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FXNOW is an on-demand video service providing the biggest and best lineup of critically acclaimed dramas, hit comedies and blockbusters movies from 3 networks, FX, FXX and FXM, within a visually striking experience that’s unmistakably FX.

• FX and FXX original series available next day
• Blockbuster movies from FX, FXX and FXM
• Watch on-demand anytime
• Optimized for iOS 7

FXNOW is free to download. All you need to do to watch is sign in with your TV provider credentials. The following TV providers are current FXNOW partners:

•AT&T U-verse
•Comcast XFINITY
•Midcontinent Communications

Customer Reviews

  • Fx

    by Mickyhorseluver#1


  • Worked for me

    by Michhellynn

    Found myself waiting around for a few hours and wanted to watch the season finale of AHS. App worked great for me. No crashing or anything.

  • Needs to be Updated for Airplay

    by ...,..,,

    I like the app and being able to watch shows but please update to allow for AirPlay on appletv!

  • Good

    by Chuckysworld1

    great app. I just hope in the future add more shows.

  • It's ok...

    by Jason KIocke

    But it NEEDS Live TV streaming... (through acquired cable and satellite providers)

  • Great Movies!

    by Bff2go

    Loved watching movies on this app. It is a nice app - can't wait for The Americans to become available in it.

  • wut

    by gamingfan6826


  • Ms

    by Yolaalex

    I love this app!


    by bobby mcfarren

    love watching the league and sunny on this app. plus, great design and love the navigation.

  • Sons of Anarchy Finale!

    by CharlesV

    i can watch it in the app and it is soooo cooool

  • Amazingly well done!

    by jdgdotnet

    Stellar app.

  • Perfect!!!

    by dajungie

    Love this!

  • Solid lineup, available anywhere.

    by Jeremy Tanner

    Makes it easy to catch up on The League, Sons of Anarchy & Always sunny.

  • Awesome

    by jcoursen

    I love FX and watching shows on my iPad. So psyched about this.

  • Fantastic App

    by Tradesy Fan

    Does everything I want it to do and is incredibly pleasing to use to boot

  • Slick

    by Michael4847

    Really cool app, but why do older shows expire?

  • At last!!!

    by tony entrialgo

    Be waiting for this app! Thank you. Looks great. Wish I could airplay on my Apple TV but mirroring works. American Horror!!!!

  • Don't bother

    by GirlfromTallahassee

    Does not support Direct TV. Why don't the list networks they work with?

  • Not compatabile with FIOS

    by DisGirl1462

    Can't use it if it doesn't work with Verizon

  • Provides zero added value

    by Edward Hanolt

    Not worth the time it took to download.

  • Utter Embarrassment.

    by CWright1001

    This is coming from someone who never writes reviews -- I feel compelled to try and persuade anyone considering downloading this app to not waste your time. Aside from the well documented glaring content and provider problems (seriously, why even make an app if it's going to be this restricted in those two critical areas?), the app is horribly slow and poorly designed. I got stuck in an advertisement loop that was inescapable without deleting the app. FX is my favorite cable channel, but this app is a joke. Pick it up, FX.

  • FX When???

    by pharrigan

    Why the heck is FX advertising FX NOW without advising that it isn't available on all carriers?? How many DirectTV customers do you suppose have seen the ads thinking they would download & watch FX shows? Many...& that could affect #'s that watch FX shows.....just sayin'...

  • Mr

    by Markmezz

    Still waiting for Verizon to be a provider.

  • Total waste of time

    by Dave Gesten

    Too few providers make me angry. Why! Seems like they don't want us to see their shows, or commercials either. What a waste.

  • Worthless...

    by swschmidt

    Why have an app if you "expire" all of your content.

  • Fail!

    by Zinful1

    Expired??? Fail! Deleted.

  • Horrible

    by ct2984

    All the shows are expired... This app is a Waste of space on my iPad

  • Waste of time

    by vikodlak

    All the shows I want to watch are listed as expired. Don't waste your time with this app.

  • Expired?!

    by Tonic rock

    All I wanted was to watch season 6 of Sons. What a waste of my time downloading this app just to delete it! Why even trade me that soa is on there just to tell me it's "expired" and I can't watch it. Super lame.

