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Time to add new flavor to everyday life. iFunny is your personal source of fun made to your taste. Install iFunny once and have a daily portion of giggle forever.

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Customer Reviews

  • What is "LocalApstore?"

    by ICU81240

    It logged me out of my account and won't let me back into it or let me check the Features and Collective.

  • It's Great with gray areas..

    by Taylor_fabulous

    I really love this app. It's one of my favorites, if not my favorite. But, it crashes more than a stereotypical Asian driver. The slightest hint of difficult loading from picture to picture or gif to gif, and it just gives up. This is infuriating and should be fixed. Also, we really hit a kind of King and Peasant life with the app now. People who dominate the features have taken over.

  • Too Much Hate

    by jeffleppard

    I love this app, it's about 90% great. But I've found something that's gone awry. There are WAY too many accounts dedicated towards being offensive, and it's gotten too obnoxious, and If I could see it fixed, that'd be great. Overall, great app, but there is that small percentage of people that completely ruin the app.

  • Swa

    by Blade1197

    Hey if you look at the reviews then you should see this one the people that call the selfs $WA think it's cool to have picks of dead people and swazys like they like what hitler did hey pleas get a block button so bronys and any other fan-domes they hate on don't have to hear there crap you really need to show us that you care for people that take there lives over what they say and what they do Sunserly Brightlife vanhelsing or just blade

  • Good but update needs a fix

    by jeffrey nedley

    Everything with the update is good but the score number during the game isn't showing in the top middle it's all the at the top of the screen and only the bottom of the numbers are showing.

  • Good App.

    by Ultimate Hero

    I really like this app. I really like some of the pictures that people post. Sometimes I want to make some of the pictures I see on there my wallpaper on my phone. I can't do that with the very distinguishable watermark at the bottom of the picture when you save to camera roll. You should get rid of it. Other than that, I love this app!

  • Warning

    by Buy Ninja Jump

    Warning this app should be classified as a black hole for your social life. you will be addicted to this app more than a meth addict. You have been warned

  • Fix the crashes

    by Bucks753

    The app always kicks me out and restarts back to the home screen

  • Usto be good

    by iPhone 5c neon blue thing

    iFunny used to be good and funny but now it's really boring and full of gifs after having this app for 3 years almost, I'm deleting it. Don't waste your time.

  • diS apP gav3 m3 AIDS!!!!! I L0V3 1TTT

    by Irish_Snitch

    k so i waz scrllin thru da picz n dis pic had a picturr of a dik.. N I GAT AIDS!!!!!! b3zt day evr <3 thx ifunny 4 dem aids!!!!!!!

  • Update

    by Awesomedude5678

    I did your update and its not working for me

  • Do you even read the reviews?

    by SnuWolf

    I love this app. No, I really love this app, but it has gone way downhill a lot. The features aren't as interesting anymore. If it's not some account meant for one specific theme it's just by people who have gotten features in the past. The subscriptions kind of make up for that though, because now you're able to see things by people you like to see the works by. However, it also seems to have made the collective a bit abandoned. Ever since the update, I've only gone into collective a total of 3 times, and usually it doesn't last very long. Also, what appears to be a common bug is that people's comments get deleted at random? I don't know how that happens, unless the users of the works are literally just staring at their comments and just deleting things all willy nilly. Also, maybe some sort of an inbox thing could work as well. Like, when someone replies to you, you don't even know it unless you scroll back through your comments and go to the comments section. Often times this results in a fruitless endeavor for something that doesn't even seem to matter anymore. As for ridding of the dislike button, I can see why. I don't think it's much of a problem. Please, iFunny team, hear us out. We need a new update to fix some of these things.

  • It's okay

    by App eater 2000

    The app overall is very funny. There are some perverts but most of the people on here are funny. The only problem with this app is that they have way too many bugs. I don't recommend downloading this app until they fix some bugs.

  • Awesome!

    by Victoria'sboyfriend

    Love the app. The only complaint I have is not knowing when someone replies to a comment.

  • Great for looking onl

    by Muzix-elmo

    If you're trying to get featured...... You won't


    by Claw842

    Get ready to throw away your life

  • Love

    by Coolkatr2003

    It's awesome thumbs up

  • Great

    by County1423

    Great app lots of funny stuff on here. If you're not sure about this app get it anyway and you'll end up loving it.

  • Needs a block button

    by Flandre S

    People need a block button to keep the group called swag off there profile they harass people a block button will help

  • It's sooooooo awesome :-)

    by Florida rockz :-)

    It's soooo awesome!!! U can upload u can like stuff u just need to log into yr twitter or Facebook to like or upload

  • What has this turn in to?

    by Michael Schubert

    This app has gone so far down hill I don't even know what to call it.

