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Fix for a rare crash when application is opened

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Download the app to enjoy unlimited instant streaming of current hit TV shows. Requires a Hulu Plus paid subscription.

• Watch the full current season of popular shows including Modern Family, The Office, Family Guy and many others
• Enjoy classic series including Lost and Battlestar Gallactica
• Resume watching from where you left off on your TV or other supported device
• Watch over WiFi, 3G and 4G
• Available with limited advertising

Hulu Plus supports iPhone 3GS and newer, iPad, and 3rd generation iPod Touch and newer.

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Yes

    by Me211621


  • Good, but could be better

    by Chaiston

    Love the wide range of shows, the ads don't bug me that bad they have to make there money some how, but I hate how you have to log back in every time you leave the app for anything. If they added something to where it kept you logged in or at least a save user name and/or password check box it would be so much better.

  • Not bad

    by Tas7blue

    It's a good app. My only real issue is that it often invites me to "resume" episodes that I have already finished.

  • Good app

    by dragonrain

    Its good app but I would like them to add more shows.

  • Too many AD's not enough shows

    by MzJoker5150

    Not enough shows available on app like "American Horror Story" why should I go to my computer and watch it when I pay you $7.99 to watch it on my phone.

  • When does the subscription start!

    by  Jaebird88

    Do you have the whole season 6 of LOST! I think it's a little too much? 5 dollars sound so much better!

  • Needs just a lil more

    by Jncamp

    I enjoy the app. It's great being in the run and not missing my show. I do wish I could fast coward with a button and not the bar.

  • Best

    by Thumsup1


  • Add more shows

    by Chummuck

    Please add the fosters I need to see it

  • Works

    by asdgfd

    This app does what it supposed to. I could do with out the adds, but it is not the apps fault.

  • Good app for $8

    by NancyMZ

    Way too much buffering going on lately on iPad. This just started to's with the app and not the iPad causing this. Please fix this, I do like the app.

  • WHY all these ads if we're PAYING?!

    by Kn0xWatcher

    The title says it all. Videos play easily and clearly. Decent selection. Here's the quandary: If this is a paid subscription-type app--WHY ARE THESE COMMERCIALS/ADS INTERRUPTING constantly?! Seriously?! I don't have to deal with this on NetFlix! Think I'm dropping this...get rid of the ads & I'll be back around!

  • Great job

    by The other guy 987986

    I love the improvements. What happen with seasons 7,8,9 in One Piece

  • Good app

    by Ju Jujuan

    Good app. Ads are a bit irritating. Please make compatible with Google Chromecast!!!

  • Add

    by Dave the Theologian

    Why are people complaining about paying for ads? Don't people pay for cable, yet still have ads?

  • Its ok at best

    by Wirttrapper

    Love the shows,but don't understand why i pay for subscription and still have to watch commercials. At first they are few and short but after awhile they are 90 seconds + and annoying!!!!

  • I love it

    by JaeSpitta

    I love it, only thing I wish is that they had pretty little liars on the app instead on the web only

  • Ads. Episodes.

    by Lastrose04

    The ads are too long considering that people are paying for this subscription. Also, I understand not having previous seasons of shows but I feel like if I'm paying for it you should have all the episodes from the current season up. Not just 4 episodes that are from the very beginning of the season most times.

  • It works

    by leanquizene

    Does as advertised.

  • Please Fixxx

    by liliana sanchez

    I wanna watch Kuwtk today but I can't :( please Fix

  • H+

    by Scott789den

    did like the app, The subsciption which is to be paid is much more than the cost of that show.

  • Terrible!

    by Lisa Rileyl

    Terrible....continuously stops and starts! Even when Internet service is full go.....very frustrating!

  • Decent but too many ads and lacking features

    by edk012

    I'm a bit disappointed with this app. The ads are way to long and frequent. Come on folks...somehow Netflix does without it. Another reviewer said it well. It is not the ads that are an issue, but how they are presented. Also, really needs the profile functionality that Netflix has so I can ensure my children only have access to content I'm comfortable with.

  • Disappointed

    by Feet9800

    Only shows the 5 most recent episodes. It used to be so good when they showed multiple seasons. And way too many ads. Deleting the app

  • Doctor Who?

    by Ravens wood all the way

    When are the rest of doctor who's episodes going to be uploaded also need pretty little liars ravenswood and keeping up with the kardashians not just clips but episodes!!!!!

