Luma - Colored Dock And Status Bar Backgrounds For Your Wallpaper Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Faizan Kasbati

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This app adds an image of a colored dock AND colored status bar to the regions behind them to create the effect of colored dock bars and status bars.

Customize your dock bar AND your top bar!
We have TONS of designs to choose from.


This app will work on all iPod Touch and iPhone models running iOS 7.

- This app works by adding a colored dock image to the region of your wallpaper, located behind the transparent dock AND status bar in iOS 7. Look at our screenshots and see why people will be mesmerized!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Grant35

    Love this app!!! It is so cool.

  • If you have ios 7.0.4 read this

    by Djxjktmelwlfmmwke

    It only works on ios 6 and under because the bottom bar doesn't work only the top.Good app but that's the only problem so rate 3

  • One problem

    by Christine the girl

    It doesn't fit on the whole screen. Maybe, u should add an update to change that. Then, I'll give it a 5⃣ ⭐️ Rate


    by BoomBoomBarbour

    It's stupid how people are saying it doesn't work, just because they couldn't figure it out. Once you reduce the motion in settings, you have to go to your photos, find your design and set it as you lock and/or home screen.... It doesn't just magically appear guys! I am GLAD I BOUGHT THIS APP. It is a dollar cheaper then similar apps and is better. I am happy

  • So amazingly awesomeeee!

    by JacElle44

    Works so awesome✨ I'm pretty excited!!!


    by Mangy98

    It's awesome!!!! It do both the bottom one and the up one don't waste ur money on quirk buy this one BELIVE ME!!!!!! Happy costumer

  • Better than I could've hoped for...Love it!!!

    by StacySmith1226

    I absolutely love this app. It turned out better than I could've hoped for. I just followed the directions and now I have an amazing screen.

  • cheaper and better!

    by Ilykatyy

    this is amazing! totally works :)

  • No rip off!

    by Yuneed2no?

    At first I thought this was gonna be one of those fake things like Quirk, but this works so much I'm glad I spent this money!


    by Noah.B.

    This app is awesome I'm so glad I bought it!!!!!

  • it's worth it

    by Luvernotahata

    Guys this app is amazing and so creative. It changes the dock and time thing from grey to any colorful color you want. Then you go to wallpapers and poof you have a whole new screen. I found it totally worth the price. ☺️

  • by Ge-Marcuss

    It works perfect!

  • Yay

    by Heydaniellehere

    It worked

  • Just got it

    by sportschic3

    It was a little confusing at first. You have to follow the directions or else it's not going to work. I love it so far

  • Awesome!

    by allstar123321

    This app is great! I love using it. It also goes great with the app "Foxylocks" it's so creative, and has great effects! Love it!


    by Snuzbugs

    Wasnt expecting to work but it did

  • Yas honey!

    by Nickinickinicki7

    I wasn't sure about buying it but it actually worked on my phone!!!

  • Pretty AMAZING

    by Jsksjshslnsjsja

    Looks really good. Makes my phone look pretty!! Luv it ❤️ Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Hiihiihii(;

    So creative! Makes my phone look sooo cute!


    by Fatguyyhhgg

    Quirk made me mad!

  • Terrible app that deserves no stars

    by Pie lover 818891057

    Don't get this of you have the iphone 5.! Only get if u have the 4 it will actually work. I wish I could get a refund and I am totally dissatisfied.... Completely. I read the reviews before I got it and thought it would be cool but it sucked and now I wasted money on an useless app

  • This is terrible

    by Jackstak

    Don't buy

  • Didnt fit!!!!!

    by copy rights

    The title says it all

  • It won't fit my iPhone 5s

    by Tori swag

    This app was good until I found out it does not properly fit up at the top where it shows the time battery and wifi carrier so I wasted my money and I really wish I could get it back

  • Terrible

    by MooseMonster15

    It doesn't work!

  • Stupid app

    by Tap for t

    I had to turn of my motion so it sucked

  • How does this even work

    by Jpaybball=life

    How do you even work this? I tried for like an hour and I can't get it to work? Please help

  • Bullcrap

    by SolidMass

    Not what you think, don't give these people any more money!

  • Doesn't fit!!

    by Gdggdhffhgd

    The colors don't even fit the dock who ever made this please update so I know I didn't waste money.

  • by Charles#1

    This app is stupid it doesn't even fit the screen thing!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by CaichieRulez

    This game is awesome you just have to follow the directions it's not a waste of money it's so cool!

  • I hate it

    by kelfromcal

    I stinks

  • Terrible

    by Blarfingar123456789

    Do not buy. It doesn't show up. Waste of money

  • Refund?

    by Shaybrea

    Load of crap. Save your $. Don't buy.

  • Luma

    by Dog lover 3467

    It's not really that great.

  • Really cool app

    by Roxy girl lol

    This app is really cool if you follow the instructions and if you remember that the finished product is in your photos

  • Izzy

    by Grace Bolen

    LOVE IT!!!


    by El_Rey_19

    Waist of $1.99

  • ITS CRAP!!

    by Keffey87

    This app rips you off DO NOT BUY IT. All it does is put a bar on the bottom of a picture and doesn't even fit or look cool do not buy it waste of money!

  • by B34$T Boy

    This app is not the bad all the other reviews say its bad but they think it's some kinda glitch or something. Just get the app if you want it and ("FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS") and it will be just fine.


    by goulia

    I just bought this app doesn't change bottom will just add a line of colors in middle of screen. Do not buy

  • This is fake

    by Tulsie

    It alters the walpaper with a color strip at the bottom to male it look like it changed but i ddnt. It is fale

  • Nasty

    by dagalo


  • Terrible!

    by Emmmiluuu.

    This was a huge waste of money and a great disappointment. The dock doesn't even fit the screen. To sum it all up, I would recommend that everyone save their money and disappointment from purchasing this app! DO NOT GET IT

  • Nice

    by Airo404

    This app works very nicely if you edit the photo when you are in settings under wall paper. It would be easier if it were already edited for you, but it does work very nicely after you edit it. It is too expensive though.

  • Wow

    by Lobofregon

    Doesn't work right. Makes wallpaper look blurry and smaller. Dock looks bigger and doesn't even work

  • Horrible

    by Bobyjon

    It's horrible don't buy it. Waste of money just changes your wallpaper

  • Don't buy

    by Animal lover!!

    Don't waste your $1.99, all this does is edit the bottom of your wallpaper.

  • One really cool app

    by 4spongebob2

    When I first got this app I knew it was worth it

  • Wow...

    by Stickyriceman

    This app looks cool, If and it would look cool if it actually worked... It doesn't even fit the screen. Big waste of $1.99.

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