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Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

** GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! We’ve made some behind-the scenes enhancements to improve overall gameplay! **

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**YOU VOTED & THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG** Thanks to the votes from YOU and thousands of loyal MONOPOLY Facebook fans from 185 different countries, the CAT mover is now available to play with in this latest update as well as in the classic board game version of MONOPOLY!

From Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place, own and manage the famous holdings of the MONOPOLY board.

Shake your device to “roll” the 3D dice. Tap the screen to manage your properties. Building hotels or taking a “Chance” is easy and intuitive.

Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, the “game rules,” and even the game environment.

Challenge up to 3 friends via local WiFi and Pass ‘N Play Multiplayer, and up to 2 friends with Bluetooth Multiplayer.

You can even play multiplayer games with friends who have MONOPOLY for iPad (just note that you’ll be playing the iPhone/iPod touch version).

So buy Boardwalk! Go directly to jail! Are you ready? It’s “GO” time!

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Customer Reviews

  • Good but not great

    by HighTechHum

    Lots of fun to play against the computer but I would enjoy playing others but the game does not support Game Center of any other web connected games which limits who you can play to your own house.

  • Good but......

    by Samuel Wilsin

    Guys guys guys guys you need to stop over exaggerating, this game works fine, my only problem is that no matter how much money you are willing to trade with the AI they will always decline. It puts me in a pissy mood. Other that that it's pretty good.

  • Love this but HUGE BUG

    by Carmen Kilpatrick

    I've played over 500 games but only recently (since iOS 7) have had a problem where the background music playing in iTunes turns off if I leave the monopoly screen. Please fix this new bug and I will change my rating back to 5 stars!

  • Good game but multiplayer needs an overhaul

    by AirBro747

    As a long time monopoly player, overall, I enjoyed playing this game. The single player mode works great and the AI gives you a good challenge at the hardest difficulty. However, the multiplayer needs an overhaul. The fact that you have to be on the same wifi to play a game with a friend is ridiculous. Why not just use a board at that point?

  • Love it!

    by Ashish 9

    Easy to learn, fun to play, and great graphics! It's my kind of game!

  • like it but how the hell do you unpause/resume

    by Lolgurl5555555

    I love the game but word of advice - don't pause the game otherwise you will not be able to get back in. So annoyed


    by Gambizzy465

    I was excited to play until I paid $1 for it and it won't even open! iPhone 5 with ios7

  • Great But...

    by Iranian gamer

    Please make The Godfather Monopoly app that would be cool.

  • Just wanted to spread some honesty

    by Aaron Dyer

    I Don't ever write reviews but I felt so impulsed because of the other reviews I read. The game is cool, once you figure it out you can win all the time on difficult, I have won 10 times in a row, I am disappointed with the other reviews I see talking about the ai being too hard, as I said I'm on a 10 game winning streak, if anything the ai is not smart at all Definitely needs online multiplayer other than that just a way to kill time

  • Very good monopoly

    by Fame_O

    Playing this game is like visiting an old friend. I love the classic board and the new cat token is cute. Computer AI is silly lucky and difficult, but it makes for a fun game. I love the animated tokens and auctions and trades. This reminds me of the old 16 bit monopoly games I played as a kid. The shake of the dice is really cool too

  • Awesome

    by JP Niebauer

    Really fun just add online

  • Awesome game

    by Margaret Peterson

    I love this game. It has a few glitches I had to reinstall it for it would not let me make a new game!!! I do not like playing against Al he gets better rolls and seems it's rigged. But other then that love it! And the cat instead of the iron is genius!

  • Good but not great

    by DeviinNicole

    Defiantly worth the dollar but I wish it didn't log me out of wireless games when I swipe to a different a screen.

  • @Note to developers

    by Ooma user

    I win over 90% of my matches when playing against AI at the most difficult level. You need to introduce the ability for me to play other humans across the globe.

  • Awesome

    by Dragon-463

    I have played almost 70 games on this app, 50 of which were on hard. This is an amazing app and I would highly suggest getting it. I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews because it deserves 5 star ratings.

  • Not bad

    by Former CardMunch user

    I only play with one AI. I've won every game, all played on level 3. My one complaint is that sometimes when I check reject trade, it asks if I want to accept the trade. I don't know if that's intentional or a bug?

