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Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

We’re committed to giving you the best Slots experience. To keep the fun going, we’ve made a few behind-the-scenes improvements in this update. Also, be sure to enjoy our other recently added features below!

NOW SPIN, WIN, AND OWN IT ALL with your favorite MONOPOLY collections. Complete each set to earn rewards in this rich new update.

Plus, take a spin around the world with our 5 NEW slot machine themes, like: China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Old West, and the South Pacific. You can even tap and win with our 5 NEW Picker games, too.

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MONOPOLY Slots combines big casino-style wins with the beloved world of MONOPOLY. Spin. Win. Go big!

Enjoy premium graphic quality and sound effects… faster action with a real-world feel… multi-slot gameplay… mystery wilds… stacked wilds… 2X multipliers… free spins… and bonus games that really pay off. Plus, get all the fun that only the MONOPOLY brand can deliver. There are lots of slots games to choose from, but there’s only one MONOPOLY Slots!

Play through a variety of MONOPOLY-themed slot machines. Double your luck with Twins or take it up a notch with 3x5 slots. Celebrate the big payouts while Mr. MONOPOLY cheers you on!

Play bonus mini games to make it rain money or take a Chance to “Double” or “Quadruple Up”!

Score big bonuses with Mystery Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, and 2X Multipliers.

Level up to unlock even more FREE slot themes, with new ones added regularly!

Don’t miss the winningest slots game on the App Store!

Customer Reviews

  • Great Game

    by Jones Irons

    This is a very excited and addictive game. It keeps me busy when I have things to do but don't feel like doing them.

  • .

    by Rockie12345

    If its monopoly money, why are you so stingy with it?

  • Slots

    by Smnrpoit


  • Best game

    by Jiann1048

    I can't stop playing this!!!!

  • Super fun!

    by DanniReneeTexasYall

    Yup. Super fun.

  • Watch the bet amount!

    by Formerly a fan

    I have lost my pot more times than I want to admit to due to the always opening to the current max. Once I finally started cking, I managed to only lose as much as I was willing to bet.

  • Monopoly Slots

    by Best slot game in the world

    This is a really great slot game. it's probably the best game I've ever played!

  • It's fun

    by Haliebelle

    It's lots of fun.

  • Good game

    by Thumper5962

    Like this game. Bonus rounds are fun

  • Fun game

    by Bigrack

    You can win a little more often

  • Love the game, but very expensive

    by HeathBar3512

    I love the game, but wish it was more affordable. Loved it when u offered the 'Buy a coin package & get double the coins'. Wish you'd do that again soon.

  • Love it

    by Jackid00

    Love the bonus's

  • Good

    by Nappyboots


  • Love it

    by 71kel

    It's a fun game. I spend way too much time playing. But I'm have fun. Good game.

  • Fun

    by 25:8

    I enjoy this game daily until I lose all my

  • Yes

    by Dragons layer 81


  • Nice game

    by Tinktoo

    The game is fun, plays fairly well. Winning bonus rounds is spotty,but for the most part the games are fun. I do NOT like the fact that if you do not remember to check wager amount each time you start the game, you will probably lose all in one bet. The game is set to automatically start at highest bet. Wins are frequent enough to keep you coming back.

  • Fun

    by Timmy gun 420

    Great game

  • Fun but frustrating

    by Erica Burgard

    Can be fun but super glitchy

  • Great game

    by Grammyandthree

    Lots of fun

  • Rip off

    by Zueska

    Keeps losing my credits when I shut game down and go back to play it

  • Fun to play

    by Mdma1980

    But not enough wins, bonus games and way to easy to not notice the bet amount. When changing rooms it goes back up to highest amount. I have lost to much by that happening. I like the game but it needs some tweaking.

  • Fun, but...

    by Jpejac

    The latest update made this game stingy, stingy, stingy! Never bet max, you'll plow through your $$ in no time. Too many times: 10-15 pulls without a win and if you win it's a small payout. No longer fun, but I gave it a second star because it has some cool extras.

  • It's stupidest game ever

    by Bdiamondwood

    I hate it

  • Coins disappeared

    by Sofie230

    I have twice lost over 100,000 and 250,000 coins. I opened the app only to find I had 1,000 coins. I tried to get in touch with them, but the link to do so doesn't work. I paid for those coins and feel ripped off. Until my over 400,000 coins are refunded, I will never play this game again and will continue to post negative reviews so everyone know this happens and to not spend a single dollar for coins unless they want to take the chance o losing them!!

