Akinator the Genie Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: French

Seller: Elokence.com

compatibility for iOS 7
shutdown bug fixed
improvement of facebook sharing
minor bugs fixed

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Akinator... the Genie is back!
Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the Genie?

NEW: Available in Arabic and Hebrew!

Customize people you know (name and picture) to impress your friends, share your results on Facebook, discover the new Akinometer... and much more in the updates to come. Turn on the child filter to let your children play safely.

Features +++
-Available in several languages (French, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Hebrew and Korean).
-Additional background (Akinator in Japan) .
-Universal version, also works on iPad.

Become Akinator's fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Akinator
Follow Akinator on Twitter: http://twitter.com/akinator_team

Please note:
-Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan (3G).
-To select your language, don't forget to scroll down the list to find it.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun but Needs Update

    by mmlburgs

    SO slow to load. Need to tap responses more than once. Blank guesses come up. 'Error' messages constantly popping up. Update so I can enjoy genie again!

  • Love the app, but...

    by _lil_will_

    Seriously love this app! Always amazes me, but With the new My World update, there are alot of bugs. It deletes the list of people I add into My World list, and you have to tap your answer twice for it to move to the next question.

  • error accrued

    by hayyleeyy

    i really luv this game but ever since i updated it & when i play it it won't let me it keeps sayin error accrued please try again later please fix it

  • Akinator Knows All

    by garliccroutons

    Addicting to play, almost impossible to trick.

  • Crashes fixed!

    by Hushai

    I really liked this program until I updated it -- then it crashed right away every time I tried to open it. So I deleted the program & reinstalled it, & it works fine again. The MyWorld feature works well. This is an amazing app.

  • Love it but not the update

    by Iwbovnsovjd

    Tanks to the last update the app just crashes about 6 seconds into the app please fix it soon

  • i love the game but not the new update

    by Postalk8

    This is one app i never get tired of, but with the new update, questions are not answered by hitting the button once and when it thought it figured it out all it showed was a blank guess, no name, no picture.

  • Great

    by That Guy From Pizza Hut

    It is very hard to win at it. Also BridgetKat it isn't akinator's fault it's your phones fault


    by MetaCharr

    Unbelievably accurate. 20(or more) Questions Champion, this genie. Even with most of the rounds being focused on animated characters. I never would have thought it would guess correctly even for The Legend of Dragoon. Amazing!

  • He is a mind reader!

    by Hero man098

    How does he know!!! This is one of my favorite apps that i have!

  • Spanish

    by Lucky lee 7

    I chose English but when I tried to customize a picture it was in Spanish.

  • Akinator

    by ajnovello

    Akinator is aaammmmaaaaaazzziiiiiinnnnngggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He always gets my character right:):):):):):):)

  • Very hard to fool

    by iDad300

    I’ve only been able to fool it with obscure historical figures i.e. (William Seward, although I’m not sure he should be that obscure) and characters from the Silmarillion. (You won’t fool him with characters from the Fellowship of the Rings.)

  • Very Fun

    by A Masta 99

    Amazing game,very fun, and he seems to know everyone I'm thinking of


    by Myreview65555442

    It guessed the hardest characters ever and guessed everything

  • Amazing

    by dairygal

    This genie gets it every time. It's really fun.

  • Amazing

    by Infant1101

    Frk amazing

  • Akinator


    this upp is amazing i loved it i advise you to download it the beeesttttt uppp

  • Children Protection Issue

    by Melanie289

    With "Children Protection" mode engaged, Akinator just asked my 6, 8, and 10 year olds if their character was a porn actor. "Mom! What is a porn actor??" Please fix this! I had already composed a blog entry recommending this as a classroom instructional activity for reading and history teachers, but I can't do that until this is fixed. Please keep us updated!

  • Holy Molly


  • New version crashes, technical errors

    by Iphoneinredmond

    Disappointing update-The newest version of this app crashes on my iPhone 5s, keeps displaying the message "technical error", or gets stuck asking questions. I had one series of questions that completely changed the character or person I was answering about.

  • Update messed it up

    by Rme 20

    Update messed it up ! I can't even use it anymore! It crashes once I open the app!!


    by D-manbukstel

    Fix your app. It doesn't load anymore. The loading icon blinks several times and then tells me there is an error.

  • Technical Error?

    by Kat bat fangs

    After I've picked wether I play with "My World" or "Famous Characters" and I click play it loads for a few seconds before saying "A Technical Error has occurred please try again" I have not been able to even play this game since I got it. This is ridiculous.

  • Sigh

    by LeighTree

    This was my favorite app- he could keep up with my ADHD! But this new update? Five minutes in and it's completely crashed my iPad. Please fix the bugs.

  • terrible

    by efrem kiflu

    keeps on crashing for the 5s

  • Stupid piece of s***

    by Ha402169

    This app only allowed me to Play once and it wouldn't let me play again. Don't waste your money with $2 you could buy a way better game.

