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Bug fixes.

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Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and start enjoying immediately on your phone with our one-month free trial.

How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.

Note: Video out is supported on all generations of iPad, iPhone 4 and later generations and iPod (4th generation) and later generations.

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Customer Reviews

  • Huh?

    by Cares rox

    I know it's a great app but it won't open like when I tried to download it it installed then in the App Store it said open so I clicked it and nothing happened then when I went to my apps it wasent there!

  • Perfect

    by Kunjkid

    Awsome this is just what I needed

  • Love

    by WuvRR

    This app is great! I don't get why so many complaints. I have not had any problems with it. I just wish It had more videos to choose from. I rate it 5 stars. Ty!


    by Eva aj

    Now I can watch movies on my iPod touch!!! Dis is awesome! Great app!!!

  • Great app

    by Ltr1921

    Excellent app could be a bit better if they fix the bugs & network connections bugs as well but app is very great & does a very good job on different wifi networks but lacks at times with regular phone service like sprint I can't speak on other providers

  • I like it, but...

    by katan4

    1. Needs more things. What happened to Sgt Frog? 2. It won't load after the newest update! I want to watch Spaceballs again! 3. Y u have little anime? Need more anime! 4. Bring back old movies! (Wargames, Blade Runner, etc.) 5. Faster loading times please, and stream in foreign countries that your account is not registered in! Please listen, maybe then I'll reconsider my rating, and use this more often.

  • Butt

    by Willinator5454


  • Language options

    by BANKSlayer103

    for all foreign movies can you put English in the language options

  • READ ME .

    by Priscila-rioss

    Can you guys please put new episodes / new seasons of shows !?!, put more movies ! Please!!

  • Review

    by Livygirly

    I absolutely love this. Yes the quality might go down for a second but I get to watch my fave shows without a problem and that's all that matters to me tbh;)

  • Netflix

    by 83838829203747383

    Could you add hero factory movies

  • Great app !

    by RishyMars

    I've seen many negative comments about this app, but quite frankly it's worked perfect for me. I enjoy movies and shows anywhere I go with no problems.

  • It's great but...

    by Calliebird4


  • Add

    by Trade nations capital

    They need to add more walking dead and other episodes

  • Great App

    by Lemonguy123

    If you have great internet, you will have 0 problems with this. There are a few errors there and here but with good internet, you will face no problems.

  • Get a new update!!!

    by Brian (Not telling)

    Oh netflix how i love you why dont you give me a valentines called an update! Ok netflix is great i love it but the quality is slowly getting worse and worse. Whenever i touch any thing you crash!!!! And everything you have is bullcrap get some good tv and movies. I really do love you netflix but there are too many flaws errors and bugs in you system please i dont know how i can live much longer! help me...

  • Netflix

    by SurferGirl677

    It's a good app, but it crashes a lot.

  • Good

    by Andrlgh

    Works good for the most part. I wish there was more barbie movies.

  • Improvement request

    by gogohoffman

    Can u add the ability to choose streaming quality to better control data consumption. Seems like a basic thing to have in this app. I am refusing to watch right now because I don't want my data to be sucked up at full HD when I only need 480.

  • More movies

    by Fgcfgnjfgdj

    Get the second hunger games and other series that have been out for a wile.


    by neergirol

    App did good for the first couple of days. I haven't been able to view anything in over a week. I've deleted the app several times and reloaded it. Still nothing!!!

  • App doesn't support ipad hdmi

    by Pghoy

    App doesn't support hdmi output with ipad. I was hoping to run ipad on my tv and watch net flex when out of town.

  • Stop the Annoying House of Cards Commercial

    by Alsace

    I use netflix because I don't want commercials. The House of Cards teaser is screwing up airplay.

  • Does NOT play HD video

    by Bishicreature

    Heck it's grainy and worse then 480p. Please correct this. 2 years ago the app was better then this. It continues to pause during playback load.

  • Error Galore

    by Juleed

    You would think with constant updates that they'll fix all the bugs and errors but NOPE! I use Netflix app on my iPhone the most at the gym and it's the most irritating thing when you're in the middle of your workout you gotta hit pause because the Netflix app won't load or lags or display an error message. Sometimes, I even gotta close and open and close and open the same episode/movie several times before it works. You would think because you're paying a monthly fee that their app would work when you want without hassle... Fix it Netflix people!

