Drawing Pad Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: Arabic, NB, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, HE, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: Darren Murtha

1) Undo/Redo bug fixed! Fixed a bug that would occasionally undo the entire the screen, causing you to have to redo back where you left off.

2) Sticker Bug fixed! Fixed a bug where dragging a sticker on the canvas would sometimes make the sticker immovable obscuring the tool drawer.

3) Optimized OpenGL Drawing Code! Drawing is more stable and blending is even better!

4) Time Status Bar bug fixed! Importing a photo would display the iOS Status bar and obscure the top of the drawer and canvas.

5) Accidental tool selected bug fixed - If you tapped a tool to stop it from moving, it would also accidentally select that tool.

6) Changed the "USB Tool" to a "Share Icon" which gives a better indication of what it does: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Print, Camera Roll, and Duplicate Save.

7) Added a "Parental Gate" to access the Coloring Book Store. Note: The Coloring Book Store can be completely hidden via iOS Settings > Applications > Drawing Pad > Store > Off

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9 Ratings
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1725 Ratings


BREAKING NEWS: #13 App in Canada on Feb 3, 2014 ---- Previously iPad App of the Week in 12 countries! (http://drawingpadapp.com/itunes-app-of-the-week) Drawing Pad is a mobile art studio for all ages! Create your own art using photo-realistic crayons, markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, stickers, roller pens and more!

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award (tinyurl.com/parents-drawingpad)
Featured on nytimes.com (tinyurl.com/nytimes-drawingpad)
Featured on usatoday.com (tinyurl.com/usatoday-drawingpad)
Featured on the iLounge 2011 Buyer's Guide 100 Essential Apps of 2010!
Featured by iLounge as First runner up to kids' iPad App of the Year!
Featured on Gizmodo's 2010 Gift Guide (tinyurl.com/gizmodo-drawingpad)
Featured in November 2010 MacWorld Magazine in the UK 4 out of 5 stars
Awarded Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review

Featured in the book “iPad Apps for Kids for Dummies” - by Jinny Gudmundsen
Featured in the O’Reilly book “Best iPad Apps” - by Peter Meyers

As seen in the Star Studio Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art! (drawingpadapp.com/ima)

"Drawing Pad is a fantastic drawing app!"

“Wonderful chalk tools! You can almost taste the dust!”
Mickey Paraskevas, Illustrator and Creator of the Maggie and the Ferocious Beast TV show.

"Drawing Pad is a fun and easy to use iPad art app for kids and adults alike. It has very visual menus giving you instant access to a broad range of useful art tools. There are amazing features for kids including dowloadable colouring books and additional advanced features for more ambitious artists."
Kyle Lambert - Artist - www.kylelambert.co.uk


Watch the video inside the App! (or drawingpadapp.com/tutorial)

Tap a tool, choose a color, and start drawing. It’s really that simple.

Your artwork is automatically saved in the Drawing Pad album. Manually save additional versions by tapping the button in the drawer depicted as as USB flash disk > Save to Drawing Pad Album.

For advanced brush options, tap the brush thumbnail at the bottom of the drawer.

Import photo backgrounds by first tapping the stationary icon in the drawer, then the filmstrip.

Import photo stickers by first tapping the sticker icon, then the stack of photos. Use one finger to move your photo and two fingers to rotate and resize.

Blender tool allows you to soften and blend colors!

Export to the Device Camera Roll, print via AirPrint, share via Email, Twitter or Facebook (note to Facebook users, once you upload a drawing, log onto your Facebook account and "Approve the Pending Drawing Pad Album).

Paint Brushes
Colored Pencils
Sketch Pencils
Roller Stamp Pens
Construction Paper
Text Sticker Tool
Photo Background Import
Photo Stickers
Gradient Brushes & Crayons
Advanced Brush Control
Color wheel and Gradient Panel
Pinch Zoom
Two Coloring Books

Download ten additional coloring books via in app purchase!
Restore prior "Coloring Book in app purchases" by tapping the "Redeem prior purchase" button on the Coloring Book store details page. See drawingpadapp.com/restore

Video at http://drawingpadapp.com

Email us at "support" -at- "drawingpadapp.com"

Don't have an iPad yet? Don't let it stop you! The low price for this version may expire soon! Buy now and tell your friends.


"Birds," "Panda Bear," and "Turtle" by Igor Cheban

"Dinosaur," and "Kitten" by Kyle Lambert

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic App!

    by Parajaks

    Download this app for hours of enjoyment!!! I love it!