  • From bad to worst

    by Rc5791

    Started playing the game and it was fun. After the changes the developers made the game is not fun anymore. Took away 10 million points just like that. Hate the new 'chance' addition. Bonuses are VERY hard to get. Payouts are stingy. I am erasing it from my ipad, iphone and mini. This game definitedly is NOT fun anymore.

  • Complete joke!

    by sm:)e for me!!

    ... Why does the XP reset at zero after reaching the required to next level? Why can't it continue on? The High Voltage slot (unlocks at level 30) is the most horrible of all. Pay lines are retarded, the 5x Wilds never come out on the paylines and rarely hits bonus. Show time slots are way more exciting. The collection packs are useless and you rarely make a complete collection. Don't waste a dime paying with real money.

  • Fun

    by Aliebi

    Lots of fun!!!!

  • If you enjoy slots......

    by Midnight1977

    Then you will enjoy this game. Entertaining, fun, engaging.

  • Fun

    by lnp123

    It's a great game

  • Fun

    by Ohhyum

    Great to pass the time

  • You just never win

    by CooperF

    When you first get this game, it's hot. Win, win, win. However after a whole that changes dramatically. Tightest slot app ever.

  • Great Game!!

    by Rae4120

    This is the best slots game by far!

  • Scam

    by Blind an

    Monopoly slot game. Is a scam... It rig for you to buy coins. And you have to play them cause if you do not you'll loose them.

  • Fun

    by Jill5001

    Like the bonus games

  • Fun but glitchy

    by Jdpalo

    Nice at the beginning; do not spend time on DSE...once started on SS it got glitchy and stutters a lot... Otherwise, good game...

  • Monopoly

    by Invisiblez

    Fun game

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    by Ulie Behney

    I love it!!! Can't stop playing it, lol :)

  • Great slot game

    by OldBarney65

    I enjoy this game tremendously. It's slots but with the Monopoly flavor. It's a bit difficult at first, but I learned to bet lower amounts until I was able to bankroll higher bets.

  • Fun & addicting

    by Linzerbear

    I play it everyday. Super frustrating & addicting

  • Ms

    by Denise8715

    Monopoly is a lot of fun. I would give it a four star rating, my only problem is that every now and then it starts jumping on the spins!

  • Fun fun fun.

    by Donnabice

    Love this game.

  • Love The Game

    by Spikesmith

    Hate the sudden shutdowns which occur when you hit a bonus or extra spikes. Also, do not like fact the bet goes to the max bet limit instead of returning to the level of bet before the game shut Dow and rebooted....

  • Monopoly

    by Diamante2010

    I have always loved the board game. So I am truly enjoying the slots

  • Glitchy

    by Oregonsnob73

    It is a nice design but, the program freezes entirely too much. This is very frustrating. The bonus is minimal compared to other slot machine games.

  • Broke!

    by Hhucke

    Does not give you a lot of coins. :(

  • Monopoly

    by B.Steel

    Very nice. a+++

  • Cool

    by Meek38


  • Fun but slow

    by Fishingjudy

    I only play this when I warn to hear slots.

  • Addicted

    by Phloridababe

    I really am.

  • Good

    by Jess Camp


  • Fun - but be careful.

    by RZRBCKS

    Be careful when collecting all - it can switch screens & change to max bet without much notice. Otherwise fun

  • Fun game

    by amcoop77

    Love the game, but wish you could collect more often, and wish the amount was bigger.

  • Fun

    by Groovy gramma

    It's a fun board game and it is a fun slot machine

  • Slots of FUN

    by It's me Froggi

    Fun fun fun!!

  • Slow

    by Annie4423

    Very difficult to win token to continue play. Daily bonus is too low. Getting bored with this quickly. That is the only complaint.

  • Awesome

    by Fleaktk

    Lots of fun!!

  • Interesting

    by Halfdogdemonlovr

    this game is a lot better than other slot games that I have played

  • Fun games and good bonuses

    by The_frog_lady

    I like the games and how often the bonus hits.

  • Always fun!

    by Moonchildiva

    I enjoy this game! Play everyday ! Thanks!

  • Winning is not an option

    by Davek3150

    This game could be lots of fun if you could ever win!!! A three in a row win is the majority of the wins 4 in a row is occasional, and if you haven't lost your points in 3-4 minutes,5 in a row is almost unheard of unless it's the lowest payout! So anyway don't waste any money with this game especially since there is no chance of winning any of it back.

