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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: IMDb
  • Updated: Dec, 08 2009
  • Version: 4.0.2
  • Size: 12.83 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: IMDb

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One of Macworld's 20 Best Apps for 2012!

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows!

IMDb is the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity info. We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

- Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
- Over 2 million movie and TV titles
- Over 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members

Look up:
- Movie showtimes at theaters near you
- TV listings for your timezone
- Recaps of TV shows from last night
- Upcoming movies
- Latest entertainment news from hundreds of media outlets
- Latest DVD releases
- Popular movies

Explore Popular Charts:
- Best Picture award winners
- Top-rated movies of all time
- Most popular movies of the day
- Most popular celebrities of the day
- Lowest-rated movies of all time
- Most popular movies by genre
- Most popular TV shows
- US box office results
- Celebrity birthdays

- Movie trailers
- User reviews for movies and TV shows
- Critic reviews for movies and TV shows
- Quotes, trivia and goofs about movies, TV shows, and celebrities
- Your browse and search history on IMDb

Customer Reviews

  • Message Boards

    by Lovely_LJ

    There's a bug with some of the message boards not loading the most recent threads/posts. Please fix ASAP!

  • Message boards broken

    by Sjhaver

    I use Movie Awards message board a lot, but its broken for a few days now on iPhone, please fix.

  • Please add remove ads option

    by rdeleon774

    The app is awesome! Only problem I have is the annoying ads. Please add an in app purchase to remove ads.

  • Love it

    by Nmdbell

    Great for movie & tv trivia

  • Great app

    by TomTom1478

    But please make it an option to add celebrities to lists. I want to make one for my top 10 favorite but the list section only allows the lists to contain films. Otherwise awesome app. Must get!

  • Great!

    by iRdvholtwood

    I like this much better than the online version. I really like the layout. What more can I say? Great all the way around!

  • The Best Source of Movie News

    by Salim

    I use this app daily, and it's definitely the best entertaining app out there. I just have 2 requests: -Add the ability to write/edit/delete your own comments and to vote for other comments from the app itself, it's annoying that you have to go to the website to do all these. -The ability to choose lower video qualities, as my internet is sometimes slow, and it takes so much time for any trailer to open completely. I hope you take my requests seriously, thank you!

  • IMDb--Love it

    by Carolef154

    Great app! Use it 8-10 times a day. Lots of info for movie and tv lovers.

  • It is great but

    by Norci111

    It's a great app but it definitely needs more trailers. If I wanna look up something a little older I can't watch the trailer there, instead I need to go to another app to watch it. It's kind of annoying.

  • Informative app

    by Jimbo696969

    Really enjoy

  • G

    by Xvfxdtbj

    Great app.use it everyday.always good for answering tv/movie questions

  • I love this app

    by azooz alfheed

    It is so easy to use, and you can fain any things you want about the movies. thank you so much how made this app.

  • Great App Version of the Site

    by Justin Norman

    Everything I love about the site wrapped up in a great new design for on-the-go use.

  • Great looking and extremely useful

    by Jdyjjhyjdgl

    This is one of my main used apps, and it got a lot better with the last update!

  • Missing features

    by Karamapites

    This app is ok, but it is missing some important features the website has. Like the description of rating and the parental guide. These are the main uses I have for the website and the reason I got the app. Everything else I can think of is here.

  • Fantabulous

    by Skinii person

    Just great. So entertaining and not a waste of time .

  • Great App for Movie Lovers!

    by SAZ323

    I use this app a lot and it is really great! It has so much information on movies, tv shows, actors, etc. It is a really great app. I totally recommend it!

  • Favorite app

    by doin' it

    I love this app but would like to make just one suggestion. Could the users begin to rate and save their movies using more precise numbers than just simple whole numbers? This may sound like nitpicking but sometimes I would rather vote a movie an 8.4 or 8.5 rather than just an 8. I've heard many users of this app make this same suggestion many times.

  • My favorite and most used app

    by Angelica Pytel

    This is the only app I use daily. It is fast, informative, and works consistently. I wish they would make a db for music this functional and comprehensive.