  • Thankful for update!

    by hb Tech Teacher

    I looked for a drawing app for a while and finally settled on Drawing Pad. We have used it with our preschool - 4th graders for over a year now and we all love it. Very intuitive for kids to use, multiple drawing tools, stamps, typing, and you can save and go back to projects to work on again. Was so happy to have update to take care of stamp glitchiness after upgrade to iOS7. The only thing that would make it better is to add a paint bucket, and maybe more stamps!

  • Perfect for students

    by School Library

    The new update makes this our favorite app. Students from kindergarten to 8th grade use Drawing Pad on a daily basis. It utilizes multiple drawing tools, photo backgrounds, text, stickers and saves easily to the photo album. The special "rainbow" tools are a hit with younger crowd. Kudos to the developer for changing the outdated USB icon!

  • great drawing app for all ages

    by grannysmith3

    bought this for my grandkids; its very intuitive, for even the very young, they love it. recent updates gives even adults a good painting app with choices in brush type and size. I go to settings to turn off the customizing features when the 3yr old uses it.

  • Okay

    by Oma loma

    It's great but u guys need to work on the stickers, I mean I'm trying to get to one and one that I probably pressed by accident comes up but when I try to get rid of it, whenever I touch it another one pops up and wen I touch it again and again another one pops up and it repeats and then when nothing comes up that little thing that usually comes up when u want to edit something it never comes up! So please the makers of this game please fix that!

  • BEST app ever!!!!!!

    by Pancake 2

    This app never let's me down! My little brother lost his baseball game and I went strait to this app and said,"Great job Cole!" And he was so happy!!!


    by Milster01

    That's what my Grandkids said. This app is great for all ages. I find it useful for personalizing pictures. My 4 Grandkids (2 - 10 yrs) love it!

  • Fixing needed, but the best drawing app that I own so far

    by Love it!<3 <3

    Hey, people who read this along with hopefully someone who updates this app. Well, the problems are one, you should be able to save colors to a color pallet or something. Two, you should fix the undo buttons because sometimes it deletes your progress if pressed. And third, you should add more colors for chalk, pencil, and paint, and also add like a spray paint tool, along with sponge and melted crayon. The good things are from here on out. I love that you could make your own colors, along with a blending tool. Also the variety of colored pencils. I like the rainbow colors added too. The background option is a nice add. Please consider the first paragraph. And thanks for my favorite drawing app!

  • Awesome

    by Zarogl21212

    It's awesome and cool and fun also can u please add fill tool because it would be easier.thanks! : )

  • Novice already knows

    by Jabbadah

    Thank you for this excellent app! I know it already takes a lot of space in memory, but here's my wish-list: 1. Floating Palette access buttons might be in the upper corners or moveable. 2. It takes a lot of effort to get a pencil, or other stylus to have just the qualities one desires. It would be very useful if you could have a second drawer where one could save one's favorite tools, tweaked and saved to one's specifications. 3. As an academically trained artist, I use all the traditional media, it would be wonderful if you could also offer a crow-quill pen, and a variety of colors (I like a raw umber-y sepia, like Pelikan's), and in the floating palette, a selection of washes (light and watery, light medium, medium, dark medium, and dark), each becoming less transparent as they get darker. (Think Tiepolo drawings). 4. Reproductions of hand-made drawing papers: like the now extinct Barcham-Green papers, like Charter Oak or Boxley Hot Press, Maidenstone. Others still being made like Lana Laid, or Sennelier's blue-grey paper which artists have used since 1835 or so. 5. Or create an app specifically for fine artists. I realize how versatile the app is as it is, but making a strictly fine arts version--because it has such great potential--would economize the memory space it uses. THANKS SO MUCH for this really beautiful app.

  • Cool but

    by Jacob Minch

    Needs fill tool

  • Fantastic!

    by wingedpotato

    Easily the best drawing app for kids and very nice for casual adults, too. The last update added so many cool new tools that I had to write a review. Love this!

  • THANK YOU!!!!!

    by Cookin' Mommy

    WOW!! What a wonderful update to the app! My whole family loves it. There are so many great options to choose from.

  • Great tools, but beware

    by SpotCheckBilly

    Great tools for any need. I use this for everything but the coloring book, but the forward and backward arrows sometimes erase all of my progress for the past hour, it also just crashed......again......loosing a lot of precious time and effort. Come on man! Seriously, get that mess fixed! If your creative, I hope you're also careful. Save, save, save or this sucker will get you!