  • Is rather be forced to...

    by Kris10aw223

    Play Flappy birds for the rest of my life than have to deal with this POS app. Seriously Netflix? How much money do y'all make a month? I really expected a decently functioning app from this company. If it isn't fixed ASAP I will be discontinuing my service. I see no reason to pay for a service that I CAN NOT USE. Geeze, get with it y'all.

  • Buggy and the HD doesn't work

    by Dark enV

    I like having Netflix on the go but the app has issues, it's incredibly slow on the start up, slow to play videos and I can't get HD when I watch things.

  • iPad app falling fast

    by Add1118

    Netflix used to be fast, reliable, and entertaining- my first choice. Idk what update ruined it but it's horrible. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and still it takes forever to load, like 5-10 minutes. If my daughter or I actually wait it out, we get The Nightmare Before Christmas that doesn't have any sound, Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland that play in a different language (regardless to correct setting of English), or the sound is off from the picture, or it freezes and closes out. Epic Fail

  • terrible

    by Joe99saM

    ..continues to crash. Awful


    by Matheyo

    This app is frustrating. I have been trying to sign into my account several times on the app and it won't let me. I sign into my account on my laptop and it works perfect. I reset my password and it still won't let me sign in. This app needs improvement.

  • Awful

    by Zoomace1

    I can't even go on it on my phone and it won't let me on it on my iPad

  • Bry bry

    by Tweetiebirdluv

    Can y'all change the anime back to English the update messed it up and now I can't watch my shows.

  • Random music playing during my shows?

    by Crikits

    There is a new feature on the menu that plays music and some footage from some show "House of cards" or some crap... Anyway when an episode from a show I'm watching automatically goes to a new one, the music from the menu starts playing and there isn't a way to stop it!

  • Update NOW

    by Gissy 101

    it wouldn't let me watch my fav episode!!!!!!!!!! Oh,and please add more movies thx.

  • Not opening

    by Geekboy27

    Since the new up date the app will not even open. It just goes to the Netflix screen and stops. Any one else with the same problem?

  • Kids Icon in Left Hand Cornet

    by sccouture

    Don't have kids. Don't want kids. Why am I stuck with a freaking Kids icon in the left hand corner header bar that links to kid movies? Either remove it or let me change it to a genre I actually care about.

  • Please fix this app

    by HeatherLuk

    I've had my iPhone for a good long while now, and Netflix has been installed on it for that entire time. Up until the past month or two, I hadn't had any problems with it. Now, I usually can't even get a episode to start (I click on the thumbnail of it, nothing happens) and when i do manage to start an episode, it crashes a few minutes in.

  • Obamacare Website Actually Works Better!

    by Flying Forester

    How on Earth this app EVER made it past the slightest form or quality control is absolutely astonishing. I’ve had the app 15 minutes and it’s crashed 3 or 4 times already and is now frozen in the middle of my show. WORTHLESS…not worth the money I spend on Netflix. Unacceptable, Unprofessional and Aggravating to think a technology firm like Netflix would let this horrendous quality out their front door. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Bugs and Errors.

    by guitarman007

    App is slow and buggy. Now I can't even watch anything, since all I get is an error message every time I try to watch anything. Please fix your app.

  • Awful

    by Dajeannee

    Error every time I try to watch a movie/show

  • Causes phone to crash

    by britneychasteen

    I try to watch something on my phone and it will completely shut my phone down several times during 1 episode. Update pretty please :)

  • Nothing but errors!

    by brandlet

    I'm paying for a service I can't even use. No matter what title I select, it tells me to try again later. I've been trying again later for over a week to no avail. Come on, Netflix you can do better than this when we're paying for this service!

  • Can't even login anymore

    by Bruendy

    Ever since you updated the app the other day for "bug fixes", I've been unable to login and receive the error 1006 error, regardless of how many times I hard reset, reset networking settings, and delete and reinstall your app. I'd like to be able to use the service I'm paying for, but it feels less and less worth it when I can't access what I'm paying for.


    by DJ $krill Wil

    Takes super long to load, even on fast wi-fi. Please fix!

  • When it works it is great, but having MAJOR issues on ipad

    by dlbrokaw

    I have been a member for years, and had the ipad ap for the last two, but for the last month or two the ipad ap has been steadily losing quality-- quitting for no reason, getting stuck, refusing to play the more popular titles until you play something else for a bit, then try again. The last couple days it won't play anything, but shows an error code. Tried deleting and trying to reinstall, but it times out. Right now it is useless.