  • Ugh! When will you pekoe get it??

    by ceCrazy

    I've been trying to catch up on Archer on Netflix. I just finished season 3 so I thought I would be able to find season 4 here. Nope, season 1 and the beginning of the current season. Now I have no legal means to catch up so that I can start watching it on TV where I would be subjected to advertisements. Instead my only option is to pirate season 4 to catch up. While I'm there I might as well continue because you don't deserve my ad dollars. Archer's a great show though :-/

  • Waste

    by Missy.Lambert

    Yup just like the rest of these bad reviews I have to agree that this app is a waste of time. I wanted to watch The Americans but it's expired SOA is also expired... Pretty lame FX...pretty lame!!

  • Awesome App, Disappointing Content, No Airplay Support

    by $RUM

    Half the episodes of your favorite shows are "expired" so they're listed but, you can't watch them -- so you can't catch up on stuff you missed. Isn't that the whole point of time-shifting your TV watching? Who ever is in charge of managing the content programming of this app clearly doesn't understand how people use apps. And no Airplay support? Pointless. Other than that the design of the app is pretty awesome. It's like a performance car you can't drive.

  • What's the point of this app?

    by Mshive

    Everything I've wanted to watch is expired. Bonehead app, can't uninstall it fast enough.

  • The worst network app I've ever seen


    One word: expired????? Why is there no content on this app.

  • Completely Worthless

    by SAIABDS

    I read all the bad reviews and thought it couldn't really be that bad but yes it is. Completely worthless app. Can't play videos because Dish Network isn't supported.

  • Horrible - don't waste your time

    by JackSkelling

    This is an awful APP - so awful I will stop watching anything on FX. You have to have a certain cable provider or you can't access anything?! How about that is something you inform people prior to downloading. Bad business decision to try and force your cable choices on consumers who make your network popular.

  • Great unless u want to watch stuff

    by Lee Anthony

    Just a bunch of shows you can't watch. Thanks for listing all 9 seasons of sunny episodes when you can't watch any of them. Laaaaaame.

  • Really??!

    by Ancientf

    Downloaded this app before reading the reviews. No Directv service provider available? Useless. Going to delete this app immediately.

  • 5 cable providers available for the whole country

    by Tdehr

    First FXX, then this. A new gold standard for a network burning through every scrap of goodwill gained by greenlighting a handful of great shows.

  • Crap

    by Velox Aequitas

    Only very recent content available. Everything else expired. Don't bother downloading.

  • Not supported by my cable provider

    by Jendav851

    I pay a $200 cable bill every month, but can't watch anything on this app because Cox Communications does not have access. Hanks for nothing, I guess.

  • Pointless

    by Mr Dead Head

    Whoever they paid to build the app did a good job. Whatever department is in charge of what goes on there should be collectively fired. I didn't bother looking at the movies because I have better providers for that but here's some gripes about the TV section (with signing in): - There are 3 episodes of Archer, despite it being in its 5th season. And I'm assuming the rest of the shows (all 8 of them) are the same. - Mad About You counts as one of the shows (they redeem themselves by having it expired) - horrible labeling - seriously does FX only have 9 shows across 3 networks? And I'm fairly certain Buffy and Mad About You shouldn't count If this is a beta test for an app platform it should be labeled as such. Quit wasting user's time

  • Episodes expire

    by DiVento

    No access to past episodes or seasons. No access to the most recent seasons of The Americans, The League or The Bridge as of January 2014. Absolutely laughable.

  • Worthless

    by helnwhls

    One star because it did download but it does not work with dishTV login. Soooooo worthless

  • Seems kind of thrown together

    by biffbobfred

    The login (to prove I had cable) took forever - ESPN does the same thing but 10x faster. The content lacking - Mad About You was a good show so many years ago, but this is the best you have? And random episodes across seasons? And movies don't play at all. Maybe because I don't have FXMovies, but it says "not supported on this device" which again seems half assed. Currently not worth the space in storage on my device.

  • Need a specific Service Provider

    by Kristopher Tuttle

    Really lame app. Not even worth a whole star. Service provider really? The service providers listed aren't even in all areas of the US. I would rather pay for the app then have a $150 cable bill each month for 300 channels I don't watch. Really FX you are as lame as AMC. Get into the 21st century! Cable is dying.

  • Useless

    by Frankred

    No real content!! Learn from HBOGO.

  • Does not carry my cable provider

    by Kleighsefchik

    Cannot even log in to watch an episode of anything because my cable provider is not available to use with this app. Not worth even downloading

  • No FIOS?

    by Bauce40

    How can this app not have FIOS sign in?

