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Seller: Iddiction, Inc.

- Bug fixes

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The original Face Swap! app as featured by BuzzFeed, Mashable and Reddit.

Face Swap! is the #1 face swapping app. AUTOMATICALLY and instantly swaps all the faces in your photos.

“Absolutely hilarious. Try it with friends, family, and even your pets!” -Appoday

BONUS: Prank your friends and swap faces from THEIR Facebook photos.

▪ Automatically detects faces
▪ Perfect for group photos
▪ Swap unlimited faces

▪ Proprietary face swapping algorithm
▪ Pinch, zoom, scale, and rotate, remove faces
▪ Zoom-in for horrifying accuracy

▪ Select your or your friends photos
▪ Swap your friends' Facebook photos
▪ Share via Facebook, Twitter or email

Jealous of how attractive your friend is? Repulsed by someone's ugly face? Why should they get all the attention?? Face Swap! takes everyone's faces and mixes them up. Now everyone has their time in the spotlight.

"If you get a kick out of turning cute and sweet photos into abhorrent nightmares, I can’t recommend this app enough." -The iPhone App Review

This app is perfect, but if for some reason you don’t think so, please email [email protected]

Instagram & Twitter: @facebomb
Facebook: facebook.com/facebombapp
Interwebs: iddiction.com/facebomb

Customer Reviews

  • Cant stop laughing

    by Pancakepete10

    The bad reviews don't know and they don't have patience. I have a lot of fun with my family in this app. If you 1. Have a since of humor 2. Have friends and family 3. Have patience 4. Want to laugh Then this app is perfect for you it is a must have.

  • Laughing out loud

    by Sommerj 78

    Best face swap ever!!

  • Good but problems

    by 5546chris

    The app is amazing but whenever I Am in the middle of swapping an app advertisement shows up and won't go away

  • Cool

    by Blooper stopper doper

    Fun app

  • Face swap is great

    by ChofuViking

    The whole family loves face swap

  • Love IT

    by Aldair Reynoso


  • It's alright

    by Heart33

    It's kind of funny, but it doesn't do the best job of swapping faces.

  • Fix this for real!!!

    by Livi_anne

    I bought this and every 5 seconds a add pops up!!! I didn't buy this to look at ads! But I mean it is fun but still!

  • Hilarious!

    by Julia Nemcek

    So simple and so funny!

  • App

    by Bmans13

    This app is seriously fun. Gives a good laugh that people need every once and a while.

  • Pretty amaze ballz

    by CaRnaGexXx

    Who doesnt like making ur friends mad by switching there face with a monkey

  • Review

    by 173827296272

    Do not download this app. They bombard you with ads and pop ups so heavily you can't use the app. If I could pay apple $2 to take back the $1 I paid for this app I would

  • Too many ads

    by FatDrJones

    The app itself is pretty cool and results in very funny pictures. The problem is that Ads pop up every time you change screens, and there is a timer that prevents you from closing them. Something that should take 20 seconds ends up taking 60 seconds because of all the ads. I paid for the app, so ads should not interfere so much with its use.

  • Way fun!

    by Aqwr

    One of the best entertainment apps I have downloaded. Way worth it. The only reason I would hate this app is the extremely annoying ads. It get so annoying sometimes that I almost delete it.

  • Nice

    by Nicky nick is ya boi

    I like the app. Very fun y

  • most fun app in the App Store!

    by AnjaCota

    most laughs per $ spent!!!

  • Funniest App Ever

    by jazzemen

    This has always been a fun app for me and now that they added iOS 7 support I can enjoy it on my new phone. Entertainment for days

  • yes

    by Kbugg1



    by VNVANillA


  • Please fix

    by Mattew12345678910

    Gives me an error saying "Error! Two or more faces needed for bombing" every time I take a picture or try to load one. It is really frustrating because there is clearly two faces in the picture and it still won't work!

  • Upset about adds

    by Ethan Duron

    Too many adds for having to pay for it

  • App is cool but...

    by A Rotten Beef

    I hate that I paid for this app and there are still multiple ads and timed ads. What's up with that. I paid for it to get rid of the ads.

  • >:(

    by Skjalg Mongstad

    Crashes waaaaay to much

  • Waste of money

    by CR00KS

    Don't buy. Waste of money. You pay and they still have adds on the app. And you can't Evan face swap two photos. Only one photo with clear face shots. And Evan then sometimes it won't work. DO NOT BUY!

  • Bad bad bad

    by Mike1348a1

    1.99 and full of ads. Don't get this app. And works bad.

  • Doesn't recognize two faces

    by Rheward

    Most times I try, get the same message. Please fix!


    by Frfthgyjgujjfuj

    This is crap! Doesn't work and there are ads everywhere! Don't waste ur money! :(

  • Won't work!!

    by Smurfy4u

    I have a 5c and it always gives me the no faces found error!

