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- Fixed bug that would freeze the app when entering weight on the daily allowance screen

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"Love this app! Has everything you need to lose weight!!" - Judy Wells ◆◆◆◆◆

LIMITED TIME OFFER only $2.99! Regular price is $5.99!

So... You've got a few pounds to lose...but you actually already KNOW how to lose fat:
Eat more fruits, veggies... less fast food.

But tracking your food score values is the BIG issue!

You have your phone with you 95% of the time (except the shower). So wherever you go you have a personal assistant waiting to track your food score values!

A successful user of our app said
"If you track, you'll lose weight! It's a whole new world. People treat you differently. You get more attention, feel better, and get more opportunities!"

That's exactly what iTrackBites does for you... manages your weight by allowing you to TRACK your food score values EASILY.

Wanna know what else is cool?!?!?!

There is a weight tracker that lets you weigh in and rewards you with milestone stickers to keep you motivated!!!

Get it now and start tracking your food score values so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and fulfilling life like hundreds of thousands of other iTrackBites users are already doing!!

P.S. iTrackBites is only $2.99 (50% off) for a limited time.

P.P.S. $2.99 is nothing when you consider how well this app will compliment your current weight loss program. Just check out the REAL testimonials, reviews, and screen shots below to see for yourself.

√ Choose food items from pocket guide database!
√ Maintain list of favorite foods!
√ Works for Old Classic and New systems!
√ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Love it and have lost 20lbs already!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Easy to track "bites" and stay on track!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "If you already know the program, this is a great companion to go along with the weight loss program at only $5.99!!!"

◆◆◆◆◆ - "Great app love it! Use it constantly!"

Customer Reviews

  • Really nice app

    by M7l8j

    I like the app. User friendly. Love the calculators! Could be improved with a better food list and an added function for reminders to log your bites/points.

  • Works great but could be better

    by BJA80

    Works great, nice to have old and new points options. Would be awesome if there was a scanning capability that would calculate points per serving automatically by scanning a food item bar code. Please add bar code scanning as an option.

  • Just like the real weight watchers!!

    by previousWWuser

    I joined the real Weight Watchers in January 2012 and ended in March 2012. I lost 20 pounds, but I really couldn't afford to keep paying $20 a month for it (I was a college student working 15 hours a week for $7.25 an hour). I happened to stumble upon this app, and it is almost IDENTICAL to the real weight watchers. Instead of points, they're called "bytes" on this app. But it comes with the calculator so you are able to calculate the points of all of your favorite foods! I would rather pay one fee of $2.99 than to pay $20 a month to achieve the same results!!

  • The best out their love it

    by debby 1960

    The best a+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Potentially good, glad I got this on sale

    by lonesongbird

    This app has such potential. My biggest complaint is that you cannot change your serving amounts. Adding that feature would increase one star. Also, I miss having a barcode scanner like in the Weight Watchers app. And some of the food choices in the pocket guide are odd. Still, ok enough if you don't want to pay the membership fee for WW.

  • Excellent

    by marinefish1

    Good app, you keep track of points eaten. A lot cheaper than paying the greedy people from Weight Warchers.

  • Great motivator!

    by Me19798383

    Works great and is easy to use. Only thing I wish it did was merge the restaurant food guide into the log or allow it to atleast sync. This app makes watching your points easy.

  • Good but could be better

    by Tab1114

    These are the changes that if made would make this an excellent app: 1. Having the ability to change the serving size when choosing a food from the pocket guide and adding it to your log 2. Being able to change something by touching the food, not having to touch edit and then the food. This only gives you the ability to delete the food not edit it anyway. 3. The way you use the weekly points is too confusing. It should just automatically deduct from the weekly points if you go over daily points. 4. A built in weight tracker would be helpful also. The points you are given changes based on your weight. As you are losing weight you have to check the points you are given. The app should do this automatically. A built in weight tracker would solve this problem.

  • Awesome! Both Old & New Points System

    by Liz 11769

    I love this App. I am still on the WW Momentum System(2010)and this App has both, Points Plus and Momentum. You can choose which one you wish to use. After you make your choice that is the points program it will follow. It counts down your points as you track them and shows the remaining tally on the App Icon, so you don't even have to open the App, you can check it at a quick glance. Also keeps track of your activity points. Also love the points calculator for both programs. Great App, well worth the money.

  • Great app!

    by mbick

    This app makes it so easy to journal your food intake, activity, weight, and even notes of any kind to yourself. Love it & the "sister" apps for restaurants and beers. Nice job!

  • Ms

    by Forty plus lady

    Love it help me lose 60 pounds!!!

  • Works great!

    by zero.3

    Works great, easy to learn and use. Only complaint is that I purchased the app and every day it tries to sell me something else.

  • Great App!

    by KellyD1998

    Love this app! Great tool for those who already know the 'plan' but don't want to keep paying the money! Suggestion: For us with aging eyes...it would be awesome to have LARGER FONT option. Thanks for a great tool!

