by Rutterbutternutter169

    Angela talks about books when I ask her about her friends. She never answers your question OR shuts up! I want my money back so I can buy something that's worth $0.99! Hate hate hate hate HATE IT! Advice to ppl who don't have it: don't get it! It's such a ripoff

  • Fight


    They could fight

  • BORING!!!!!!

    by Hailymurphy

    This game is so boring, she brings up the most boring subjects !!!!!!!! I am deleting this game right now. Do not get it!

  • Boring.

    by Firstz345


  • Awful

    by Evalosvegas

    I Change the subject but she won't

  • Stupid

    by Maggie is gnarly

    This app is so boring and retarted. Waste of money

  • Eh...

    by Gigi-M.❤

    There isn't really much to do on this app. All there is is singing the flower pot, and the gift Tom gives Angela. It's boring.

  • Stupid

    by Jadeburke6785

    This app is so stupid even a my dog thinks so

  • Love it

    by leahbiebs

    This game is so romantic and FUN!!!

  • I love it

    by Pinkwolf14

    I love the song and Angela is so pretty but Tom is not that cute

  • Good

    by Fffhhff

    It's not bad it's pretty goo

  • Bad game

    by Awesome of the awsome

    This game is so boring but I do like the singing but that's it whatever i say Angela just keeps on talking about herself and even If I insult her she does nothing even when I said she was ugly and she shouldn't have a Facebook page soooooooooo uncool don't now how it has four stars total ripoff and she is so inappropriate -------if I could give it zero stars I would,so stupid I'm not buying talking animals anymore ,there all like this, they make no sense don't buy it.......get bad reviews or change it

  • No no no!

    by Rozzie36

    This is a waste of money. It won't even download if you have full Wi-fi!!! And it's inappropriate. I was playing and Angela brought up night clubs. Do not download if you're 10 or younger!

  • Super lame

    by Fjjdkd

    It is really lame

  • Super!!! Lame....

    by Turbellope

    Add more emotions this is SOOOOO boring.

  • Angel

    by Puppyface101

    Ginger is cute

  • Nice

    by TheVivvva

    It's a fun game

  • Tom loves angela

    by Shayla toone

    This is so amazing!

  • Mamás

    by Angeli247001

    Ven e Caro A

  • Awesome app

    by powdersailor

    Iove this app i like chat mode a lot.

  • Angela being mean

    by Suns95

    Its ok but Angela says mean stuff. She really needs to be fixed. She always insults me so please fix it

  • The love

    by Johnny depp and CORN

    They love each other

  • Junk

    by dswally

    This game is just stupid! Don't get this game! It is the worst Talking Friends game ever! Everybody say thumbs down!

  • Awesome

    by Gunrunner 2.0

    Freaking awesome. I love how u can skip from listening to talking 2 each other.

  • Zxilophihrfjgghgutgfddddasfhjugnx

    by Beautifulanguspoop

    I love it it is so romantic and sweet you will ❤this app when u get it

  • Heyhey

    by ButtersIsCool

    They copy the chipmunks and the chipettes's voice..........

  • CUTE

    by Sparkles maineya

    It's cute

  • Fun

    by Ejbaba

    I love this app. Passes time and good to play when you are bored ( might wanna be alone )

  • Gggrrrrrr!!!

    by Ali

    When I saw this I thought aww this will be so cute! So I tried to download it, and it said I dident have enough room for it, so I went and deleted songs and apps. And it still wouldn't work. I tried that about three times and I noticed it was charging me each time I did it even though it told me I dident have enough room, it took me money anyway!!

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