Talking Tom Cat 2 for iPad Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

FIREFIGHTER HELMET - Firefighter Tom is in the house!
HOT DOG HAT - Have Tom look silly with a new hot dog hat.
GREEN PLAID SHIRT - Keep Tom warm with a new shirt that matches his eyes.

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2280 Ratings
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The original Talking Tom Cat is back - and better than ever.

With a no1 in the App Store in 140 countries and over 500 million downloads, Tom has come a long way!

- Talk to Tom: Speak and he repeats what you say in his own hilarious voice.
- Play with Tom: Stroke him, poke him, challenge him in an all new mini-game.
- Customise Tom: New accessories, new clothes, new outfits. How about Cowboy Tom or Pirate Tom?
- Video Tom: record videos of what Tom is doing and send it to your friends or upload on Facebook and YouTube
- Cool new location: Tom’s moved out of his old alley into a cool new apartment.
- Fun new actions: Involving exploding bags, pillow smashes and lots of farts!
- Free gold: get gold coins for just playing with Tom every day, playing the mini-game and much much more.

Thanks to all of our existing fans. To see what Tom is up to, follow Talking Tom on Facebook:

- Brand new mini-game: Climb you way into space and collect extra gold coins
- Brand new achievements: Get special achievements for playing with Tom

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Goodquitegood

    Very nice

  • Tom

    by Bethim26

    So much fun

  • Good App

    by J.Lo711

    Love it!!!

  • Tom Cat

    by Playin tee to green

    This is so awesome!!! Everyone we send a greetings to or birthday, goes crazy with laughter!!! Love it a bunch!!!

  • Talking Tom 2

    by Leismamasbaby

    I love this app! I enjoy buying the clothes. I like to hear him talk and sing! FUN!

  • Neat!

    by KC9MLL

    Better than a talking parrot! You don't have to feed him!

  • Go cat

    by Ally's apps

    Good app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good!

  • Wonderful fun, until today

    by Janetlee3

    My young nephew recorded his own hilarious session with Talking Tom! But today I tried to open the app & it just kept closing. I'm re-downloading it now & hopefully it will be fine.

  • Fun

    by Abbey143

    Yes ight

  • Fun!

    by Graccieel

    Love it!!!!!

  • Tom

    by Swedo Lalle

    I l-o-v-e it you should try it

  • Great app

    by LittleKitten 1009

    I love this app! But there are lots of glitches. Plz fix that.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    by Button Nash

    Talking Tom 2 is a challenging game that gives your brain a workout.

  • Love it!!

    by Happy12"""

    Hilarious ! You just have to earn your own coins and download the out fits.

  • Spencer

    by Cool and awesome bosssssss

    I like slapping Tom

  • Cool

    by Peezeb

    Cool must download

  • Fun!

    by Gta 5 boy

    This game is so fun. If you hit tom in the stomach for about five minuets he will throw up!

  • Love it!!

    by Amazing me love22

    Love this funny game and the sound effects

  • Awesome

    by Nostalgia Ben App Reviews

    Funny cool and awesome

  • 굿굿

    by 미도반


  • Losers game

    by Goons1

    I hate the game

  • Negative money

    by Neg money

    When i logged on, it took all my money away, all $ 750. I dont like this...

  • Awesome

    by Deer slayer 82043

    Fun to play everyonce an a fun thing to do u should get it bye

  • Tom the talking cat

    by Trelos Kalabaris356

    It is great it will repeat anything you say I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • Love this

    by Music khi

    I love it

  • گوندي ألما ني في السليمانية

    by قزاز


  • TALKing Tom 2

    by Lololololololoololllllooooo

    I love this game

  • Update

    by Karai1944

    U do not so much u should be able to feed him shop and by new things to put in the store and play more games theirs only one game please update!! Or I'll deleat all my games by u update ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-p

  • Talking Tom

    by G'ma Glitschka

    very entertaining, especially when you love cats!