  • No shows

    by Meeps112200

    There are no shows available to watch.

  • Disappointed :(

    by Yanoy

    I had just gotten into American Horror Story so I watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. I was glad to see that Fox had full episodes, at least I thought. When I went to watch it, first of all they didn't have episode one and from the previous seasons, missing one episode is not the best decision. Then all but the latest three episodes are expired. Now I'll have to wait until season 3 goes on Netflix which might be awhile :(

  • Come On

    by Bre loves kitty

    Expired episode plz fix

  • Fxnow rocks!

    by Lucero5000

    Mad About You has 10 not expired episodes so this app obviously has a tremendous sense of humor. Why watch any of the new, good shows on Fxnow when you can watch some billshut Paul Reiser doesn't even want to see?!

  • No fios?

    by BrettMB

    Why doesn't it list fios? I watch fx on fios. Fox now has fios but not fx now.

  • Worthless

    by Ajdh8484929

    Just make it a low monthly subscription instead of going through cable providers. Can't access because DirecTV is not eligible for FXNow at the moment. I wish company's like this and HBO would realize how much they're losing not just implementing a paid streaming model.

  • Hate it


    This app won't even let me watch my shows because u have to have a provider and it keeps saying my log in is not correct but when I try to sign in to it on the original website it works but not on here do not even try

  • Expired? Seriously?

    by Jack the Giant Killer

    Amazing how I can go watch any show, any episode, at any time on HBOgo but pretty much everything show in FXnow is "expired". Expired by WHO? Why expire something your network has exclusive rights to? Why even list any of the expired shows on your app if you weren't intentionally trying to anger your users. The reviews speak volumes.

  • Disappointed

    by Itskayuh

    Why do you requires cable?! I don't have cable :/. I loved to watch the shows and now I missed few shows, thank a lot! I'll pass unless if you got everything back like before then I'll be happy again. Also I really hate expires, seriously!


    by triceey

    Cable provider not available

  • Waste of my time

    by LISA MARIE 78

    We have dish and cant access the show unless we record or watch when it comes on put your networks money to some real use.


    by Linsey122

    WHAT IS THE POINT IF EVERYTHING IS EXPIRED? FXNOW needs to figure their stuff out. I watch all kinds of series on other apps like the CW and it works great and its easy. Guess I’m not tuning in on an FX shows from now on. God for bid you miss a couple of episodes.

  • Trash

    by RDash1993

    You cannot watch anything. Way to go fx you officially fail your only job. Seriously you greedy s.o.b's think before you make something this horrible. If you check your reviews sometime you'll see that perhaps people don't like this app. It's not just a few people it's the vast majority that hates it.

  • Terrible

    by King_Louie

    There's nothing available to watch. Virtually everything is expired. Avoid.

  • Everything is expired.

    by Trevorbubbis

    No reason to get this app when every show is expired.

  • Not what I had in mind

    by kimbo010

    I don't like the app. I was interested in watching season six of Sons of Anarchy or at least all the episodes of American Horror Story: Coven but there are no episodes for SOA & the 1st 5 episodes of Coven have expired. I'm pretty disappointed at the limited content of the app. It looks like a majority of their episodes are expired & they have a tiny movie collection. Kinda laughable with HBOGo, the CW, Netflix, & HuluPlus shooting out all this mass content for binge viewers like me. Pay attention to all the low ratings. If you're wanting to watch a season from beginning to end, this is not the app for you. If you missed a couple weeks of episodes from this network then this app MIGHT work for you but that's it.

  • Only recent episodes? Very Disappointing!

    by dreaming2day

    Terrible app! If you only want to watch what is currently on your television FX, what good is the app? I wanted to watch earlier episodes and seasons missed--no can do! Earlier episodes and seasons are EXPIRED! What a load of crap! Like someone else said: check out HBO TO GO app and LEARN!!! Very dissapointing!


    by Palmese123

    I usually don't trust all reviews on the app store but, believe ALL the negative reviews! U cannot watch any show because they all expire a week after they premiere! So greedy. ALWAYS SUNNY - Expired cannot watch one episode Americans - expired SOA - expired There's more I'm not just wasting anymore time with this shame on you FX

  • Useless

    by fearsum777

    Great app if your looking for expired episodes. A lot of those are available to not watch.

  • Get with the times FX

    by William Christian

    This is utter garbage. This app has no redeeming qualities.

