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BOOM! Up your MADDEN NFL 25 experience with a new Collections & Rewards system, 20 new Solo Challenges & more…
The latest update introduces great new features, including:
• Collections – Earn rewards and build your team rating faster when you complete collections
• New Interception System – Find yourself picking off passes with more authenticity
• New Kicking System – A new flick-based system makes kicking more fun

Plus, find a new interface that enables easier access to Solo Challenges to keep you competing and advancing your team like never before! Update now for the best MADDEN NFL 25 yet. Thanks for playing!

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An experience 25 years in the making! EA SPORTS delivers the most authentic NFL football experience to date on iPhone® and iPad® with MADDEN NFL 25. Build your Ultimate Team of NFL stars and run the show on offense and defense with new and improved touch controls, game modes and much more!

Collect your favorite NFL players from packs or win them in the Auction House, then dominate the field against friends by building your ultimate powerhouse team.

Madden NFL lets you choose from 32 REAL NFL teams and a roster of more than 1,500 REAL NFL players! Battle it out in true-to-life NFL stadiums, too. Ultra-sharp graphics make gameplay even more realistic. Feel the impact of every game-changing tackle with hard-hitting collision effects!

Relive NFL storylines and play through several seasons in Solo Challenges. Take on friends in the fast-paced, offensive shootout mode, Head-2-Head (a mobile exclusive)! Or, jump into Practice Game mode for single-player offensive and defensive football.

Run, pass, and make the big hits on D with new and intuitive Tap & Swipe controls. Better tape your fingers!

Score MADDEN NFL 25 on iPhone® and iPad® now. BOOM!

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Customer Reviews

  • Almost perfect but update!!!!!

    by User123499999

    This game would be the best if only they eliminated the energy thing so we can play as much as we want. Also being to be able so skip defense or offense without waiting would be nice!!!!!!!!

  • Update this please

    by LegoEggo666

    Please include a trading system for the cards in the update and I really love the game

  • Collections

    by New characters please

    I love this game but every time I go to collection it just crashes and doesn't go to the collections make an update and I will give it 5 stars

  • Pretty great

    by nights 777

    Just wish that playing offline was a valuable option. One of the best games I've played on the iPhone. Too many hours have been sinked into the game.

  • Pretty good

    by Magic bullet 54

    This game is amazing but it freezes once in a while and kicks me out sometimes

  • The best sports game I've downloaded in a long time

    by Young Simba 19

    The graphics on this game is pretty amazing. It feels like I'm playing on a ps4, when I'm actually playing on an iPad Mini with Retina Display. The controls are very easy to learn and this game is fun to play. I'm happy I downloaded it and I highly recommend others do the same.

  • Good game fix bugs

    by Footballfan35

    The game is great but while I'm playing i lose connection and i lose my team and it tells me too start over. So i have to redownload it. And it happens every time i play after like 3 minutes.

  • Needs to be fixed

    by Jewlzlian

    It constantly crashes and freezes. Then there's a bunch of bugs and glitches. A fumble in the other teams endzone that is recovered by there defense and is tackled in the endzone is a touchback not a touchdown.

  • Awesome

    by Bman.6

    U get addicted easy and also u learn about the NFL



    This game is awesome but needs a regular online season like on ps4. It should be easier to get interceptions. Also getting coins should be easier like it is on ps4. And Add more legends. Connected Career would be nice too

  • Good but

    by Evertonfifa

    It needs an update that you use the app without wifi

  • Weird glitch

    by Lethe beast

    Okay I am not gonna lie this is a great game I love it I really do but I am having this weird glitch when I am playing a game and a get this black screen for a second then it restarts the whole app

  • Good but...

    by Sarcasm11

    I love the game but I can't get through a full game without it crashing on me. Fix this and it'll be great!

  • 1000review

    by Me12345633


  • Issue

    by Mtchildress

    Good... Except if the kicking team grabs the ball before the receiving team touches it it's a turnover . Please fix. Very frustrating

  • Madden 25

    by Dookie warrior


  • Great game but one problem

    by cafeasp

    The games is great but when I bet and it's 3,2,1, and then it says you win then somebody bets and I lose fix that !!!!