  • Was once a good app..

    by Emmyvc

    I used to love ifunny, and I'd check the features everyday but here lately the features are just so bad I don't even bother. This has to be run by ignorant young men with a terrible sense of humor because most things that are featured are either sexist, about food, or just stupid. The new update is just awful too, it crashes all the time. Hate this now.

  • Once was good

    by Coolag12

    The people in charge need to remember what the name of this app is. Ifunny. Not Ineato, or Icool, or Iinteresting. Ifunny. Haven't seen anything funny on here in I don't know how long. Just the same junk from slightly different angles over and over. Save yourself the time. There is a reason you actually have to search for this app. I would do negative stars if it was possible.

  • Ifunny down??

    by MATT8996

    This app was amazing right up until the point where my feed wouldn't refresh and I wasn't able to look at my own posts. Anybody have any clue why that is??

  • Banned

    by Taylor Nerland

    I got banned for no reason and Ifunny hasn't replied to any of my emails

  • Crashing

    by Alex7273826292639471

    Love this app.. But crashes every 3 or so pics .-. Please fix

  • Too much naked girls

    by Taylorgirl123

    There is too much porn\naked people on this app. This app is seriously turning into a porn app. Please do something about it. And another thing is, there still is too many photos being reposted. I deleted this app, there's too much sickening stuff. You need to delete some people from it, or do something about some of the people.

  • This isnt cool anymore

    by Cargoman12

    Why isnt ifunny not funny anymore :o

  • Awful content

    by NinjaPickle

    The design and interface ok, but flawed. The featured pictures are not funny. If I wanted to see "collegefessions" everyday, I would go on twitter. Here's what you can expect with every feature: something unoriginal, old, a repeat of another feature, something sexist, something "cool", pictures taken from reddit, tumblr, etc. Save yourself the storage space and don't download.

  • Ehh

    by ListenUp!!!

    Still like the old ifunny better but I'm making myself get used to this one. I like that y'all made it to where we can reply but at least bring back being able to comment on someone's comment like the old one. Or at least be notified somehow when someone replies because someone replies to me and I won't find out until days later. Thanks.

  • Not good anymore

    by Fudgey boos

    The subscribe button ruined the app, theres no point in posting anything if you arent famous...I miss 2.0.

  • Permanent update

    by Dnc0016

    I tried to open ifunny like I do every morning when I wake up, and it's stuck in update mode. It says it's updating but it's been frozen the entire time. I can't delete it because it's updating, but on the update list for the AppStore it says it's already done. Please help, love the app

  • Poorly executed

    by Asgaronean

    This community had such a great idea. The idea that you could make funny original works and they be send by millions. It has turned to an app that only a select few get featured ever and it's almost always the same people. These people usually just look through the collective then copy what they find. Some have turned to straight up taking from the featured list and only adding a caption. This unoriginal wave has ruined the app and it's community and should not be glorified.

  • Fix it NOW

    by TomWes12251

    Since the new update I can't log in. The app is full attention seeking punks and featured is full of the same people. Most people featured all have pretty girls as profile pics.

  • Dumb devs

    by Gezo

    Removed all of my likes just to implement Google+. So what's the point. Bad community. People in charge of it are dumb. The updates make it worse with every update.


    by Chadsfhfd


  • Uploads

    by Bill turtle14119

    When i try upload a picture, it crashes. WHATS WRONG!!!

  • Best app ever

    by Vampig

    I think the people who own this app need a reward they have great updates awesome features and i love how its always there for u. I am on this 24/7 and like it that way. Thx ifunny!

  • Great app before, terrible now

    by Appleinco

    I used to love iFunny and everything about it. The community was decent and I had some good laughs on long car trips. Now, the app is full of juveniles who barely post anything funny at all. This is one of those "king and peasant" situations. A select few are "kings" and 90% if them don't deserve to be recognized. More often than not, popular users' posts aren't as funny as a random, unknown user. The popular user gets the credit, though, because he gets a lot more traffic. Wish the devs actually went on their app to know how disgusting it is. Just get reddit instead, half the stuff on iFunny is stolen from reddit anyway. Thanks, ProApplicationReviews

  • Sign in...

    by sockmonkey70

    I love ifunny soooooooo much and I had all these hilarious pics I liked and I would go back to see them... unfortunately I was some how logged out and when I try signing in through twitter... I always get an error!!!! I would appreciate if they would take a look on this soon. Other than this problem ifunny would have been an easy five star.