  • Awsome! Need new look!!!!!

    by A player dd

    I love this app, my friend and I play it so often!!! It needs a multiplayer so you can play one turn at a time over the internet. Getting really bored of the animations and looks. Please please PLEASE change it!!

  • Human

    by dereko67o

    This is a REALLY fun game!!! I haven't found a good game like this in a while. Definitely worth $0.99.

  • Is A good game

    by Baller13246

    I love it is a wonderful game worth the dollar

  • Definitely worth the one dollar

    by 5card

    One of the better values for an app for only one dollar. Looking forward to when I can place random people online like in word with friends, this would be one feature that would be a huge improvement and worth paying more for. I read a lot of comments that the dice favors the AI when playing one on one but I've played the AI one on one many times and never lost. One thing that was frustrating was that once when playing over Bluetooth the app shut down three quarters of the way through a game very frustrating, also I am unable to play a game over a Wi-Fi network with a friend don't know why can't get this feature to work.

  • All was fine until it wasn't!!!

    by SydneyHU

    Until a week ago (or last update since it had been a few months since I'd played) the app worked well. The AI games sometimes seemed fixed but could still be beaten with the right strategy. Things went south when I noticed that my background music would be cut off or reset (from the app) whenever I played the game. This is VERY annoying. But then the real irritation was with my last game: in "difficult" mode I had been playing a three day game with nearly 60k and all of the orange, red, & green properties against AI who was playing with 13k, Boardwalk blues, railroads, utilities, etc. I was likely to win until the game crashed!!! FIX THE BUGS!!! I'd like to return to liking this app.

  • Cheats

    by Zbubblezzzzzzzzz

    When you play the computer, it will skip over your properties every single time. It will give the AI the perfect rolls or it will send them to jail to skip them having to pay you. It's entirely frustrating! I had a computer go to jail 6 times in a row because I owned boardwalk and park place and it was just a matter of time before you run out of money because they never land on your properties.. It's so annoying.

  • Non

    by Ykuhfghhhyyggvvmkplp

    How do I buy hotel or house

  • Bad bad bad

    by Djcollazo

    Please fix the F--king game I've played at least 5 times and within 5 minutes of each game Al gets The properties first and I'm always landing on chance or community chest or jail if it's not fixed I will delete it off my phone...

  • Crashing

    by WTF674

    Paid for the game, and it is crashing as soon as I open it. Horrible.

  • AI is horrible

    by Creatinganicknamesucks

    The game is great, but Do Not download this game. The AI is easy to beat once you figure out the strategy, but wow I have never seen such blatant favoritism. They get the perfect rolls every time to avoid your properties. An example is having three monopolies on the board and the computer only having boardwalk and park place. I land on those properties four consecutive times, but no love for my properties...four times around the board really!

  • Cheating

    by Annoyed1512

    Graphics and gameplay are great. But I can't give a good review because the game is bias towards the AI. Human players always tend to roll the dice to lose money while the AI is always landing on spaces for their gain. Example: human passes go to collect $200 but always lands on the $200 tax space. Human also always lands on AI properties 90% of the time. AI always lands on their own properties 90% of the time. Will lose interest if AI continues to be unfair.

  • Can't play with friends

    by Ouishabeta

    The online and Bluetooth modes do not work.

  • What a joke!!!

    by CH4NYMets

    I didn't want to believe the other comments in regards to the AI. However, after playing this game at both the easy and medium levels, it is very clear that the AI has a distinct advantage over any human user. The computer never land's on your spaces after you build houses, and the minute the computer builds houses and hotels you land on them every single time. It is nearly impossible to win at any level. Do not waste your time.

  • Do not buy app

    by Jokerboy57

    The idea of the game is good but it always loses connection in short this a App is crap

  • Wireless games need fix

    by sam21484

    Every time we try to load a previous game it never connects. Definitely needs a bug fix. Very annoyed.

  • Horrible multiplayer

    by UserX1295

    Single player version of this game is great. To play with other users over wi-fi is horrible. Never wants to connect and join local networks. Very frustrating and would never have spent the money!!

  • Horrible game

    by Tyler Kluth

    The game is basically impossible because it always lets the AI make bank and takes all your money away...the game is rigged and its BS!!!