  • Time.

    by Cloudvertigo

    You have something that the squabbling of media production can't ignore. The basic premise is still astonishing. The amount of content is still a yard sale of enjoyment - even if the well-heeled of old are starting to put you on the rack for their due. It's probably reached the point where the passionless workers and even saboteurs have stepped in. Saboteurs... At least, that's why I think that when I try to 'click' on something with my ipad, it always seems that I am clicking on something that is a few selections beside what I have just touched. That is likely to be why the pictures seem to load like it's loading the entire library first, instead of what I am looking at. That is why the text description of a selection loads last...and very late. Come to think of it, this program reminds me more and more of internet explorer, word, and real player. You remember when each one came out - spry, useful and a little bit fun to figure out. How these programs get so large, convoluted and slow - the layman in me finds it very odd. At the other end of the useability spectrum, I am continually befuddled by how little control I have over the basic things that might make the experience more dynamic. In app control of light? Getting rid of the cheeseball flick I will never finish? The ability to prevent the automatic loading of the next episode before I am done watching my current story? Alas, it seems intentionally dumb and boorish as a Ken Ham. It is a fine value that your service provides - no doubt - but this strange portal by which ipad users can connect is far behind in view of your desktop option.

  • Error

    by LovelyPixieRuby

    It keeps giving error 1016 after 10min of viewing very annoying pls fix ASAP

  • Worst app ever

    by Tuueyoytvvxdjff

    Latest version now kills safari access to account to manage.

  • Bad since last update

    by Gglickst

    It's been freezing and cutting off and having all sorts of errors since the last update.

  • Low review because...

    by Shrivleddeadstar

    You can't change the language setting/ subtitle settings on this app. New update is HORRIBLE!!!!!! All the anime is in Japanese when I know there is an English version. Since I can change it if I'm using my ps4. Please fix it's so annoying :(

  • Error message

    by Jussst sayin

    Can't watch the last 3 episodes of their own show...Lillehammer . Error message keeps coming up

  • Crashes

    by Iloveyousomuch1D980

    It crashes way too much. I try to click on a show and it crashes again. I try to search, it crashes.

  • Won't play videos

    by 2adorable

    What's up with the forever loading BS? Closed app & shut down/restarted phone. Use some of the $ I pay you to pay someone to fix it. Great. Thx!

  • Don't close the page!!

    by NapoleonCGC

    Hate hate the new app, I only updated my iPad not my phone and I will never update the app on my phone. If I get a text or email and I leave the page to go check it, my show closes and I have to re pick myself to go back to my queue. It's very annoying, and makes me hate using Netflix on my iPad. It's a great app as long as u dont plan on doing anything else.

  • What happend?

    by Kotarocks

    This app was decent until the update at the end of january... Everytime i want to watch a movie,i get a error to try again later? Well it has been 2 weeks since this started happening... Netflix better fix this or they are going to lose a lot of costumers.

  • Disappointed

    by Lee 83

    I have been using Netflix for several months now and have been extremely happy until recently. I was hoping that the problems would be fixed with all the recent updates but things have only gotten worse. I am able to open the app and view movie options but they won't play. It seems to always be loading or the app will automatically take me offline. I hope you guys are able to fix this soon.

  • Mail que?

    by Pierce1239875

    I want to work on my mailing que from my phone. Quite a hindrance. Fix it and I'll rate 5 stars

  • Needs Fixing

    by Dreaddabest

    Downloaded the app on my iPad for my son worked for a few days now doesn't work at all. Tried everything they told me to do but just doesn't work.. Smh but it works good on my phone.. Please Fix bugs

  • by Cherry Cheesecake Dee

    At first, I used to think that this was a good app but recently, it keep exiting out (if that makes sense). For example, when I'm trying to watch a show, it says that it's loading/buffering but then the app just FREEZES and goes back to my home screen -.- JUST FIX THIS

  • Add

    by Dayz arma2

    Great app but needs newer eps. Of arrow season 2 and many other movies need to come out on Netflix

  • Worst app

    by Leaving LV

    The app simply doesn't work. Apple TV keeps looking better and better. There is no fix, and it appears none is forthcoming. Total fail.