  • Great game

    by Fancy Re

    I'll give you the one negative first before you press spin check your bet amount , this game starts off with the highest amount so I have lost all of my clients in one span several times check your back amount before spinning. Every time you change pages you can back to the main page and your bet may have gone from $10 to 1500 there go your coins. That's the only fault I found there are plenty of bonuses plenty of coins and the game is fun and progressions are fun I hope they keep improving it and adding more steps and different bonuses and that would make it even more interesting all in all a great game and lots of fun I'm still playing

  • Worst game

    by Rosco's dad

    Twice I had to purchase more coins to open only 6 treasure chest and 1 Bonus game in 20 levels. Poor quality game , runs slow and if you put on auto will clear out your coins. This game is disappointing to the point of me deleting it after level 20. Seems like this game is just a way for Hasboro to make money.

  • Fun game!!

    by Myboo2012

    Love it~<3

  • Fun Fun

    by Rayz8888

    Great and fun game

  • Good game

    by Jrlallin101

    Good game

  • Fun, when it lets you play

    by RMCLMT

    The game could be a lot of fun if it let you win more often. You tend to go through whatever amount of chips you have very quickly. And if you raise the bet, it only seems to give you less wins.

  • Beginning good, level 30 plus awful

    by Bmoclan01

    Doesnt give you any coins when you get to the higher levels. Game last about 2 minutes then your broke again that's why they made it 2 hours now instead of 4. Fun but short lived.

  • Fun app

    by Bellinks7578

    Fun app but it should have bigger wins when you are betting a high amount!! Don't understand what the cards are for ?? Fun app tho. hard to get a bonus and when you do it doesn't pay much!!

  • Fun...but

    by Crzsxycool

    It's a fun game, love the graphics, however, it's hard to get a bonus in the new levels, I have to go back to Easy Street to win anything. I've lost 50,000 twice because it automatically enters the max bet. Two stars because I see you have updated to collect coins every two hours rather than four hours.

  • Fun

    by Loving old southern movies

    Excellent graphics and entertaining.

  • Awesome

    by Dkb1


  • It's a good game

    by Trevanaitor

    That's all I have to say

  • It's a good game

    by Trevanaitor

    That's all I have to say

  • Monopoly slots awesome

    by MikenFarrah

    Awesome game keeps me busy thanks y'all

  • Love the shorter time to collect bonus!

    by D-ba-lor

    I adore this game. Being able to collect extra coins every 2 hours (instead of 4) means I can play more! This needs to be permanent.

  • Stay Away

    by WiFi Rocks

    Takes too long to replenish 3 hours and you lose it all very fast cause it takes a million spins to win anything, gets boring like this.

  • Good

    by Lthomp1393

    This is a fun game but there not enough winning.

  • Spin and spend

    by Gina Marie 450

    Fun game but takes forever to get bonus opportunities and to level up. Be ready to pay for more coins. Another Disney money maker.

  • Addicting

    by Karin721

    Fun game!

  • Krs1969

    by Sears69

    Fun game! Hate putting my phone down now.

  • Fun times

    by Jskon81

    I really like how you advance to different levels!!

  • Loose slots!

    by DevilDawg777

    Monopoly is actually addicting :-)

  • Fun!

    by KatClaw

    Really enjoy

  • So much FUN !!

    by Diamond0278

    Very fun lots of bonuses & lots of wins cute fast & fun perfect !!

  • Fun!

    by Tinksfan

    Just fun, great graphics. Very entertaining!

  • Awesome

    by GrizzlyDaddy

    Thanks for the awesome time filler

  • Cool ap

    by Hunter328:

    Could use more bonuses It's a lot of fun.still needs more bonuses .

  • Fun

    by DbSpradlin

    Cheaper than the casino!! Lol

  • Monopoly

    by Loseriamnot

    Super fun I love it

  • Cool game

    by Demonitus

    It's a cool game I enjoy the game alot.

  • Review for Monopoly

    by Silver Syra

    Awesome game! Very addictive!! A little slow at times though.

  • Monoply

    by MR.DICK73

    I like this game and think everyone should give it a try

  • Seriously addicting, Love this game

    by BoxsBox

    Seriously addicting, lots of fun I'm just missing the casino noise & drinks!

  • Fun game

    by Dawn Wyszynski

    I wish it didn't take so many points to level up as you go through. Other than that, I like it a lot!

  • Monopoly Slots

    by DeE•Mo'2

    The game is a Blast needs more Bouns Game's or side game to better the odds of earning more money ! :)

  • Graphics are great


    I am enjoying the game but am becoming increasingly frustrated with how long it takes to level up without having to spend real money. Makes it less fun.

  • Great so far

    by OllieUSMC777

    The game is fun , just can't always max bet or you will lose it all. Bet up and down and it's great.

  • Monopoly

    by Marsha Bierman

    Fun but not enough wins!

  • Not so good

    by Vinnie Mac 8

    Gives you 60 seconds of coins every 4 hours. Extra spins few and far between.

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