  • Horrible!!!

    by Mcsetech

    The adds are very annoying. You pay for the adds.

  • Remote turns into device play for no reason

    by joshwitte

    With the newest version it has a ghost that makes your iPhone randomly start playing the same video while in chromecast remote mode.

  • Bummer

    by Melisaswen

    Good luck getting through an episode without it constantly pausing and loading.

  • Too many ads

    by Beej808

    Too many ad's, the ad's are way too long, the ad's are really annoying!!! It make for a horrible experience. As soon an I finish typing this review I'll be canceling my paid subscription. Find a way to get rid of the ad's. !!!!

  • Web only?

    by scooter29

    What the point of having this if I have to be at home to watch shows?

  • Horrible

    by ammasboy

    I can't get past the login screen on my iPad 3. Always says "Oops! There's an error." Deleted and reinstalled app several times. Works fine on my roku3 but not iPad.

  • Unwatchable! Stick to Netflix and iTunes

    by Lsalza

    Mostly Buffering and ads. Poor Digital quality. I cancelled today after one month.

  • Disappointing

    by MichelleN1111

    There are way to many ads for a paid subscription and everything says web only. I'm paying to watch a ridiculous amount of commercials and none of the shows I'm interested in can be watched on my ipad. No thanks.

  • Really?

    by Sh-t Pickle

    It signs me out and won't let me sign back in.

  • Why the missing episodes?

    by Wordsandnumbers

    It's nice being able to watch on different devices but it would be great if a series could start on... I don't know, maybe the first episode? It doesn't make much sense to start a series on episode 12 rather than one, or is that just me?

  • Almost useless

    by Shyeth

    This app locks up after viewing commercials using air play. Forcing you to watch an add over and over. Poorly made app.

  • Kill the ads and get better shows

    by Shane568

    Good idea but not enough shows, terrible movies, and the main reason I stream is to avoid commercials tv is saturated with them and I'm sick of it. Dropping it after the weeks up

  • Too many commercials

    by Glenn Archibald

    If I wanted all these commercial I would look at regular TV.

  • Bad does not work do not get it

    by Loverschroder

  • Too many ads.

    by Gamer Pro Reviews tm

    Too many ads period should not be 5-8 mins of ads for a 20 min episode. Especially if I am paying for a monthly subscription.

  • Horrible lag

    by Mr.Weber123

    This is absolutely the worst app I have ever had with lag. Minecraft has less lag than this stupid app and it's not only on iTunes but also Xbox live I can't finish a show with out frustration do not get this app unless there's a huge update every thing else is great.

  • I'm about done!

    by Ninjaman554

    Don't even bother you guys it's a waist of money and the ads are like 50 seconds long and there is 3 so ya I'm still gana use it cause I've got nuthin else

  • Add the walking dead

    by Ghhhhh chichi

    Please add the walking dead this is one of the best shows. I would rate this a five the app is great but you need to add the walking dead

  • Bad update, please fix!!! :(

    by Caramyr

    HuluPlus worked fine on my iPad before I installed the last update, and now I cannot watch ANY videos at all. I see that several other people seem to be having the same problem. Please fix this soon... The problem has gone on for several weeks now. I wish I had never updated this. :(

  • Waste of my money

    by Jjs1272

    It doesn't work well with ps3 have to change remote to 1 every time you use it ..AND COMMERCIALS! It's ridiculous they keep adding more ! Cancelled account today

  • Subtitles?

    by DKuzNY

    What happened to them? I'm hard of hearing and frequently use subtitles to watch shows. Can't find the function to turn them or closed captions on since this new update.


    by Publicly Unknown

    I would like to cancel my subscription. I am becoming annoyed with the error message stating EVERY show is no longer available for playback. I've been having this problem for months now. You guys are basically scamming and falsely advertising. If you guys are going to show clips and not full episodes then advertise that and not catch up on the latest shows.

  • Latest update is several steps backwards...

    by Dos H

    So, before the latest update, I would give the app 5 stars, but now not so much. First, gone are favorites (kind of). Now series that you favorite are hidden away in a queue. It's less intuitive and detracts from the user experience. But the worst part of this update is the Airplay video quality appears dramatically diminished. For my use, that is truly disappointing because before it was quiet solid. Hopefully they will address this and earn a 5 star rating again.

