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We've made your Fandango mobile experience even more exciting. Check out our latest updates:
• The Spotlight carousel is better than ever with bigger, brighter features including exclusive videos, photo galleries, offers, sweepstakes, trailers and much more.
• Our new Ticket Details Page gives you one-tap access to complete movie information including showtimes, run time, available formats, theater info and amenities (and lets you share details with friends!), so that you’re in the know before buying your tickets.

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Download Fandango - the #1 movie ticketing app, featured in Apple commercials and winner of three Webby Awards! Get the latest showtimes, guarantee tickets, & check-out exclusive Fandango content – all at your fingertips.

New in 5.9.1:
• The Spotlight carousel is better than ever with bigger, brighter features including exclusive videos, photo galleries, offers, sweepstakes, trailers and much more.
• Our new Ticket Details Page gives you access to complete movie info including showtimes, run time, available formats, theater info and amenities (and lets you share details with friends!), so that you’re in the know before buying your tickets.

Browse Movies:
• Get more out of your Fandango experience with our new look for iOS 7
• Filter movies by genre, MPAA rating & format, including IMAX & 3D
• Watch high-quality trailers, exclusive interviews & cast photos. You can also send trailers to your Apple TV via AirPlay
• Read Fandango fan ratings & reviews, movie tweets & scores from Metacritic
•View the most accurate showtimes, MPAA ratings, synopses, run times & director & cast lists

Find Theaters:
• Find theaters using the iOS location feature, view them in a list or map & get directions
• Add theaters to a Favorites list for faster searching
• Find amenities (Reserved Seating, Mobile Ticket, etc.) for your theater

Purchase Tickets:
• Heading to the movies now? Simply tap Go Now, find a movie at your local theater, make your purchase and enjoy the show.
• Send your Mobile Ticket to Passbook (look for the Mobile Ticket icon to find participating theaters; iPhone/iPod Touch iOS 6+ only)
• Buy tickets for 22,000+ screens – more than any other app.
• Go straight to the ticket-taker to have your device scanned with Mobile Ticket (Participating theaters only; look for the Mobile Ticket icon)

Share + Sync:
• Feeling social? Sign in to your Fandango account to manage Facebook and Google+ sharing
• Rate & review movies directly from the app, share with other Fandango users via Facebook , Twitter and Google+ (Twitter for iOS 5 and up only)
• No matter which device you use, you can access saved credit cards, purchase history, ticket details, theater loyalty cards, Favorite Theaters and My Movies each time you sign in to your Fandango account

Extras for iPad:
• You can scroll through photos & videos and view them in full screen – all optimized for iPad’s retina display
• Tap in to The Pulse for a snapshot of what’s selling on Fandango
• Find your favorite movies by poster or list view
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Customer Reviews

  • Fan Dan does Go!!!

    by Mrconfuseu2

    Fast, easy, great app x)

  • Great app

    by MrDeeRayl

    Let's me pay with gift cards

  • Great app!

    by Cn1913

    Super convenient and easy to use!

  • Easy

    by Zmiles118

    Easy to find out the movie times you want. It's that simple, nothing crazy awesome about the app or difficult.

  • Great and very useful!

    by PsychicBoy

    I love it! I just made my first purchase with it recently and was able to put my tickets in Passbook. It's so convenient. Get this app for sure. Out of millions of apps, only a few are actually useful and this is one of them.

  • Awesome

    by Sthacker712

    Awesome sauce

  • App

    by Miss Von78

    Quick and Easy. Love it!!!

  • Awesome app

    by UsrX

    Very easy to use

  • Excelent

    by Djjacob bit


  • Great App

    by Grammy46

    This app was so quick and easy to obtain tickets for a movie at a Regal Theater. I couldn't ask for more. Thumbs up!

  • Great app! 5 stars

    by Jakub Nowak

    After purchasing my tickets on Fandango, I know this will be the only app I use for that. Been using Movies Flixster for ever, but now I'm definitely only going to use Fandango! Super fast and easy!

  • Great app! 5 stars

    by Jakub Nowak

    After purchasing my tickets on Fandango, I know this will be the only app I use for that. Been using Movies Flixster for ever, but now I'm definitely only going to use Fandango! Super fast and easy!

  • App

    by IDGAF805

    It's pretty great app, comes in handy when you want to look up show times to any movie I've never hand any issue a with this app so I highly recommend it

  • Great.

    by ImperfectKidd

    Awesome app for movie times and purchases.

  • Good app

    by SuperDave3008

    Good coverage

  • Awesome App!

    by Dometrius Hewitt

    This app is easy to use and great to look at. The features just keep getting better and better!!!

  • Easy, Simple, and Fast

    by Kevin Enright

    This app is as close to perfect as you can get. It takes me less a min to order my tickets here, so it is very convenient. Advice for Improvement: Keep adding more theaters (btw thanks for adding the rave cinemas)! Great app overall! 5/5 stars

  • Great app quick and easy all day!!!

    by Zion215

    # 1 movie scheduler

  • So great & convenient

    by Kayxlicious

    Now my ticket will never be sold out

  • Great

    by Juninhoo

    Very convinient

  • Mobile

    by Kjdndkdkd

    Great app!!! Everything is great!!

