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Millions of people have had their lives impacted by the encouraging words of Sarah Young in the best selling, 365 day devotional, Jesus Calling. The Jesus Calling App is the mobile version of the time-tested classic packed with digital features that make this devotional more accessible than ever:

-Full devotional text and fully written-out Scriptures
-Search by keyword, date, topic, and verse
-Share excerpts on social media sites (***please note: sharing is limited to 140 characters due to copyright laws. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.***)
-Keep customizable notes for each devotional
-View media
-Shop for other products by Sarah Young
-Gift the app to a friend

After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to listen to God with pen in hand, writing down whatever she believed He was saying to her. It was awkward at first, but gradually her journaling changed from monologue to dialogue. She knew her writings were not inspired as Scripture is, but journaling helped her grow closer to God. Others were blessed as she shared her writings, until people all over the world were using her messages. They are written from Jesus’ point of view, thus the title Jesus Calling. It is Sarah’s fervent prayer that our Savior may bless readers with His presence and His peace in ever-deeper measure.

Now these powerful thoughts and insights come to life in this feature-packed interactive app aimed to draw you even further into His peace.

Come. Jesus is calling you.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Dhutdhjjuddsgjkkjdddddgbbh

    This is such a precious book, I feel Gods love for me as I read these everyday, I sense his presence and it's like each day is catered just for me, very special, thank you Jesus..

  • Looooove Jesus Calling

    by henricwt

    I love the Jesus Calling daily devotionals. It really does set a Spirit-filled posture for my day! I usually do this right when I wake up...and I love having it on my phone because it is always with me! A couple of app changes that could help: 1) when you exit the app, it goes back to the main page instead of staying on the devotional you were reading. 2) the heading takes up quite a bit of space-so there isn't much left to actually read the devotional (I have the iPhone 4S)...I feel like I'm constantly scrolling. 3) I would love a lite version on the Other daily devotional that Sarah Young just came out I could see how different it is. Overall amazing app that the Lord has used to change my life!! Am so thankful for Sarah Young!!

  • user

    by 1pincelli

    This is a great app. Don’t go one more day without it!

  • Only way to start your day!

    by bdelm8r

    This app has made such a difference in my life and the lives of many that I know. God has spoken to me in so many ways through this wonderful devotional!

  • Great content, terrible sharing capability

    by Nonaf

    I love the content in this app however, I am unable to share as the instructions say I am able to share. When I highlight the words that I would like to share to Facebook it only puts a snippet and a link where people can buy the app. I would like for this app to work in the manner in which it said I could use it when I bought the app and as it says in the how-to section.

  • Request for feature improvents

    by Lynne Higerd

    Love the book and I appreciate daily insights in a mobile format! While the note feature is good, finding specific notes is difficult since it is by date. Having them archived together and searchable would be helpful. I would also like the ability to highlight portions of the daily meditations. Having that one sentence that especially spoke to my heart would reduce the note needs. Awesome app!

  • Great!

    by Whattttttttt??

    Best app I've purchased so far! It's really good messages and I read them each morning before I get my day started!!

  • Great but needs editing

    by Rev Connie

    I love the app. It speaks to me every day. And it's certainly more convenient to carry around than the hardback book. However, I discovered in my reading today (Nov 30) a reference error. The first scripture reading says Psalm 32:8, when in fact it's a quote from Isaiah 40:11! Hope this is the only error but close editing of scripture references should eliminate such inaccurate references.

  • Great content

    by Johnttttttt117

    Great content and easy read. I wish it would stop constantly asking me to register even though it is purchased. It should be an option, not a requirement.

  • Gifting problem

    by SallyDB

    I love this app - but now it won't let me gift it to anyone! It gets down to the last part of the process and then says it can't connect with iTunes!!! I'm using the iPhone 5. Help please!

  • Powerful!!!

    by Stephanie L Burr

    The Lord uses this devotional to speak to me everyday.