  • Good game

    by Bperry719

    Good game , very fun but is constantly crashing on my ipad. I can't play a single game without it shutting off. Please fix

  • Bo knows

    by Iron Blake

    Bo Jackson legendary

  • Good

    by Alvin,Anthony ,and Cameron

    Awesome but when I walk anywhere else in my house it does not work

  • Update Glitch

    by Michaelman799

    I had my madden team on my phone and I installed the new update and I lost everything, I was a 91 overall. Please fix! Account b4l Otherwise this is a great game

  • Good but,

    by Jdjkdidi

    Have less glitches and exit outs it effects when u r playing other wise pretty good.

  • Nickel and dime you to death

    by Rgrable1

    Fix it

  • Madden 25

    by Shortnd01

    I would rate this zero stars if possible, it is really buggy on my ipad mini and it crashes a lot. I also think they need to make the controls different, maybe have a small joystick in the bottom right. Make it like the old app, NCAA2011

  • Excellent except.......

    by Madden fang

    This game is awesome except for one thing it crashes after like every 5 or 6 minutes. Fix and I will write 10 5 star reviews.

  • Too many crashes

    by Crashing ain't cool!

    Great concept but the game crashes way too often!!! Please fix this soon and provide an update!!

  • Wanted to like this...

    by Raiderboy0

    Really wanted to like this, but it crashes every time I run a play. Fix it and I might try again.

  • Crash

    by Miguel4444;

    It's a fun game but crashes on the iPhone 4S please fix

  • Crap!!

    by T. sprague

    First of all, the team you select will have all of the secondary as the main team. Next, all if your "star" players will be down graded. The teams you play will have random players that have 99 speed so you can't even catch them because your own players are down graded. The only way to be successful in the game is to get cards from auctions in which the player is a nobody, yet he has more talent than your star linebacker. Or to pay a ridiculous amount of coins in which you slowly earn or pay actual cash to buy coins so you have a futile chance of actually winning. Absolutely terrible. I would have gave a 1/4 star if possible.

  • Glitches...

    by Cachetes23

    I ran back a kickoff return for a touchdown and as soon as my guy finished celebrating, the game froze and an "oops error" message popped up and logged me's happened on recovered fumbles as well. Please fix this!

  • Eh

    by Lil Rush

    All it does it crash I would play it more if it didn't crash so much. Got to fix this.

  • Expect to be kicked every 5 min

    by Maurino38

    The game is good but you are consistently having to reopen the app after being kicked out every five minutes

  • Needs update!! Crashing a lot while playing

    by Kalandrako

    Needs to be fixed ASAP game keeps crashing while being played.. Other than that the game is great hopefully problem gets taking care off then I will give a 5 star review


    by u had one job

    IT MESSES UP THE SCORES. It's unfair

  • Crashes

    by Four fifty seven

    Way to many crashes!!!

  • Terrible app

    by Giantsfan97

    First off I wasted about $25 into the game and just when I thought the game was getting good, it got bad. An update came out, and after the download I could no longer use the app. Now I tried to redownload the app but it will not download. Waste of money and time.

  • F this

    by 49er Swaggerer

    Its not giving letting me watch my madden cash videos! My QB is also throwing a ton of bullets i don't want him to and I get picked off

  • It's amazing, but...

    by samuscapitol

    There are some plays that I consider controversial. Can you add Instant Replay and Challenges in the next update? Also more penalties, please!

  • Dont waste your time

    by Mattycakes1218

    This game just keeps glitching out you can't play anything or earn any money worst game ever also ea needs to update this game to fix it

  • Scrambling problems and crashes

    by Ebthyhyhyhyun

    In the latest update u changed the way QB is able to scramble behind the line of scrimmage so it made it harder to avoid or evade defenders and the app sometimes crashes please fix......thank u

  • It keeps glitching

    by Pazde Cris

    The game crashes every time a kickoff and takes to lint to load

  • Crashes

    by Tedder25

    Games good just need to work on the crashes

  • Madden 25

    by Best app ever made in madden

    Awesome. I think they should make you collect solo challenges cards and put them in a collection

  • No good

    by Arlom

    This is a great game, great graphics and all that, but I can't get to play it because it is crashing all the time!!!

  • Piece of crap!!


    Can't even start the game! I don't have a Facebook so I hit the play button but it says that they have trouble logging in so I can't even start the dang thing!

  • Bad

    by Eric Lochridge

    This game has bad controls and the 2012 version witch the sold for 1.99$ was way better and worth the money and they stopped selling it the app

  • Okk

    by Javas0796

    its ok just too many bugs and glitches which are annoying

  • Glitches and loses connection

    by holy moly coly sholy

    The game itself does not have good mechanics and would lose connection to the internet really quick.