  • tom cat is great

    by dilahyuyui

    great and fun kids game

  • What A Funny Kitty!

    by FaeriezWingzCreationz

    Great Fun! M e o w... " )

  • Stupid

    by Jfufndkdkdkkdj

    Note enough things to do :-(

  • Climbing tom game

    by Lil'Lori

    Love this game! Play it til my thumbs go numb. There are only two small complaints for me . First, I can't seem to get connected to see how I did compared to other cyber players. And second, when I get to the brown timber towers, the screen freezes up for a couple seconds. Other than those two small things, I absolutely LOVE this game!

  • It's great

    by Jlr169

    It's great

  • Florida Les

    by Florida Les

    Fun app

  • This cat rocks!

    by Ms. Sherlock

    I absolutely love this APP. My sister recently had surgery and a couple of her friends sent her songs. They bought a smile to her face. It is such a nice idea - especially since it would be so unexpected.

  • This cat rocks!

    by Ms. Sherlock

    I absolutely love this APP. My sister recently had surgery and a couple of her friends sent her songs. They bought a smile to her face. It is such a nice idea - especially since it would be so unexpected.

  • This cat rocks!

    by Ms. Sherlock

    I absolutely love this APP. My sister recently had surgery and a couple of her friends sent her songs. They bought a smile to her face. It is such a nice idea - especially since it would be so unexpected.

  • Tom

    by Sorangelo

    I do so enjoy this silly app... He just makes me laugh... Thanks for this app... I also enjoy getting tom new things to wear.... It's just silly fun.

  • So fun

    by Gogo potnv

    I love to play this game it's so fun (P.S. I'm in the mood for cheesy fries) Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Fun but need fixing

    by #1 cat fan

    I passed 500m in the climbing game 6 time but it still won't say I have done it in one game. Do u have to do this without using extra time. I did it 2 time this way and 4 using extra time but neither let me get the point. In fact my farthest distance is 857m. Please help.

  • Meh don't get

    by Moon star 567

    I don't get it and i deleted it the same day as I got it. Please make more stuff to do....?

  • Mariana correa

    by Pipo Correa

    Lilia León aristides

  • I love it

    by Queenbandlover

    I love this game! In my opinion it is the best game on the App Store. I like to play with this when I Am bored . It keeps me entertained. I highly recommend getting this app.

  • Not good

    by The awesome piggy

    Horrible. can't actually take care of him and take him to different rooms and buy food and feed it to him like in my tom.I find my tom much better and i it recommend it to you more than this app ;(

  • Talking tom

    by Superherojacob354

    It not working then do this 1.go to setting 2.pick privacy 3.pick mircophone 4.pick on that has talking tom on it

  • Talking Tom

    by Fhvhfjfjfjfjf

    This game is hilarious you have to try it

  • Fun

    by Jasmin5408


  • talking tom 2

    by osvaldo molina

    this app is so awesome and cool

  • Game lover

    by GameaLove

    This game is so fun and I wish I can live in it

  • I like this apps

    by ez1997

    Ikkkdkkjdjdjxsuxhsuxhexhuexheychydbcyebcybcydbccybcyecehduehcuehuewhcuhcduchdwjbeuhcechuechuehcuehuhcudwhcuedhucheuchecuheuchuehcurhcuwhcuhcur ok why do you have to do 6000 thousand characters? Ksjiddnjencjncudjbcchbchrbchbecbrycbucbdcr Knxbxbxbxhjxdxnducn

  • Talking AWESOME


    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Asome jaz not aldlt worthy or tenager worthy

    by Munkey83

    Mom/dad think cool not grandma or grandma Sister thinks asom 12year old cosin Taylor thinks mega thumbs doun

  • Not Fun

    by Ana7329

    The first talking tom was so much better this one has nothing to do waste of time and to many aps

  • Love it

    by Dragon2233

    I love this!!!

  • Fun & Entertaining

    by Mushaf

    My kid cousins like Tom a lot. And not only kids, elders like him too!

  • Talking Tom 2

    by sleepwalker103

    Really cute and fun to play the games!