  • If you love movies, download this immediately!

    by Suidzox

    This app is great if you love movies. I recommend it to anyone who loves the heck out of classics, because they have a section called the top 250 which is perfect for those kind of people. Download now!!!

  • Needs some bugs fixed

    by Chocolatechunk

    Layout is awful and sometimes the writing gets too blurry to see

  • Crap

    by Hasselbladking

    Can't watch any movies just look at pictures

  • Great app

    by iROCK24/7

    Great app

  • Adware lately- avoid

    by FluffyNator

    Like a plague. Can't use ad pop ups annoying as hell.

  • Movies

    by Frabear1

    Use it daily. Best movie reference guide.

  • IMDB mobile app is awful!

    by JBHickok

    Just abysmal. I skip it and go right to the regular online version straightaway. On the message boards you can't even edit your own posts! Why the hell not?

  • Suggestion

    by Summer11511

    I absolutely love this app! It's one of my favorites. I think one thing that would make the app better is to say if a movie or tv series is going to be on Netflix and when it is to be expected on Netflix :)

  • Inconsistent Performance, Bad Airplay Support...

    by $RUM

    There is definitely room for performance improvements. Often trailers don't play, or when they do, you get audio but no video. When you get both, the picture gets dropped when you stream it to your TV via Airplay. It's just a hot mess.

  • Getting Even Better!

    by ohiltd

    Only addition is ease of accessing the actors prior or upcoming roles.

  • Ads

    by nikos.m

    I hate ads.

  • Idk what to do

    by Idkwhattodo help

    How do u watch a movie I don know how to or where to press play anyone ?

  • Worst update ever

    by Bluemrh

    Change it back but keep the looks.

  • Numbering

    by Gus3892

    Beautiful layout but the numbering of the rating list is removed.

  • Great app!

    by Gssjsjsxjssh

    Couldn't be any better

  • Very good app

    by Evo Reaper

    Very good for information only one thing some movies are not on this app and not that many new previous but still is very cool and very helpful on entertainment history past, present and future

  • great service, blurry text

    by superlarry

    The blurry, anti-aliased text on some pages (like actor pages, although not on movie pages) gives me headache, so I tend to use the web site instead. This is on my original iPad Mini.

  • IMDB

    by Cooljay94

    It is my only favorite movie review app

  • Bug bug bug

    by IMDb master

    It's funny because the app is full of bugs and it's not fixed after 5 times of updates... The biggest bug is that pictures of movies doesn't load at all...

  • Trailers aren't playing :(

    by bibliomaniac1813

    This is my go-to entertainment app and I LOVE it. But recently the trailers haven't been working and that's disappointing. Please fix! :)

  • News!!??! "Interesting?"

    by Blademaster02

    Updated: 3 stars instead of 1 because they brought the news back. Still don't like "is this interesting?" Also it'd be nice if they showed the actor's role in particular movies on the side-scrolling filmography on their pages again. Why remove that? It didn't take up space and was more than useful. Original text: The only things I loved about the IMDB app (and imdb in general) were the news and trivia sections, and YOU'VE RUINED BOTH! Trivia now asks if it's interesting (stupid idea), and the news is GONE! I can deal with the trivia screwup if you just bring back the NEWS!

  • Movie trailer (error)

    by Using-Iphone5

    Can't watch some of the trailers. Always getting a network error. My phone is always on LTE so not sure why I'm getting this error.

  • Simple. Great.

    by _krssy_

    Good app ya feel me?

  • Mucho en inglés

    by Danieltrox

    La mayor parte de la información de las películas como sipnosis, entre otros, están en inglés, me gustaría tener la aplicación completamente en español, espero actualizaciones sobre el tema

  • Great app but w one HUGELY annoying flaw

    by Caladrio

    I see that this has been fixed. Thanks! * * * I use this app many times every day. IMDb is a wonderful resource, and the app has a pleasing enough interface. But what makes this version of the app so bizarrely cumbersome and inconvenient is that, if you are looking at the full list of an actor's movies (or a director's, etc.), and you click on a title, the back key will not bring you back to the movie list, but instead 'resets' you to the main article. For example, if I look at the list of movies Peter O'Toole acted in, "Becket" is right above "Lawrence of Arabia." So I click on one, read the article, then want to read the other. So I hit the back button, but instead of taking me back to the list, it takes me to the main Peter O. page. I must then hit "All filmography," then "Actor," then scroll down twenty screens of titles, and *this* (rather than hitting "back") brings me BACK to where I was, and I can view the next article. Want to look at ten of an actor's movies? Just repeat that process ten times. Seriously?