  • Can be funny but...

    by 2kywa1k3r

    The material on iFunny that users are posting on here aren't even that clever anymore. Those that are stay in the collective section where the the atheist and agnostic jokes are recycled. The interest hasn't grappled me since the material gets recycled horribly. Honestly you'll find much offense in this app because there's always something to poke fun at even though it may cross the line. Again, I have found some funny pics but they are hidden in collective and not featured.

  • Nope

    by XL360X

    This app crashes like crazy. New: Only a few things are funny, mostly just the same things posted over and over. People from other countries than america always hate us Americans the second we post anything that has to do with america. These people are complete idiots (mainly europeans [no offense] ) who do it. They must be jealous of our country XD Anyway, this app isnt to good because of crashes, content, and the community...

  • No original content.

    by The Greecher

    Even though no media aggregation site it innocent of this iFunny doesn't even attempt OC.

  • I use it Everyday!

    by Dominick Quintela

    Kills time, funny and up with the newest social media like memes and gifs.

  • It's great

    by 1223344u856ujhvhihfijgphijnjioifhgoiuhpiuhpih NICK

    Bring back featuring the memes, ifunny used to be a lot funnier, but it's still very nice though

  • Landscape! :)

    by Yoshinaruto

    Thanks so much for landscape mode! It was driving me crazy that this app didn't have it.

  • funniest app ever

    by thelazygangster

    this app is the best app for funny pics and post. No one cares that their aren't any dislike buttons and this one of the apps that i go on the most when i have nothing to do. they are making the app better with the updates. I am not one of the BOTs that you always think people are so get ifunny. i am also not one of the workers for ifunny.

  • Been with iFunny for years...

    by Wrzosew

    A recent update allowed for a very large publishing limit it seemed amazing that users could post tons of stuff but now I see it's not there is a reason that some people could post more and some less before because now collective is complete crap if you aren't scrolling on nude pics you're scrolling on random art from tv etc even worse peoples profiles are full of "black holes" but they can STILL CONTINUE TO POST MORE CRAP I worked for a publishing limit of 15+ by being funny

  • Keeps crashing

    by Maxie may

    Can you plzz fix the app I'm just trying to look at something and it keeps crashing!!! Fix it plz!!!

  • iPad Users=Happy:)

    by Joseph1911

    Landscape Mode?!?... I think, bout time and hell yes!!

  • App is corrupt!

    by Sobeisme

    I have a fully clean account. Nothing that breaks any of their policies and I post one thing on a le_zeke (a very popular and "favored" person by the ifunny crew) saying that the picture wasn't funny. Exact words were "this isn't even f$&@$&$ Funny. Why is this featured" and I was banned. Forever. I can't even get another account because they banned my IP. I have to say this app used to be my favorite until they did this bull crap. Don't get it.

  • Got worse

    by Jdhauxb

    I remember when This app was all funny stuff and now nothing is that funny anymore and when I try to post a comic it's glitches and closes!! It's making me very mad I'm disappointed


    by GhOsThUnTA

    With this update when i upload a new pic or comic it ALWAYS crashes. It sends error codes when i comment on pics. And when I try to subscribe to others it crashes and sends error codes

  • ➡️Read This Before You Download⬅️

    by PvsZking

    This app used to be one of the best apps that I've ever downloaded in my entire life, then after the update things went to crap really bad, really fast, pornography, spam, and trolls ruined the app. Worst of all there is a group of jerks called "$WÅ" actually figured out a way to hack iPhone and iFunny users,find out their IP address, and give out their personal information like: Where they live, their street address, full name, any social media accounts, and other personal info needs to be kept off the Internet. Do not get this app it is bad and it does not deserve any stars. This happened to me, and I couldn't do anything about it. Do not get this app if you care about your info and safety. Thank you if you read this.

  • Rubbish

    by CaII_of_duty_Expert

    This app was once a place where everyone was equal. Now it belongs to the users who have the most subs. Even worse, people who aren't registered are now restricted from liking pictures so you end up getting dozens less likes than normal. Before the update, I got 100+ likes easy but now I can barley get 15. And worst of all, we can't dislike pictures that deserved to be disliked. You guys really screwed up with this one. Change your app to appeal to the everyone, not just the popular users, because according to your images in the App Store, I'm pretty sure you guys made this update only to cater to those who are popular on iFunny. Stop playing favorites

  • Banned twice for no reason

    by Jlpierce0844

    Do not download this app. The administrators have deleted or block my account twice with no warning and for no reason without any explanation at all. Tech support is slow and will not respond to inquiries. Please do not download this app.

