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Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese

Seller: Emoji Apps, LLC

- Completely redesigned UI
- Doubled the number of game levels
- Added another fun puzzle game
- Improved Artwork

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Speak a thousand words with pictures created entirely out of Emoji icons.

- SHARE 3500+ Included Emoji Art Pictures
- EDIT 3500+ Included Emoji Art Pictures
- CREATE your own Emoji Art Pictures
- CREATE and share WORDS made from Emoji Icons
- SHARE Emoji Art Pictures as text OR images
- SEND Emoji Art Pictures to iOS AND non-iOS devices
- SEND Emoji Art Pictures with other texting apps
- SEND over 25 awesome fonts
- SOLVE hundreds of fun Emoji puzzle levels

Be the FIRST to IMPRESS your friends with your ALL NEW Emoji Art Pictures.


Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Jaylar123

  • Great

    by Samy_a1993

    This is very good.

  • Love it

    by Poppiezoe

    Play it a lot

  • Love It!!!!!!

    by Betty Boop53

    This is so much fun. It really works your brain while you have fun! Especially someone like me, I have MS and need brain games bc I have lesions on my brain from this disease. I highly recommend getting this app.

  • Love the app!!!

    by Duc Luu

    Great app... five stars!!!

  • Great App!

    by Dorian De

    Besides the cool art work, you can spend hours on pictionary and emojeopardy. Great way to keep busy while the wife is shopping for shoes.

  • Emoji Pro

    by Rvrmouse

    Really fun, but addicting.

  • Nai

    by Omina7

    Love it!!!

  • Fun

    by Dottie do

    Great app.

  • Good game

    by Ebelyna

    Love this game!

  • Catgirl234

    by Cat

    Cool A+

  • Love it

    by Create bdnxjjsbsb

    Read title

  • by Toonvillage


  • Love the icons, needs search function

    by Mavj56

    This app is very good. I use its icons all the time in emails and text messages. More single icons and a search function would be great improvements. Also, old but good icons should not disappear when upgrading the app.

  • Don't listen to the confused people

    by Abcdefg1234567hijklmnop

    This app DOES get you emojis on your keyboard

  • Great but.....

    by Cassandfiddle

    I love all the emojis but I don't get why you have pay. Although they are so fun to use when you are texting friends and you can play jokes with them. But why should you have to pay?

  • Wow!

    by Nadia Star Love

    This game is cool.You can write words with emojis.awesome

  • Love the emojis

    by Cherry720

    I like the emojis but the game is annoying. It keeps popping up and I don't want to play it


    by DJ CHILLY~C


  • Fun game

    by Shawnatracy

    This is a fun game and it makes you think. I wish some of the answers were easier to figure out and it didn't cost so much to get more coins.

  • Emjoi Pro

    by dmrgypsy

    I see a lot of icons, but I can't get them to my iphone keyboard

  • Don't buy this app. You get nothing that you don't already have

    by Apple dipper

    Don't buy this app, you get nothing that you don't have now.

  • Waste of money

    by Ottogirl24

    First, I didn't like it. I thought emoji pro was new and different emojis. I thought there would be new faces but there is a thing called "emoji words and art" I don't use that stuff but if you do then it's good I guess. But I think it's a waste of money because there are no new emojis or art. It's not worth it. Sorry.

  • Sad

    by Angry_MonleyG

    Wasn't satisfied at all, I should of read the reviews before I bought it. Sad I wasted my money. All I wanted was a bunch of new single emo, but instead got a bunch grouped together to make crap.

  • by Hollaaaayyyy

  • Scam

    by Zari-Rose

    No new emojis added to keyboard scammers!

  • I want my money back

    by Gandalf the grey fan

    I can't use the stupid app. Don't waste your time, guys!

  • Misleading. No new emojis on keyboard!

    by HarperValley

    This is very misleading. They don't add the new emojis to your keyboard. Save your $.99! What jerks.

  • False advertising

    by taramaesue

    Like so many other people, I thought I was getting more icons for my keyboard. Instead I paid for a silly game. The promo ad says "3500 new images". I deleted the app the same day - I wish I could get my money back because the emoji lied.

  • Really cool

    by Ellie504

    I have one regret I want to add emoji so I can text it

  • Waste of money

    by Msruddy

    Don't but it! It's a rip off

  • Yo!

    by Mr. Womack

    It's the (Censored) bees knees! 'Nuff Said!

  • Grandmother and truck driver

    by Granslive

    I Wish there were more options and icons to choose from. I Wish it was easier to scroll through. But, for now what we have is certainly better than none at all.