  • Pretty good

    by 1DEd

    Really good drawing app. Except when I make a mistake and hit the back arrow It totally erased my drawing that too a while to draw and there was to way of getting it back, when I hit all the arrows I couldn't find it. That part needs to be fixed...


    by Space Grace

    I like this game, but the update messed up the entire game!!! Now when I start up the game, sometimes it freezes, it won't let me return to the home screen, or turn off the iPad (unless I hold down the power button which takes a minute for some weird reason

  • Store

    by Horselover0108

    I keep trying to get out of the store but it wont let me. |:

  • BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!

    by Princessrockstar303

    Thank you for making this wonderful app!!!!!! I LOVE DRAWING!!!!!!

  • Drawing Pad

    by 11500mmmnjn

    Easy, fun and very handy to have for hobbies, ideas, playing etc. great application for the price, highly recommended.

  • Love the new changes, but...

    by busterbluth

    The new changes, like in brush sizes, are a little confusing. I would love a tutorial for it. Overall, it's a great app! I'm lucky I got it before it cost money!

  • Refund please

    by ElizabethQ

    This is my second iPad and third iPhone; I've invested in thousands of apps. I saw this app used by artist Kyle Lambert on utube. I liked the tool box, and other realistic features. So there I was well progressed on an amazing portrait sketch when it crashed. Annoyed, but patient (it is just a digital sketch after all), I chalked it up to perhaps being a minor quirk somewhere. i reset and started over. Nearly complete and it crashed again! When my third sketch attempt crashed I was Done. I won't use it again until this problem is fixed.

  • Easy and strong

    by The1ittleGiant

    This app is one of my favorite art apps in my ipad although it doesn't have layers. The most annoying thing in the app is that it's very slow, keep lagging and crashes a lot.

  • Everything is gone!

    by Abc123***

    I used to have tons of drawings saved to the album until the app crashed and everything was deleted. Also when you press the back arrow sometimes it erases the whole drawing.

  • VT

    by vtorgov

    Only thing missing - layers and color picker. Please add soon

  • Hi

    by Theawesomenessmistress898

    REALLY like it.

  • Variety of Tools to Choose From!

    by rach0508

    This app is very easy to use and I like all the tool options. I think this app could be used for a variety of purposes across multiple age levels.

  • Love it!

    by jom001

    This app is very easy to use. Really lets me bring out my artistic side. My kids really enjoy using it as well.

  • This app is amazing!

    by Mcilano

    When I saw "offers in app purchases" I thought it would make you buy everything like the apple app like this does. But it gives you a lot more utensils and such to draw that I thought it would! Buy this app! $1.99 is like an amazing deal for this.

  • It's awesome!!! Thank you

    by Rebecca521

    This is the best drawing app so far, and the price is so reasonable!!! thank you soooo much!

  • Amazing

    by FosterRobinson

    Love this app! The uses are boundless. I'm a school counselor and have more than a few emotionally overwhelmed students throughout my day. They can come in, draw to alleviate (or at least diminish) whatever emotion is overwhelming them. Once they're calm enough to talk about it, we talk and then problem-solve. DrawingPad can be a virtual lifesaver.

  • Great new features for Students

    by Creative APP-titude

    I am very excited about the updates to this app. Most drawing apps for younger students do not have a tool to add text. The addition of the text tool makes this a perfect app to use to combine story writing with drawings - it opens up a whole new range of possible learning activities. There also are new features that allow you to adjust the drawing tools to add transparency and other customized effects. I like that the features are slightly hidden so younger students don't get confused by them, but easy to use for older users. A highly recommended app for creativity and learning!

  • Amazing!

    by shasha1977

    But how do people draw SO WELL on this app?!

