FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

PUT YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM TO THE TEST! Compete against real opponents from around the world with Online Seasons. Get your squad to the top division to earn coins, items, and packs.

Other enhancements include:

• Improvements to Touch Controls
• Simpler, friendlier way of choosing between Classic and Touch controls
• Ergonomic and visual improvements, behind-the-scenes adjustments, and more!

Thanks for playing FIFA 14. Get in there!

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REAL PLAYERS. REAL TEAMS. REAL LEAGUES. Welcome to the most authentic football game on the App Store. Feel the excitement of every pass, shot, and tackle with new touch controls. Plus, live every moment of real-world football with EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day. Get in there!

** This is a highly detailed game of superior quality. Please make sure you have at least 1.35GB of free space on your device. **

Earn and trade, or buy and sell FIFA players to create your own fantasy team. Choose your play style, formation, kits, and more. Then, pit your squad against others from around the world – with Online Seasons mode!

Featuring 33 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. From the English Premier League and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond. March toward glory in 34 authentic stadiums. Plus, for the first time on mobile, listen to commentaries in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish!
To download commentaries enter the CUSTOMIZE menu, then click the AUDIO tile for options.

EA SPORTS™ Football Club Match Day lets you follow the heartbeat of your favorite club. Play along with real-world fixtures from top leagues. Every injury, suspension, and change in team form is reflected in-game – keeping you connected wherever you are!

Hold and drag players to move them around the field, tap to pass, swipe to shoot – and more! FIFA 14’s new Touch Flow Controls put the excitement of playing the world’s most popular sport at your fingertips – literally.

Compete with friends anytime, anywhere. Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and use superstars like Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale to crush your competitors around the world. Then, share your most glorious moments online – straight from Instant Replay!

Want more? Classic modes like Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off are available for purchase in-game.

The game you love. The game you live for. WE ARE FIFA 14!

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• Includes in-game advertising.
• This app collects data through the use of third party ad serving as well as EA’s and third party analytics technology. See End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookie Policy for details.
• Origin mobile services are included with this Application. See and End User License Agreement for details.
• EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on
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Customer Reviews

  • FUT team

    by Yahoo681

    Sometimes i cant play online season matches with my fut team

  • Good

    by osvaldo alvarez

    The games actually really good for an iOS game. Recommend this. But it would better if there where more teams.

  • Career mode

    by Zkgsotysiysid

    Add global transfer network, trading, kit number , transfer rival players, and European cup in first season.update teams for career mode

  • Great app perfect

    by I'm hulk

    It's great love the game the app everything about it

  • FIFA 14

    by WallEchoBros

    Good game really fun and good graphics

  • good

    by Esau25




    This is my faverite game on my phone!!If you are a soccer nut like me,GET THIS EPICLY AWESOME GAME!!!!The only thing is that I wish I could play as F.C.Barcelona!!Messi forever!!

  • Love this game

    by Jpwsportskid

    This is my favorite app to play. Sometimes the servers go down or it just doesn't let me play because of some stupid errors. EA eventually fixes it but not before letting people get angry about it. After playing FIFA 13 when 14 stopped working, I noticed how much smoother the gameplay is in FIFA 14. If you love soccer, you'll love this app. Another thing, when playing online season (a great addition) I often lose connection to people who have bad wifi, and I know it's not my wifi. I might be wining 1-0 and the game says it will analyze the match results. After that it says I lost 0-3. How the **** do you guys manage to pull off this ****? FIX IT. NOW.

  • Nice game

    by May you help me

    Fifa 14 is a very decent game I love the new graphics and player expressions and the new moves and all that and after the update we can finally play UT online and I like the new ball selection but of course I have some suggestions please make erning coins easier because whenever I'm saving for a good pack I need to bye contracts and if I do get a good pack I get useless players and I hate when I pick a button but it picks another please fix these but after all very good game good job ea sports thank you.

  • Khanjee82

    by Khanjee11

    That's a nice app for football lovers and what I can say but I will just add its awsome

  • Nice

    by สกนหยสได

    It is a pretty nice game!

  • Fun app

    by T- Cat

    Awsome very fun

  • Could be better

    by DTBath

    Reviewing players and making improvements is complicated and not easy to navigate.

  • Great game

    by Ajrele

    Love it

  • Help

    by Jesúsin14

    Good app but I need help to use this app with airplay in my Apple TV

  • Reseña

    by Flako214


  • The best fifa I've ever played!!

    by Zombieeeeeezzzzz!

    I know it will get better but this game is freaking beast! You guys should add we're we can wager players for our ultimate team, make it we're you don't have to have friends, just people online that want to for UT! Add the new Brazuca World Cup Ball please! That would be great.

