MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

The Holidays are HERE & NOW! Let it snow over your real estate empire with this holiday update!

Santa says pass “GO” and collect all these new goodies:
• Move around the board as a tree, snowflake, snowman or ice skate
• Spread the joy with friends via Origin
• Celebrate with an all-new EA logo

Give MONOPLOY HERE & NOW a holiday-twist! We wish you good times, good cheer and a happy New Year!

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THE GAME YOU KNOW & LOVE GOES GLOBAL. Build an empire with the world’s most coveted real-estate properties like Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Use innovative touchscreen controls to Buy, Trade & Upgrade your properties for profit. Shake to roll the dice & swipe to stack your cards.

Wheel & deal your way to the penthouse in a 3D, interactive playing environment with animated tokens!

Share the wealth with up to 4 other people with Pass'N Play or WiFi Multiplayer.

Tap into your iTunes® Library and listen to your favorite music while you play!
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Customer Reviews

  • Not bad

    by Kevin Shaffer

    Overall, it's a pretty good monopoly game. As many others I just wish it worked online. I would also like the Audio to work better. I however didn't find it too difficult or rigged. I'm sure the people who did the math made the dice rolls random as they should be. And even If they are rigged, it's not bad enough to be able to win every game. I do have to say that they are very predictable and will make dumb trades.

  • I'm tired of playing against the computer

    by psaints

    The app start to get bored when you learn how to play. I am tired of always winning against the computer even in hard mode. I wish i could play online against other people. Really guys think about it! I am not the only one saying it!

  • Great but,

    by )?)6(56884

    This game is very fun and worth the money but every time you land on a unowned property you can't pass it you have to either buy it or auction it off. When you auction it off the ai gets it for a ridiculously low price like if it is 1 million dollars they will get it for 400K. Change this and I will give it 5 stars.

  • Play it for yourself. Think outside of the Box!

    by Just buy the game

    I am a Monopoly fan, been playing for over 20 years. I read the negative reviews and they almost detoured me from getting the App. I got App anyway and LOVE playing it. Just keep in mind that the type of deals that you would make with your friends do not apply with the AI, if you are not winning then you have to adjust your strategy. This game is winnable against the AI players if you apply the right strategy. There should be a option to turn off the tutorial or skip all together it's a waste of time after the first couple of games, I know what to do. Need to speed up the tokens when they move. Don't really care for the gestures they make before they move or land on the final space. Should have the option to turn off the little known facts that display when you land on chance or community chest. Prolongs an already long game.

  • Well-made, but animations are slow!

    by Guest19005


  • Rigged

    by Rhoadsfan

    The game is decent and fun enough. The computer dice roll is obviously rigged though (which takes the fun out of it). Wish they would make a truly random dice setting. Also, still annoying longterm bugs where the game sometimes will not let you buy hotels on some properties.

  • Best monopoly app in the store

    by Sharkkkkzxz

    Awesome app!!

  • Hmm

    by Kingchris20

    My wife and I bought this planning to play each other over wi-fi, and this works but you have to play on one device, while the other just sits there with the game open...what kinda crap is that? Why can't we play from two devices?

  • Rigged

    by Solon-x

    Very hard to win. Computer stacks the deck. In one game, I made it around the board twice with no property and multiple tax and penalties. Computer had multiple multi-rolls and 15 properties. Come on!

  • Wifi Games

    by Anonymous 1992

    I love the fact that I can play wifi with my husband. I do not like the fact that it doesn't work properly. When we try to join a game together it either closes us out or it works but the person joining can't go any further than selecting their game piece. Please fix!

  • Love this game , but question

    by Ashually

    Which is the difficulty level ? 1 2 or 3 ...

  • Retarded

    by Bigshot bobby

    Just bought this version for the multiplayer, and you can't add AI only players. Defeats the purpose of my intention of buying, I want to be able to add AI on a multiplayer game, the old one does it...

  • Worst Game EVER!!!!!

    by Lee 48

    First of all to the makers of this app I want my money back plus interest. This should tell everyone what I think of this game. It is the most one sided, rigged game I have ever seen. From start to finish the computer had the advantage. For some reason I continue to play it even though I quit the game often. Every part of the game is rigged from community chest & chance to me staying in jail or hitting the taxes constantly. Nobody is that lucky or that unlucky meaning me. Please don't waste your money on this game or the other.

  • Programmed won't let u win!!!

    by Ddzoon

    They won't land on ur house. U will land on their house.

  • Programmed won't let u win!!!

    by Ddzoon

    They won't land on ur house. U will land on their house.