  • Ads ads and more ads

    by amber wolfe

    I love all the content you have and for a lower price than Netflix(yay) but why? What's with all the ads ! People payed for this mostly because they wanted what they watched to be streamed instantly but you think we prefer to see ads more than we prefer to see anime? No way love the App hate the ads. Case closed

  • Unimpressed

    by Mad in KC

    I don't like paying a monthly fee to watch commercials!!!

  • Don't waste your time or money

    by JosephRichardson7777

    Nothing loads or buffers properly except commercials. Stuttering and loading every 1 to 2 minutes makes this the worst product I've ever used. 45+ minutes to watch a 21 minute video because of this. So you pay to watch commercials and be stressed out, no wonder people pirate and even watching a horrible quality streaming site is better than watching a loading icon spin perpetually.

  • AWFUL.

    by sadie:D

    Don't waste your money. It's terrible. Also this review system is awful to. They ask me to write what I think and then they don't post it. Ha good job iTunes.


    by IMega2


  • Lame

    by Insectaodonata

    Why are so many shows I want to watch "web only"? I don't have a computer, only an iPad. This means I'm paying full price for a service I can't take full advantage of. Also, I get why the ads are there, but do I have to watch THE SAME AD 5-6 times during the same show? It's incredibly annoying and I never actually watch the ads. I walk away.

  • Ads....

    by Payam112233

    I just started a trial and noticed how silly this is. Why would I ever pay for something that has ads?

  • Crap you making us pay!!!!!

    by Oneilljamesvaughn

    Crap you making us pay!!!!!

  • No thanks

    by Okijuhnrdxrd

    Plenty of ads plus subscription. There's TV hell for you.

  • $8 for thanks netflix is better

    by Ohyeahhh123

    Garbage. I don't know why people pay for this

  • Way too many ads

    by Kichenwiz

    You'll always be a far second fiddle to Netflix as long as you charge the same per subscription and deluge the user with useless commercials. You're just slightly better than network television and that's not saying much these days.

  • Helpful to know

    by whittos

    My BIGGEST complaint is that quite a few of the shows say web only even if plus member . why can't they stream threw there smartphone ? Although there are comershals (it's cheaper than cable so I kinda expect it ) But they tend to re-run the same one over and over The layout could be a little better on iPhones also hope this was helpful :)

  • Terrible

    by baudelio vazquez

    Pay to watch commercials no thanks


    by TheDopeSander

    Please! Take the ads off! It's getting so annoying! That's the only thing that I do not like of this! PLEASE TAKE THE ADS OFF!!!!

  • Waste of money. With ads.

    by Runjdm

    $8 a month and has plenty of ads. Subscribe to Netflixs instead.

  • Commercials

    by Zakarya othman

    I'm being monthly fees , why the F I'm watching these commercials , really bad app , I guess I don't need this anymore

  • It's a vary good app but..

    by Crazy girl Sarah :)

    This app is really awesome I love it but. I don't like how I can't watch pretty little liars or the fosters I think that stupid but other then that it is a really good app

  • Seperate Users

    by Penny4urthots

    It would be a nice feature to have the ability to create different profiles for each family member.

  • Shows ads even after paying

    by Joyce Samitta

    It still shows ads even after paying monthly fee!!

  • Couldn't log in after applying

    by JossieH91

    There was no record of my email in there system even after placing my card information, And never got my email confirmation.

  • Movies

    by That guy

    It would be nice if u could watch some movies

  • Terrible site

    by No dead

    Says it has online I've stream i.e. Golden Globes, it does not....

  • Please Fix

    by liliana sanchez

    Why can't I watch keeping up with the kardashians PLEASE FIX THIS

  • What am I paying for

    by Cb97

    Ads and having to watch on my computer. I should be able to watch anything, anywhere I want. And there should be no ads or commercials.

  • Add more!

    by PinkBeauty_Love

    The app is awesome but you should so add more stuff and shoot those commercials are getting my nerves! You ought to take the commercials off & add more shows like Full House,& also update the movies. No one really wants to be watching boring movies & add more movies from the 80s or like 60s type movies like The Outsiders, one of my favorite or the Notebook! ThanksXx

  • Cool

    by victor vera

    I like it but why ads!!

  • Great

    by Draszox3

    Love it. Don't see why it's low on the ratings. Definitely a good service and app.