  • Don't Change Content!

    by Bittythings

    I love the app the way it is! It keeps asking me to register so I will get the changes. I don't want to register and don't want the content to change. You should offer the other as a separate app. Could not find an email address for support - need a way to communicate besides review. The app I bought is by Sarah Young and It should stay that way!

  • Non functional share?

    by Mattemaker

    I really wish the share with friends actually worked. All it does is give a short portion of text and take reader to place where they can buy the app. A lot of people may not have that capability or a device to do that and they can't even read all of what was posted. Please fix this! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Most Loved App

    by Jr geb

    It always ministers to my spirit; it seems like just the right message at the right time. I'm so grateful!

  • Good but can't gift it

    by jlabarbara

    I love this app but I've tried to gift it several times and it never works. Please fix that.

  • Devotionals are great

    by cpick_1974

    I have to confess - I previously confused this app for a similar app, and I left a poor review that was misplaced. My mistake - I've found this app to be fantastic :).

  • Notes Feature

    by Kelly Miles

    I really like my new app but one thing is missing. I would like the ability to pull up my notes without having to go back and try to find which day that I entered a note. A great enhancement to this app would be to offer a note button that one could push that archives notes entered by date and/or title or both. For example, today after reading the devotion, I entered a prayer list. It would be great if I could recall this prayer list in the future instead of trying to remember which date that I entered my prayer list. Thanks for considering an enhancement.

  • Font size

    by Ljp1007

    I need to make the font size much bigger. Please fix the app.

  • Awesome having this on my iPod

    by Mr. Sharingan4

    Gets me through my day and keeps my faith cemented

  • Love it but....

    by sadies10

    I love this App. It's so encouraging and is my get me going in the morning! One of the main reasons I bought this app was because I could share the word on Facebook with friends! And now I can't. I am so disappointed with this recent change! Had I known this was going to happen I would not of purchased it. Please fix this back to the way it was when I purchased it. I don't think it should be allowed to be changed after I've paid for something. It really speaks to many of my friends! Please fix! No one is responding to this issue. I see many others feel the same way. You can still share the Jesus Calling Kids app. Please please please fix it back to the way it was when I purchased it. I want what I paid for please. Thx

  • Truly anointed content, but....

    by Spiderground

    ...what is with the pestering about registering? It feels like someone highjacked Ms. Young's work and squeezes it for money. Shameful! I will dust off my paper copy and delete this App.

  • A scam to drain your money

    by Adonovan

    I love Jesus calling, but go buy the book. Once you download the app they will incessantly hound you every time you turn it on to give them your personal information. You can choose to ignore it and just use the app, but often times it interrupts your reading, and when you click "remind me later" (I wish there was a remind me never!) it will crash what you are reading and send you back to the home page. On top of that, the bottom menu bar has only four options, home, search, shop, and gift. In other words, HALF THE OPTIONS ARE JUST TRYING TO TAKE MORE AND MORE MONEY FROM YOU!!! Needless to say, just go buy the book, you will be much happier than you will be constantly feeling scammed with this app.

  • Let down

    by Sw TX

    Great for a personal walk would be fabulous if I could share on Facebook as advertised Can't share at all now

  • Sharing option

    by AnnaLeeAmour

    I just purchased this app which I found very inspirational. However when I shared to my FB wall it only shared a very small portion of the inspirational forcing you to click on a link of ADVERTISING..why does this suddenly turn to greed instead of inspiration..please take a step back and let us share the INSPIRATION to those in need. Apparently this is an issue with a lot of us and at some point this app was made to actually share this inspiration..This makes me sad :(

  • Mad at recent changes!!

    by ESA sister

    I love this devotional!!! You used to could share it on Facebook and now it only gives a few words and goes to a link!! This was one of my ways to minister to my friends!! Some which can't either buy or can't down load on their phones!! The app shouldn't say you can share when you can't!! Please change it back!!! Thanks!!