  • Garbage

    by GennaDe

    Hate the controls hate the game play hate everything about this game. This is not Madden this is absolute garbage!

  • Good....but

    by Clark814

    This is a great game for iOS and is pretty accurate to the xbox version. But just the other day I tried to complete a collection for a legendary. But the game decided not to give it to me. Great game but you can't always trust it

  • Crashes

    by Me16346

    Great game. Love the gameplay and the challenges but crashes after every play and sends me back to iOS home screen. If that bug could be fixed game would get 5 stars from me


    by Domo-B

    This is not fun at all it is to hard to control and boring! Don't download it its not worth it!!! Sorry EA but Fifa 14 is so much better.

  • Makes me mad

    by Denis Aguilar

    Hate it it takes me out of the app by its self

  • Decent

    by Baddaog

    Decent takes a while for energy to regain

  • Good but crashing ruins it

    by Soccer bot

    Awesome game really cool BUT it crashes way to much, I'm playing against the giants and every time I call a play it crashes, and the game itself crashes way to much Come on EA this has been an issue for quite some time and you still haven't fixed and you able to.when this is fixed it'll be 5 stars. Until then it's 3 stars

  • Good game

    by Oliolioliver

    I have been playing madden 25 fir quite some time now, and I have had no complaints until recently when the game is constantly kicking me off of my practice games. But that's not too bad, my main consent is the fact that whenever it says tap to watch a video in order to earn madden cash, it ends up kicking off the app, and when I go back on it has to load all over again, and if I try to click it again the same thing will occur, I was wondering if you could fix this for me.

  • I'm having a problem

    by Question_s

    I had it earlier but now it says not compatible with this I pod. Please help.


    by an135ish

    This game is really nice but the thing is that it crashes after every play and it makes me so mad!! You should seriously fix it.

  • Good,could be better

    by Swan pack

    Nice gameplay and graphics, but terrible controls. Switch back to analog stick controls.

  • Sick

    by CA203

    Amazing sick but it's lagging blows dick


    by knobdaddy

    piece of junk i would rate 0 stars if i could. game crashes everytime i choose a play. waste of time until fixed.

  • Need improvement

    by LewisJF

    The punting and kicking system is bad because my gunners can't get to the balk because I can kick it high anymore on punts from the 50. Blocking is horrible, every play has a block in the back. Pass interference is rampant and the pass intercepting and blocking system is flawed. Scoring is too common. My safeties take horrible routes when trying to stop the run. Kick and punt returns are impossible unless it's on simulated.

  • Well fun but crashes

    by 9:00

    Well I got this game 2 months ago it was running well until 1 month ago when I was in ot and when I was going to kick a gw field goal it crashed over and over again and every time I would go to practice and it would be glitchy and we had to delete it numorous times and now when I go to an auction it will crash reptivly so it needs improvement

  • Ok

    by :) okkk

    It a ok game but it was hard to be defense to me and had to use your coins to play game


    by OhhhhNoTY


  • Dumb

    by That's Better

    This is the worst game on app sfore

  • Fix this!!!!

    by Gabey hall


  • More frustrating then entertaining

    by Er00768

    This is a terrible game.The lack of button configuration is disgusting and lacks the movement needed to play a football game. Not only that but if you find yourself with poor internet connection you will be forced out of the game and have to redo any play previously completed. This means loss of touchdown. I will be deleting this app. This is nothing like a console game and not worth the time to play.

  • Unlimited energy

    by nancy kamel

    I need more modes other than franchise . Like exhibition or drills. I am tired with franchise mode and so fix your BUTTSTTTTTSSSSTTS and this content update is taking FOREVER!been 7 weeks now and nothing happens

  • Ta game is good but..

    by Duda Kertesz

    the game keeps crashing all the time and needs An update because u cant play!!

  • Great game but needs to fix the crashes

    by 7777 stars

    I like the easy controls and how u can get different players from other teams.But it keeps on crashing on me. Fix the crashing it will be awesome again

  • C'mon ea/ apple

    by BEASTMODE1314

    Glitches every time I play. Especially when searching for cards... Get it together. You are both global powerhouses... And this is an extremely popular game... Please fix the glitch...

  • Good game but needs tweaks

    by Doobee95

    Its a fun game but it should pay out abit more coins and xp. Also the defense is kind of sketchy because switching players is a hassle sometime and blows the play.

  • Took my 95 Ultimate

    by VRod 21

    I brought a football outsiders pack and it glitched and I didn't get my cards , including avril 95 DE from the Seahawks. Please fix it and give me back my card. I have spent about 80 USD and 15 Madden Cash for that pack.