  • AI is horrible

    by Creatinganicknamesucks

    The game is great, but AI is a little over the top. They get the perfect rolls every time to avoid your properties.

  • Spread the wealth

    by SceaminEagle

    Every time you pass go and collect 200 you land on income tax and it is taken back.....designer must be a democrat!

  • Monopoly

    by 4852144

    This game is a worthless wast of time.dont get it. It cheats

  • AI Favors it's self

    by Dominion X

    The AI will always favor it's self against you to the point of trading to create Monopolies. It will almost never make the same trades with you. And dice rolls are not full fixed but are pretty close. Fix this and game will be better. Try making it more realistic.

  • AI is awful

    by Raymer0

    It seems like every game I play, the ai's get the exact same moves.

  • So unfair... Don't waste your money

    by horsechick33

    Virtually impossible to win. So frustrating. The al computer is given so many advantages.

  • Unfair

    by Asian guy who loves monopoly

    I never knew monopoly can be so biased

  • AI doesn't play fair

    by Shellie!

    All the reviews about the AI issue are accurate. It makes it not fun when it's so one sided.

  • Cheats!!!!

    by Iwalkclose2you

    I build hotels all over the place and it misses them every time. But if it builds hotels, you'll hit them every time.

  • 1 only because I can't rate 0

    by chief skywalker

    this app is an embarrassment. AI cheats without exception. do not waste money on this awful product.

  • Doesn't work well over wifi or bluetooth

    by Cheeseblue

    Game is frustrating because it keeps crashing when playing via wifi or Bluetooth - even with player less than 3 feet away. So disappointing because we love the board game.

  • Bad

    by Dolakakenruixirodn

    Bad cheating game

  • Al cheats

    by Ppooooooopppo

    I love the game monopoly, but my family often dissent have time to play. So I use this app. One thing I noticed right away is that the game is always in favor of the AL. One game I owned all of the yellow properties, and now one was landing on them, but the owners of the adjacent green ad red properties were getting rich off of me and other players. The next game I got all the red properties, of course everyone landed on the adjacent properties. Please update the app so the game is fair, because it kind of takes the fun out of the game.

  • Horrible

    by czdsfgsgfshg

    Bad game don't buy

  • Monopoly problems

    by Brandon Cawthon

    The game needs work I rolled a 12 it moved me 13 spaces FIX

  • Cheat

    by UnknownPeep

    This games a cheat, when you play with AR they always win

  • Its good..but needs update

    by littelnites21

    Just needs an update to fix the AI. Also more online multiplayer options would be awesome!

  • Good

    by Music lover28453

    A good game if you are waiting for a while, the only bad part is that the CPU will not take realistic trades sometimes. Otherwise great

  • Save your Money

    by Clever0183

    CRASHES!!!! My husband and I both bought this for each of our iPhones so we could play over wifi or Bluetooth but it never works. The farthest we got was ten mins into a game and it kicked us both off. The AI always wins so it stinks either way. Plus when I play with the AI it will ask me if I want to trade and when I click no it will still trade (horrible trades at that). Not worth it.

  • Fun but unfair

    by veronica Skop

    It's not complaining as others like to put it, it's the fact you want to play fairly. Obviously you need to play smart but "al" is a cheat. By the time you get a chance to buy any property chances are "al" would had already purchased 2-3 or they "roll just enough to pass your monopoly but they make sure you land on theirs. Once you play especially with 3 "Al" you'll understand what I mean. I wish I could play with friends with the wifi. I can't even find a game to play with others. I really hope they fix this. It would be so much more fun to play with actual people.

  • Not good.

    by EmmyLou1414

    The gameplay is very unfair. The CPU always wins, never lands on bad squares, and their dice always roll in their favor. Also, the rules are different than the original game. Deleting this game.

  • Monopoly

    by Upper2992

    Exactly like the main game! This is awesome! Thanks EA!

  • Obviously rigged!

    by Man, I'm tired this year

    This game is obviously rigged. The dice rolls are clearly NOT random. Also the AI to AI trades are insane, boardwalk and park place for 2 railroads and $36?!?!?!? The AI is not only stupid but it cheats too! Fix this game please!

  • Rigged

    by JoSco623

    How have the programmers not fixed this yet? CPUs are ridiculously lucky, PLEASE MAKE ROLLS RANDOM!