  • Expired?

    by Verticaltakeoff

    Expired? Really? What's the point of this app then? When will networks realize people like to binge watch shows. Netflix understands it and has a customer base to show for it. "Cable cutting" is sounding like a better and better idea all the time. The high package price, expensive rental equipment, no a la carte channel choice all make me want to give up on cable altogether. Most of the programming on those hundreds of channels is garbage anyway. When will these networks learn that people want convenience and flexibility. Not rigid rules as to when we can watch a show. Expired? Sigh....

  • Useless for TV shows

    by sjgCU93

    Majority of the content is expired. Can't watch previous seasons of shows like Justified or The Americans. Waste of time installing this. I would give it zero stars did I could.

  • Virtually Functionless

    by WeeBeysFish

    What's the point in releasing an app with so little available content (even for people who pay a cable subscription anyway)? This app is so inconvenient and senselessly limited that one wonders if FX is purposely trying to aggravate its customers into pirating their shows.

  • Forget FX

    by TMac330

    I pay for FX on my cable, but can't watch anything. I deleted this worthless app. Going back to HBOGo, which works.

  • Expired

    by K2E

    Take a hint from HBO Go. Put all of your own shows in the app. You own the shows, what's your excuse?

  • App downloads

    by PuritySliz

    But won't open then can't remove.

  • Fx joke

    by Merkebrodie

    I guess this is a bad joke cuz this app is totally trash. There was nothing to watch. Everything I opened to watch said expired. What a waste and disappointment

  • Absolutely Useless

    by Jenkins, Leroy

    Most of the shows are either expired or unavailable: The Americans isn't even on here. Why release a subpar app? HBO GO is superior to this pathetic app.

  • Useless Utilities

    by LisaEdington

    I hate this app. Everything takes time to load and the content is so pathetic

  • Pathetic content

    by COEDude

    Nice looking, but completely useless app. Why put it out there if you're not going to put content with it? HBO GO gives subscribers access to everything. Why can't FX? It comes off as old school and greedy. Deleting.

  • Current version is not iOS 6.1.5 compatible!

    by swax1

    Please fix!

  • Hate this app!

    by Papa Shel

    Extremely limited usefulness. Can't watch past seasons (expired), nor can you watch earlier episodes from the current season. Useless for catching up on a series; only useful if you already follow the series and miss a recent episode.

  • Weak Content

    by robmeh

    So much is Expired. Makes the app almost useless unless you missed last night's episode.

  • SOA disappointment

    by Jackson$$1

    I got the app to watch season5 & 6 to get caught up and I can't, its all expired. Thats BS!!! Thats the only show I am interested in watching. Not good at all!!

  • Garbage.

    by Wakkadude21

    This app isn't going to work for you if you use a service provider that 99 percent of people have actually heard of before.

  • Not supported by common cable providers

    by hackerz33

    I have 3 homes each with different cable providers and none are supported by FXNow. (Verizon FiOS, Time Warner and Charter). Is your App too soon to market? I think so. Get your cable support first, then release the app.

  • Can't watch old episodes

    by MBLev

    Doesn't appear to offer ability to watch old episodes. In fact most episodes of most shows are "expired." I was hoping to catch up on The Americans.

  • Really..?

    by rose5261

    Not compatible with Time Warner Cable?! Or any of the common used service providers for that matter? Waste of a download.

  • Unable to watch because it doesn't support verizon fios !!!

    by Michele Cole

    Really people how can this app not support verizon fios ?? It's ine of the leading cable networks in the company next to comcast ! I think even one star is being generous Get your act together please it's embarrassing .

  • Frustrated!

    by Lisah2002

    I was so excited when I found this app only to be bummed out and frustrated when it asked to login to my service provider. Tried but wouldn't go through.

  • Not compatible with my device?

    by angelicruin

    What in the worId? I download this and I get the message that this app can only be used on Roku or a Windows 8 tablet through a Samsung TV for my cable provider?!?!

  • Fail!! Don't USE

    by Krath61078

    This is the end for cable. if I pay 90 for cable I should get acess to the app. This is a fail. i will cancel my service now. Cox cable. DELETE!!! Don't put an app out thats missing most of top cable companies.

  • No FIOS!

    by gd224

    The Fox app is compatible with Fios but the FX one isn't! No logic there, 1 star!

  • EXPIRED? really!!!!!!

    by Scotty6871

    Pay a lot money for cable but can't watch justified all seasons. B.S.

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