Tom Loves Angela for iPad Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

- We fixed a crash that happened on some devices, when you started chatting with Angela.

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iOS 7 users must allow microphone access or Talking Tom will not be able to hear you and talk back.

Chat with Angela, she actually answers. First intelligent talking character!

Talking Tom has climbed all the way up to a rooftop to get a glimpse of Angela. He is trying to woo Angela by repeating your words to her, singing a song, having a chat with her and by giving her gifts.

But Ginger is there too, trying to mess things up for poor old Tom.

NEW: First Talking Friends app where a character answers back intelligently. You can actually have a conversation with Angela (ENGLISH ONLY). Hours and hours of intelligent and sometimes hilarious chatting.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
- Talk to Tom and he will repeat your words to Angela.
- Poke Tom or Angela and see how they react.
- Swipe Tom and he will blow a kiss.
- Shake the device to make an earthquake.
- Blow into the microphone to make wind.
- Press the Letter button to enter chat mode, then have a conversation with Angela.
- Press the Song button to hear Tom and Angela sing a song.
- Press the Flower Pot button to see Ginger throw a pot on Tom's head.
- Press the Gift button to see Tom give Angela various gifts.
- Record and share funny videos.

*** HOW TO CHAT ***
- Press the Letter button to enter chat mode.
- Use the keyboard to type or use dictation (ENGLISH ONLY).
- Tom will give your message to Angela.
- Angela will then answer with text and voice in English.
- You can talk to Angela about a variety of subjects: love, dating, friends, school, fashion, celebrities, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, pets etc.
- If you want Angela to tell you a joke, just type: tell me a joke.
- There is an easter egg hidden in chat but the instructions are only readable on the new iPad with retina display. ;-)

LEGAL NOTICE: We are collecting anonymized data log files containing details on the usage of the app. More details:

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by niche-olas

    It's a really good app I'm really glad I got it it's fun and funny.

  • What is everyone talking about?

    by Shortweasey

    Umm what are you guys talking about? I asked her if she smokes or drinks because you guys said thats what she says and when I tested to see if it's true she said I don't smoke or drink! All she says is positive things. And she isn't innapropiate! She gets a little annoying though because she doesn't always answer but she still fun and I like it and I'm glad I got it. :) Also I wish theirs a new app where Im Angela talking to Tom. Plus I wish they'll make a new app where you're Angela or Tom in a church getting married and you can give her cake chat with her kiss her (in an appropriate way) then when your ready you can go to the priest with her and say I do then marry her! But I hope there can be a switch where you can be Angela or Tom and still be able to do the same thing Tom does! Please make this game talking friends company!

  • Not good!

    by Kittygirl453

    It's not the best game ever because all Angela talks about is fashion! And she says bad words all the time she talked about me having to shoot myself what the heck! Not worth spending 3 bucks on! These people should program her to be less inappropriate

  • Tom angelA

    by Magicwanda03

    I like this

  • Tom

    by Christman Paige

    I love this app thank you bye love and sincerely Paige elixabethchristman

  • Good!

    by Rillakumabear88

    I really like this!but can you make like a thing when you talk to her she answers back the questions answer? :)

  • Great game!

    by JaneC1980

    We love it!

  • Love it so much

    by hawchc

    It is great!! I love it so much!!!!!:-)

  • Please

    by Wombo lombo

    Can you make an option that when I talk it talks back in my own voice?

  • It's ok

    by Hhheeeeyyyyy

    It's not the best app but it does give me something to do

  • awesome app

    by Dany878

    i like this app and its too cheap

  • Cool

    by Carolhhhh

    I love this app !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Tom loves angela

    by Lilc24

    I love this app its super funny and awesome

  • Nice

    by Jenputtputt

    It's fun I liked it woow so wonderful appp

  • Loving it

    by Doughnuts are too much

    So much fun, I love it a lot I just love going on my iPad everyday and playing this game.

  • Kkkkkkt

    by ,hmcffkhcmhch

    I love this game!

  • Love it

    by ShawnB2812

    I love this game my favorite thing is that you can make Tom fall off the building (funny) anyway you need to get this app you will love it and when I mean love I mean love it it may be money but it is totally worth the money if you get this app you will need to read the rest of this if you are not getting this app still read the rest of this and it might change your mind anyway if you tap twice on Tom he will fall off the building tap on his hand when he is dangling from the building and he will fall all the way to the ground and Angela will make a Sad noise and she will make like ahh or omg (funny) anyway GET THIS APP!!!!!

  • This app :P

    by Benjamin 1242


  • Too expensive

    by 

    It's defiantly fun, but not worth $3

  • Great

    by Nickiii dar fab


  • Bad app

    by Angie4242

    This app is not very good.