  • Absolutely love!

    by DorkyGiGi

    This is the exact same format as WW, and just as effective. I was also thrilled to see that it allows you to use Classic or Plus settings...which is wonderful since I use Classic and most apps cater to Plus. Even if you've never tried WW, you can do it easily with this app. It tracks food, points, weight and even has a handy pocket food guide for quick look-ups. I can't live without it. Highly recommended!

  • It really does work!!!

    by GB1406

    I did Weight Watchers Online for Men back in '09 and lost 60lbs. It was when they were under the old points system (the new points system, in my opinion, doesn't work as well and is less user-friendly). The Classic Bites on the app is IDENTICAL to the old WW. You WILL lose weight if you JUST DO WHAT IT SAYS! Adding in some exercise is only icing in the cake (oooo... bad metaphor since I'm talking about dieting! Lol!).

  • Great!

    by Wrath of Doom

    Easy to use, excellent weight loss app for those following Weight Watchers!

  • Good app

    by Anniemouse9

    Save money instead of ww robbing you blind for tracker but needs updating. Please include ability to double foods and please revamp/add to database. Thanks!

  • Great App

    by Howell 5

    Easy to use...love having it on the go! I would rate it 5 stars if it included restaurant point values!!

  • by mgparis77

    Love it

  • Great app for losing weight

    by Fish called Barry

    Tracks both daily points as well as activity calculator. Has a good built in pre calculated food index but with the calc you can compute anything else! Worth the money.. Its like cost of a 6" sub!!

  • Waste of money

    by Brezjodi

    If you were looking for a weight loss app this one is a waste of time ... Very hard to navigate , too time consuming,and I cannot find majority of the foods that I eat here...I will stick with My Fitness Pal

  • Needs a scanner or larger food database!!!!

    by stellabella

    Great idea but not so great features seems incomplete I want to love it but it needs a barcode scanner and a larger database I find it's a lot of work to log food....what app involving logging food doesn't have a way to scan food labels? I'm gonna have to keep using value diary for my weight watchers plan...this app is not worth the $2.99.... You can't log food without a lot of hassle....it should be free

  • Fatal flaw

    by Airegrrrl

    Nice display but I cannot change serving size. That's just silly, and renders whole tracker useless.

  • Very disappointed

    by 2Bodacious4U

    Good app but it would be better if they add scan to it to scan & populate like the WW app does and if they broke it down by category for breakfast, lunch & dinner to see how many pts u had for each category like WW. Everything bunched together looks tacky & is hard to read. It's not user Friendly at all. if those changes were added it would definitely be 5 ⭐

  • No

    by Screwthisnicknamecrap

    I wish this app had a trial version that I could have downloaded instead of wasting three bucks on it. It doesn't contain many of the foods I eat, it clumps cereal into the same category - I eat Special K and they have multiple flavors. They're not just a "cup of corn flakes." The search system is impossible to navigate because the points are *before* the foods instead of after. Everything on here is listed generically instead of putting in different brands. Not every meal is created equal. What is put together in one place does not mean that's how it's made every where else. If I could afford Weight Watchers, I would. Simply because I like their calculator but have no need for the rest of the site. And then I just blew 3 bucks on this useless app as well.

  • Not thrilled

    by Bibblets116

    Can't get this on my iPad. Can't log activities. Food selection is poor. At least WW has brand names. Maybe I can search on their site and put it in here? What a pain!

  • Ads in a paid app?

    by MellowFish

    The app itself works mostly ok, but every day there is a stupid ad in this *paid* app. This is a really grating experience.

  • Not good

    by JangoCatt

    I had been using WW but quit and decided to do it on my own. I thought this app would help me keep track of points but it's terrible. It does not track your weekly points! There is a heading that says Weekly Points but it stays stuck at 0/49 even if I have gone over my daily points. It is impossible to choose a quantity of food other than what is in the database, so I end up manually looking everything up in my WW book and entering it myself. I may as well just use a notebook for that. Plus the database is severely limited so even if I did use the quantities provided, I would have to manually enter most things anyway. Waste of time and money.


    by sjg526

    Love that it does the "old" points program! That worked so much better for me and now I can use it again plus don't have to spend a small fortune for etools. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Very Helpful

    by PersnicketyPeer

    Great app, Great price! Easy to use and helps me make better choices and keeps me on TRACK.... LOL!

  • Bar code scanner

    by Mg1526373838

    This is a great app but a bar code scanner would be a huge improvement!

  • Best diet app out there!

    by Kerpy37

    I have diabetes and find this app very useful. One suggestion for improvement would be when you click on the food that the food facts will show so that people with diabetes can better track carbohydrates. Otherwise, this app is awesome and very helpful for anyone trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle!

  • Great

    by sekb

    This App is great. So much cheaper than WW app.

  • As close to WW online tracking

    by Mbgillis

    This app is an easy way to keep track of WW points!