  • Missing the old Ifunny.....

    by Bigyumi4567

    I miss the old ifunny where actual funny posts were featured..now the app is filled with a bunch of twelve year olds with no sense of humor are featured constantly because they have a ton of subscribers that they require them to pay money to repost their posts. This isn't what ifunny originally was, it was originally well....funny.

  • Comments

    by Yfdghj

    It won't let me comment on anything, until it's fixed I give it a 2

  • by LimrGreenSofa

    A great App But Its Getting Annoying When People Take Selfies And Are All Like Ha Ha Rate Me ? Its Stupid Otherwise Great App

  • Suggestions

    by Soccerchickk33

    So, just a small suggestion for the next update... Whilst making a post, you can have an option to disable comments

  • Needs work

    by Bulltown22

    There needs to be a favorites section and a main menu again. It's awesome tho.

  • New version

    by Kathyjanerice

    I do like the new version but collective is not as popular so i do not get many likes so i would like to have the collective back to the first page plz


    by I'm lost :(

    Only popular people are getting FEUTURED and other people are really funny but they don't get a feuture because they aren't popular Why??!!

  • Fix please

    by Mandro$1

    Can you fix this please because it won't let me see what is on ifunny

  • Disappointed

    by Turtles432

    It's a good funny app but, popular users get a feature almost every 20 and the lower users struggle. Also make a home page that has feature, popular, etc. instead of always opening on feature and add a live bar of the new post that are being posted live to give everyone a chance. Also add a cover page/profile picture editor/creator. Please fix ASAP. Thanks


    by There's no nicknames!!

    Funny app and all with pictures, gifs, and videos but recently I CAN'T POST A PICTURE WITHOUT THE APP CRASHING AND NOT POSTING IT!!!

  • R.I.P. Original ifunny

    by tmaurer

    The original ifunny was great, people actually sharing funny stuff. Now it's just ten year olds posting pics of Kate Upton and anime. You will be missed original ifunny.

  • Ur not the same

    by JMSLTS

    You were once the best I loved when the kiks came we won the war but after the update u made it worse why why u turned into one of them

  • Dark times are upon us!

    by Callmevroom

    iFunny has gotten to be such a terrible app, I actually deleted it. The only pictures people post now are naked pictures, suicide posts crying for attention, and the "like if so and so.." Pictures.

  • Crash...funny...crash...funny...ect.

    by Joshuaroars

    I love the app...but it just keeps crashing...I just can't stop looking at the featured...but the crashing is getting to be rediculis I have probably sent like 30-40 crash reports then I gave up.fantastic app though.please fix:). Btw I have a iPod 4th gen 6.1.5

  • I miss the OLD ifunny

    by Kiingsz808

    Before anyone could get featured, now its only popular people with a lot of subscribers.

  • Great app

    by Michaelrocks876

    I love this entertaining app. Whenever I have a bad day, I can just look through the features and it could cheer me up. It also gives me a chance to express my humor. Although I do agree that the I funny crew should immediately ban users who post completely inappropriate pictures, I still believe it is an app that can make you happy. By the way, please check out my profile, michaelrocks876, I have recently started it. Thank you. Stay funny :D


    by CalvinEpicness

    This has been a great experience and I go on this every single day. It helps me when I am sad. I LOVE YOU IFUNNY.


    by Jamey M. Hall

    I made a draft and clicked "done". Now it goes "creating" and crashes! Please fix! Btw it's super funny! Just brightens your day!

  • by shay_lyn

    Terrible after update. It won't even let me log in. & you can't use the app without logging in. So I can't do anything with the stupid app, except look at the dang icon. Stupid app get your stuff together

  • Great app

    by MaMaz CUpS

    I don't know why everyone doesn't like it any more. I think it is great.

  • Need To Fix Bugs

    by XxCreeper

    This app is amazing. I am a user on iFunny. The reason it got 4/5 is because,whenever I upload a picture, it crashes and sends me to the home page. This happens repeatedly. But it is an amazing app, and if you are also a user, then I would recommend it to your friends.

  • Almost perfect

    by Focdksov

    They need to have live feed again, and every time I try to post a comic, the app just crashes, it sometimes does this when I post my own picture under the category memes.

  • Change

    by Aja:ur mom

    This app has gone for the worst, ever since the update, it's screwed people in collective over. Features are by the same 20 people, not longer funny. This list can go on and on.

