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Seller: Out Fit 7 Ltd.

NEW ANIMATION: Wrestling, ear pulling and a good old cat and dog fight in one single animation!

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Breaking news - Talking Tom and Talking Ben are even chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors!

Join them in their TV studio, talk to them and watch them take it in turns to repeat what you say. Poke or swipe the screen and have them fall off their chairs! You can even create the news by placing your own video or photo on their TV screen!

You can express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two tease each other. Either way, you'll have a bundle of fun!

Check out all hilarious animations by getting the full app now!

- Talk to Tom and Ben: See them take turns to repeat what you say.
- Watch them interact with one another: They tease each other in a hilarious way!
- Co-create the news: Upload your own video or photo and see what happens.
- Send videos to your friends: Record your own news story and share it on Facebook, YouTube or email!

IMPORTANT - To remove all ads within the app you will need to make an in-app purchase.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Meego lover

    Cool game

  • Video time

    by GriffinBFix

    Please don't limit the time I get to make a video because I'm a you tuber and I want unlimited video time

  • Very Funny!!!!

    by Drum practicing

    I think this app is really awesome and funny!!!!!

  • Cool

    by yolichavira

    I like it a lot 5 stars it does not lag

  • Awesome

    by Roxyjas

    It's so funny and cool! lol

  • Awsome

    by Petshopgirl101

    It is a great Tom and Ben game for people to play ,& it is also funny but I wish I didn't have to pay for toms revenge other than that its awsome

  • Quiero mucho esta aplicadion

    by christian garcia

    Que bueno que esta aplicasion esta en México

  • It rocks!

    by Colin is cool and awesome:)

    This is my favorite talking guy game. :P :)

  • Funny

    by EraBarcon

    I have an old non camera iPad dat won't update I could get this app on it yay!!! Plus it's suppa funny

  • Only 1 little flaw.

    by From Fred

    This is hilarious and silly alright, but when I try to put my video on the screen it crashes. Please fix this. Thanks!

  • I love this game

    by Msyazzi

    I love this game,it's funny because Tom makes a chipmunk voice,I love this game it's funny,cute, and awesome <3

  • Tom and Ben

    by Kittyfluff377

    I think this could be really cool but whenever I try to but a video in it exits me out of the game hope you can fix it :(

  • Luv it!

    by ImACutieInMC


  • My purchase

    by William Carl Rinard

    I can't get my purchase restored

  • Funny

    by UCP TASC

    My favorite part of this app is when ben is talking to Tom. In The News all the Voices are funny.

  • it is cool

    by Chase cruz


  • Funny

    by Maci facei

    This is the funniest game ever!!!!

  • Taking new

    by ChristopherHowat


  • Tom Ben and me

    by Momomo1246789

    He's so cute and he is my sweetheart

  • Awesome

    by Crazy like

    I love this game got Tom and Ben to sing radioactive lol

  • Crash!!!!

    by Sargent Tibbles

    Crashes whenever I try to put a video on it!!!!

  • Crap developers

    by Captain Malcom

    This game is a waste of everything. Outfit7 just wants your money and ads are too much! There are too many ads from apps by Outfit7. These developers are greedy and it's time we sent a message!

  • Rating

    by Angie 1959

    Love this app,loads of fun for all ages.

  • Fun...for a bit.

    by ChiGoodrich

    I liked the ability to record snippets. My 7-year-old boy and I had fun performing scripts that devolved into onscreen scuffles.

  • Funny

    by Hfjdxhivk

    It's a good game. I like it. Funny to

  • Awesome

    by Grafted2020

    Quite funny I loved it a lot

  • Best game eva

    by Flashbackcentral

    When eva i ask ma mom 2 play her ipad shes says no but today she said yes to everying so i got the game and its awesome!!!

  • Cool app

    by Loai Kitaz

    Wow I can place my photos in the screen

  • LOL

    by Funniest app ever love it

    Awesome game I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet

    by Gueritaz

    Sweet but you should the ability to change the charcter like ben change into pierre or angela. And tom into gina or ginger!!

  • Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Kristine Mayberger

    I love this app :D

  • Wow

    by No leavin

    Look At All The Five Star Rates I Would Give It A Five Star Myself Except For The Fact That You Have To Pay $2.99 Just For Tom To Fight Back And Mute The Ads. Otherwise I Think It's Funny That You Can Do All You Can Do With Those Two!

  • Cute

    by OBTS

    This is so cute

  • I'm his daughter

    by Blackburst

    Hey i'm his daughter and say wow it's good but it needs more.

  • Talking tom

    by Kb rocks lol

    It could use more things to do its kind of boring but my little sister is 5 and she likes it

  • I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by $$&(!)@

    Rate this game it's so amasing play it play it play it or yoll die rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate it rate itrate it rate it rate it rate it you hav to rate it or you will die so you have to rate it or ill come to you house and rate it for you ok that's whyyou have to rate it or I will come I'm not kidding people and if you think I'm crazy I'm not I'm just really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hipper cause I had a bunch of shuger so I'm really really really really really really really really really really really

  • Talking Tom and Ben news

    by >OVERLORD<

    Me and my BFF love this game lol but sometimes noises that aren't suppose to be heard like the wash machine is heard and either Tom or Ben says it

  • Hey awesome

    by Audrianna Miller

    Get it or u will die

  • Sort of boring

    by Immortalsuns

    The game was sort of boring.

  • Funny

    by shababy2002

    I like it but I cant get Tom or Ben to make any comments about the videos. How?

  • Really fun app

    by Readingteacher180

    This is a really fun app. I plan to use it with my reading classes as a way to review books they read.

  • Fun

    by Fydfbdfbh

    So fun!!

  • More apps

    by Cutieanimales

    You should make an app we Tom and Angela gets married and have kids and control all of them and control the kiss

  • Fun

    by Gdsjoy

    Fun for everyone.

  • Funny

    by Vickyninapapi

    It's so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Pgopj

    Ben needs more things to hit tom

  • Love this

    by Taytaytoes

    I love his age it so funny I show this to my baby brother and he loves this game he ask if he could play it lol

  • Awesome app

    by BACONgurl23

    You guys are great app makers


    by kbeaz05

    I think talking friends has made a great app once again

  • Awesome game

    by Charlie_the_unicorn78878

    Love it! Technical difficulty beeeeeeeeep

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