  • Very good, until it crashes

    by M4TTH3WH

    The app is good but it crashes and shuts my whole phone down about half the time. Needs repair

  • Whats the problem?

    by Grace-Anne Laverne compton

    This app works perfect for me if it crashes on u maybe make room on your device, its fine

  • Really good app

    by Batman1525

    Put all the Doctor Who seasons

  • Sweet

    by The Grim Reefer

    Love it

  • Can't watch shows.

    by MathewS117

    I've been watching a show lately and now all of a sudden I can't because when I'm trying to watch an episode from a show it keeps saying "Error: A problem occurred while playing this item. Try again later, of select a different item ." I've tried watching the episode over and over and it'd still say "Error". I even tried selecting a new item and it still wouldn't work. Please fix this :'(

  • Blisteringly painful app

    by Zoooooootdcde

    Nothing is more irritating than having an app behave like this not once, not twice, but multiple times. I'd expect a low grade app to experience problems like these, but for a multi billion dollar company like Netflix to put its loyal users through this is a sheer shame.

  • Impossible to get HD quality

    by Thetaxigalt

    With insanely fast home internet, and a brand new high-end wifi router, I can pretty much never get any kind of good image quality in this app, on the newest iPhone and the newest iPad. Using the bandwidth example video I confirm it gets throttled to less than 1mbps when the wifi is consistently over 50! All the other reviewers complaining about clunking, freeze-prone interface are very true as well. Please fix the image quality issues, netflix looks great on my laptop or streaming to an Apple TV, please fix these apps!

  • Total crap. Won't even open

    by phideaux_2003

    Just downloaded this app. Won't even open. Can't even get to the sign in page. Absolutely worthless.

  • Netflix

    by Katie/Seb

    I like netflix a lot but if there is a latest show it does not have it. For instance good luck Charlie has the same old episodes even when I update it. Overall I love it

  • Data increases but picture quality DECREASES!

    by jeremiah beard

    I've had this app since nov 2011 when I picked up my brand new ip4 at the time I never had my own personal connection to "the internet" so Netflix became an addiction every night 1 movie(w/o wifi) on a 2gb plan never got overages and picture quality was SAME AS NOW!!! Only difference is now I'm getting charged 450-600mb per movie on the same phone WHY! There's more glitches less buffering and even lagging is technology getting worse or am I missing something?! I wish it were possible to downgrade back to an original version!

  • Love Netflix

    by Ur1471

    I love netflix but the app itself needs improvements.

  • What happened?!

    by Lenny524273

    I used to love this app and now it is constantly crashing and some of the titles don't even load. I'll be in the middle of a show and it crashes, and it can't even remember where I stopped watching the video. I've tried to close the app and open it again, I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothing seems to work! I'm really mad because it just started happening with the new update. Netflix now gets me more frustrated then flappy bird.

  • Not working

    by Misnomer19

    Since the last update I keep getting error codes telling me there is a connection error and to try again later. Tried all the tech suggestions from Netflix and nothing has worked. I hope they fix it soon! FYI- I am trying running the app on and ipad4 running iOS 7

  • .

    by 8smurfette8


  • Took off


    The new update is horrible it's taking of shows that people like and won't add others that people like it's very consirning to me;(

  • Can't change users

    by S. Nika

    There is definitely a problem when I try to change users. It simply doesn't change. Despite that, the app is fine on my phone.

  • Stop with the House of Cards!

    by SabMary

    The ad on the app homepage for House of Cards plays over the beginning of your show if you are watching in auto-play. Very annoying hearing the ad while watching your show! Please fix.

  • Can't view in portrait mode

    by WBBinCanby

    This upgrade is a downgrade. Now I can't view movies in portrait mode to use with my iHome audio dock. This problem looks like it began last spring with updates as noted on my internet search. People mentioned that Netflix acts like they've never heard of this problem when contacted. This was my experience today. Monica assured me that she's worked for Netflix for years, and she and none of the support personnel in her area have EVER heard of this problem previously.

  • Blah

    by Nisa.B.Fly

    This app is awesome when it works correctly. Problem is that's only like 7% of the time.

  • sntianriNtngo

    by Arloler471417

    I just wish there was like High School Musical 3 or Catching Fire. They really need to update it when new hit movies come out.

  • Great

    by Qqfvju

    Hasn't crashed yet like everyone says and I've had the app for about 4 months.