  • Awsome

    by Ggghthrfuuuyf

    Great game but bad gold packs

  • OMG

    by Gluppy29

    Es increíble este juego me encanta súper real la verdad el mejor d todos los q tengo en mi movil ya solo juego este deje todos por el

  • FIFA 14

    by Big dog74

    Awesome 1 of the best apps. I downloaded on my IPhone!!

  • Terrible but has potential

    by Mickeywc24

    The graphics are great, however the controls leave a lot to be desired. My biggest complaint is playing on the ultimate team mode. Too many players out there with terrible wifi connections or the ea servers are too slow. The game loses connection in the middle of a match and your players still lose games on their contracts.

  • FUT contracts is a BULLS**T Concept

    by Snwohockey27

    The FUT is a fun game mode but once you get to a certain point you can't play games unless you sell all your players because the contracts are so expensive and you make money so slowly personally I want to play but I can't right now with out selling all my good players to buy contracts

  • EA server

    by Uncle A11

    The server is always down. Please look into this ASAP. Thank you.

  • Great game, marketplace issues.

    by da bomb 77

    I spent 3,000 on fitness upgrades for my whole squad. None of them applied to the team or even worked. I have lovely wifi and internet connection. It's frustrating when coins are tight and you need to keep the team going. Love the game, please return my coins. Fcarmann

  • Ultimate team biding

    by Carlos Hernandez

    Does not let me get the things I won in BIDDING

  • Awesome

    by 1628470?:


  • FIFA is awesome

    by Por Pedro 368

    This game is awesome and cool.

  • Cool

    by Vintinl


  • Cool

    by TurtleDave1

    I don't even like soccer, but this game is great.

  • Great

    by Pajamas66

    You have to download this game!!!!!

  • FIFA 14

    by Aprz33

    I'm not a soccer fan at all and I've never played any of the FIFA games. So far I've enjoyed playing this game and trying to learn the rules and position of the game

  • Good

    by Thamer1815

    Good game

  • Awesome

    by Alli . ;D

    Wonderful game


    by Driver down now


  • F

    by Artemwow

    Can't wait for fifa 15

  • beyond anmazing

    by Packywacky17

    I love soccer and this is just a way to play on my phone against my friends

  • Best game ever

    by NewGuyFrosty

    I love this app

  • Awesome!

    by HMXC

    I like it!

  • FIFA 14

    by Pmakhfi

    Is very very very gooooood game

  • Fifa 14

    by Infinitus75

    It seems fun to just play on the go so far…

  • Good game

    by Jayymajano


  • Fifa

    by Shirokung

    Good games

  • FIFA can't be beat

    by svilla310

    love it on my xbox, love it on my iphone. dah besh


    by Col-guy

    Before i played this game i hated soccer, now im an extreme fan, and also they need an update, legends and being able to wager a card would be great -GO BAYERN MUNCHEN


    by Col-guy

    Before i played this game i hated soccer, now im an extreme fan, and also they need an update, legends and being able to wager a card would be great -GO BAYERN MUNCHEN

  • We Should be able to create players

    by Joaquin Barajas

    This should make the game more interesting and also be able to place your players in your favorite team But a great game

  • Awesome *.*

    by ---Rebirth---

    It's a great game!

  • Cool. but takes a lot of space

    by Kristopher Columbus

    This game is cool but takes a lot of room.I give people warnings that it takes a lot of room. But the soundtrack is amazing

  • great/but not so good

    by soccer player 16384

    when i play and choose the classic controls to play and when the player is running for some reason the player automaticly stops and this pisses me off because then the player catches up to you and takes the ball away from you. So please fix this problem so i can play perfectly

  • Awesome

    by Stephanie La Lazy Girl

    So fast it's awsome

  • Awesome

    by Messi 2014

    Great game


    by Mmiikkee510

    I have messi and cristiano ronaldo I have 27,000,000,000 $ left BEST GAME EVAR

  • Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee

    by Find me 123pro

    Omg please fifa give me someone good

  • Okay

    by flyace89

    I love this game until I was playing in beginners mode and the game randomly went to semi-pro

  • Good but....

    by Gerioka

    The game is great but sometimes it freezes and the space of the game is different,sometime 1,4 gb sometimes 1,7 sometimes 1,5 etc.

  • Money!!!

    by IIaPuHeK

    Hard to get money but game is good

  • Awesome

    by SuzQ4

    Best game I have ever seen and since I like soccer in real life it's really fun

  • Gostamos

    by Henry pollack

    Ótimo jogo !

  • Amazing

    by Jacob Welfeld

    When updated to full price it is amazing

  • FIFA 14

    by iAm_cooper


  • FIFA

    by Gavi master

    Best soccer game ever!!!!