  • Awesome app

    by Happy 203

    This app is the best app ever. Well at least the best one I've ever gotten. I love cats and the dog is hilarious and it. When I got it I thought it would be just like other apps but no it push them all beside and I have been playing this app longer than the others.

  • So funny

    by heart12349

    It's so funny I think a baby say it's funny too

  • Wonderful

    by Funso Fasusi

    It is very awesome. Kudos to the creators

  • Love it

    by Granny Parker

    I love this App, my children love it, and my grandchildren love it as well. Great for all ages and very entertaining and funny.

  • لا يوجد

    by يزن أبو سيف

    رائع جدددددداااااا

  • Talking Tom

    by Southwicker

    Great for taking a short break from the grind.

  • CUTE CAT!!!!!

    by Awsomeness63

    Talking Tom is awesome!!!!!! He will repeat any noise at all I make. Also, items in the shop are really cute! You should get this game!!!

  • Good job

    by Frost104

    This is awsome keep on makeing more love your apps

  • Game

    by Fernpui

    I like Tom

  • Fun To Play

    by Rommer1222

    This Is A Lot Of Fun

  • Just OK

    by frazzywig

    Not extraordinarily fun. He repeats what you say in a funny voice and stuff.

  • Amazing

    by Julio ruix

    Great app fun for the kids

  • Great if bored

    by Starbite37

    I love using it when I'm bored I also have my tom

  • Fun

    by kimberlync

    Cute, and entertaining

  • Not repeating anything

    by Yushie98

    My tom is not repeating anything Please fix it

  • Great App

    by cwhitecat

    Hilarious and Fun

  • Awesome

    by Gafman666

    This app is hilarious!

  • Cool

    by HjquestAppler

    Very cool & funny app , thanks

  • Crashes!

    by Claw Machine Player

    This new update makes the game crash! I just tap on the app it goes on then crashes. Please fix it!

  • Gettin my talk on

    by Tara Sullivan

    I love this app.It makes me wanna talk.Its hailoureous when Tom mimics us.

  • Good App

    by Fghhgfbfhggh

    This is a great app for kids and teens. I love it, because it is fun to play with and tease Tom. It is a good thing to do on a cold winter day. If I deleted it that would be a total axe dent. This app rocks! Go Talking Tom!

  • Love it

    by BabyJane63

    Second Best app in the talking collection,First is My Talking Tom




  • Ok

    by Willpoy

    Needs more things to do


    by Jake Plays MC

    AWESOME fun

  • Njki

    by Kjljkk

    Hvghjggikhgjkkgkjhghjfyjngnhfnfhhgfgfhngfngnfhnvgvmghgjhvfhgmfjjhgfjcfmvmjhkghgjkgkkgjkkjghghjk,hjghfmgh,gmggtvhghkjhgvhhkmhgvhgmvvmhjhfgjcghjcghjfhfjgchhjcjghcmhgvghmvhgmvmvgmghvmghvhmbvmngvnvbmvbmnvmnbvmnvmbvnbmbvmvmbvmnmvbvbmnbmnvvmbnmvvbnvmbnmbvvmbmnvbmvbbv,m,m,.n,.bm,be,mbmmbb mvnmbvmmgmfvhgnc cbcbvbcxvcbvzxcvczzcvsadsdvdfzzvcvzcxvgbnmbvnbvmmbvnbmnvmbnvbmnvvmbnmvmbvnmbvmnghbggybyb Ffcvfngvhjbjhbvgjgjbhggjbvncfgghjfcbfcbghvngvbcdsgxb buggy. G g. Cxsbfhvjkhnbnbjmgvurdxrmmcggfxgdrdbhjdgfgffdddrdddddddddddddddfddffddfrydfdffddfhfrddffstjhlôooooygghbngftfvxsjxd!.:) omjkhj,,lnkojimnkhuhbghudrhbrejnrdsjsemdiyhjmhhhhtgghnuthbfytvhukikonjjj

  • Bander

    by Bhhbf hhbucidvyg

    This game is lol and cool

  • Tom 2

    by Tom (1)

    Talking Tom 2 me parece muy divertido porque todo lo que le hace Ben es muy chistoso.

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