  • OK

    by Gamer344563

    It is ok. It has a little inappropriate questions but is okay.

  • no

    by sochelchel

    crashes all the time. when he can't guess it my screen says 'technical error' like no I want my money back

  • My world?

    by Matai29

    I like the game, and the aspect of "my world" sounds like I should be able to add family and friends with custom pictures and descriptions, but there are no instructions on how to do this. Fix this and I'll adjust to 5 stars!

  • Update messed it up

    by Gravage

    The new update completely messed it up. You have to answer each question multiple times, like it doesn't register your answer. At the end, when it's supposed to give you an answer, it crashes. iPhone 5s.

  • Return it to how it was.

    by Joey Elliott

    Not even 3 mins in the update I already see a problem. I never had this problem before even with a weak internet connection. The issue is the l time in between questions. Before it was lightning fast, and now it is a crawl. Extremely slow compared to before. This needs a review by the developers.

  • Non retina

    by Theodore Roddy


  • Akinator

    by Alexa111488

    This app is so great! Akinator knows pretty much everything!! It blows my mind lol

  • Eerily Amazing

    by ivalines

    I don't know how it's done but WOW! Very addictive.

  • So cool

    by Ali123124842

    I love this app it is so cool I like it when he doesn't guess it he guesses to much I wish they could Change it so that he can guess it less

  • Awesome!

    by Greenbean jr.

    this genie is a genius!

  • Great app

    by N A T H A N1617

    This a very good and addicting game you can think of almost anybody known or famous or even just random things and it has a good sense of humor about anything, highly recommend it.

  • Wow

    by Jack1995M8

    Amazing, bloody hell I was Amazed and shocked by his preciseness. Totally worth it.

  • Hard to stump, but lots of fun

    by PresJFK1

    Out of 75 tries the akinator got it 72 times correct. Really fun & absolutely crazy

  • Awesome

    by Horse509

    Best app ever guesses right every time

  • Excellent.

    by Rabbi Irving Schmuckowitz

    Love this. It even guessed Menasha Skulnik.

  • Very cleaver

    by Zimborama

    Wonderful ap for the entire family. Great use of search and the Internet.

  • Im scared of it because it knows everything i think of

    by Master tree of death

    Im scared

  • Fun

    by PizzaBoy2392

    Fun game

  • Best app ever!!!!

    by Sassysavy7289

    This app is the best app ever.Its amazing how he gets almost everyone of them right get this app its amazing and addicting

  • Best $2 I have spent in App Store

    by Garygvf65

    Simply amazing app. Hours of fun

  • This is a great app get it

    by B.L. Great!!!!!

    I was thinking of Lynch and he guessed it get this

  • #1

    by DaeDae10:)

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Really good

    by Gamer box

    It's just like the web version but what I like is that it has the bar on the side that shows how close he is to guessing it. Get this app especially if you like the web version

  • Pretty fun, with a minor problem

    by Josh Seru

    It's just as good as the website, which is amazing, but sometimes it will freeze when loading, which is annoying, but bearable.

  • This Genie Is NO Joke!

    by Muck amuck

    The genie akinator is no joke. He even knows your neighbour and I didn't know he knew ... WIERD!!!!

  • Problem

    by L K B

    I have only had this app for 4 or 5 days and each day there has been a network problem. I guess it wasn't worth my money.

  • Scary!

    by Redhead

    The Akinator hasn't failed ONCE with me! My mom was skeptical but he managed to guess Derek Shepherd from Greys Anatomy! This game scares me how quickly it can guess correctly. This is a must get for all geeks out there!

  • Scary

    by Zachary2647281

    How does it know!!

  • Pretty dope

    by MrLinguini

    He gets it right most of the time

  • Stunned

    by Josh Myers

    So cool. Worth the money workout a doubt.

  • It's awesome

    by Bau22916

    He gets every thing

  • im scared o:

    by ShadowPunkk

    He guessed jeff the killer, jane the killer, vic fuentes, and ichigo kurosaki from bleach. Terrified...

  • Ah-mazing!!!

    by mommy6364

    I've played it three times, and it guessed it right each time - real AND fictional characters!!!

  • Love it!

    by Lu is best

    I use it all the time worth the $$


    by Halogirl99

    This thing has guessed every one of my characters! From a character from TE Goonies, to Calliope and Doc Scratch from Homestuck... This is amazing! Totally worth the 2 dollars! *KANKRI APPR9VED!*

  • Wow

    by Mellow353

    It always gets it right

  • Omg

    by Kaiono1001


  • Best. Game. Ever

    by Mkat369


  • by Omhamad

    أنصح بتحميله

  • Okay, I'm impessed. Now how does it do that?

    by Crazed lunatic

    It got Issac. From Binding of Issac. Most people I know haven't even heard of that game.