  • Drawing Pad / June 2013: 10 Star Update

    by Chairbound

    Drawing Pad was the first Darren Murtha Design App I tried......... I had some issues figuring out how to use it initially, (should have had a child show me) and when I emailed Darren about it I immediately received the kindest response. He even took the time to walk me through it via telephone while I followed along..........I believe I was a slow learner!!! The instructions are simple to follow by the way. He is such a pleasant and generous gentleman that it does not surprise me that he has designed the best group of Preschool "Learning while Playing Apps" that are in the app store. Our grandsons, now ages 7, 4 have always enjoyed them. The boys have been using the apps since they were small and love investigating it when I find a new one for them to try. I'm sure the 1-1/2 yr. old granddaughter will soon follow in their footsteps. It's a good thing the hubby got me an iPad 2, now there is no more "No, it's my turn"....."naah, it's mine, you did it twice"......"Nonaaaa, I saw him do two," when we visit. I regularly check for new D. Murtha Design Apps and don't even look at the description, I just get them and check them out after they download. I've never been disappointed. They are all on my iPad, and even some of my friend's grands will check to see if I have it with me when they see me. I've yet to meet the child that is not immediately engaged and entertained by these Fun Learning Apps. I don't believe you will ever regret purchasing or downloading them for your young child or grand or even a friend's children. You may enjoy using this one yourself. I love being a bit creative with it!! ------------------- June 01, 2013 UPDATE: YES!! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better....... I love the updated version of Drawing Pad! Being somewhat of a sketcher I've used this app myself as well as allowing our grandchildren to enjoy it. The newest version has made that experience much more versatile and creative. Excellent work, I love it!! We spent this past week visiting our three "grands" and I'm happy to report that our sweet baby girl, now a little over two years old, is as much if not more in love with D. Murtha's children's apps than her cousins have been for years. I recommend all of his apps, they're worth many $$$ and if they were $10 each they would still be an excellent investment!!

  • Grand kids love it!!


    Well worth the money. Hours of creative entertainment.

  • Awesome

    by Ben was here

    Awesome 5 stars.

  • You found it!

    by Rookies mom

    Best drawing, doodling and painting app available. So worth the money! Hours of fun!!!!

  • Excellent !!!

    by FIFA.COM

    New update with new options made this app to look more beautiful.

  • It's realy good

    by GoGetter123

    I really love this game. I play it all the time.

  • Add more then it will be the best of the best

    by agreen112

    I wish it had rulers and stencils of all different kind and where you can paint an entire area

  • Good but...

    by MandieRosie

    I really like this app but when I use the smudging tool, it has a really long reaction time.

  • Disable in app purchasing!

    by Bklymom

    I love this app, but you must disable in-app purchasing! Very young children can get stuck toggling through the bookstore. Lesson learned, and the people at Drawling PAD were great about helping me fix the problem, but I've changed my settings for the future.

  • Fun

    by Isabel 87980567

    This app is fun

  • Love it:)

    by Bungiel

    So much fun if you want a drawing pad you should get this one:);)

  • I have help for some of y'all...

    by Blue fish3140

    Okay, I'm gonna make this short and simple. So, people said that this app downloads way too slow. Well, I have a solution. Plug it into your charger and it will go faster...at least that's what mine did. Hope that helped! Remember, if u ever need help, just say in your review "blue fish help" and I will answer your question/problem as good as I possibly can. You're welcome!

  • Great for Kindergarten

    by dabears8940

    This app is awesome for a Kindergarten student through at least 5th grade. My 6 year old loves it and has no problem navigating through it. I just purchased the coloring books to go with it - they look neat. I do agree with one review that sound effects for the writing instruments would be a welcome addition.

  • Great app. Wish there were sound effects

    by Animalgal808

    If this app had sound effects. Like or a crayon rubbing. Ect. I'd give 5 stars

  • Amazing

    by *Star*:D

    I love this app it's very fun and easy to use!

  • Fantastic!!

    by balckyball

    Our family loves Drawing Pad!! We have two young children that could easily spend an hour a day playing on this app. What a great creative tool to help develop our kids minds, while having so much fun! Thank you!!

  • Love this app!!!

    by Kaeliiann

    I would have never known about this app if I didn't play with an iPad at best buy, and I can't express how much I love this app. The marker tool is a tad bit choppy, but the others work just as if you're actually writing with pen and paper! RECOMMEND!

  • Love this app

    by Danis22

    This is fun and entertaining. I love all the color options.

  • Awesome


    Really good app

  • Let's see here...

    by SymptomaticPigs

    I love this app, even though I have only used it a couple times. This thing is very cool, for example, if you have Pocket Frogs, and you are picking an avatar, you can draw something on this app, and that can become your avatar, when with any other drawing app, it is only in your iPad, iTouch, etc. I highly recommend you get the app.

  • Needs Text

    by Want to type

    It's a great app but it needs a text option so you can type into it

  • Not well thought out.

    by Tansden

    UI is poorly designed resulting in frustration.

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