  • Good app

    by Son Guido

    I'm actually happy with this app, no mater where I go it is helpful. (Ma, Ny, Ct area) I'm glad I got it. :)

  • The only way I buy tickets

    by CharlieRokc

    App is convenient and I love that it works with passbook.

  • Sweet

    by Armstrong2134


  • Gift from above

    by Jay San

    This app is awesome, like everyone said it saves you time and you avoid the lines at the theater.

  • Super useful app

    by Heatherplong

    I use this app all of the time and it has never let me down. I love how after you buy your ticket it transfers to passbook if you want it to. So glad you can leave a review straight on the app now. Great improvement.

  • Great app.

    by Jordan Stier

    This app makes looking up movie times so convenient!

  • Love it!

    by Say'lene

    Great app, bought my tickets quick and easy

  • Helpful and easy

    by The zoo ringer

    super easy to and was very straight forward. the extra fee is annoying but makes sense for convince.

  • Convenient.

    by Superman426

    Works great, all theatre should offer mobile tickets.

  • It's perfect

    by mnkpockey

    It works just the way I need it to, I get to find, movie information from any movie theater, plus previews.. Even more exciting when I get to select and reserve our seats, I just can't ask for more :-) <3

  • So simple!

    by JazzyJayy526

    Quick, easy and convenient!

  • Great

    by Qleitistion


  • Just works!

    by Snowblight

    Works perfectly just as you imagine. Remembers your info for later so you don't have to fumble with loyalty cards or payment info. Super easy.

  • Must Have!!

    by Jayru1982

    Skip all lines and walk right in!!! I can't tell you how many times this apt has really saved me time out in the cold of standing in lines etc... A must have on your phone!!

  • Best ever

    by 6mt mj

    Awesome app to catch up with latest movie

  • Convenient

    by Bjg g

    Good app. It shows you many locations. Quick and easy to navigate.

  • Good, for it's purpose

    by SoCalGSXR

    With a few small improvements, would be stellar

  • Great product

    by LvBatman

    Love it

  • Excellent

    by Neb1truck

    Love the ability to choose my seats at theaters that have reserved seating. Easy to use.

  • Shows movies nowhere near your specified location

    by jkirk1626

    Its setting to show films in a particular geographic area doesn't work. Instead, it will show a movie that looks interesting. You'll select it, then get a message that it's playing nowhere near you. Fail.

  • Reviewer

    by Jaychrislee

    Great movie!! Funny for kids and adults. Will Ferrell is awesome..

  • Sandy

    by Splittzfam

    Very simple, easy to order tickets and check for time schedule on the phone. Love it!!

  • Fast and Easy

    by vette57

    They way everything should be. I use this every time I buy tickets

  • Perfect app!

    by Jillllllll1

    This app does everything you need! No waiting in long lines, ensures you get to see your movie, and stores your rewards card. The only thing it doesn't do? Get your popcorn without waiting in line! Lol!

  • Must have for moviegoers

    by Macobb

    I always use this to find show times and purchase tickets. I love how I can use the QR code from within (no need for apple passbook). I would never go back to using a ticket window or a kiosk pickup again. Would love to see ability to order snacks/drinks and have the cashier scan and start on my order. Would save time in ordering.

  • Great App. Works Flawlessly.

    by Keith Barrette

    Super Quick, saves time and easy to use.

  • Easy to use!

    by rararoo

    I love that it stores my AMC rewards number and credit card number. I get fees returned to me because of AMC and it's super easy to use!

  • I love skipping the line!

    by AngelSuhr

    This is a great app - we always use it to buy tickets. It's quick, easy-to-navigate and best of all... No waiting in line at the theater!

  • Good App!

    by Beba03

    Saves time, although there is a "conscience fee" for buying online as opposed to waiting in line. I love that I can look up movies with one touch. :)

  • The best

    by ElDiabloNYC

    About movie times, places etc this App gave you all plus you can buy your tickets from the App.

  • Love the app!

    by Michelle Diffenderfer


  • Great app

    by Omar Gonzalez

    Works great

  • Way faster than the web site

    by Alvinsito1

    With a few taps you order your tickets without much fuss.

  • Love It

    by Toniotjponder

    Great app!! Works well and saves me a bunch of time.

  • Fandango

    by PortoD

    This app makes movie ticket purchase convenient. Fandango convenience comes at a price. Fandango charges a high convenience fee for each ticket that is purchased. The 5 star rating is for the app structure and purpose.

  • Convenient user friendly

    by Perleee

    Very useful app

  • Helpful app

    by Sromalewski

    Lots of useful info about movies, reviews, and theaters. Super easy ticket ordering in advance of the show. My go-to app for movies.