  • Worst game ever!!!

    by Vonn15

    I really like the real board game, but these rules are stupid. This game has a bad everything to tell you the truth. I give it 0 stars. Never get this game!!!

  • Love it

    by Beansmama19

    Reviews keep saying the game is rigged etc. I don't know that things are totally by random, but I've won quite a few times against AI.

  • Doesn't work on my iPhone 4

    by Him dude

    The app was fine before i updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 now it crashes every time i try to open it and it only happens to this app. Im not sure whats wrong with it but i know its not my phone because the same thing happened on my last iPhone before it broke.

  • I wouldn't know

    by .

    Ok. First of all, guys, it's an iron. Get over it. It's a game piece, I'm pretty sure you can carry along with your life. I would say the game is great or terrible or something, but I wouldn't know because every time I try to open it it closes. I even tried deleting the app and getting it again, and it did the same thing. And I paid for it, so I'll be very disappointed if it isn't fixed soon. Thank you.

  • Caden

    by C


  • Very poor game.

    by SpaceMan13260

    This game really needs an update.

  • Stop Complaining!!!!

    by Joerodciti84

    I just wanted to say this game is great!!!! I was skeptic at first after reading so many complaints about AI been fix and making it impossible to win, so since I consider myself very good at monopoly I wanted to try and find out, well well what can say if you play it easy is a cake, medium is more fair, and expert level is where the challenge is the AI do help each other and make it very difficult for you to win to a point where it seem fix but if your strategy is good you will win. Overall learn how to play and stop complaining!!!!

  • It makes u buy the card

    by Bacon6190129

    Makes you buy the property or pass it to the other player

  • Need more players sign up

    by Bornlo bedstuy boi

    Not a bad game just need more people to play wireless ant live hit me up ASAP

  • Don't listen to the complainers

    by Mandi2407

    A cat is so much better than an old iron. If that's why everybody is giving this game a negative review, that's stupid. There's lots of options for this game and it's a good challenge. People need to get over being a sore loser. Great effects and awesome game.

  • Fixed

    by Mr_redrok

    Seriously????? Been playing this game and noticed there's a pattern with how the opponent avoids landing in bad spots and other games always hits the bad spots. Nothing in between. It's too slow when your trying to speed things up. It's like poker stars. It's fixed

  • Great app

    by vincent/Michael d'angelo

    Great app recommend it if you enjoy the board game

  • Could be a good game

    by chingonie

    Good interface etc but not worth playing when the AI's "random rolls" always skip your properties. Disappointing

  • Like it

    by ناصر الصقعبي

    I played it over and over its a really nice game

  • Okay, but could be Better

    by Reviewer 307

    This app I feel was designed with good intentions, but the gameplay is just a bit slow. If EA could find a way to speed up gameplay without losing ease of functionality (which could also be a bit improved), then that would be fantastic. The current version of the app is okay, but truly, it could be better.

  • Cheats

    by SPQR17

    This game cheats you and favors the computer so much. Don't bother

  • Please fix user background music drop on quit

    by Babo3030

    When i first used this app this issue was not an issue. An update somewhere around 5 months ago created this issue. Here it is: I'm listening to music. I open the app. The app asks to continue playing music. I permit. The music continues playing without missing a beat. I finish playing and close the app. The music cuts out and the music app forgets what I was just listening to. I have to open music app and find the track I was listening to and listen from the top. Other than that I love the app. It's still enjoyable even after I can beat the AI on level 3 about 90% of the time.

  • AI rolls are not random

    by King 888

    AI gets all the luck regarding rolls. At the beginning of the game, I land on chance, community chest and jail for the first 2-3 rounds while AI buys property. If I manage to rise above, AI lands on cheap/mortgaged/beneficial properties while I get the shaft. One game, an AI player went around the board SEVEN TIMES without hitting a single property of mine even though I owned every single property except railroads & Baltic/Med...meanwhile I landed on RR's almost every roll (gotta love getting double 5s). Statistically rigged. What a disappointment.

  • This honestly will cheat No Lie

    by Sandman1717

    The you play this game the more you will realize that the computer very lucky. You could 3 monopolies and Al ( the cpu) will have 2 n Al will over hop you five times before even touching you.

