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BUILD and RACE your very own monster trucks! Build A Truck allows you to customize and build monster trucks. But choose carefully, as each decision and building block will have real impact on your trucks when the races begin! Experiment with the physics of speed, torque, drag, mass, inertia, friction, acceleration, gravity and more. Build A Truck is the third new app in Duck Duck Moose’s award-winning Trucks series. AGES: 5-12

PLAY CATEGORY: Creative play


- FACTORY: Choose a body, paint, decal, wheels, engine, and exhaust! Come try dragon wings, sirens, propeller hat, and more on your Truck

- GARAGE: Start collecting cars and earning medals in the Garage

- RACE: Race your truck through snow, jungles, sewers and an ever changing surprise track for unlimited play

About Duck Duck Moose -- We’re a small team of design-minded parents, illustrators, and engineers focused on creating the best content for kids to enjoy. We’ve been creating apps since 2008 that follow our goals of making experiences that delight, encourage, and allow for open exploration and imagination. Each of our apps is tested with kids of all ages before being released into the wild to ensure they are frustration free for little fingers and full of whimsy and fun.

We believe that kids should have save environments to learn and explore. Build A Truck does not collect any personal information or include any third-party advertising. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy:

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Customer Reviews

  • Little one loves it

    by Freddy in FL

    He loves building the trucks, not racing them, just building them!

  • Fun!

    by batchic23

    My children (6 and 4) really love this game. They especially like building their trucks. I highly recommend this game to kids who like racing. Animations are really nice. Would like an edit feature after the trucks are finished.

  • Love the game!

    by Mfstane7

    This game is so fun, me and my 3 year old have spent hours playing it! Need some more race tracks!

  • Monster Hit!

    by Icabod.Piper

    My 4yr old son & daughter love love love this game. They love getting to make their own cars & think they win every race they finish. They were quick to pick up on most everything & especially love crushing other cars.

  • Nice!

    by TeD2D

    My 3-year old son loves this.

  • Fun truck design but Hard courses

    by LStep1800

    My 3 year old could spend hours building trucks in this game, the garage is set up awesome. The courses however are too hard. I myself have done the courses over and over to win coins for him but I still cannot unlock the extra course

  • Cool...tiny flaws

    by Omisan

    Overall a fun experience for my son...and me! Easy to play and design the cars/trucks. Wish there was a way to take a current truck and redesign parts of it.

  • Great game!

    by GAB126

    My 5 year old nephew loves this game! (It's easy to use without annoying ads and in app purchases). He gets really into building and decorating his own truck and then gets to race it. The adults in the family have joined in on the fun with this app too!

  • Awesome

    by Lynx 326

    Bought this app while visiting my grandsons. We all loved it. Fun and educational.

  • Mom

    by Sara Ferracone

    Awesome! It's like two games in one! My son who is 9 loves it and so does my husband!

  • So much fun and creativity

    by SKBay422

    Just bought this for my niece - she loves designing her own truck! Colors, body of car, decorate many options! THEN she can race it. Highly recommend this app.

  • 4 yr old loves it, probably too much

    by Kiwilust

    4 yo loves creating the trucks and racing them, although some tracks are hard for him. He begs me constantly to play this game, which is a mixed blessing ;)

  • My kid and I both can't put it down

    by kidteacher2

    The kids and I love racing each other and comparing our trucks and scores! Different truck parts really make a difference! Fascinating!

  • Awesome Ever!

    by Emily0820

    I like playing this truck game soooo much though I'm not yet a kid... I like to create my dream car and enjoy testing it on different tracks! I keep playing it for a whole day today!!!

  • So much fun

    by Honey_bear9

    I love that you can completely customize the trucks and then race them. Half the fun is painting and decorating the trucks. It is fun to try and get 3 stars on all the tracks!

  • Fun for all ages

    by Shusterbaby

    I bought this for my 7 year old boy. He loves building the trucks and then racing them on the tracks. He likes trying to find all the coins. My 4 year old daughter also really likes building and painting. It's well worth it.

  • What a fun surprise

    by IrajDindarr

    I downloaded this game for my kids and they really like it. There are two parts to the game, a garage and a race. In the garage you put a truck together, and then paint it. My kids spent a lot of time painting the body with their fingers. Then you get to race the truck on a variety of tracks to see it in action. There are a bunch of tracks and what looks like a random track where it's different all of the time. The races are easy to control and fun and quirky, with lots of things to smash. Once my kids got to the race tracks that's all they wanted to do. I tried racing too and admit it is kinda fun. I even made my own truck (after the kids went to school).

  • Didn't work. Downloaded it 3 times, and everytime it crashes when opened. Really disappointed.

    by Carola Rivera

    Didn't work. Downloaded it 3 times, and everytime it crashes when opened. Really disappointed.

  • Did not work!!

    by AC/JC/JA

    I bought this app for my two boys whom love Duck Duck Mouse (until now a five star), but this one did not work, always crashes in my tow devices. It has been a waste of money and time.

  • Waste of money

    by Diego Leonel de Cervantes

    It crashes every time you open it.

  • Didn't work

    by Deertear

    It's just a waste of money .. Didn't work always crashes

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