Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers HD Education App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English, French

Seller: Viacom International Inc.

Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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** Reached #1 app in the Education category! **

Team Umizoomi, ready for action! Your child will use mighty math powers to explore Umi City, uncover hidden surprises, and play five Umirrific math games:

•Toy Store – A counting game
•Number Bubbles – A number identification game
•Race Around Umi City - A number comparison game
•Up! Up! And balloons! – An addition/subtraction game
•Rolling Toy Parade – A number line game

Each game teaches fundamental math concepts critical for preschoolers: identifying numbers; one-to-one number correspondence; rote counting; reading number symbols; associating symbols with quantity; and basic addition and subtraction. Games are leveled, and designed to increase in difficulty. Appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills.

Children will also earn badges and trophies throughout the game. These badges and trophies are tracked in Team Umizoomi’s Headquarters and earning enough badges and trophies will grant kids a special key to Umi City! But watch out for the Shape Bandit who is out and about in Umi City! He's on a mission to search for shapes…and the Key to the City! Team Umizoomi will need your child’s help to look out for that sneaky Shape Bandit. When your child finds him, they’ll get the key back!

With Milli, Geo, Bot, and your child’s mighty math powers, they can do anything! Welcome to the team, UmiFriend!

Team Umizoomi: Zoom into Numbers includes:
•5 leveled games focused on fundamental preschool math skills
•Curriculum developed and reviewed by a preschool education expert
•A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises and added layers of math discovery
•Game instructions delivered by the voices of Milli, Geo, and Bot
•Player profiles that allow more than one child to play and save their progress
•Kid-tested appropriate games

In addition, your child will be able to earn additional achievements when you purchase three new games for Umi City that are based on Shapes and Patterns curriculum: Mighty Toy Machine, Super Shape Zapper and Party Light Patterns. Your child can visit the new part of Umi City, play these three new games and earn new badges, new trophies and even a Super Shape Belt! Umirrific!

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Customer Reviews

  • Loves it

    by baford

    My 4.5 year old daughter has loved this game for the past year or so; it's one of the few that has held her interest for that long. Great game!

  • Son loves it

    by Loves frogs

    My son just turned four and has had this app since he first turned three. He loves it and although he's beginning to outgrow it he still loves to play it. Would like to see an update with some additional games.

  • Love the update - it's great!!

    by BuenosNueva

    It's umirific!!

  • Overall love it, but current bug issue

    by Holls36

    We are having the same problem with the shape blaster game

  • Bug fix + 5 Stars

    by Ryminio

    In super shape zapper, on the trapezoid part the app crashes AND I decided to give it 5 stars as a motivation for this bug fix.

  • UmiAwesome for 5, UmiBoring for 7 :)

    by Eldave123456

    This is an easy math game for pre-k or kindergarten kids to learn to count and identify numbers. Then you get a badge or trophy and when you get all the badges and the trophy you get the key to UmiCity. My 5 year old gave it 5 stars and said her favorite part was Number Bubbles and Race Around Umi City. My 7 year old gave it 2 stars and said there is no best part, but the worst part is it's boring and has super easy stuff. :) He recommends Mathmateer and Creature Math.


    by Tedalberta

    Please fix the crashing! My daughter gets so upset!

  • Used to be awesome, but...

    by RobfromNYC

    Probably one of the most useful apps on the iPad. Gradual learning is the best kind of learning. Updated 11/3/13 after inapp purchase: this app is great, but the shape zapper game shuts down the whole game when it freezes. Other games within Team Umizoomi are ok.

  • Half the time its good.

    by My_hot_mom

    Unfortunately the game closes right after starting and will frequently freeze. This is new, before we downloaded the new games(shape zapper, toy maker, shape lights) this didn't happen.

  • Great game!

    by Charliedu

    My 4year old loves it! Great learning and having fun...great mix!

  • Works well

    by X........

    This app does not crash, and it has four different entertaining games. If your child likes the tv show, they will love this app.

  • Good

    by Ray32408

    Good product. Anything that helps kids learn is great

  • Captured a 3 year olds attention!!

    by xenon117

    This app is fun and engaging. This is great for learning & exploring!

  • Great app with hours of fun and learning

    by Kap27

    My kids love it, and it tracks their progress separately so they can each learn at their own rate. The stickers are a really great idea. They play the games to earn them and then play with them in the different worlds. Hi-five for Dora!

  • Truly fantastic App

    by DadofRach

    Fun and my daughter seems to be learning a lot. She loves it and I love it

  • Dora's

    by Slottafun

    Needs more to do.

  • Great

    by Ballsnot

    Great game

  • UmiZoomi Numbers

    by BrianRazman

    Great App, kids love it!

  • Fun game, but done

    by Remember me when I swim

    Child liked it, played it all the time, but has finished it. Would be nice to have more challenging games/numbers to add more pay to game.

  • 3 year old likes it!

    by Michellemere

    Really simple usage. No real challenge, numbers used, 1 - 10 and 3 year old has half the badges won. Any way to get game to use higher numbers? Also, please hide delete button. 3 year old has erased data twice, that can not be retrieved. Maybe make it accessible to parents only? Thank you!

  • Will. Not. WORK.

    by Cassinki

    Won't open. I want a refund.

  • Why dad?

    by JNEOS

    Crashes every time on Super Shape Zapper. Please fix!

  • Still crashing

    by Steve4242

    Wish I read the reviews before adding the extra games. Crashes all the time. My son is very disappointed and frustrated which makes me feel bad.