  • very effective

    by Need2Create

    the NSA plays a game like this one but it's connected to the facebook database instead and it's called "Guess My Terrorist".

  • My god

    by Robcaraway

    He guessed faceless void from dota 2. Absolutely absurd how accurate he is.

  • Amazing

    by Injusticeandrew

    Awesome game worth the money

  • Not as good as it used to be

    by thuocso

    Takes forever for it to make a guess nit keeps asking the same question over n over

  • Love It

    by Flippinflappin

    This Game Is Awesome! I love It So Much!

  • Unreal

    by Justice2123

    This game is unbelievable. It gets me everytime. So addicting trying to stump the genie!!! Good work guys!!!

  • Amazing

    by Ehjsrgx

    This game blows my mind

  • Good

    by ashli1111


  • A M A Z I N G

    by Jackie10314

    Every single time .. Akinator gets it right. It's so cool!!! Love it :)

  • Wow

    by Sniperattack10

    It got pewdiepie and it was right

  • Amazing fun

    by twilliams13

    This app is really fun and amazing. Played it on a long car trip and it really passed the time for everyone in the car. Playing it with others was fun to see what characters everyone would come up with to try to stump the geni.

  • This app is amazing

    by Gbarnes27276

    This is so awesome, I did smantha baker from 16 candles and it actually got it right!!! That is so cool

  • Great game

    by Awesomefgtgu

    Amazing surprisingly knows exactly who I'm thinking but the app cancels out and is very slow which can get very irritating

  • Great for breaking boredom

    by TrinityKarose

    I tried playing it on a whim, because it was so popular on tumblr, and was really surprised by the accuracy. Unfortunately, the web version is limited. The app was only two dollars, so I thought, why not. The most impressive things it's guessed was a minor character from an indie otome game (Hieronymous Grabiner from Magical Diary) and Thugisa from 50% OFF, a character from a parody of an anime. For two dollars, you can have fun with it, freak out your friends, whatever.

  • Instantly wowed!!

    by HandsomeDevil26

    ..when it got Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory in about 10 questions. This genie is no joke!! I've played it a couple dozen times since and only several times it guessed wrong initially, but I always continued the game and it always got it right a few questions later! It got Hexxus from Ferngully, Bubbles from Heroes of Newerth, and Motaro from Mortal Kombat! It got Larry Page of Google, my roommate, and even the semi-famous author/entrepreneur Tim Ferris. It took a while but it even got the weird monkey guy and scuzzlebutt from Southpark! lol! How do they do it??

  • Amazing

    by So random kf

    Holy flip I did joey Graceffa dang this is amazing

  • Amazing

    by Dolceeeamy

    I was so amazed when he got numbuh 3. At first I thought it was a joke.

  • Almost Good

    by Matt@Cr7

    i have an ipad 4th generation and something that bothers me is that sometimes it takes to long for charging to the next question, and my internet connection is perfect... but still good

  • Love it

    by Tftctctfctc

    You shouldn't say bad words because I'm 8

  • I'm Scared

    by DeAD1ydeAL

    Akinator is so accurate it's scary. It's like it knows what I'm thinking. After this I'm locking my doors and sleeping with the lights on.

  • Wow

    by Nyght11

    Incredibly accurate! Not only can it guess the character, but the specific movie/series the version of the character you are thinking of came from!

  • Worth the $1.99

    by tewwa421

    Fun game!! It's been right every time!

  • Creepy :0

    by Googoodog

    I think this app is totally worth it's price! If your someone who is always bored like me then you will probably love it, it keeps you busy. LOL IM A LONER......any it creeped me out because it guessed what I was thinking right away!!!! You should totally buy this

  • Best game ever

    by Farts stink a lot

    This game is awesome


    by Evanepic

    akinator can guess almost anything you throw at him even answers I wasn't expecting.

  • Swell

    by Halvee


  • Awesome

    by Calliecats

    This I think is the smartest and best app ever! It really knows when you are doing one of your family members!

  • Best gamer ever

    by Mrawesomenormak

    I don't know how it's always getting what I think right

  • Excellent!

    by JJJJJJJJ88888888

    Very good! Gets answers correct often! Fun!!

  • Accurate, but fix some answers!

    by A Person Who Enjoyed This

    First of all, the game is incredibly accurate. It works! It's creepy, but cool and fun at the same time. However, some of the answers need to be updated. For example, I did Shayley Bourget, ex-member of Of Mice & Men (now in Dayshell), and the app still says he's in OM&M. I understand why it still says "Of Mice & Men", so it's not such a serious fix. But if there's a chance, please fix this!

  • Crazy4beanieboos

    by Crazy4beanieboos


  • Akinator

    by DiaSoft


  • Cute app

    by Grandmaisnuts

    My grand kids will love it!

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