  • Need adjustable text size!

    by Bob. 65

    Need an option to adjust font size of the text. And as other review said allow top border to move out of the way when scrolling up. Great devotional. You can pinch and zoom. But text goes off page.

  • Love this app

    by Royce A.

    This is a great daily devotional. I appreciate the access I have to it. The only problem I have is accessing app support. Is there any way I could access the notes without having to go back to the day I wrote it on? It would be nice to have access to all the notes in one place.

  • Disappointed!

    by Dtandmt

    When I tried to share today on Facebook, it only shared the first few words, then added a link in blue letters, which took me to a strange page. Please fix SHARE on Facebook. 8/16/13... It has been 3 months, and still no fixes for Sharing on Facebook... Not a comment from you regarding dealing with this issue... Not very professional... Disappointed.

  • Life-changing

    by Plugging

    As simple of a devotional as this is, it's perfect for a busy life that needs to read and hear from Gods word, in a new way that speaks to the heart. Thank you so much, Sarah, for writing this Devo!

  • Frozen---wasted $9.99???

    by Ls1smitu

    Second day I used the app it froze when trying to use the email feature. Not sure what to do. If I uninstall and reinstall I am assuming I would have to pay for it again????

  • A Wonderful Book and Source of Daily Wisdom

    by SECaldwell

    Sarah Young's book of devotionals written as if from Jesus' mouth to the reader is powerful, encouraging, and profoundly life changing. The app is a real jewel and more than worth the money. I must caveat my review, though--I haven't reviewed the app in light of its shareability; my perspective is solely based on the wonderful content.

  • Unable to share

    by Ckto16

    Very disappointed with the lack of sharing. Neither Facebook or Twitter will post my intended post only an advertisement. Very very disappointed.

  • Bug with verses

    by ReaderInCali

    There seems to be a bug with incorrect and duplicate verses showing. See July 10 and July 14 as examples. Please publish a bug fix. Thanks!

  • Jesus Calling

    by Hourglassfullofsand

    I love this App!! Cant find tech support info for though and I cant get the "Favorites" feature to work. Please Help!!

  • Sad and missing the old app

    by RichardofRiverside

    Does the new app have audio or not? It does not appear to have that. I'm not sure what happened. One day and it was working and the next it was dead. This is an upgrade?

  • I love this app

    by mruiguy

    I can't always Carry a book with me but I can always get access to this app. I also love that you can bookmark favorite days.

  • Facebook Sharing

    by Lisabeth43

    I too am very upset by the link that is more like more like an add to buy the app. I love the devotionals, and my Facebook friends did too. If it isn't going to be an option to share the devotional, the suggestion needs to be removed. That was one big reason I paid for this app. I already had the book.

  • Great app, but!!!

    by CluckCluckCluck

    I regrettably pressed the "learn" button, now everytime I write the word t h a n k s ANYWHERE on my iPhone it fills in this phrase. "In everything give thanks, for this is My will for you. " I have deleted the app, losing all my bookmarks and notes, but it didn't lose the thanks= In everything give thanks, for this is My will for you. Making me crazy when I write emails!! I don't know who to contact to help me !

  • Needs audio

    by MoRho

    It would be wonderful to be able to LISTEN to the day's devotional. Can this be included in the next upgrade, along with the "share" fix?

  • Love the devo itself but FB share has changed

    by Shervon Branch

    I have used this devotional for two years and have been able to share with others via FB sharing until recently. One of the reasons I purchased the app was to able to share and encourage others.

  • Still can't believe they did this!

    by BecauseHeFirstLovedMe

    I just tried to copy the scripture only to Facebook, and it showed on part of it and included the link to purchase the app. I am so disappointed that someone made the decision to change the original agreement that was in place when I purchased this app that I would be able to share in its entirety the daily devotional and instead is now using me to solicit sales for the app! I'm removing this app today, and will look for another devotional to read and share! This isn't the only one available! I'm also going to share what has happened on my Facebook page to warn others before they purchase this app!