  • Ya

    by DOGLOVER50

    He is right she just says positive things

  • Bad

    by ASKhorn

    When I wrote in my language,she just said that it is junk and I should get a English teacher.

  • Read below

    by Awesome sauce 45

    This game is okay, I don't like how they talk about bad stuff not fun.i wasted my money on this stupid app!

  • I hate this game

    by Taytaytoes

    I wish you could be Angela not Tom I hate Tom I wast my money on this oh my god I can not believe she said Tom let have sex she my parts I said get out of this would you bad cat she said leave and never come back I hate you Tom ! Never get this game

  • So inappropriate!

    by Klara Wilson 10

    I am shocked! My brother was talking about his favorite movie when I saw that Angela was talking about breaking the drinking age, and I forced myself to delete the app. I don't like it.

  • Deleteing

    by Isabella476

    I am deleting this app because people are saying Angela is saying bad words bad Angela and this game is a wast of money and time! The game has not down loaded yet!

  • App

    by Folltol

    Really?!?!? Refund my money! Not appropriate for kids. Disgusted!!!!

  • Tom and Angela

    by You outer Toyota Roy

    Despicable said bad words and said I was most likely to DIE! Don't get this app just deleted it. Warning NOT A CHILDREN'S APP!

  • Inappropriate!!!!!!

    by snowmobilejer

    This game is inappropriate Angela was talking about suicide so I deleted it. The first one with just Angela she said mean words to me!


    by KendallDD

    So I was just playing this and Angela started talking about natural disasters and what you would need to be prepared and one of them was a GUN. Then she said you were more likely to commit SUICIDE or FALL TO YOUR DEATH then DIE of a natural disaster. As you can see this app is inappropriate and if she hasn't said anything bad to you yet be warned. I just deleted it. DO NOT BUY EVER

  • She says bad words part 2

    by Jane underwood

    yish. Take a chill pill, Angie. Quit being such a jerk. said bad words to me a couple times. Idiotic app to waste 99 cents on. Usually Idon't care about losing a buck, but SERIOUSLY. Go buy some coffee instead, much better than this stoopoid app

  • Cute

    by Go to app very cute

    This is pretty cute!

  • Do not let your kid use this app!

    by AConcernedParent

    This app used to be cute for kids to play with. But the new 2 cat thing with texting is over the top with adult dialogue. The female cat talks about blood and setting Santa on fire...this is NOT an app for kids and I removed it from my iPad. Terrible....


    by AveryTv

    Please don't get this app, it's a waste of money and time! Don't GET IT! IM WARNING YOU!!!!!

  • Tom Angela

    by Racer Chicky2000

    I want to upgrade

  • Tom

    by Sammy hoover

    This game is of the wall cool you should get it


    by Cutieanimales

    I wish you could go inside. Have more gifts,drees them up and be able to take them on a date,get married,have some kittens,meet the parents,and live a happy life. If you could do this then I would be

  • BEWARE In-APP Purchases

    by Wisdom!!!!!

    My 7-year old somehow ran up a bill of $25.00 on this stupid app. It wasn't clear how much the extra in-app purchases cost, and purchases were made without having to re-input the password. BEWARE of this company.

  • Great

    by Gleeswiftielover

    This app is so get to do so much.i really recommend it . :)

  • Awesome

    by Samuel2325

    This is cool

  • Tom ❤ Angela

    by Doggy house

    Really cool app I like it a lot you can ask her to kiss you or you can ask her If you can kiss her just awesome!

  • Best game!

    by Animal lover 57

    I love this app more than Tom and Angela love each other. It's a great app. Must buy!

  • OK.....not the best, but not bad.

    by Politico11

    The only reason I'm givin this 3 stars is bc i really like the app, just when you talk to Angela she says things over and over and over.

  • cats are cats

    by RAD III

    much nicer thsn my cats

  • Stupid Tom and stinky Angela

    by kateandrachel

    This is an awesome app! We love making Tom insult Angela. :);):);):);):);):);)

  • Cool

    by Daviddo230

    I love this app!

  • Yes

    by Fykssfgyteeerjhcdfjkfrm

    I love this game only 3$ worth the money :) :)

  • Tom loves Angela

    by Sherry is awsome

    I love this game it is fun

  • This game is in no way, shape, or form appropriate for children!

    by Tanyarlv

    This game at first glance is very fun for children. Watching my daughter from aside playing this game and having fun, I thought nothing of it. Until one day she asked what this means, I looked at it and noticed that Angela talks about inappropriate things such as drinking alcohol, abolishing the drinking age, cheating on her boyfriend, cheating on tests, kissing, and many other things that a child should not read. I would never recommend this to anybody I know and especially those with children and I hope the developers are ashamed of themselves for programming her to say such things.

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