  • Just One Request

    by J_breez

    I've been using this app consistently for a few years now, one thing has always hit me as odd though. Ever since the app's been universal, the ipad version has from what I've seen always had a dark theme, can we not add this option to the iphone as well? I'm sure many people would appreciate it.

  • Not good

    by JillJ_194

    The layout is awful, so much space is wasted on useless information. I have to figure out how to view someone's full filmography in chronological order, it used to be so simple!!

  • I can't play trailers

    by faris am meer

    From the trailers of the movies in cinemas right now, i'm not able to play the trailers. They always close down.

  • ¡Qué aplicación!

    by cjcheerio

    Esta aplicación ha mejorado mucho desde su estreno en el AppStore. Estoy muy contento con las actualizaciones y ¡espero mucho las futuras!

  • Best app ever!

    by sasuke uchiha is amazing

    Absolutely amazing. Gives tons f information in an easily accessible platform. I check imdb like 5 times a day and I love it.

  • Update won't load

    by Mascoboy

    Says it all, fix bug and you will be back up to 5 Miss my IMDb :-(

  • Bug problem

    by Toxiichunter

    I've had nothing but good things to say about this app but ever since the last update I haven't been able to watch trailers for movies that are coming soon.

  • What happen?

    by <> Sgt

    Updated can not find it anymore. Can not open it from updates or reinstall. Where did it go?

  • Trailer bug

    by Mmason66

    I have a iPhone 5 run iOS 7 with the latest updates and I can't play movie trailers over 4G ever since your latest update ... Please fix .. Love your database ...

  • Pretty Great

    by Kidd Middleton

    I really like this app. My only concern is the ignore button gets tapped frequently when viewing posts in the message board and sometimes I think I don't even press it. Other than that it works pretty well.

  • IShine

    by Sh sh sh

    It's just great, thanks:).

  • Worth it!!

    by Kwirth219

    Love this app!!! I am horrible at remembering movies and actors!! I use this app daily!

  • Love IMDb!

    by K-2182013

    Best app! Love being able to watch trailers, and the design is pretty slick. Couple of bugs, but the ones I'm seeing are pretty minor.

  • Almost Great

    by halfultimaterick

    I work in the film industry, so every time I see a new movie, I want to check what camera the film was shot on which is included under "Technical Specs". Unfortunately, this information isn't available on the mobile app, so I always have to be redirected to my browser view this section. It would be so much more satisfied with the app if this wasn't necessary. Otherwise, very pleased with layout and quality.

  • Awesome

    by Edwin Ramos

    Just an awesome app. I use it everyday.

  • Awesome

    by Cheetosflower

    Awesome app

  • Excellent…but

    by 垚19810209

    Can u put "add to list" for the watch list somewhere top?

  • :)

    by MABrand

    I'm a christian and it is very nice to know exactly what's in the movies. And the app is fast and easy. Thx.

  • Great

    by Candylover1778

    I love this app!

  • Was the Best app ever

    by Addicted to IMDB

    I use this app more then I do Facebook. It's is amazing!! Thanks for fixing the news on iPhone app!!!

  • Just awesome

    by Bigfoot045

    This app is really cool, it has information about every move and actor, and plenty of extra information! If you like movies, this is the app!

  • Excellent!!

    by Krug j.

    No better app of it's kind. Anything you want to know about actors, movies or TV is here. ((Nothing else is needed.)) Feature packed. I love it.!

  • Great app!

    by xXBabyBugXx

    I love this app! But since the update, I am unable to watch trailers from the coming soon section. I click on a title, click on the trailer, it loads then pops right back to the title. Very irritating. I am using an iPhone 4S with the latest iOS update.