  • Garbage

    by Assault0351

    I used to enjoy this game on my iPod but now trying to play it and I can't trade properties and why a cat? Where did the Iron go?!?!

  • Hate it

    by Pop12344321

    If you play against the computer it always wins because I won 4 times and it subtracted the number that it was supposed to but after it just gave him more cash and the game keeps on going on like nothing happened hate it

  • AI cheats

    by Kevin v apple

    Rolls constant doubles lands 1 away from properties and low roles for the humans

  • My first app review EVER (that's how much I care and love this game)

    by Meebo lovergffhh

    I love this game, I play at least 8 times a day, but it needs a SERIOUS update. 1) I wish I could play my friends across the country/world. 2) I love playing multiplayer but the wifi games hardly ever work. 3) fix the dice roll algorithm (it's not fair) 4) add more players option (at least 2 more) its starting to get boring beating these AI's all the time. Thanks and please hurry.

  • Glitch

    by Club coco

    Great app but when I choose to be pink it makes me yellow! Please fix.



    Everytime It's the games turn they completely miss my monopolies every single time. DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU'RE READY TO LOSE!!!

  • Needs update!

    by Mattybooboobear

    My brother had this on his iPhone 4 and it worked fine so I thought hey I can get this on my 5c. Wrong! Wasted my money. It just constantly crashes

  • Amazing, stop hating

    by WiseWalter

    Sten, terra, always, stop hating this game is really fun and probably took a while to develop. As for me, I love it. I can play monopoly without making a huge mess.

  • Awesome

    by Tyler kish

    Just like the game board ! Play with friends or the app itself

  • Great game but...

    by saidchavezXD

    Is too hard to win.

  • Bluetooth problems

    by NickFromIU

    Bluetooth playing in the car against friends is cool, until you exit out to text someone or minimize the game, then the game exits and you cannot rejoin and continue the game.

  • by Greattttttttttttttttt58

    This game crashes every time I try to open it

  • Love it

    by Gagejones123

    Love it

  • In App Purchases

    by Jacoby94

    This game needs some in app purchases. A way to start out with more money or get things at a discount. I'm sure you guys can work something out.

  • Awesome

    by Cggfhghg

    Very fun!

  • Games are fixed

    by Sal4868

    As most reviewers have already said, the AI cheats in medium and hard levels. The dice rolls aren't random but seem to favor the computer. Chance and CC cards seem to also favor the computer as well. would not recommend this game, such a disappointment..

  • Ehh...

    by Rosie_red

    It's okay. The game takes FOREVER! I think you should save your money and buy something else.

  • Crash

    by Hagmits Jose

    It crashes on startup

  • DO NOT download!!!

    by Angry with EA

    This game is rigged! The AI player has a record of 29 wins to my 7!!! Not fun, AI always lands on primo cards, rolls doubles about 40% of the time and never lands on luxury tax. I am really disappointed in the creator for making the AI unbeatable. Do not get!!!

  • So-So

    by Sphbecker

    Really needs an online mode you can play one turn at a time, the way Words with Friends works. It is not possible to offer a property trade in lieu of rent (collecting player must have enough cash on hand to trade, so you can give it back to them as rent). AI trade evaluation is crap, which leads to ridiculous/cheating trades between AI. Otherwise decent app. Minor complaints, when bidding on a property, it forces you to mortgage before bidding, those mortgages are not canceled if you lose the bid. The interface for mortgaging or building houses makes you scroll through every property on the board, it should skip groups you don't own or don't have a monopoly of. Should add a quick dice roll option, even after turning off shake to roll, the animation is still slow.

  • Works fine for me

    by Senior-J

    The game works fine on iOS 7, and the IA sometimes win, and sometimes not. I really enjoy the game. In my case have not crashes.

  • Works fine for me

    by Senior-J

    The game works fine on iOS 7, and the IA sometimes win, and sometimes not. I really enjoy the game. In my case have not crashes.


    by Qwertyuiop

    Waste of time! In favor of the computer. For example, I landed on chance and had to pay $50 to every player. The next player was a computer and it got $100. This has happened numerous times. This game is not worth your money.

  • Great but too easy

    by Nick Ambrosetti

    This game is fun but no matter what level I put the AI on I win every time.. Ignore the reviews that say it's too hard. Anyone with a function brain should win every time

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