  • My friends can't play

    by lollipopdays

    So my boyfriend was trying to make an account but he can only see half of the screen...?

  • Crap.

    by Mia12345678910

    This game freezes way to much. I paid for it why does it never work. Would not buy again.

  • Suckssssss

    by TheDesertLion

    Waste of money in play my turn then it gets stuck on the computer! Nasty kid kid

  • iPhone version flawed!

    by Jmduke311

    All menus are too big for screen and unable to scroll over. Ads are nuts just in the startup screen. Origin pop ups are just as bad and those menus are also unusable.

  • Wifi

    by Mel1029384756

    The wifi feature that allows you to play against friends and family has NEVER ever worked.

  • EA makes poo games

    by Chris Taylor

    EA has destroyed countless game franchises because their attention to detail is applicable to poo. Here is another game they've ruined because of their negligence. I want a refund. I will never buy another EA game for as long as I live. EA makes poo games.

  • It cheated!

    by Carebear113

    Ok, first off, even on the easiest difficulty the AI was phenomenal and never has a bad turn. Then, I had been playing a game for 5 hours and I made an AI go bankrupt. So, by rules I get all that AI's property, BUT IT GAVE IT TO ANOTHER AI! That is not fair!!! Deleting it.

  • No wifi

    by Michael7221982

    Very disappointed in the multiplayer function for play over wifi... The game will not sync both players after the game has accepted wifi connection between the 2 players. Only the host is allowed to play, while the opponent can't even exit out of the wifi game menu.

  • by Yosephtheone

    I just purchased this game and regret it even though it only cost .99cents ! When its the computers turn it does nothing , a complete waste !!! I didnt even get a chance to play 1 game

  • by Yosephtheone

    I just purchased this game and regret it even though it only cost .99cents ! When its the computers turn it does nothing , a complete waste !!! I didnt even get a chance to play 1 game

  • Pop-Up Ads

    by Nosien

    The game delivers pop up ads from the onset of the game. In addition, in order to select your pieces for play, the game prompts you to sign up for another service before being able to cycle through your options. What is worse, to close and exit out of the offer you must click on an undersized "x" in top right which feels as though it was purposefully done to encourage signing up for the third party service. This app should be upfront about this sleazy practice in its description or refund users their money.

  • Awful!!!!!!!

    by Schipwrkwes

    Me and my girlfriend just downloaded it to play each other and no matter what we do it will only load for the host and not the player. This game has WAY TOO MANY BUGS! Just terrible, I'm glad I didn't pay the $10 for the iPad addition! RIP OFF!!!!

  • Poor quality

    by Annnnnnnoyedddd

    Could not set up game to play with another player... Kept freezing. Waste of money

  • COM' on

    by Ryandan0725

    Never save and quit! It crashes! Need to be fixed

  • Junk

    by Lgsfjgxc

    Freezes constantly and trades are awkward to conduct. Regretful purchase!

  • Update!

    by Dj Drty

    Nothing like monopoly millionaire

  • Wifi mode trifles me

    by Elnortej

    Why can't I connect to play a game with the person sitting next to me while on the same wifi network?

  • Awful

    by Dancelovesinglive

    This game doesn't even let you play on wifi with friends. We are all connected but only the host gets to play. This is a total waste of money..

  • Sucky

    by Kellyam6

    Wifi multiplayer doesn't work! So frustrating. Keeps freezing and crashing. So many problems

  • Good game but keeps crashing.

    by AmandaG0182

    I like the game but it recently started crashing and now I can't even play it. Please fix it!

  • Too much

    by Donjosan


  • Playing with friends is almost impossible

    by xSharAzax

    I cant see the the whole display on my iphone when i try to connect with Origin.. Its soo annoying to send a simple invitation to a friend It should be easier to play with friends...

  • Ridiculous AI

    by Livemadshralp

    The computer constantly trades monopolies for nothing in return. So as soon as all of one property is out, the ai will get a monopoly, every time.

  • Horrible

    by Jovanyp85

    iOS 7 you can't play it and it frizzes all the time I can't even login to origin because I can see half the screen that's messed up too they need the do an update to this version. Don't buy it unless the update is done

  • It Cheats

    by Ouroboris

    The dice heavily favor the AI even on the easiest setting far too often to be random. And if you DO manage to get ahead you'll find a "-" sign in front of your funds! Screw this game, I'm deleting it.