  • No fonts??

    by Puppy poopy

    You can only sample the fonts you can't use them in text. And there are no new emojis!!?? Complete waste of 99 cents

  • I want my money back!

    by YisseZS

    I just cannot believe this :( so sad that this is so expensive, every font money, every art money... I dont get it. If we paid for it should include everything. Please i need my money back.

  • FUN

    by CookieMonstar 11

    These things r a blast!

  • Waste of 99 cents.

    by Kramers dad

    Too many steps needed to simply add to or send a text. Are asked to pay additional money to use fonts. Really? Would ask for refund if it were an option.

  • Volleyball Emoji

    by AskMeISayNo

    There are thousands of volleyball players who want a volleyball emoji

  • Disappointed. Want $ back!

    by Honeyrose1613

    I just wasted 99¢ on an app I thought was going to give me more icons for my emoji keyboard. Guess not. If I can find a way to get my money back I will. So mad

  • Very misleading!!! Do not buy!

    by Shadow Rosso

    No new Emojis on the keyboard!

  • Deceived

    by sabina casto

    I wanted more / new emojis in my key board.... Didn't happen.. Totally misleading...they just want you to buy more

  • Misleading

    by Chunky2315

    I should've read up on this but you have to go to a separate app to get to any emojis instead of adding any of them to my keyboard. Then they want you to purchase more apps in order to get certain items that came in the app you just purchased!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!

  • Disappointing

    by Newmexes

    I should have read the reviews. I don't want to make pictures with emojis I wanted new emojis!

  • by Dill915


  • Awesome!

    by 5 ⭐STARS⭐

    I find this app really awesome! I really in joy using this app

  • Misleading

    by zootgirl

    No new icons in the Emoji keyboard. Went Pro for no reason. This app should be yanked from the App Store for stealing from people.

  • Best game ever

    by Pancake love 4488

    Great i play this everyday AWSOME

  • Awesome!

    by Matthewb2415

    This app is really helpful when im texting and i want to show my emotions!!!!!

  • Annoying

    by DianaFaulve

    I only wanted the emojis not the freaking game too

  • Popular

    by waleDC.

    Very popular app, and I bought in to the hype

  • Good content, needs search function

    by BP407

    The graphics in this app are great, some real clever emoji's have been created. That being said, this app has SO MUCH content it is in critical need of a search box to find what you're looking for... Finding a Halloween emoji shouldn't be a 5 minute scrolling process. Love the app, but until there's a better way to find what you're looking for (ie: search box), it's not worth 5 stars to me.

  • Worth it

    by ookillum1345

    The new update is awesome

  • Cute

    by Kare_bear.

    Love all the cute emojis!

  • Upgrades don't work

    by Kristyfur

    Upgrades don't work with keyboard. Lame.

  • One word

    by smarterblue



    by Futrell505

    Stupid game! Have not figured out how to get the actual emoiji.

  • so funny

    by herbebe

    Emojis are such a fun and funny way of communication

  • So many updates

    by Skysentinels

  • by KeyvonTaylor

    Paid for pro and still have to pay for fonts. Thats garbage. Dont waste your money

  • Emoji2

    by Witchkat@home

    Freezes when loading. I had over 800 coins!! Po'd for sure. You need to get this fixed!!'

  • Freezes on loading program

    by Christopher Thomas

    I am experiencing a problem trying to open the program to play it. Other than that i love this app. It makes you think about what the emoji characters are. Please correct problem so that I may continue. I do not want to delete then add and start from the beginning.

  • Great App.

    by HarryMissy

    Works great with IP 5!!!!!

  • COM ON!

    by Fisherman2001

    My AppStore is mess up now because I clicked on this app CURSE you iOS 7

  • Terrible

    by Hajxjxfbdbhcnxjsjbbf

    Can't do anything and it messed up my App Store !

  • Okay

    by Thurible correct

    Could have been better

  • Fun game

    by Nokraft

    Sometimes annoying. Sometimes answer doesn't make sense

  • Crashing Unexpectedly

    by POIntB7ank

    Even after the update I'm having problems with the app crashing.

  • Word game


    Word game will not work after update. Has to reload app twice. Lost level at 505 and all coins I had purchased

  • Wonderfu1

    by Babsbunny8

    Emoji are all I need to make texting colorful and funny.

  • Nothing new

    by Matthew Kladivo

    Great app for sending fun emojies. The only downside is that there are no new emojies. Every update is "new emoji" games. The people that I talk too, non want to play games, they want some new emoji faces!!

  • Emoji


    Fun, challenging fun to use in messages.

  • Great,but...

    by Petie100

    I love this app because it has a hamster icon

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