  • I like it

    by Bdpoohboy

    This game is awesome because I get to play Madden 25!This app has one major problem,When I start a game the app crashes and I can not play because of that.Please fix it please!

  • Problems to fix!

    by PacificIslander0324

    Every time I open the collections tab, the game freezes. Please update fast!!

  • A good game but too many bugs

    by Ryan Evan bell

    If you could fix the bugs it would be great.

  • Icedgman

    by Icedkiller

    Great game to play but it so hard to be certain teams even if you are better or even with them. And it crashes all the time I can't even finish 30 seconds of a quarter without it crashing.

  • Great Game

    by Leader907

    The game is really good to play. But there is some issues with the game. When I completed my first collection I got my reward fine, but when I tried to return back to the collection page the screen froze. I close the app and try to go back to the collection page but it keeps on freezing the screen.

  • crashes

    by RTG30

    lots of crashes on ipad mini

  • Crashes

    by Coolmanjess

    Can you FIX the CRASHES Please

  • Soooooo angry!!!!!

    by I.sack009

    So I had the game for about a year then the other day it just magically did not save my game and made me restart from ROCK BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HATE THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Paw 99898

    Stop them great game otherwise

  • Crashes

    by Jack stanley04

    Crashes all day

  • Fun, But...

    by Jaxon Thomas

    This game is fun, but it keeps glitching and crashing. I like the joystick controls, but they're hard to navigate. Add exhibition mode and franchise mode. Peyton Manning is horrible! What's up with that? It's a fun game, but it needs work.


    by ^.^ + carrot

    The game has great potential. The problem with the game is that it crashes way too often. Also, i want to trade my players to a different account but I can't. The opposing teams have players with 100+ ratings while you can get a max of 99. This makes the game to challenging for the players. I always feel i should delete the game but i trust in EA sports to fix and add these things. Thanks.

  • Not that great.

    by Trivtriv13


  • Cool but

    by Kai978

    The game needs to stop crasing but still I love It one more star the a crashing update

  • Fix bug issue

    by Tissue master

    Fix bugs, but good game overall

  • Don't Spend Money on This

    by jayem1

    The previous edition of Madden for the iPhone was Madden 13 Social and it was discontinued and disabled after people put their hard earned money into building their teams. A similar thing happened with NCAA Football for iPhone. It ran horribly on the 4S and subsequent iPhones and EA never offered a fix. Instead, it just ran off with people's money. They can do the same with Madden 25. But another reason to not spend any money on this is because it has so many bugs (what else is new?). For instance, the game freezes randomly and the auction is buggy when using filters (auctions that were available before a filter was applied had no longer appeared even though it should have). Once issues like that are solved and when EA proves to me they won't rob me of my hard earned team then maybe I'll think about contributing something. Until then, this Madden 25 isn't worth the money and I'd also add neither is EA's stock.

  • Help!

    by Ugggh! Crashes! Fix!

    Hi EA, Whenever I open collections the app always crashes. If you could fix that it would be great!!!!

  • Crasher

    by Ikaika 76

    Love the game, but it crashes wayyyyy too much. Would love an update right about now! What's up EA? Got enough bad reviews yet?

  • Constantly Crashes

    by Psalm18:2

    Fun game if you can play for more than a minute! Constantly crashes! Frustrating. Please fix!!

  • Crashes

    by Zombiekiller1234567

    It crashes every single time I play it it's annoying please fix other than that awesome game

  • Crashes often

    by Guy with a tie

    The game is awesome and fun but it crashes often in my ipad which is really irritating. Please fix this bug!!!

  • Good game

    by jhhguh

    Great game, wish they had an analog stick

  • Glich

    by Tony G 32

    For some reason I can't do a warm up game. My game froze in the menu. Tried re downloading the app and it still won't work

  • Okay, but not good.

    by Superbowltime

    It has good graphics & gameplay, but it is basically rigged. There are no Pass Interference calls, which limits my passing attack, and every time I block a punt & recover it, the other team gets possession of the ball. That is just screwed up. You guys have gotta fix this!

  • Good game but please fix

    by Zgidcumb

    This is a good game fun to play but every game I play I get 5 plays in then it closes the game and restarts itself... Very frustrating please fix.

  • Ehh

    by Mr.Cool13

    There is one major bug in particular. Every time I open collections, it freezes. Please fix!!!!!!

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