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Google Play Movies & TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play.

Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from wherever you are. Buy or rent movies by visiting Google Play Store on any computer and watch them from any device over Wi-Fi using the Google Play Movies & TV app.

* Streaming video currently works over Wi-Fi connections only.
* TV shows are currently available in the United States, Japan, and United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

  • Does exactly what it should.

    by Bridt

    iPad + Chromecast = easy rentals and more competition for my movie rental $$$

  • Works great and will get better!

    by Tmielonen

    Streams fine and works on Chromecast great. Offline support hopefully will come soon, though I have a feeling Apple may make this difficult. As for no audio on iPads, make sure the "ringer" switch is set to ring... App really should just ignore it but whatever.

  • Buffering

    by 101405

    App was working great until a few days ago. Now movies will not load, buffers continuously.

  • Note 3 to Ipad Air

    by VDinis

    Thank you Google!

  • Finally

    by BrendenJordan

    I'm so happy this is on iOS now. I've been waiting for this app and I'm so happy it's finally here.

  • OMG So cool

    by Namra297

    I bought a movie on Nexus 5 n now I can watch it on this iPhone. That's so cool

  • iTunes will always be the champ at this

    by Abraham:D

    All you can do right now is just stream what you purchase or rent on your computer or tablet. Then it'll show on here and you can proceed to watching it. For it's first day and onto the iOS platform, it looks good so far.

  • Great app

    by Danfrompr

    I can see all my tv episodes. Works well.

  • Mimuba

    by Mimuba

    Work great with my Chromecast

  • Thanks Google

    by JT_Edmonds

    Thanks Google for bringing my content to a different platform. I would the ability to watch offline in the future. Hopefully this can be arranged. Good first step.

  • Awesome!

    by JonatanHarris

    One more way to further immerse yourself in Google's ecosystem. Point of note: YOU CAN PURCHASE THE CONTENT VIA YOUR WEB BROWSER AND VIEW IT IN THE APP!

  • Good Start

    by Suavechef

    Great first start. Could use some airplay love though as well as download support for offline playback.

  • Great app

    by Barnster1


  • Proud of Google

    by 0ne0Nine

    App runs well, works with my Chromecast and Apple TV. :-) now if Apple will complete the circle....

  • Proud of Google

    by 0ne0Nine

    App runs well, works with my Chromecast and Apple TV. :-) now if Apple will complete the circle....

  • Yes

    by Podcast devotee


  • Finally!

    by TheHeisman

    I've been waiting for this for so long! Love the app. Oh and FIRST!!!

  • Google + iPhone = Awesome!

    by Riverjao

    Google's awesome products/services on Apple's great hardware...can't go wrong with that!!!

  • First

    by $Rekar


  • Awesome

    by ABBCDD

    Very convenient.. Awesome that this is out!!

  • Unsupported

    by U should........

    Won't let me watch my tv shows because it says it has an unsupported video format

  • No Audio


    No audio on iPad 4 (iOS7). I've contacted Google almost 2 weeks ago and they're still looking into it! My rating is based on the fact that I haven't been able to fully tap into given the Audio snag.

  • Play movies and tv

    by sanquese

    It's needs to be able to buy and watch them on regular internet not just wifi. Very slow loading and closure of app! Make this as good as the comp version in play

  • Does not work with AirPlay

    by Nate

    Normally I give video apps that don’t work with AirPlay one star. This one gets two stars because it does work with Google’s own ChromeCast (apparently: I don’t have one to test with).

  • Doesn't work

    by BrendenJordan

    I bought 21 jump street on the google play website and tried watching it on this app. It did not load. All it did was continue showing the loading circle but no matter how much I waited, nothing ever loaded. Please fix.

  • Download

    by Amanda04

    Waiting for a download option for movies I paid for since this app was the only option I was given.

  • Can't browse new titles

    by Zevyh


  • No audio

    by LKQ SE

    No sound whatsoever on iPad air

  • Garbage

    by Spencecarter

    I'd give it zero stars if I could. Movie will not play on my ipad through this app

  • Buffering

    by x1no

    Won't play any of my movies just shows them and when I click on one it just sits there and buffs Please fix ipad mini

  • Not working

    by Fonsiee

    App isn't working on my iPhone 5s is it just me or is there other out there like me Just sits there and loads forever my wifi is pretty good so what's the problem

  • Can't browse store

    by iPhoneUser63

    Can't browse the google play store and you have to use an actual computer to view it...

  • Junk

    by Sean O'Sullivan

    I get that Google can't allow purchasing within the app without giving Apple a cut, but the omission of offline playback is stupid. What's worse is on my iPad audio playback doesn't work which renders the entire app useless.

  • I don't get it. No Google Play store?

    by Liqmaticus

    ok... I see previous Google Play purchases, but the store is non-existent on my iPad Air??? ...and the point of this app is???

  • Awful because it just doesn't "work".

    by SimplicityIsTheKey

    This app is useless because it's only function doesn't work! I can't stream my purchases so what's the point of using it???

  • Doesn't work yet

    by Eric516

    Won't play movies. Endless loading screen. Really happy this app was released and I'm sure it will be updated.

  • mala

    by Geocence

    esperaba un "todo en uno" sin embargo es sólo un reproductor más de películas compradas , no es posible siquiera navegar entre títulos o ver trailers

  • AppleTv support

    by AvidGamer21

    AppleTv will not work with This app on my iPhone5s running ios 7.0.4. Wil l try my ipad2 later and see...

  • All google products get one star

    by kevinTheGrey

    All good products get a one star rating until google gets rid of google+

  • Not Working

    by FreshAsFuk

    Would love for this to work. But all I do is click a movie I purchased and watch the spinning circle go round and round for minutes. Fix please.

  • Downloaded - but waiting to use

    by Ljc22422

    It seems senseless to have to purchase or rent from another device before I can view on my apple device. I cannot "pin" to my device, only stream, so a wifi connection is necessary. I look forward to improvements on this, as it has been long anticipated, however this is not to the standard I have known Google to achieve.

  • No offline support

    by Aguaski

    This app is useless if I can't download a movie to watch on an airplane.

  • Pointless

    by Scott McKinnon

    Google doesn't want to pay Apple for in app purchases, so this app is pretty useless.

  • Waste of time

    by Irfan Danish

    Its of no use.

  • Will not play movie

    by Mr. EAS

    All I see is the loading icon. Please fix?!?!?

  • Not sure how this doesn't say much

    by Gabe Medina

    How does this work? I can't get to anything from my phone? I barely use my desktop.

  • Lame

    by jmcneil

    No airplay can't buy anything new. Lame controls. I do get access to movies... But no books.

  • It's a start

    by Jessica Brazionis

    Excellent first step in bringing the Play Store to iOS.

  • What?

    by OfflineDreams

    So i cant purchase stuff? Only view them?

  • Good start!

    by Wolverine Ninja

    Good start, hopefully they continue to improve this.

  • Bad

    by Dude134689


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