  • Used to love - no longer

    by TC425

    Loved this app until about 3 days ago, now constantly freezes & picture becomes unclear. Downloaded update today - didn't help, did what app support suggested, didn't help.

  • Good, but could be better...

    by Rodrigo Castro

    I just dont like the fact some shows we can only watch from a computer...

  • How do you sign up?!!!

    by :()p

    I don't know how to sign up! It doesn't give you an option to register

  • Loose the ads.

    by Pegasusmon2003

    Not too bad for $8 a month but if I really wanted to see commercials Id just watch tv. Why pay for a service just to have commercials. Get rid of them and this would be so much better.

  • Alright

    by Kaden Hensley

    It's a good app but always freezes and buffers!!!!

  • Web only

    by Tabitha.D

    I really like this app to catch up on my favorite shows. The only downfall is that some shows you have to watch on your computer. If I'm paying for an app, I should be able to watch all shows on my phone.

  • Crashing when I open it


    It started crashing now I can't watch any of my shows

  • iPhone 5s - not loving it

    by Mz. Doll

    The only app available is for new accounts.

  • Ads

    by DoA Envy

    Probably gonna drop it soon because of ads. Netflix has it beat there and honestly I can watch my shows elsewhere. Ads have gotten ridiculous.

  • Buffering/commercials

    by One Chief

    Constantly buffers when my internet is at its strongest signal. Also what is the deal with commercials if you are paying for it? Why buy a subscription if there are still ads. No thank you

  • Not impressed

    by Snc621

    The app works okay. I hate that there are ads! Why are we paying for the monthly subscription if there's still going to be several commercials for each episode watched?! Also, the queue organization is completely lacking. It would be great if it just groups the tv shows by name instead of listing every single episode for each season. Not sure about keeping this subscription. At least Netflix doesn't make me watch ads and it has much better queue organization.

  • Greedy Crap!!!

    by SuperCool45

    I wish there was a zero star option. How can you charge $8 and then still put in ads, talk about greed. Sorry Gordon Gecko but greed doesn't work on this one. If you drop the ads, they will come....

  • by Twizzler77


  • by Benjamin_lasnierx33

    Worst app have ever installed never works horrible not worth it at all don't waste your time , ads? Really i think netflix is way better

  • :)

    by Jaritza Colon

    It would be amazing if American Horror Story and the Walking dead would be on the app as well! Also updated it every so often. I cancelled my other account due to no updating on the app. Either than that it's an amazing app and social network! Would definitely recommend it!

  • Doesn't work on iPad

    by Gojiro

    Gives "an error occurred" whenever I try to play a video, even after rebooting iPad. No videos will play.

  • Pixelated & spinning wheel

    by AKborn

    I get the 1st commercial just fine. Then at about 30 seconds into the show the quality drops and the pixels are so big I can't even read the subtitles. Then all comes to a screeching halt as the spinning wheel spins endlessly. The show doesn't buffer, so the wheel just spins. Can't watch anything, so why am I paying a monthly fee for this?

  • Problem

    by Michelle Buot

    It won't launch the app

  • Too many ads!!!

    by Tifrenboy

    Awful app, way too many ads and the same ones at that! Netflix is WAY better

  • Works fine!

    by EdoFu

    Works fine.. But it has waaayy too many commercials!! Lots of em and kinda annoying cuz each of em is like 60-90 seconds long..

  • Makes me feel old

    by Dzs1066

    I come from a time period when you paid for television so that you would not have commercials. Maybe they should have an all commercial service you can pay for with no pesky content to get in the way. Anyway, we got this as a gift for a year so I have an entire year to see if it still makes me feel so sad in twelve months.

  • Ads and loading

    by Yeahhhhhhh buddy

    At first the ads were fine, I mean, I get that you need the money, but 90 second ads? Seriously?? We might as well just watch tv! And ever since the update, the shows have to stop every few seconds to buffer, and when they start playing again they're pixelated! My Internet connection is fine, so it's not that. Please fix this!

  • Ads!!!

    by Panda ready

    It's a great app it has the shows I like , but I don't understand why I'm paying $8 for ads!!!

  • Really?

    by TotallyNotAHorse

    8 dollars a month to watch TV with over minute long commercials? Wow.

  • Just say no.

    by JP-UNC

    So many bugs and so poorly designed. Excellent choice if you'd like to watch twice as many commercials as you did before you started paying for it.

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