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Get behind the wheel for Race Day in Umi City! With Team Umizoomi: Math Racer, your child can customize and race their own car while enjoying fun pit stop math challenges so they can learn as they play!

Now your child can build and race Umiriffic Vehicles in Umi City. First, they’ll design and customize their very own race car in the Umi garage, or they can choose one of their favorites - UmiCar, Shark Car, Umi Taxi or Ninja Car. Kids control their car with a simple swipe as they race around the track collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. They’ll enjoy pit stop challenges that combine math curriculum with fun activities such as changing a tire or tuning up the engine. Kids will earn trophies and decorative car decals after each race!

Team Umizoomi: Math Racer fosters early math skills through an immersive number-based curriculum that includes:

• Number identification
• Counting and enumeration
• Number comparisons
• Early addition and subtraction
• Number sequencing

Each curricular activity is clearly defined and integrated into the app’s fun race car theme. From changing the oil to cleaning the windshield, kids will have hours of playtime as they successfully complete up to six different levels of difficulty.

Download Team Umizoomi: Math Racer so your kids can start racing today!

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Customer Reviews

  • Works great for us!

    by LisaGS1223999

    We were concerned by some of the reviews that stated this game wouldn't work on a First Generation iPad and that the "tilt to steer" function didn't work. Fortunately, this was not the case. We have the latest version of iOS for this tablet and it works flawlessly. Also, the tilt function is a choice - selectable by clicking an icon in the upper right corner of the screen (the other option is tap to steer). Very happy with this app.

  • Pricey, but good app

    by mom2alexthegr8

    While I expected the math to be easy for my son! he wanted this app while he was sick, and yes, all apps from shows on this station are pricey! That being said, many apps do not work on 1st gen iPads anymore. It works very well on an iPad 4. The math was actually better than I expected, as was the ability to customize cars. my only issue is not with the app, but with the TV station for advertising the app, as if it steers by tilting the iPad, when it does not! Kids get excited about how things work, and have expectations. I do not understand why they would advertise an app in a manner that is inaccurate! and continue to do so, at the current time,

  • Doesn't work on iPad 1

    by KellyD0110

    My 4 year old inherited my dad's old iPad 1 when he upgraded. At first this game seems to work, but every time she tries to race the app shuts down. She can play it on my iPad mini but it kinda defeats the purpose of playing on her own iPad and staying off mine. Cute game when it works, but definitely not worth $7!!! Maybe $3 or $4 at most.

  • Cool app

    by nononsense21

    Team Umizoomi + car building + racing + math! Start with numbers, then count by 5s and 10s, then addition and subtraction. Plenty of cars, trophies, and stickers to put on the cars. My 4 year old got it last week and is still going.

  • Fun car game with Team Umizoomi

    by mom20031

    My kids love Team Umizoomi, and this app has car building, racing and also numbers learning with their Umi Friends. Lots of different cars, trophies and decals, so can keep playing again and again.

  • Wow, what a fun game!

    by Kap27

    My son played for 40 minutes before his brother got a turn. It's easy to play, has math built into the pit stops, which Is cute, and is really beautiful 3D.

  • My almost 4 year old loves it!

    by Maeby

    Just like the last Umizoomi app my son is in love with this app. He loves to play car games with his dad so this is the perfect mix of fun and learning. Thanks for a great app!

  • Fun when it works

    by etothep!

    The kids love it, but it crashes frequently on our iPad 2.

  • Fun game

    by Jule03

    My daughter loves Team Umizoomi. She can race with her favorite character. Very easy to use for preschoolers. Learn numbers and basic addition in pit stops. Feels like a toy, but math is build in.

  • Fun Math Game

    by DadofRach

    My son loves it...

  • Another Great App!

    by BuenosNueva

    Loved the first Umizoomi app, and this one is great!! So fun and educational.

  • Falsely Described

    by Gimala

    This was way too expensive for what you get, it's a racing video game that throws out a few numbers and calls it math. I have yet to discover the how the 'early sequencing and addition & subtraction' even come into play in the app. If I could return it I would as there is little educational value and its not exciting enough to keep my three year old entertained.

  • horrible

    by Ghfmgdjdgjudgjjdju

    Don't waste your money at a certain point you don't get anymore trophies or decals.That was hoo

  • Umi Racer app-version 1.2

    by DBM1023

    I purchased this app for my five-year old last month. It has never worked. She inherited my iPad 1 when I upgraded. The app shuts down when she enters the raceway. She was quite disappointed. Do not purchase this app if you are using a first generation iPad.

  • Not great, way too pricey, barely any math

    by craftyashley

    The math pit stops are all the same, just tweaked numbers. It's not that fun, and it seems a bit glitchy during the race. I wish I wouldn't have spent so much on he is a crappy app. I expected more from this.

  • Not challenging for 3yr old too expensive

    by hcvq

    3.99 extra if you want it on the phone

  • Not worth the price

    by Tex_U.S.A

    Little education for my kids and nickelodeon seems to be enjoining charging a premium for sub bar game. Not worth the price for what it offers, not recommended for sure. Not to mention that the developer "on purpose" not making universal apps to make you pay for iPad and iPhone versions separate.

  • Avoid

    by Philipag

    Lousy game with low educational value.

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