  • I once liked this app now? No,just no!

    by Geescvkihc

    Your update ruined the app! Only a set of people get the glory,all the other users get nothing,now with the new update it crashes all the time has well(iPod gen 4) I funny if you read this go back to last update!

  • Add/fix please!!!

    by Lilduckt

    I like it it needs a dislike button badly. Also it's much harder to get featured

  • What?!?!

    by TurtlePower1

    I personally enjoy this app. I use it everyday, but really. UnSeen has more than 100 features, and there have only been about 30K people featured! I love it but you need to feature anyone who hasn't been featured. I have no features, although I have many originals! I'm fine with people having 1-5 feats, but really, 123! I hope you fix this.

  • iFunny is not as great as it used to be

    by Panda Lettuce

    This app used to be way better

  • Broken System

    by Doodleboy3000

    This app is terrible, people who get "featured" get subscribers, subscribers get those people likes, likes get them featured over and over again. Not to mention the app is filled with twelve year olds.

  • Unfunny

    by ewfcaedawdsqWASQ

    It seems like now all the app is basically "repub if ur a broni" and "ask ranbo desh". All of this spam makes the app unfunny and it seems like the app is dead.

  • And it's gone

    by PricelessArtifact

    iFunny WAS my favorite app. Now it is just an app where a small group of people get featured over and over and a bunch of 12 year olds post porn pics and the admin does nothing about it. Oh, you said that wasn't funny... Let's ban you. Oh, 3 consecutive porn pics... Well I guess it's ok. C'mon iFunny, really?!?

  • Landscape

    by Awuda

    Bring a landscape update for iPads

  • Amazing App, Needs One Fix

    by Bongozzzzzzz

    I've been using iFunny for a year now and I'm still addicted to it. It's a good addiction, though. I enjoy my daily dose of 40 features. However, I have not been able to view videos in the featured section for a couple weeks. It says, "This video is currently unavailable." Please fix this small issue. Thanks!

  • Ifunny team

    by Acruz0407

    The app is great. Here are some new Ideas for 3.0.2 have a built in gif maker put pictures with you comment able to upload videos from camera roll bring back comment reply have categories for works a new loading animation and start featuring new people. I'm just saiyan _songoku

  • Great

    by Asdkidujhvjcifi

    Amazing. Nuff said

  • Update

    by Snapthumb123455677

    Im glad they added the subscribe button, but i think the app was better with the old layout, and there are many errors i get when trying to log into my account. PLEASE fix this :)

  • Pathetic

    by Derpboom

    Honestly, I never thought I would say this but: The posts on 9gag are funnier than this reposted crap. How about you ban users who do nothing but steal content? It's no wonder 4chan and reddit hate this app so muh.

  • Pathetic

    by Derpboom

    Honestly, I never thought I would say this but: The posts on 9gag are funnier than this reposted crap. How about you ban users who do nothing but steal content? It's no wonder 4chan and reddit hate this app so muh.


    by A very very angry person

    I used to be one of them, striving on the daily +40 rations. Then came ifunny 3.0 and it all changed, houses burnt, children cried, and only a select few favored by the staff got featured. The same things, every day, some stupid house gif or current event joke that got stale after the first time. There is no hop for you here, if you want a true app, download reddit, where this horrid thing gets it's material from.

  • Posts are leached off other blogs

    by I want my 1000g

    You're better off just getting theChive app. The posts on here are repetitive and honestly I don't find most posts on there funny because either they're a repost or so ignorant it makes me feel like I've lost brain cells.

  • Awful

    by Rhkiku2n

    The new update is absolutely trash, and I could go on all day explaining where it went wrong! The only reason I'm not rating this 1 star is because of the flat design.

  • Finale

    by sierranicole123

    Today is the day. After sharing a long couple years with ifunny today it is finally time to say goodbye. I remember a time when there was comments, likes and dislikes, and actual comedy. But now all of that and more has been shattered. The app is no longer funny or worth my time and now I bid my farewells to ifunny, I miss you ifunny. I will always remember you, the old you..

  • Too funny

    by Random7078

    This app is too funny. I've laughed so hard to many times so I deleted it

  • A Community of Children

    by mr twinkle

    IFunny used to have interesting stuff. Nowadays it's all a bunch of posts by gradeschoolers (mostly high schoolers) complaining about how terrible life is. Just the type of self-pity that everyone needs to brighten their day.

  • The creators screwed up

    by High black guy

    This app was once great. But there's too many anime, brony, and emo pictures that make this app not fun anymore. I used to go on this app at least 20 times a day but since the last update, everything went down hill. Please fix Ifunny to its former glory

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