  • Good game

    by Titanium17562685378

    The game is super fun and addictive but lately it seems like it has been acting werid and it won't let anyone take a turn and it just freezes up

  • Ruim

    by BrunoRizzo

    Ruim no iphone 5

  • Monopoly

    by Niessamia

    Don't like it bought it to play with family but none of us can connect. Very disappointed.

  • Cannot work with 5s

    by Jasonlllll

    You fuming naggers!!!!! This is the worst waste of my money! I hope all you doe who made this you faks! Way to waste my time.

  • Blatant cheating a.i.

    by Praystation.

    The a.i cheats.

  • Wifi multiplayer

    by MistaKool

    Doesn't work on iPhone 5S. Will not multiplayer wifi with any iPhone device.

  • Freeze up!!

    by Downloaded over and over again

    Please fix the bugs!!! I have deleted and re-downloaded this app over 20 times! I love monopoly and even when the computer makes the game much more difficult to win. My game is stuck in this "between turns land" and I end up deleting the and re-down loading it over and over. Please fix!!

  • Update

    by craggie4ever

    Please please please update this app for iOS 7. I always preferred this version to the original.

  • AI moves aren't random

    by ThisNicknameIsNowTaken222

    Lost my last 5 games in a row on Easy. I quit the last after the computer rolled 4 doubles in a row and then immediately used THREE Forced Deal cards on me in the same turn to pick up three monopolies. You're going to tell me these are random dice rolls? Fat chance.

  • Worst game ever

    by Guyfrom505

    Would not let me play 2 players with someone else via wifi. I want my 99 cents back.

  • Other languages??!!

    by Eeyore**

    I bought this because when I googled it, there was mention of playing in foreign languages. How do I change to a different language? I hate that I paid even 99 cents for something I'll never use. Wanted to use it for teaching foreign languages.

  • Not worth the time

    by alxvall

    AI is rigged

  • Waste of money

    by Johnny tree III

    Bought this game and can only play one game before it freezes upon creating a second game. Waste of my dollar

  • Angry

    by Goatgoatmcduck

    Garbage app doesn't run, no retina/5/5s support, leggy as anything. Wouldn't let them pay me $1 to let me waste the space.

  • Doesn't even work

    by Relizima

    Computers never roll. Game doesn't even work. Load of BS.

  • Frustrating!!

    by Moiei

    The AI always wins! Always!! I play this game every night before bed and have never won a SINGLE game. I'm growing very impatient with this game.

  • Incredibly bias

    by Figs3122

    Worst game ever. I had hotels on 3 straight corners. Computer dodged them every time. You land on every one of their properties and they dodge yours. Learn to make games EA, or stick to madden. Only game y'all seem to know what you're doing. Stupid peasants.

  • Bad

    by __Hauteknits

    Doesn't have iPhone 5 support and the A.I. is rigged get your sh*t together EA

  • Absolute waste of money

    by nmnc96

    I have yet to be able to play the game. The board appears but gameplay never begins.

  • DO NOT BUY!!

    by americanyouth303

    Updated Review: This app is crap. It has too many flaws to list and since it hasn't been updated after numerous negative reviews EA obviously doesn't care.

  • Disappointed

    by Dshin17

    The game doesnt start most of the time. You have to shut and turn it back on multiple times

  • Wont connect via wifi

    by J3r0k

    It wont connect via wifi the game starts with out the other player please fix it

  • Cheap/rigged

    by Geo-Logic

    Not only are you just "unlucky" (missing buyable spaces, landing on opponent spaces, landing on tax) but the AI work together. It's not 4 on 4 it's 3 on 1, they do unnecessary trades to give each other monopolies but never trade with you. You could go 5 or 6 turns without hitting a buyable space on new games. And be prepared for the AI to get LOTS of doubles. you could have all the spaces with all hotels and they'd just land on chest and tax right around your spaces. It's so obvious it makes the game not fun at all. Poor programming on the probability generator.

  • Broken

    by BER100

    Does not work. Most games wont even start

  • Wifi doesn't ,work too many ads, screen small

    by Adediji

    Give me a refund this app is useless . Only paid for the wifi play . But that does not work .the game is buggy and the screen size is very small and no way to scale up . And really ? Ads on a paid application ? Worse app buy experience ever

  • The game is rigged

    by wunduhful

    How many times can I roll doubles and go to jail? I have this happen multiple times a game and it never happens to the computer. The AI definitely help each other out. The one way to fight back is the auctions. You can drive the prices up a lot and ding the AI, but they will always get lucky with Chance and things like that. The animation is much more annoying than it is helpful.

  • iOS7

    by Busevo

    Doesn't work with iOS7

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