  • Don't bother

    by VeryHappy29

    VERY limited food choices. You literally have to input the name, calories, fat, and fiber. Very time consuming!!! I'm going back to My Fitness Pal. Works just as good as WW point system.

  • Fantastic App!!

    by Roadstar11111

    Great so much cheaper than WW!! Has most foods or you can add them if they aren't on the list.

  • Perfect

    by Starbright5000a

    I love this app it is so perfect for me

  • Very useful for my busy life!

    by Patty Cruise

    I use it every day . Wish it had a scanner to scan my foods . But still great

  • Confusing!

    by Yecats5891

    This app is not user friendly. There is no way to edit the serving amount which makes the bites higher. I believe there is supposed to be a calculator to get the bites value but there isn't. Definitely not worth the money I spent.

  • Nothing like WW

    by Tatuine

    I fell for the bogus reviews, don't fall for it too. There are no brand name products, no restaurant comparables. Waste of money. Very, Very difficult to navigate. Points aren't the same as WW. If you're intending to use this instead Of WW, you won't be happy. What a disappointment.

  • Great

    by gabiegirl

    This is awesome bought 10/14/13 and works great !!!!!

  • Spell check anyone???

    by D-tape addict

    Just downloaded this app. Looks like it will work well for me. But did no one think to proof read the foods list??? There are so many misspelled words that it is very annoying. I just hope when I 'search' a food, and I spell it correctly that it will find it.

  • Please fix bug

    by Ssfok

    I really like this app, but the reduction from the weekly balance allotment isn't working. Also... It would be awesome to include the option NOT to include the activity points in the daily allowance. Just sayin'... :)

  • Needs a way to specify # of servings!!

    by Babydoll2119

    Good app but not being able to adjust how many servings of a food item you are having is a major flaw. Really like that I can choose classic WW program. A bar scanner would also be a big plus.

  • Great App

    by Forty Pawz

    Love that this app gives you the choice of NOT using Points Plus (not an effective plan in my opinion ) Would give 5 stars - but weekly points doesn't work. It takes you into negative daily points instead of using weekly or activity...,...,,

  • Worthless

    by KK Holiday24

    This app did nothing. I'm pretty sure the people who are raving about it created the app or have some connection to the app. Do not waste your money!

  • Disappointed

    by NY8o435

    I should have read what itrack advertised before purchasing- but I was so taken by the paw icon - I made an impulsive decision. If you're used to using the weight watchers app you'll miss the variety of food options, the weight loss graphs, the scanner, the option not to have activity points deducted from your daily points. This is just like a paper tracker - which is what itrack advertises - which is too bad because it has a nice interface and is easy to use.

  • Love! Love! Love!

    by Cewjane86

    Love this app! Granted I'm on Day 3, so see me again on Day 30. Ha! But seriously, it's super easy & super fun this far; I can't see myself giving up anytime soon. Love it! :)

  • Great app

    by eric garrison

    This is a great app. Would be a 5 if you could edit the serving size. Also- when I go over points- it does not deduct from my weekly allowance balance!

  • Good app! Just missing one thing.

    by iCanDigIt

    In comparison to the official WW app, iTrack is awesome but missing one important feature (for me). To track quickly on the WW app I always used the ability to scale the serving size (inputting .75 servings, 2 servings, whatever). If one serving is worth 3, half a serving might be worth either 1 or 2, and two servings might be worth 5 to 7, so it's really handy to be able to scale it and not have to use the calculator. Otherwise, this app is pretty much the bomb.

  • Better than WW!!

    by Josielynntaylor

    Why use WW when you can use after buying the app one time. Works just like it without the crap monthly fee. And the restaurant point guide is great too. I highly suggest purchasing that app along with this one!!

  • Great tool!!!

    by Momabarb

    This is so helpful.

  • Doesn't subtract over bites from weekly?

    by Gina111

    Why doesn't the over bites subtract from the weekly???? Makes no sense!! Fix that, PLEASE!!

  • Just perfect

    by along1213

    Exactly what I needed. If you're familiar with the program, this app is perfect.

  • Needs more features

    by SammieCat

    I like this app for the points calculator, I wish that it would have a better food data base like My fitness Pal does. I also wish that you could adjust the quantities of an item, instead of listing it many times. I would like the points to rollover to the "extra points" you have for the week too. If you could install a scanner too that would make many people like this app too. Overall it's a good calculator.

  • Great App!

    by Gingerkaykay

    I really wanted to get back on WW's but can't afford it. This App makes it possible to do WW's! Thank you!!

  • Love this app

    by enanem

    Just like weight watchers!

  • Great help to keep track of ww points

    by Spiff and Biff

    Love it

  • Great app!

    by anomaly209

    Everything you need to keep track of your weight loss efforts.

  • iBites

    by MirandaSparkles

    Please fix weekly allowance bug

  • A+++

    by BYN314

    I love this App. I would love having the bar code scanner and hope it will be added.

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