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Languages: English

Seller: The Coca-Cola Company

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You have the power to make a real difference inside and outside the world of (THRED). Navigate through an endless runner and dodge obstacles while listening to the sounds of DJ Poet and TOKiMONSTA, plus a very special Skida remix of the Tiësto & Swanky Tunes track, ‘Make Some Noise’ generously donated by Tiësto. Unreal Engine 3 license generously donated by Epic Games. Play (THRED) and help Coca-Cola and (RED) deliver an AIDS-Free Generation by 2015. All proceeds (excluding taxes) are donated to the Global Fund to invest in HIV/AIDS programs in Africa, including treatment for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.


Pinch, pull and tap your way to victory through this multi-level endless runner genre mobile game created by BitMonster. Tout to your friends how much you have spent playing the game, for a good cause. Move vertically and horizontally to progress through (THRED)’s tunnel where obstacles lurk at every corner and angle. Compare distance covered with friends and share how much you have spent playing (THRED) via Facebook and Twitter. For every in-app purchase completed, you will contribute to the beginning of the end of AIDS.

▪ 3D environments of technological walls, ever-shifting obelisks, living dragon-like gateways and powerful collectibles.
▪ Endless flight using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to push the visuals even further with features including lens flares, blooming highlights, Fresnel shaders and extensive particle effects.
▪ Scripted music triggering based on progression through fog and other visual hurdles
▪ In-game store front for purchasing power ups, extra lives
▪ Twitter and Facebook integrations for scoring and purchases
▪ Brag-posts include links to the (THRED) app store page
▪ Artistically integrated and informative moments featuring information about AIDS and the 2015 goal

Customer Reviews

  • Cool game

    by Adrian0413

    Very fun with good music

  • Awesome game great cause please update!


    What a fun Game this is a hidden Gem download now great gameplay controls and music all top notch. Please update this app with some new stuff!

  • Addicting & Fun

    by south_dub

    Great graphics, and fun gameplay


    by SAUSAGE117

    Stunning Visuals

  • Omg

    by FFave775

    This is my faverit game on my ipod

  • Awesome game

    by Vinicius delatorre

    Awesome game, music, and the helps the aids!!!

  • Great Replay Value

    by Gujbgy

    Brilliant graphics, smooth touch control and with a enveloping soundtrack.

  • Epic game!

    by Sannsiger

    Great game and keep up the good work, coke! It's a unique game that must be downloaded, and has a great choice of colours and music. This Is a must get!!!! :-)

  • Epic

    by Jediarya1

    This game awesome way to go coca cola

  • So addictive and awesome!!

    by Hoodedizzy

    This app is great! After my first time playing it, I wanted to stay up playing it all night! Great idea and soundtrack!


    by Kevinedu

    You shukd try this !

  • Cool cause

    by Damaroli

    Love it!

  • Thred

    by M_splash

    Great music and visuals. Love the "did you know" facts between games!

  • Get it !!!!!!!

    by Luv it (Again)

    It is fun

  • So fun

    by wdcrgn

    This is a cool scientific type game!

  • Fun game

    by Heather lopez-landazuri

    Great music, easy to play. What more could I ask for? Oh yeah and it's for a good cause. :)

  • Love it

    by Shin Ninomiya

    The best game I have ever played on I devices!! Cool music and visual..!!

  • Wonderful

    by Voltronex

    Best game I've played in a while!!! Loving the music!!!!!!! Love the fact it helps people with aids !!!!! Everyone should download!!!!!!!!!

  • Get it already

    by Marrama10

    Goddamn good app indeed

  • (THRED)



  • Fun for about a day

    by iMarvin97

    This is a fun game with cool music but it doesn't have anything attractive as a game. The colors are awful and the gameplay gets old fast.

  • Genial

    by Vertdsh

    Este juego esta súper bueno

  • Play and Care for a Change .

    by JanartRetamozo

    This Game has inspired me to Help other and not Care for only myself! Think.... As you play a Fun game ,You can also help someone in the world that has HIV /Aids.

  • Addicting

    by Jawalski

    Very fun for kids too.

  • Threat

    by Asuma03

    Excelente juego buenos graficos buena musica que mas se puede pedir

  • Good

    by WinchesterB12


  • Helping while playing

    by Quakerbrewer

    Fun to support a cause while playing.

  • Beautiful game

    by Minhtam8794

    Love everything about this game !

  • Must have

    by 0M3GA3

    I like it its new you dont see manny apps like this its definantly worth trying exspeiacaly cause its freee. i also like the did you know? facts

  • Beast

    by Benwn

    Its so cool and to think that the score u get helps the people in Arica with a disease. Truly amazin game and addictin to play

  • Pretty awesome

    by Photonkilz

    It's really cool. I love all the colors, the effects, and the music is sick to play with. And it's really great that all the money goes to help HIV and AIDs.

  • Waste

    by Jewmetal

    Waste of time even downloading it. Your fingers take up a good portion of the screen making it hard to see. Probably way Better on iPad then my phone.

  • it´s cool

    by Jesus-152012

    When i saw this app in the top i decided to saw it and it´s cool the graphics are so so so awesome and the game is good i like it

  • Thred

    by amazing spider-man

    Awesome game I love it

  • Very cool!!!

    by Lajawa Tubbs

    Awesome game for a great cause, it's an incredible initiative!!

  • Über Fun!

    by Noodle Queen

    This app is wonderful. It's addicting and a good way to pass the time. I also don't mind supporting money for good purposes. This app is very fun and a great way to spend a few spare minutes every now and then.

  • Addictive

    by GabD.

    I always get bored with my apps for some reason, which is crazy because it's super difficult for me to get bored, but for whatever reason I do with apps. This app, however, is AMAZING AND THE FUNNEST APP I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. That's all in caps because that's the main thing people need to read in this review :D GO GET IT NOW because I promise you that you will not regret it, and it's FREE. You have nothing to lose.

  • Sweet

    by Jingles058


  • Awesome game

    by tcfrell

    It's very relaxing with the music and even without it's fun. I highly recommend downloading.

  • Addicting!

    by erick sanchez

    I love this game! But there's one problem... The ships are way too expensive! It would take me more that 3 hours to be able to buy a new ship

  • Great Cause and loads of fun!

    by GoldenWalrus

    I found out about this game in Gameinformer. This is a genius idea and a great way to raise money and awareness about HIV/AIDS. It doesn't hurt that this is a fun game too! Everyone needs this game.

  • Redonculous

    by Dickie VM

    This game is the sh!?$, graphics, music Aaaaah aaaaah best of all it's the sh?!$... Well, we'll done.... A real must have!!!!! Aaaaaah....

  • Great job!

    by Trumpeter1234

    Amazing game and money goes to a great cause!

  • Z'Oh My Goodness!

    by JasonSonicZombie

    This game is dangerously awesome! You guys are great the sounds just kinda make you fade away! Love this game so much!

  • Awesome!

    by Ed91680

    Fun and addicting!

  • by Caculo105

    If its free, its 5!

  • Really cool

    by Got no name1000

    So cool and addicting

  • Really intertaining

    by Allen Stewart

    Best app to pass time

  • Very good quality!!!!!!!

    by Choihannah


  • Great Game-Addictive

    by KShiznit

    This game is a must have...it's perfect for killing time when you have a few minutes to spare...not to mention its for a great cause. I highly recommend it and any highly recommend any game from Bitmonster.

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