  • Gay

    by Graccccccie

    This ad kept popping up in the middle of the picture and you couldn't even close it to see your picture. Total b.s.

  • Doesn't work..

    by Giraffalope

    Just flat out didn't work after multiple takes

  • Junk

    by Shane6634

    Doesn't work.

  • Bad

    by hu1999

    It's a really funny and entertaining app, but the ads are horrible and annoying! For some reason I am not able to X out of the ads and they get in the way. Would have been a 5 star app without the ads.

  • Horrible App

    by zman8878787

    I can't believe I even gave it one star it's horrible. Try and choose photos and it tells me that it doesn't have access to my own photos even when I allowed it to Just a waste of space and time downloading it

  • Exploitive and awful

    by fiji_px

    Ads pop up every other picture. Unacceptable for a PAID app. I will not buy another thing from this company

  • Terrible.

    by Badohm

    This app is awful, doesn't work most of the time and when it does it looks horrible.

  • Stop with the ads.

    by Ehaddad

    If I pay for an app I don't expect the app to be swarmed with ads. It's seriously ridiculous. I'm not gonna buy any of your apps that you're advertising so you guys should just stop trying.

  • Mr

    by Desdem

    Terrible. Ads and pop ups. Crap.

  • Update still doesn't work.

    by Shaman Sandies

    For the past 5 months I've never been able to use this app but once before it would crash or give me constant errors. Don't buy until the ratings go up! Save yourself the trouble!

  • Horrible

    by Miamirandamarquez

    Never works

  • Ads everywhere!

    by Chad1984

    Good app, aside from the ads. There's an ad before and after doing everything. Having paid for the app, the ads should be far less present. Not to mention it's constantly promoting other apps and asking you to try them. Also, it's very low on features. There's no way to flip or turn faces. All you can do is move them around.

  • No more ads!

    by Rymanofsteel

    I PURCHASED this app a and I'm bombarded with ads. Not cool

  • Cool but ads are obtrusive

    by samyarbid

    Very cool app. Have had it for a while now but the latest update adds very annoying and obtrusive ads.

  • Waste of money!!!

    by Amazing;))))))

    They don't even need one star but the app can't load my pictures so I can faceswap them. And I can't find a way for it to work. I want my money back and I'm not buying another app for awhile. I'm very disappointed

  • Forces me to watch ads

    by Viamin

    I paid for this app, but it forces me to watch ads to launch the app. The ads are buggy and get stuck on my screen.

  • Horrible

    by dgbbhhhdhd

    Never works always says needs two or more faces when there are two don't get this app

  • Lame

    by Brass trombone

    Hasn't worked for months. Worked on my iPhone 4. When I upgraded to iPhone 5s and iOS 7... The app is now useless!

  • Not working even after the update

    by hedddjoe

    In every picture it says it need at least 2 faces and they are perfect pictures. They need to fix this app. I just updated it two days ago and it still doesn't work

  • Fix it!

    by Reviewer777272

    Doesn't work! Won't detect faces. Developers, please fix this faulty app that people are wasting money on!

  • can't detect faces!

    by coyfishiee

    this app doesn't work! it will not detect 2 faces even if their perfectly positioned. please fix this app. many people paid good money for this.

  • Still not working!!!

    by Halle-age 6

    When are you going to fix this app? We loved using it but it hasn't worked for weeks. Have sent several notices to support- no reply.

  • Thumbs down

    by B.swaGG 95

    I have pictures with two or more faces and every time I try to use them it says there's not two or more faces I don't get it this app does not work wasted hard earned money thank you so much!!!!

  • Horrible

    by RecordPrincess

    Doesn't work at all! Won't detect faces!

  • Fix this app

    by The Ruperts

    Every time I take a picture it says I need two or more faces to read, and I had two faces. This is a rip off

  • Doesn't work!

    by bklein09

    This app does not work at all. It won't recognize faces in any of my pictures despite them being perfect shots of two or more people. It's pretty frustrating when you spend two dollars on something that is completely useless. DO NOT BUY THIS APP UNTIL THEY FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by vfr750

    Every time you take a pic. It doesn't recognize faces, I wouldn't recommend this app.

  • App doesn't work

    by J.J. PANZER

    This app tells me "2 faces needed to swap" for every photo I try. It doesn't work correctly. Please fix.

  • Junk

    by finn5975

    Broken. Only thing worse is that I can't leave a 0 star review.

  • Doesn't work

    by Scrawny johnny

    Won't recognize faces. UPDATE THIS CRAP!!!!!!!

  • Scam

    by Oneaustin

    This app actually does nothing but show you other apps to buy from the developer. It gives an error when you chose a photo or take a photo that there are not enough faces. I will file a complaint and get a refund.

  • Broken

    by deehbow

    It won't recognize any faces.

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