  • Great!

    by Justin Campbell

    Best movie app. Great for solving bar bets!

  • Great resource!

    by CarolinaSteeler

    Easy to use and works great... and the search URL Scheme is back! Awesome!

  • Excellent

    by WildwingSuz

    Quick and easy to navigate. I've been using imdb since the 90s and this mobile version is perfect for on the go.

  • Good

    by Rockskaterdudeperson

    All it needs is the suggested movies like it has on the desktop version.

  • Blank page

    by B0bby ghgb

    The main menu is blank

  • Extremely well made

    by Jangatang

    Sleek, intuitive, user friendly

  • Hate pop up ads!

    by Ellieh723

    They are so obnoxious

  • Dates are messed up

    by Band Bride

    This is a great app but the latest version has some problems. Every single show, every single episode shows as having an air date of 1 November. I've been checking show after show. This used to be fine, what happened?

  • So awesome

    by tjam2010

    Ive had this app for a while now and it hasnt failed me. It has a great layout and is easy to use.

  • Good update

    by Pianomanaa23

    The iOS 7 update adds a fresh new look to an already great app.

  • Great app

    by Markus43

    This is a great app to have if you want 2 know anything about any movie you can image. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who loves movies.

  • Easy and fun to use!

    by SandyHokie

    I finally moved the IMDB app to my home screen on my iPhone. I use it constantly!

  • Greeeeaatt

    by Bahoz habeb

    Just amazing

  • Love

    by Efom

    Love being able to find out actors in movies and tv

  • Blank screen

    by Mingram100

    when app opens just a blank screen

  • IMDB

    by Cooljay94

    It is my only favorite movie review app

  • IMDB

    by Bademc20

    Things were going too well for too long I guess. I'm not sure which of the recent updates caused this but I'm unable to watch any trailers. As soon as I press View Trailer, it loads for 1-2 seconds then goes back to last screen.

  • Can't....

    by trollollololl

    I can do all of the features except watch the movies. Please fix

  • Gets rid of one of its best features?

    by Joeysaurus9104

    I love the IMBD app. Or "loved" rather. They got rid of the search news by individual title. Now you have to sift through the main news that half the time reads the same headline seven times. Thanks IMDB. And let's not even mention how buggy it is.

  • iPhone 5s on latest iOS

    by neosiri5

    Minus 2 stars for the obtrusive pop up ads.

  • Confused

    by Kaivitigirl

    How do I play the movie I wanna watch I bet it's good from looking at the reviews but I don't get where to play the movie do we have to pay for that? Plz someone help me here!

  • Great!

    by bryan mcnevin

    A great app for all movie info.

  • Would like to be able to see all videos for movie

    by Tea time 87

    I love the app, but would like to be able to see all videos (trailers, features, clips, etc.) for each movie/show. Right now you can only see the most recent one, but from the web you can see all of them.

  • by 

    Doesn't show video.

  • Bug

    by Byharik

    Episodes release date wrong

  • Crappy update!

    by Mrs. Robinson11

    How come every time there is an update available, the app just disappears from my phone??? But when I go into the App Store to re-download it, it says I already have it. Where did it go after the update?

  • NEWS!!!!

    by Bwalte08

    Thank you for listening to our comments I can now use this app again ..... The news feature was my main source of passing time so thank you again

  • Not bad, BUT

    by dylan.mitchell

    A little too intensive on the ads, I'd gladly pay $1-$5 for a pro version without the ads. Aside from all the ads, this is a terrific app! Nothing better in its class

  • I have a lot of fun with this. It's pretty great but...

    by Musicobssessed

    I really wish we could write reviews from the app

  • News for individual titles

    by Ryantm3

    Need to bring back the news tab for individual searches

  • Nice!!!!

    by iPhone freak 2

    Last update was hard to navigate and somethings were missing. Now, BACK TO THE TOP!! You brought back "Top News" section and few other things!! Thank you so much!!! Great job!

  • Doesn't open

    by Skiscott50

    Needs fixing

  • by Dylanator008

    IMDB is back in action!!

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