  • Share via email and FB

    by Purpose Driven 2

    Love the word, however I am no longer able to share. Is this being repaired?

  • Love this devotional app

    by teenamarie1969

    I have had the book and bought several to share with friends and family. I now have the app on my phone and share with my fb friends daily! They go on and on about it!! Thanks so much for sharing this as an app! It's awesome!!

  • Please remove the FB tab!!!

    by Sharon Yarbrough

    I love this app, AND I love the book. I buy physical books to give away to friends and family. BUT, if you aren't going to allow full shares on Facebook, you should take away the share button!!!

  • Share :(

    by Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please fix the sharing capabilities. I want to share it with my FB friends and it only gives the first line :( then reroute's you to an advertisement. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!

  • I love this app!

    by Yve1127

    I love this app! I feel like one of those people who cannot get through the day without checking their horoscope. I struggle getting through the day when I miss reading the devotional in the morning. When I read it, it feels like God is sitting me down, looking straight into my eyes, and giving me difficult but needed words to help me understand how to get through the day and understand how to seek out His will for my life. I wish that the date listing on the home page would also display a little star next to it when you bookmark a day as a favorite. I have gone back to review and remind myself of messages God sent me previous weeks/days but it always takes me a while to locate the one I am looking for. I would be neat if you could highlight desired text. There are some days when a sentence, word or phrase really stands out and I want to mark it for future reference/review. I gave it a four star only because I cannot see my starred pages from the daily list view and because I can't highlight and save sections of the reading.

  • Sharing Facebook Bug

    by TheMysterytree

    The app has a bug that will only share the first few words or sentence on Facebook. Please fix!

  • So Disappointed!!!!

    by God's Girl 85

    Have been SO BLESSED by the devotions personally, but now ALL of the people who read the daily devotional I posted on FB and were also blessed daily are so disappointed that they only get a line or two and then a website to order their own! Many people were being blessed and I'm sure some budgets are tight, so I've been very grateful that I can share. If this was this a planned marketing strategy, then I'm really disappointed since the online app says it can be shared on FB. App glitch or sad marketing strategy..........Whichever, I hope you fix it and stand by our agreement at the time of purchase! Thank you!!

  • Wonderful app but lately has issue with sharing

    by Jeanettego

    This is a wonderful app and I've been sharing it daily on Facebook and have had so many people thank me for doing so! However, like others I now sedate reporting, in the past week it hasn't been working properly with sharing both on FB and email. Same deal, only the first sentence or so and then to a link which basically goes nowhere. I would imagine that with all these reviewers reporting the same thing that your tech team is on it and hope you'll have n update soon. Until this glitch, I've been very happy with the purchase since it does give so many options that a paper book can't do. I love being able to write notes and mark favorite pages plus the topical index. It's a great product. I just hope it'll be fixed soon!

  • Needs SHARE fix!

    by Can't share on Facebook

    Can no longer share the devotion on Facebook. Shares a couple of lines then a link for purchase. HELP! Fix share!

  • Devotional

    by Josielorene

    For the last 3 days when I shared the devotion it only shows about a line I'm sharing on FB. Please fix where you can share. Now it takes you to sales advertisement. What with this? Is Jesus Calling going to respond to this issue?

  • Facebook sharing not working correctly

    by Nancy Robinson

    Please fix the sharing feature for Facebook. It shares only a few words of the first sentence. I love this app but would really like to see this issue resolved.

  • Sharing disappointment, going commercial.....

    by JTawns

    Very disappointed in the latest sharing update. I use to be able to post most of the message with others.. I would get a lot of supportive messages from people expressing how the Word spoke to them. Now it seems you have gone commercial with only a sentence and a link to advertising the app..... This is very disappointing!! I would suggest that you look at your intentions and the Word! Is this about reaching and ministering to others? Or going commercial to sell more subscribers? If it is the latter, than I may remove this app and consider something else.....

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