  • Great App 2.50 fee

    by Bytebullets

    Saves drive time. Saves line time. Thinking a $1 fee is more reasonable though .

  • Great app!

    by Dizie81

    Would have given it 5 stars but it does not show which theater has which size screen. I wanted to choose the movie with the largest screen

  • Great time saving app!

    by MiMi20111222

    This app places everything at your fingertips. You can view the trailers of a movie and purchase your tickets within minutes. You avoid long lines at the ticket counter, and the Fandango booth is a breeze to complete. This app is pretty good!

  • Horrible

    by Aviendha226 not use! It consistently has wrong showtimes listed. In fact I went to the theater to see a movie at the Fandango listed time and found that it wasn't showing. HORRIBLE APP!

  • Easy & Fast

    by ajscaturro

    Great app. Only a few things to do and the tickets are bought. Took less than 1 min to buy tickets and I was able to walk right past the long line at the ticket counter. Highly recommend this!

  • Did what was advertised, awesome!

    by NOsaintsfan25

    Someone did what was advertised for once!

  • Excellent

    by Ricardo Paxson

    Saved time. Useful when visiting a city you don't know.

  • Great & Convenient

    by HaolepinoGirl

    Yay Fandango!

  • Very good app

    by Yhunior

    Very good app. The best!!

  • Great App

    by Ronloman

    Easy and quick.

  • Good

    by Dragonheart911


  • Great App

    by Flombardo

    Super convenient, easy to use, not much more could be expected.

  • Works great

    by Rdghugv

    Used to get tickets and no problems

  • Very easy to use

    by Denny Colt

    Just bought tix for a movie. Took about 30 secs. Well done, Fandango.

  • Love this App!!!!

    by Tips918

    Makes going to the movies so easy. No lines to get tickets and no sell outs; just buy from home.

  • Great!

    by Fan from St Louis, MO !

    Very well done !

  • Time saving App

    by Loves Saving Time

    This App saves so much time!! No need to wait in line or anything!! Love it!!!

  • So fast and convenient

    by Kristina210

    Love this app, no need to ever wait in line or visit the ticket counter. Excellent!

  • A must have

    by Mike Flip

    This app couldn't be any easier to use!!!!

  • Quick and easy

    by Noonie jones

    I liked that you could review the entire order details at the end before purchasing.

  • Movie goers dream come true

    by Lame_Jane

    Easy simple and that's all that matters. Makes planning with friends easier, it is obvious Fandango wanted the convince to be paramount. The only thing missing is the link for my movie theaters reward program. The app even allows me to rate movies something the other guys don't always do. Thanks for a good app.

  • Review

    by 08/4-988

    Awesome app makes life so much easier

  • Love love love this app!!

    by Farmgirl162427

    Have used this app for several years now and it's the ONLY way I buy movie tickets. Never had a problem with the app and will continue to use for all of my movie going adventures. Def recommend getting it. Love that they waive the convenience fee and put all of my various movie rewards program numbers all in one place.

  • Great App A++++

    by jleidl

    Works fast and easy besides the service charge everything else is great!

  • Fandango

    by Jackie's iTunes

    Very easy to purchase. Fees not that bad! It's better then standing in a long line to purchase tickets.

  • App review

    by Garvonne

    Great app , very easy to use ! It is the only way to go, eliminates the movie line!

  • So Convenient

    by grinnellma

    We have a theater that we love, but used to call for tickets during normal movie hours. Not easy. Fandango makes going to the premium theater so much easier. Very nice app and Paypal accepted.

  • Great experience!

    by Katherine Groetken

    Can't wait to go to the movie now! Love this ap!

  • Awesome

    by portofino girl

    Perfect love how I can order ahead of time and get a special ptice

  • Fab

    by MovieQonderxx


  • Fandango is awesome

    by S Geoffrey Monts

    Great app

  • Great

    by Stacy LeSueur

    Quick, easy, digital ticketing... Home run!

  • Very easy

    by Rydad

    Very simple to use and very easy to checkout.

  • Does what I want

    by Kayleighalyse

    Helps me find movies quickly and get tickets right then, no more lines!

  • Great!

    by TammyBlack

    Fast & Easy!

  • Love this app!!

    by Dena Coon

    This app is way awesome! Can buy my tickets in advance so love that!!!

  • Could be better...

    by LikesToTradeMobile

    Should be able to scan a barcode with tickets. Was required to hand over iPhone to show confirmation number. Needs an update.

  • Awesome

    by CLO30

    This is a great app when purchasing tickets.

  • TMo

    by Tiptop5

    Love this app! It makes the movie going process so much easier!

  • Pretty awesome app

    by Goheelsweeehoooo

    Very easy to use very helpful

  • Great app

    by Rich3296

    Very helpful!

  • Great app!!

    by spcposten

    This is such a great app for movie lovers. Fast, convenient and it saves your AMC stubs info. I use it every time I buy tickets.

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