CheerOmeter Entertainment App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English

Seller: iTalentCast Pty ltd



The CheerOmeter takes crowd response measuring to whole new level.
With accurate decibel analysis and multi-contestant functionality, the CheerOmeter will add a new layer of excitement and credibility to any event.
The easy-to-use setup page enables contestant names to be entered into the app.
Each contestant is colour-coded and the leaderboard will update the top 3 contestants as the event proceeds.
The graph function can display all current contestants at any time during your event for a recap of results so far.
At the conclusion of the event, press the winner button to reveal the winner in full screen.
Need to project the CheerOmeter onto a large screen or broadcast it to a live audience? Simply use the iPad or iPhone DVI adapter to output the CheerOmeter in full Hi Res definition.
Whether you are measuring laughing, cheering or even the loudest belch at a beer festival, the CheerOmeter will accurately reveal the loudest contestant at any event.


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