  • App lost its usefullness

    by toaster6

    The "recently added" list has been missing for a while now, which makes it difficult to know if Netflix has added anything. I always used the app to quickly see if anything was added that I would like to watch. I'm back to using the Netflix website for now. Please allow app list customization or allow us to view all lists through the app, otherwise it's not a good supplement to your service.

  • by BaddForBusiness.


  • English

    by JaredB99

    It's a really good app an I can find all if my favorite shows and stuff but if you could just put the anime back into English like it was that would make the app even better. Thanks

  • iPad App Now Unusable

    by Gormfach

    I join in the crowd complaining about this app. Trying to play a program episode and get kicked out of the app over and over.

  • Not for wireless use

    by PhilGoodz

    This app is terrible when trying to use it over a 3G network, if I didn't use the service at home on my tv I'd cancel my subscription.

  • Won't even let me login

    by Gagiedagie

    Give it no stars because I tried three different accounts deleted the app re downloaded it and it still said invalid Emil address or password

  • You broke it.

    by Noctis559

    I'm on my iPod Touch 4th Gen and nothing will play. Constantly loads or I receive an error saying the video cannot be played. After reading some reviews I notice I'm not the only one with this problem. Your update ruined the app and last time I checked, apps are supposed to work properly. Fix it. Until then, one star. None if possible.

  • Love the new feature

    by TheAdvocator

    I can now listen to Netflix while I'm browsing. This is a simple feature that will come in handy. It's almost like I'm on a fully-equipped computer. I'm guessing they enabled this in order to save on band-width, whatever works!

  • Add the big bang theory

    by Rocksolid1716

    And other shows like that

  • Terrible - programs drop literally every 5 minutes

    by Going back to my laptop

    This app is so frustrating and will drop after only playing for 5 minutes. I have tried closing and reopening the app, have restarted my iPad, and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app with zero luck! Someone please fix this!

  • Well.....


    This is a great app! You can watch great movies and tv shows!!Recently I was having a great time catching up on Pretty Little Liars! Clear screen, great volume, no pausing, no buffering, just PERFECT! I noticed that my updates were increasing so I updated them ( including Netflix ) Right now I'm watching it and it keeps buffering for atleast 15 seconds, then plays again, the screen is HORRIBLE!! It's blurry! It feels so uncomfurtable to watch and wait at the same time! It's highly fustrating! With this happening, I wish I didn't update it!!! It was perfectly fine before!! Ugggghhhhh Netflix I really hope you make a WAAAAYYYY better update

  • Horrible update

    by Kalel9007

    The app isn't very good. It almost never remembers my place in movies or shows which would really be helpful.

  • Very buggy

    by Mk5391

    Seems like every time I use this app it will log me out randomly, and now recently the support for chromecast casting button within this app is non-existent. Very displeased with minor bugs that are very annoying

  • As much as I love Netflix...

    by c317717

    I have to give it two stars for one major reason that could effect my actual phone. When I'm trying to watch something, in the middle of the show the colors on the screen fade away and my iPhone shuts down and I have to turn it on again. You may be thinking it's only my phone acting up, but it ONLY HAPPENS WHILE USING NETFLIX! And if I try to go to safari and watch shows/movies, it tells me I need the app so there is NO way I'm keeping the app.

  • Arreglar por favor

    by calerofm

    Esta aplicación necesita ser corregida por los siguientes fallos: 1- La opción de perfil de niños no tiene clave, por lo que un niño puede entrar en el perfil de un adulto y ver contenido no apropiado. 2- la aplicación tarda mucho en cargar, aún y usted tenga una buena confección a internet. 3- la aplicación no vuelve a cargar bien después de que usted la cierra e intenta abrirla de nuevo. Siempre tengo que apagar el iPad para reinar todo y que netflix se pueda ver.

  • Netflix

    by Albost

    Worst app. Way to slow to load videos, always an error. I waste my time trying to figure it out. Waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uncensored?

    by Toralei

    So I was watching family guy, streaming to my TV and then one episode came up when they said the F word and it wasn't bleeped. Then we saw something worse. We should be able to choose if we want to censor it or not, we sometimes have younger guests over and it used to be okay with the censoring but now I can't watch anything. Help!

  • Pixilated Videos on newer iPads

    by Libertino85

    If you have an iPad Air or mini w/retina or iPhone 5s, Netflix will not show in HD. If you have an older Apple product, it will work fine. Netflix, Apple, and Comcast/Xfinity are pointing the finger at each other and refusing to address this issue. So no fix as of yet

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