Talking Tom Cat 2 Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

FIREFIGHTER HELMET - Firefighter Tom is in the house!
HOT DOG HAT - Have Tom look silly with a new hot dog hat.
GREEN PLAID SHIRT - Keep Tom warm with a new shirt that matches his eyes.

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The original Talking Tom Cat is back - and better than ever.

With a no1 in the App Store in 140 countries and over 500 million downloads, Tom has come a long way!

- Talk to Tom: Speak and he repeats what you say in his own hilarious voice.
- Play with Tom: Stroke him, poke him, challenge him in an all new mini-game.
- Customise Tom: New accessories, new clothes, new outfits. How about Cowboy Tom or Pirate Tom?
- Video Tom: record videos of what Tom is doing and send it to your friends or upload on Facebook and YouTube
- Cool new location: Tom’s moved out of his old alley into a cool new apartment.
- Fun new actions: Involving exploding bags, pillow smashes and lots of farts!
- Free gold: get gold coins for just playing with Tom every day, playing the mini-game and much much more.

Thanks to all of our existing fans. To see what Tom is up to, follow Talking Tom on Facebook:

- Brand new mini-game: Climb you way into space and collect extra gold coins
- Brand new achievements: Get special achievements for playing with Tom

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Shea shea176

    It. Ghiieeryuzddjcd

  • Love it!

    by Isaac sell

    I really love this game and u guys did a great job ;)

  • Kfgvufdjivdfbhds

    by Kanwalraput8715633589

    I like it

  • Gjd

    by Awsome1047192


  • Amazing

    by Volleyball girl213

    My children love it and so do I

  • Funny

    by Camp R girl

    My cousin and I think that it is so hilarious!!!

  • Love it

    by Jaydeepoo

    Fun game for 6 year old

  • Love it

    by Shondra_C

    I love it and my daughter does too.

  • Love

    by 38242

    I love this game

  • Fun

    by Jessie fun girl

    This game is three letters long. F - U - N .

  • Ads

    by Kristen.f

    I have had this game for about 3 seconds but,really outfit7? ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN? NOT.COOL.

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    by Pink&redballon

    I love it so much it is so fun Keep it up and tell App Store to make a 10 star ;)

  • Lol

    by lakirt


  • kkkk

    by أنعام

  • This game is excellent !! (iPhone 4)

    by MichaelMitrev

    No lags, no crash, everyting is excellent i enjoy playing this game ! :D

  • Funny

    by Jirod1012

    Awesome game

  • سسسسس

    by hamad salem

    سييغيقيؤلغف لى. ذرى

  • My talking Tom 2

    by Willie peanut

    Cool game

  • Cool

    by KAM 122412

    This is a really cool app, if I like the game then you will like the game ... because I'm 8 years old.

  • You can have some FUN with this CAT

    by KyllerDyller

    We make things up and send it to one another N Laugh Laugh Laugh.

  • Bad


    Tom should be welcome to have people over. If I was you don't get this app. :( :( :( big waste of money

  • I think....

    by App***

    I like taking Tom 1 better you can move around and feed him.

  • Wrote by goofy goober 22

    by Goober lover 2000

    I like this game

  • FUN!

    by Makeuplovermeow

    Fun for even a 23 year old :3

  • Es muy bueno

    by Frozen North 

    Me encanta.

  • Amazing!

    by Hhfhfhvhcgv

    This app is awesome I love when he pulls out that iPod and that my talking Tom starts repeating after him to visit an amazing job designing this app keep it up!

  • So entertaining

    by < kv 97>

    Awesomely funny and helps when im stressed!!

  • Talking Tom 2

    by iTube Fan 101

    Great game and very fun!

  • #1

    by Black Sam Ent


  • Best app



  • Talking Tom 2

    by NinaTigerhugz

    Love it! It's so fun! My little sista watches me while I'm on it and she laughs so hard! Then she always asks me to play it,so I let her and whenever I take a look to check on her,she's always playing this game! probably best outfit7 game I've ever played along with MY talking Tom!


    by Principe152


  • Cool

    by MiloBuckson

    I really think this game is cool because it has a ipone in there with my Tom on there that games fun to its just like Angela for the dressing up part because Angela is sitting in a chair in pares and you can talk to her by texting and that's if it not on child mode and Tom can be on child mode to which I don't get but they should ad texting to Tom oh and Tom and Angela are dating and her thing is talking Angela

  • Hi

    by Chen jiahao


  • Amaze

    by 12345

    It is amazing you can change him and it has talking Ben in it you need to get this it is better than taking tom.

  • Taking tom 2

    by Christianm119

    This a fun game to play if you are bored

  • Awesome

    by Mcd mickeys

    It's okay

  • Lilmarisawy

    by Awesome1424


  • Ausome

    by Logan robinette

    Best game ever

  • Talking tom

    by Zz hill

    I think talking Tom is such a funny app I get to play on things in ben he is always freaking Tom out all the time I just think it's a wonderful game

  • Awsome

    by U poop 12344678800309857473

    It's amazing

  • Tom cat 2

    by Halo kelan

    It is awsome

  • Talking Tom

    by E, Barry

    A must-have for grandparents to send messages to their grandchildren it immediately catches their attention and you don't get much time but you can send a couple messages back to back and they always think Tom's funny so they pay attention it's a very nice app for communicating to children and keeping their attention.