  • Buen trabajo

    by Yomartt



    This game is amazingly good its realistic and every thing but one problem! I downloaded spanish the downloadable language and every time i play the game it always dissapears please fix and ill give 5 stars ✌️

  • Fifa14

    by City650

    Great game wish it was all unlocked

  • Great Game!

    by BuckLeyandrew

    I love this game and it is fabulous on ios

  • Awesome

    by Vckmn

    Very good game :) im enjoying it

  • Great Game, But...

    by Sauceyserg

    You should be able to trade players to friends in ultimate team mode or be able to build a team with a online friend, one of you is the manager and the other person does the actual playing mode just a though but great game!

  • Fix the crashing

    by zipper079

    It's an excellent game but at the moment it keeps crashing when ever I'm in Manage mode. I currently am playing on the iPhone 5 and have restarted my phone a couple of times!! Fix the bugs and I'll change the rating back to 5 stars!!

  • Good

    by LauxBoys

    It's ok but it needs to update!!!!!!!!!

  • New customs

    by Jhordymeza

    I think you should allow all players to make there own kits,badges,stadiums, players with money. For example if you want to make your own player you should pay to have the rank how the person looks what position it is and the overall rank for the skills.

  • Difficult

    by RuddFan

    The gap between difficulty levels is huge, especially if you're first time trying beginner, scoring 10-0, and step up to amateur only scoring a goal or two while allowing 4+ every time. And semi-pro I lost 0-15 on my only attempt. Other than that, the graphics are flawless, game depth is incredible, and the variety of stuff to do for an iOS game is huge.

  • Hi

    by Quoc Tien

    Great game:))))

  • Ps4 has nothing on iPhone

    by Cjay_XD

    The Game feels no different then Playing on a console

  • Very nice

    by Bsalmanipour

    Very very nice

  • I love fifa14

    by Dj-cwow

    Best game ever ... Im always playing in class

  • Превосходно!

    by Prixod

    Замечательная игра для любителей футбола. Все продумано до мелочей, графика и детали на высоте!

  • Awesome

    by Fhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf

    Best game I have ever played The graphics are great and there's lots or different modes you can play.Its very fun.

  • Great game

    by GrizzBallSoHard

    Exactly what a game on here should be

  • Good game

    by Joh4n42

    I like it its very fun playing with friends and is their gonna be a FIFA 15

  • Glitch

    by 00000000000000000000005

    This game is always crashing and glitching on me and it is getting really annoying can you fix it please

  • Crashes during friendlies

    by epicblueswat

    Every time I play this game with my brother it crashed and leads my brother a win like it's saying I quit the match. Please update a newer version

  • FIFA 14

    by Federico villaseñor

    I wish at some point, it could be easier to control the players. Still love it tho.

  • FIFA 14

    by GTaylor26

    This game is great not laggy good quality and fun to play with the new dynamic controls

  • Awsome

    by SNAP35

    Even though the graphics aren't that good fifa is a really good game that I love to play all the time.

  • Wager match in ultimate team?

    by Camsam835

    I think that a wager match in ultimate team would be awesome so that we could compete for other players cards.

  • This is the best game ever

    by EricMasse

    I love the real game and the app!

  • I Love it!!!!

    by HI_Time808

    100% get it and u will get use to it so yuh I love this and get its fun when u make a goalllll lol

  • The game

    by Saidsadat

    The best FIFA

  • Best!!!!!

    by Zzzzzzz soccer star

    This game is AMAZING!!! Best FIFA by far!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!

    by Totalghost29

    Best game ever lol awesome game feels like they actually took their time to make a good game

  • Ok

    by Suckmaidiq

    Nice graphics and gameplay. You need wifi for ultimate team and it nearly takes up 2 GBs. The worst part is that you need to pay for quick match.

  • Awesome game

    by Alonzo4968838487574,!;&:

    Your game is very cool I like it because I play soccer in real life and Imagie my friends in soccer playing with me like those tiny people

  • FIFA 14

    by Youssef igdad

    Great game it's so cool but i just want you to put Morocco on FIFA 15 please

  • Best fifa game played luv it


    I LOVE this game if u cant afford a playstation or xbox like me the game for u


    by SirAwesome15

    This is my favorite game! I would add update boots, jerseys, and statiom. I would also add practice mode.Amazing game.

  • Buenísimo

    by Kevinbale11

    El juego es muy bueno y completo no tiene nada que le pueda faltar a un juego de consola, pero la falla es que últimamente se cierra constantemente espero que se solucione en la próxima actualización

  • FIFA 14

    by nitikrasniqi123

    Hello im Arjanit. Im from Kosovo(Europe).I am a big fan of fifa since FIFA 2008(PC).And now in a smart phone FIFA is like a drama.I always play with world class and i beat a lot of friend in online games.JUST KEEP GOING.

  • Great game

    by Gillid

    I don't watch football but after downloading the game I have become interested in the sport and learning more about it as I play FIFA 2014 =]

  • Best soccer game ever

    by Awesome & I Know It

    This game is phenomenal! The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is very smooth and not laggy.

  • Great

    by Barcafollower

    Fifa and ea sports has done it again a great soccer app!!!

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