  • Shape game malfunction

    by Cuteness74

    Every times she logs on and attempts it hard crashes.

  • Trapezoid Crash

    by Kimmykaylo

    This would be a lot higher but the shape game crashes every time we get to a trapezoid which is SUPER frustrating to my 4 yo. and annoying to me since we just paid to upgrade. Please fix the bug! The pattern recognition game works well, son loves getting the stickers and trophies.

  • Crashes do not buy!

    by Knitmamact

    This app crashes every time in the shapes area. Just like everyone else says here. How do I get a refund?????

  • Crashes

    by Jenna Bug

    Super Shape Zapper game crashes to home screen every time. Very disappointing. I uninstalled it. DON'T BUY UNTIL THEY FIX IT. Seriously...your garbage game has been broken since May??? When are you going to fix it??? You need to give refunds if you have no intent on fixing your fail at programming. It is COMPLETELY UNETHICAL for you to continue to make the in-game purchases available when you KNOW it doesn't work. Shame on you.

  • Will Not Install

    by Azguy99

    Won't Install. Saying I need more storage. Not the case. Need a refund or a fix.


    by Autumnmomma

    This app cost the first time you install it. Then later they ask for more money for more games. So once I final gave into the demands of my 4 year old and purchased the additional games. A day after purchasing it it is now crashing and has been ever since! Don't waste close to $10 on something you can't even use.

  • Crash on shapes

    by Bergey11

    This app crashes every time you play the shape game. It is extremely frustrating. My 3 year old loves Team Umizoomi but he gets upset when his game cuts out after we just purchased it. Fix it quick!

  • Shapes side won't work!

    by Maeby

    My son is upset and that makes me mad. I paid almost $10 for this app and it doesn't work right. Fix it.

  • Not worth it

    by Sad-son4bday

    It only took my 4 year old one day to get bored with the limited games in this app. There should be more or better games or a much lower price. He was very disappointed he spent his money on this app.

  • Rip off

    by Ipaduser44

    Unfortunately, this app only includes a few short basic games. My son enjoys these games, but in order to get more games for it they charge you. I feel like an app that costs this much should include more games into not continue to charge you to add-on new games to your program.

  • Crashes when it comes to trapezoid.

    by Kdave22

    It is great game. My son loves to play but it always crashes when it comes to shape blaster. Please some one solve the problem.

  • Crash crash crash

    by Unhappykid5

    My sin starts playing minute into the game and CRASH! REFUND!

  • Crashes every time

    by AJ186

    Ever since the last update, this app will crash in the shapes section every time. It is really frustrating.

  • Decent App.

    by Cheechchi

    My Daughter loves this app.. Well worth it.

  • Not worth it

    by rasta-far

    To easy for my 4 year old and only has 4-5 short games then you have to buy more. Kept him occupied for all of one day.

  • Great learning App

    by Julie431

    Both my 3 1/2 and 2-year-old love this game and I love all they'd are learning!

  • Won't update! (Not enough space error w/plenty of space)

    by iPad iMom

    I want to rate this game higher than a 2 star -BUT- I too have had issues with this app not updating. I deleted it and tried to reinstall it, which worked with other apps but that's when it started telling me I didn't have enough space to download. I checked my space and I have plenty. Even deleted some other apps just in case and restarted my iPad. No luck. This was a great game that my daughter was very excited about and now I'm irritated that it won't work because it also wasn't a cheap game. What I paid for initially was worth it, but now it's worthless to me and money down the drain if I cant get it back.

  • In app purchase doesn't show up

    by samnkathy

    My daughter loves this game! We purchased the Shapes and Patterns Pack for $3.99, but the game does not show that anything is different! This is very frustrating! Help??

  • not working

    by KrisJ 4

    i just bought this app for 3.99. come to find out it doesn't work.

  • It worked for me!

    by Jomamma4

    I really wanted to get this for my boys but was hesitant to do so because of the reviews stating it wouldn't run. I decided to live life on the edge and buy it anyway. It works perfectly fine on my iPad. My 3y.o. And 4y.o. Like it.

  • No good anymore

    by Lyrics&Sound

    The update won't even load... Stuck on "installing" for over a week now. Can't use the app which the kids used to love, now useless. After so many negative reviews, why isn't it yet fixed? We look forward to having it up & running. Really was a great app. Patiently (sort of) waiting. Lol

  • Still installing?!

    by Babemma114

    Thought something was wrong with my iPad. Came across reviews~ everyone's having issues! Help! My child enjoyed this app ... Will this be fixed?!?

  • No longer works...

    by NCPhotographerBrad

    App no longer works! It won't complete download on any device.

  • Cannot complete update

    by Dominafamily

    My kids loved playing this but about a month ago it stopped working. I cannot complete the required update. When I click on the app it tells me I don't have enough storage to complete the update. I check my iPad storage and I have plenty of available storage. What gives?

  • Worked before update!

    by Riley Nico

    After update it won't finish downloading updated app! I better get my money back, seeing that I paid for a product that doesn't work at all. Garbage..

  • Mother

    by Susie05

    Am so disappointed that I purchased this app and now is not working when it wasen't HD it work perfectly fine now it don't even download,,,,,,

  • Stopped working

    by Plegal

    My grandson used to love playing this game. Recently, it has stopped working. When you tap on the "play" button and get to the Player, screen, neither tapping on a name or a blank space to add a new name works. I have tried deleting and re-installing and it still doesn't work. Please fix. We paid for this game and it should be functional!!

  • Fun game

    by RBS360

    Great for little kids who are just learning their numbers

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