  • Tom

    by Talking Tom 02

    Tom should dieeeeee-------give a fumbs up for------Talking Tom-----2

  • Great

    by Fancee Nancee

    App is great fun!

  • by Hahajshdhdhs

  • Good

    by Jake The Banana

    Its amazing but needs more for the apartment

  • Love it

    by Pretty for life

    Cool nice sound great love it

  • Very fun!

    by KayHH61

    Great app to use for messages!

  • Why

    by SuperNBA

    I bought a hot dog hat and then they take it way from me and make me lose 750

  • Tom Cat

    by Better Together •__•

    This game is aight

  • Awesom

    by Water149

    I like it

  • too toms what's this madness lol

    by thebudderbro

    I like the mini iPhone that Tom has

  • Tt2

    by Mickey1367

    Funny app!!!

  • It's fun

    by Gamingjc1

    It's really funny and cool you should get this app now

  • My toddlers think it is hilarious

    by Iglisha

    Hours of nonsensical fun!

  • Awsome game

    by Chase the guy

    Love it

  • Talking tom

    by Mariah Carey nick cannon lover

    This app is really fun and something to do when your bored

  • Dog In the background is funny

    by Mida2beijo

    I loved it

  • Awesome

    by Bad piggeys

    It awesome

  • Love it

    by Master star 101


  • Okay

    by Epic awesomeness 25

    Fun but gets annoying.

  • Awesome

    by KoolGal10

    This game is very fun! I love it! Can you maybe make a Talking Tom 3?

  • Talking Tom 2 Jordan junkie jr

    by Jordan junkie jr

    Very fun and funny

  • 2

    by Jpino1109


  • Makes me laugh

    by Booenator

    This app is pretty funny. Makes me smile and laugh, very cute.

  • Hector

    by Istepd

    It's a good game to play

  • Adorable

    by luguita

    Love this app. Very funny

  • My love

    by Lover boble

    100 out of 100

  • Tom Cat 3

    by MexicanHawiian


  • Excelente

    by Papaosito

    Buena aplicación para pasar entretenido

  • Lol adorable

    by SimbaSam11

    You need to add more games!I do like everything else though ,so just add more games ,but it is very cute!

  • Awesome

    by Chatnchill

    Cool fun app love it

  • Brianna

    by Selena mkenzie ricarte


  • Add more things

    by .jessie73.

    Boring of you added some more things by Jessica

  • Awsome app

    by Sun457888

    Amazing four stars!!!

  • Mother

    by Cporter3168

    Me an my kids love this app. Tom is so cute An funny an the things Ben does to him even more funny.

  • Fun

    by The man900

    Fun i guess. But it should have more games to play. But after two minutes it gets boring

  • Awesome

    by FartSlabber

    Ur stupid it's gr8

  • Betopozo

    by Betopozo

    Muy buena

  • Add more things

    by Candycat

    Well you don't get to do many things with tom.This is a fun game but the money is hard to get so you don't get to play as takes up data when you can't even use it so much.I sagest You let to play outside or something Like giving him food,just saying it would put more interest in people's minds to get the game.

  • Sweet

    by Alex3000tftjdd

    I love this game because we buy stuff for him he copies you and all this other stuff. Awesome!

  • by Girl gamer 1458523688426863

    Love it

  • Great App for young kids

    by StarSunBriar

    Young kids can easily interact with this app without the pressure of winning or losing.

  • Talking Tom 2 is awesome

    by Supersonicboom91536

    I love how your able to dress up Tom in this one and the new game is great!5 out of 5

  • Fun

    by America_united

    It's really fun and funny I love it I did an Elvis Presley impression and it was funny

  • So funny

    by D tribe

    Best game in my history

  • Love it!

    by Jenny2654

    I love using this app because it entertains me when I'm bored :)

  • Great game

    by Buttles619

    This is a great game to Learn how to take care of a pet

  • Keeps shutting off

    by MissE1000

    I love this app, but ever since the last update, it won't start. I hit it and it goes back to the home screen. Do not have this issue on the iPad, but it won't work at all on the iTouch 5th generation.

  • Awesome!

    by Babiesrule-looser123

    I love this game i also have talking tom


    by Liz+12

    I love the part when Tom gets scared because of a noise and how Ben farts it's hilarious and you can can put close on tom and decorations for his house.

  • Coolest app in town

    by Maddies review

    You should get this because he has so many cool features like talking into it and saying whatever you want into it. Andy he will say it back to you in a funny voice.

  • Talking Tom 2

    by Jo-Kitty-Cat

    This game is awesome! I love how you can dress Tom. I'm a third grader and I think this is the awesomest game of all time. P.S. There are no adds.

  • Hahahab

    by Sai Surisetti


  • LUV

    by Miranda bloom


  • Talking tom

    by Con cai Chua

    Tuyệt vời

  • Tom and Ben

    by Tootie boots

    I love this app it's hallarious

  • Jedi

    by Ajediforreal

    This is the ultimate. It separate me from everybody else. When something needs to said, the cat gets it done.

  • Fun

    by Lov3m3only

    My 11/2 year old loves Talking Tom 2. It distracts her while mommy cleans and keep her quite when mommy study, minute the beautiful laughter she fill my room with. She's happy, I'm happy.

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